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Chapter 312: Gathering of the Five Experts (Three)

The golden light that appeared behind Jian Chen suddenly struck against the Ruler Armament with a loud ear ringing sound. Another blast of energy flew out from the collision and spread out toward everyone watching. Those with the strength of a Great Saint Master within a hundred meters were instantly sent flying away. Against such an intense amount of energy, only those with an Earth Saint Master level of strength would be able to stand their ground.

The golden light that had struck against the youth’s Ruler Armament caused him to be shocked before the explosion and shockwave sent him flying back several meters. When he regained his footing, his face was already beginning to pale.

Ruler Armaments were extremely strong, and when two Ruler Armaments clashed in such a close proximity, even an Earth Saint Master would be hit with a strong feedback. That recent explosion that happened right in front of the youth’s eyes had clearly dealt some minor damage to him, but because his strength wasn’t all that strong, if he were to discard his Ruler Armament, he would be weaker than Zhe Gu.

The youth holding the Ruler Armament looked at the longbow wielding girl behind Jian Chen with a terrified look as he spoke out, stuttering, “Rul-Ruler Arma-Armament!”

The girl didn’t reply to the man and lowered her bow slighty. Then, her hand gripped the longbow tightly and prepared to fire off a second arrow.

“I didn’t think there’d be another Ruler Armament here, let alone a longbow modeled one.” The two meter fire sword wielding man spoke with amazement toward the longbow.

Qin Ji let out a long sigh as he stared at the sight with a complicated look, “Second uncle, it seems that your guess was correct, that longbow is definitely a Ruler Armament.”

The middle aged man standing right next to Qin Ji smiled faintly, “I truly didn’t think that longbow would be a Ruler Armament. How unexpected, that means there are six Ruler Armaments here. The chances of killing those magical beasts have just risen, it is a shame that Zhe Gu has died, taking out a good amount of our forces.”

Qin Ji laughed, “Second uncle, although Zhe Gu has died, another person with an unexpected amount of strength has appeared. It seems to me that he is by no means weaker and will be a great boost to our strength.”

“That is correct.”


The appearance of the Solunar Bow caused the youth who came out to avenge the death of Zhe Gu to waver before standing still and shouting, “Who are you?”

“That is my question to you.” Jian Chen spoke out calmly. Although he was afraid of getting hit with a Ruler Armament, he didn’t show it on his face.

The youth looked at Jian Chen with disdain before looking back to the girl and spoke proudly, “This one is called Jiede Wukang.” Within this isolated world, Jiede Wukang’s name had been known to everyone as one of the five experts.

Jian Chen who had been scoffed by Jiede Wukang laughed coldly, “So you’re Jiede Wukang, you’re nothing much then. If you were to go without your Ruler Armament, then you would not even be an opponent for me to kill.”

“You! You are courting death!” Jian Chen’s words reversed the scale of Jiede Wukang, causing him to immediately blow up in anger. Holding his Ruler Armament, he flew at Jian Chen, but before he could get far with his outstretched Ruler Armament, he immediately stopped.

The girl had notched her Solunar Bow once more and was already aiming the bow at him.

Jiede Wukang’s face went white for a moment. While they both had Ruler Armaments, a bow always held the advantage in a long range battle. If he were to be shot, even if he were to block it with his Ruler Armament, the mighty explosion that would happen after would force him to eat up a loss. To him, eating up a loss was not an outcome he wanted. He would definitely come out the loser since the golden arrows were too fast for him to dodge. Thus, Jiede Wukang was stuck in a difficult situation to retreat from.

Seeing how Jiede Wukang was stuck in a difficult situation where he could neither retreat or advance, a laugh could be heard in the crowd.

“Hehehe, just what lively event is happening here, who’s fighting? Its surely a large battle if I can feel the mountains shake, you’ve scared this girl half to death almost.” With that, a pink robed girl walked past the crowd with small quick steps. By her side, she was followed by two expressionless men.

This was a fully matured girl who looked to be around twenty six years old. Her entire body seemed to exude an endless amount of charm, and with every movement, it seemed that she was able to enrapture anyone nearby.

The pink robed girl’s appearance could only be described as devastatingly beautiful that was exceedingly rare under the heavens. With her charm exuding from her body, she was as deadly as the yellow robed girl in terms of beauty and killing intent, giving everyone else the feeling: a desire to conquer her.

“Hahaha, this girl comes from the Tianmu clan with the first name Ling! I hope every big brother here looks after me carefully.” The pink robed girl laughed with a crisp sound almost as if it carried an enchanting spell. Those with a low control of themselves began to feel lost.

“Tianmu Ling, could she be the the Tianmu Ling from the five experts?” A person cried out in shock.

While everyone knew the names of the five experts, some of them had never seen what they had looked like before.

Everyone looked at Tianmu Ling with a strange look as they all thought to themselves with some shock. None of them had imagined that Tianmu Ling would be a charming girl and was at the same time a little unconventional in her attitude.

Tianmu Ling slowly looked around herself before seeing the still motionless figure of Jiede Wukang and laughed, “This younger brother is quite strong. The sword in your hand must be some sort of strange Saint Weapon to be able to cause this little girl’s heart to flutter with such fear.” With that, Tianmu Ling took on a scared expression, making herself seem quite pitiful.

Jiede Wukang had an embarrassed smile on his face as he tried to use this as a way to escape from the situation. He slowly put down his Ruler Armament and spoke proudly, “This one is called Jiede Wukang. This Saint Weapon is the treasure of my Jiede clan. Rumors say that it is the byproduct of the first generation and possesses a boundless amount of energy. It is so strong that if a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master were to use this sword, then it would be capable of killing a Heaven Saint Master.”

“Wow, how strong!” Tianmu Ling had a look of shock on her face as she put her jade white fingers up to cover her mouth. This type of reaction caused Jiede Wukang to feel even more proud of himself.

“Then what might the other big brothers be called?” Tianmu Ling looked at everyone else that had some sort of authority within the crowd.

“This one is Qin Ji!” The white and gold lined robed youth cupped his hands together with a gentle smile.

“This one is called Dugu Feng!” The other man with a two meter long sword made of a fiery red color cupped his hands as well.

“Waaa, Qin Ji, Dugu Feng, and Jiede Wukang, you three are all men this little girl has heard before. This girl didn’t think that three of the five experts would appear right in front of her or that these three elite big brothers would be so handsome that my heart would start to dance and leap.” Tianmu Ling was like an eighteen year old girl that was staring with eyes of infatuation. It was as if she was meeting her adored idol as her eyes suddenly turned into stars.

“And what might little sister be called, could you call me big sister?!” Tianmu Ling turned to look at the yellow clothed girl with a smile.

“Hmph!” The girl snorted before turning her head in disgust.

Tianmu Ling seemed to have ignored that as she turned toward Jian Chen with a smile in one smooth transition, “Then this little brother must be one of the five experts, Shi Xiangran.”

“This one is Jian Chen, not Shi Xiangran.” Jian Chen spoke calmly.

A look of surprise appeared on Tianmu Ling’s face before instantly going away as she laughed, “Little brother Jian Chen, you are quite handsome! So handsome that I almost went crazy, you should take responsibility for this.”

After hearing this, although Jian Chen knew that Tianmu Ling was only joking, he couldn’t help but feel a giant sweatdrop fall down his forehead.

“**!” The yellow clothed girl suddenly spat something out in anger.

“Oh! Could little sister here be jealous?” Tianmu Ling laughed as she looked at the other girl while ignoring the insult that was thrown out.

The beautiful face of the girl suddenly turned red as her chest began to heave up and down before staring angrily at Tianmu Ling. She started to fume angrily as she growled, “You should speak less garbage.”

“Ai yo, little sister has a large temper! This can’t do, girl, you must be gentle, or else no man will like you.” Tianmu Ling beamed.

The yellow clothed girl said nothing else.

Suddenly, another set of footsteps could be heard as a twenty seven year old youth wearing white slowly came into view.

Jian Chen quickly took notice of this youth. From his appearance, Jian Chen’s eyes suddenly took on a dangerous gleam, this person was Shi Xiangran.

The differences between all of the five experts that were there including Tianmu Ling was every single person had a few strong experts with them. However, Shi Xiangran was traveling by himself.

Shi Xiangran didn’t notice Jian Chen yet but the moment he saw the bright clothes of one of the people, his eyes took notice of the yellow clothed girl and suddenly stopped.

In an instant, the Light Wind Sword appeared in Jian Chen’s hand. He couldn’t reveal the secret with his Soul Sword just yet so the sword stayed in his hand. With a silver flash of light, he flew toward Shi Xiangran before stabbing at his throat with unbelievable speed.

He had to kill Shi Xiangran before he could utilize his barrier, otherwise, once that barrier went up, then he would be invincible while using his Ruler Armament.

Shi Xiangran hadn’t yet realized Jian Chen was there, but the very moment he had noticed the yellow clothed girl, he instinctively thought to the Solunar Bow and unveiled his barrier without hesitation.

The very moment the Light Wind Sword was about to pierce through his throat, a transparent barrier suddenly appeared over his body.


As the barrier appeared, it suddenly shook violently as the Sword Qi on the Light Wind Sword touched the very first layer of Shi Xiangran’s throat. As it pierced the first layer of skin, it didn’t reach any farther before being shot back out like a bullet due to the barrier.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed dangerously once more as the Light Wind Sword began to release an even larger amount of Sword Qi as he tried to stab at Shi Xiangran’s throat once more.

Shi Xiangran’s barrier began to shake violently, but because of its unbelievably strong defenses, the Light Wind Sword was unable to tear it apart. As the barrier continued to expand, the Light Wind Sword was driven farther and farther back.

Jian Chen let out a sigh in dejection before taking back the Light Wind Sword. If he was just faster by a second, then he would have been able to kill Shi Xiangran.

Seeing the Light Wind Sword shoot away from him, Shi Xiangran suddenly turned pale with fright because he had absolutely no idea when the sword had approached him. He reached up with his hands to touch his neck only to feel a small sliver of blood leak out from the wound onto his finger.

Shi Xiangran’s face turned white at that. At the sight of blood, his forehead began to sweat heavily. It was at that moment that he had realized he was one step away from knocking on the doors to the underworld and nearly stepped through them.

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