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Chapter 313: Joining Hands

Shi Xiangran’s face continued to turn white at that. At the sight of blood, his forehead began to sweat heavily. It was at that moment that he had realized he was one step away from knocking on the doors to the underworld and nearly stepped across it.

A furious anger began to swell up within Shi Xiangran’s chest as he glared dangerously at Jian Chen. His eyes began to exude a treacherous amount of killing intent that went undisguised. Just now, if he hadn’t been able to activate his barrier in time, he would have become a corpse. Furthermore, to die at the hands of someone that was younger than he was, to the high and mighty Shi Xiangran who spent his entire life being spoiled as the genius of the clan, was a humiliation that he could never forget.

“If I don’t kill you today, then I will no longer write my name as Shi Xiangran!” Shi Xiangran’s eyes went bloodshot as he flew toward Jian Chen with an angry yell. From his Space Belt, he took out a small fist sized iron chunk and threw it into the air.

Quickly, the iron seal enlarged in midair and blocked the sunlight from above with a circumference of about two hundred meters. Covering the sky of everyone nearby, the seal immediately came crashing down to the ground with a heavy wave of energy.

The moment Dugu Feng saw the iron seal above their heads, his eyes flashed dangerously before immediately taking out a long sword and slashed up with a fiery blaze. The very moment he slashed his sword, the surrounding temperature in the air suddenly increased by a terrifying amount.

Even the one meter long sword wielder Jiede Wukang looked up with disdain. Sneering, he leaped up into the air and struck at the seal with his sword a fiery blaze.

Immediately, the temperature in the surrounding area increased once more, causing the vegetation in the area to dry up straight away. Even the trees that were reaching high into the air were beginning to shrivel up as if all of the water inside them was being evaporated. The fire was so strong, it was almost as if everyone was in a sea of fire.

Qin Ji’s face grew extremely dark as a machete appeared within his hand. The machete was surrounded by a cyan glow, but the shape of the machete itself was strange. The machete had a saw blade like design where each tooth seemed to be inexplicably sharp.

Qin Ji raised his machete and leaped into the air toward the Seal of Treasure Mountain. With a single slash of cyan light, he struck out at the seal

At the same time, Tianmu Ling revealed a long whip and laughed, “This little brother has quite the temper. I haven’t offended you, so could you please not go around randomly using things to smash into people?” With that, her arm shook and brought the whip flying straight up at the seal.


A flash of golden light flew past Jian Chen as the girl let loose her bowstring. An arrow of pure Saint Force condensed into shape as it flew at an unbelievable speed toward the seal.

At this moment, the five experts had all unleashed their attacks each with their own Ruler Armament. The only difference was that four experts along with the yellow clothed girl were fighting against one.

Shi Xiangran’s Seal of Treasure Mountain encompassed two hundred meters in circumference which towered over everyone there. In his rage induced stupor, he had failed to notice that he had offended everyone there.

By the time Shi Xiangran realized this fact, it was far too late.


The six Ruler Armament crashed against each other, emitting a large ear ringing sound. Immediately, the ground began to shake and mountains started to tremble as the largest amount of energy that day flew out from every corner as a result and blew over the five experts and Jian Chen. Everyone was unable to keep grounded to the floor and could only fly backward. With each step they tried to use to anchor themselves, they could only succeed in leaving a small footprint.


The explosion rocked the ears of everyone in the vicinity with an explosive sound. Everyone tried to use their Saint Force to coat themselves in it in order to protect themselves from the blast radius. Out of everyone present, the only one who felt safe at all was Shi Xiangran because of his barrier. The defenses to his barrier were so strong that despite the intense aftermath, he would not be harmed. The worst that would happen was that he would be blown backward.

Four of the Ruler Armaments returned to their owners hand as the fifth Ruler Armament, the Seal of Treasure Mountain was hit by a combined amount of force high up in the air. Instead of landing back down to the ground, it returned to Shi Xiangran’s hand.

The energy that had exploded outward completely destroyed the area as well as throwing all nearby trees into the air and flattened the grass before incinerating it. On the ground, there was a single fissure with a large series of spiderweb cracks extending out from it.

After a while, the energy finally subsided into a tranquil scene. For a kilometer, not a single blade of grass could be seen and the trees were scattered about.

Shi Xiangran who was situated inside the barrier looked as if his face could leak water. In his heart, he had felt inexplicable resentment, he hadn’t thought that in his one single strike, he would somehow offend everyone there. Thus, he blamed everything on Jian Chen.

Tianmu Ling returned the whip before adopting a face of traumatized fear and placing a hand to her chest, “How scary! That iron seal is too scary! Big brother, I can only assume that you are Shi Xiangran of the five experts. Ai yo, why can’t this little girl remember when I offended big brother? Just why is it that the moment big brother appeared, he wanted to kill us all? It’s a good thing this little girl has some self protection and so many big brothers to help us in this time of need. Otherwise, this little girl would have been smashed to the ground.”

Hearing Tianmu Ling speak, Shi Xiangran’s face grew even darker and darker. Before he could say anything, his face instantly returned to normal and then adopting an apologetic expression and cupped his hands together. “I apologize everyone, when I saw a hated enemy of mine, I had somehow made a silly mistake. This one is called Shi Xiangran; I’ve no intentions on being anyone’s enemy, I hope no one pays too much attention to this.” Turning to point at Jian Chen, he said, “Do you dare to see who’s stronger between us two? Or could it be you only know how to hide behind a woman? If it’s like this, how are you any different from a coward?” Shi Xiangran spoke with disdain to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s face grew dark as he stared dangerously at Shi Xiangran with an undisguised amount of killing intent. As a large amount of Saint Force concentrated in his hand and formed the Light Wind Sword before slowly walking toward Shi Xiangran. Right now, he planned to use the azure and violet Sword Qi in an attempt to test an idea. Although he wasn’t sure if they would be able to destroy the barrier, Jian Chen could still wish.

Seeing how Jian Chen still desired to fight Shi Xiangran, the yellow clothed girl couldn’t help but feel anxious before running up to stop Jian Chen. Facing Shi Xiangran with an angry look, she spoke, “Shi Xiangran you despicable bastard, if it weren’t for that barrier protecting you, you would have been killed long ago! Just what qualifications do you have to issue a challenge? If you are a man, then get rid of your barrier and fight like a man would.”

Shi Xiangran’s face suddenly grew unsightly as he heard the girl’s words. Those words were coincidentally the very words that stabbed at Shi Xiangran’s weak point. Staring icily at her, he roared, “You repulsive b*tch!”

“You…” The girl started as her eyes furiously bore a hole into Shi Xiangran. From her eyes, it seemed as if she was ready to cut Shi Xiangran into a million pieces.

At that moment, Qin Ji walked in between the two and cupped his hands, “Fellow friends, please listen to my words for a moment.” Before waiting for the two to respond, he said, “We have all gathered here today in order to find out the answer to the secret here. We shouldn’t be wasting any times on useless things. Right in front of us is the immortal’s cave. This much everyone can attest to seeing, but there are several strong magical beasts guarding it. Even if we all have Ruler Armaments, it would still be very difficult to enter the area. So, I wish that we can all put aside our grievances and work together. As long as we can defeat all the magical beasts, we will be able to enter the cave and see the inner treasures. Otherwise, I’m afraid we will never be able to enter since there is only ten days left until this round of the competition is over.”

“That’s right, if we want to enter the cave, then there is no other choice but to join hands. Those magical beasts are far too strong for us individually.” Said Dugu Feng with his fire sword in hand as one of the men with a Ruler Armament.

“Hahaha, that’s right. Fellow big brothers, it would be better for you to temporarily give up your hatred. Getting into the cave is of the utmost priority. I’ve heard there was a Heaven Tier Battle Skill in there, that is a monumental prize. Plus, this is the cave of a senior cultivator, even if there isn’t a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, there’ll definitely be a treasure of sorts in there.” Tianmu Ling said.

“Right now there’s only ten days until the end of this round of the competition. When we get transported out by the strange energy, we’ll be powerless to try and remain here. If we wish to enter the cave, then we must all unite.” The purple robed man next to Dugu Feng spoke.

Hearing his words, Jian Chen’s eyes continued to flash continuously with some hesitation. In the end, he reclaimed his Light Wind Sword, a Heaven Tier Battle Skill was something he desperately wanted. Joining the Gathering of the Mercenaries was for the sake of obtaining one so that he could hand it over to the Changyang clan.

One could imagine that if the Changyang clan were to obtain a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, their strength would improve greatly. If the Changyang clan’s strength was to increase to a sufficient amount, then he wouldn’t need to hide from the Hua Yun Sect and return to the gentle home that he remembered as well as the kind and loving mother he had.

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