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Chapter 322: Intact Heaven Tier Battle Skill (Two)

As soon as Dugu Feng yelled out loud, everyone grew quiet as they bit back their anger for the ones blocking the cave. Dugu’s commotion had instantly earned their new ire and immediately, everyone began to curse at him.

“F*ck, who dares shout so loud, are they waiting for death?”

“Who’s yelling out so f*cking loud? Come out!”

“F*cking hell, such arrogance! Hurry up and come out! If you wish to die, allow brother here to show you the road!”

Suddenly, after the men shouted their curses, they turned around to look at the flame sword wielding Dugu Feng and the white robed Jian Chen. Immediately, all the cursing stopped as their faces registered shock while the few that cursed at them immediately paled.

In a split moment, the entire place went quiet. Right in front of them was Dugu Feng of the five experts and an incredibly strong individual, Jian Chen. Not a single person there dared to even breathe loudly.

“Whoever was just cursing at us, step on out immediately.” Dugu Feng barked out loud with a serious expression.

Not a single person made a sound, and not a single person moved. Everyone stood there silently as those who cursed at them felt their hearts beat crazily. At the same time, everyone began to make way for the two.

Dugu Feng looked at everyone slowly, evidently not willing to let those bastards who cursed at them go.

“It’s fine, there’s no need to bother about something like this. Our first priority are those pages.” Jian Chen spoke to Dugu Feng before quickly running past the crowd and toward the cave’s interior.

Dugu Feng sneered at everyone but followed Jian Chen straight away without another word.

Right in front of the cave stood several men which included Senior An and Yun Zheng. In total, there were eight men guarding the place that were pushing back several hundred men. Four of the other men were from Qin Ji’s group while the last two were from Tianmu Ling.

“Jian Chen, you’re finally back! Hurry up and enter or else the items will all be taken by them!” Senior An wailed in an impatient manner.

“Senior An, who told you two to guard this place?” Jian Chen spoke in bafflement toward Yun Zheng and Senior An.

“It was all because of that girl named Tianmu Ling. Thanks to her coaxing, she had Yun Zheng and I brought over here to stand guard, leaving the three of them inside still.” Senior An’s face revealed a sour expression, showing that he was evidently not there by free will.

Jian Chen slapped Senior An’s shoulder with a stern face, “You two keep guard here. Be assured, as long as there is a profit, I, Jian Chen won’t forget about you two.”

“That’s fine, Jian Chen, you don’t need to say such words to me. Hurry up and go otherwise all of the items will be taken and we’ll be stuck with a deficit!” Senior An said.

Without another word and under everyone’s watchful eye, he and Dugu Feng quickly disappeared into the cave.

“Strange, wasn’t he chasing after Dugu Feng a while ago? He even killed several of the Earth Saint Masters of the Dugu clan, but he just came back with Dugu Feng as if they had nothing between them in the first place.”

“Right, that’s awfully strange. Could Jian Chen and Dugu Feng have made some sort of secret agreement?”

“I doubt it, Jian Chen has already killed several of the Dugu clansmen. With Dugu Feng’s temper, there’s no way they would have made a compromise. There has to be something we don’t know.”

As for those men of Qin Ji’s group, they began to whisper among each other.

Walking into the cave, Jian Chen saw the four men he had killed from the Dugu clan. Instantly his face took on a forced smile. Previously, he hadn’t thought that this matter with Dugu Feng would take on such a drastic change. Thus, when he fought against Dugu Feng’s clansmen, he hadn’t held back. With such an urgent matter at hand, Jian Chen wasn’t lenient on them so he could chase Dugu Feng, otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to make it through in time.

Right now, Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel a headache come to him. In the current situation, it was quite difficult to explain to Dugu Feng what happened. After all, he and Dugu Feng had already laid down their arms and were friends now, not enemies.

Dugu Feng naturally knew that the four Earth Saint Masters he had brought with him had all died by Jian Chen’s hands. As if he knew what Jian Chen was thinking, he said, “They are from the Dugu clan and have nothing to do with me. Furthermore, they were only members from the outside branch. Two of them were actually disciples accepted into the Dugu clan and are not core members. They were conveniently younger than fifty years old, so my father hired them to be my bodyguards.”

Hearing Dugu Feng’s words, Jian Chen let out a breath in relief.

Dugu Feng had a small smile on his face, “It seems my choice was quite smart. I didn’t follow the wrong person; you and Ming Dong are both heaven sent geniuses of superior talent than I. I believe that if I follow you two, I will definitely experience things far more spectacular than my own experiences.”

“Perhaps!” Jian Chen spoke vaguely.

Afterward, the two men flew into the cave only to see Qin Ji, Tianmu Ling, and the yellow clothed girl flying all over the place as if trying to find the treasure. Shi Xiangran’s body lay in a far away area with no one to care about while Jiede Wukang’s body had been carried away.

When they saw Jian Chen and Dugu Feng walk back into the cave almost as if nothing had happened between the two, Qin Ji, Tianmu Ling, and the yellow clothed girl became stunned as if they saw the impossible happen. They were so shocked that they couldn’t help but stop where they were.

“Jian Chen, you two…” Qin Ji was filled with confusion as he stared at Jian Chen and Dugu Feng. The two of them didn’t look at all like they had been fighting.

Tianmu Ling looked at the both of them and asked, “Could it be that you two didn’t fight?”

Jian Chen looked at Tianmu Ling puzzled, “Fight? Just why would we fight?”

“Because…” Tianmu Ling was speechless as she tried to find the right words to say. She couldn’t tell Jian Chen, “You had just killed four of the Earth Saint Masters of the Dugu clan, are you and Dugu Feng not mortal enemies?” She wasn’t that stupid.

The puzzled Tianmu Ling and Qin Ji didn’t know just what had happened between Jian Chen and Dugu Feng, but it didn’t take an idiot to know that something secretive had happened. However, they were tactful enough to not ask.

“Hmph, there was definitely some sort of shameful business.” The yellow clothed girl spoke in a single sentence with her singsong voice.

Jian Chen laughed with an embarrassed smile, “It was nothing that shameful.”

Then, Jian Chen’s face grew serious as he looked at Qin Ji and Tianmu Ling. Before he could say anything, Qin Ji immediately took out the pages to the Heaven Tier Battle Skill from his Space Ring and said before Jian Chen could open his mouth, “Jian Chen, the two of us have fought side by side, no one else can say the same. These pages are of no use to me, so I gift them to you. You have a much bigger need for these than I do.” Walking up to Jian Chen, Qin Ji gave the leather book and his pages to Jian Chen.

Qin Ji’s preemptive action had left Jian Chen speechless. With a charming smile, he replied, “Ah, I’ve no words to describe my gratitude. I, Jian Chen, will remember this.” With that, he took the papers with joy.

Dugu Feng had already given his pages to Jian Chen long before. With Qin Ji’s pages, Jian Chen now had seventeen of the nineteen pages. That meant only the two pages from Tianmu Ling were left until he had all of the pages to the Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

Jian Chen looked at Tianmu Ling with a faint smile, “Sister Tianmu Ling, would it be possible for you to hand over those two pages?”

Recovering from her shock from seeing Jian Chen and Dugu Feng return safely, Tianmu Ling laughed as she replied, “Little brother, if your elder sister refused, then you would have killed this older sister.” With that, she assumed a miserable expression, causing anyone that looked at her to take pity.

Jian Chen gave an embarrassed smile, “Sister Tianmu Ling likes to joke I see. I have no grievances with you, why would I want to kill you? However, the two pages you have are worth nothing by themselves, and I am coincidentally short two pages. Could it be that you don’t wish to see this Heaven Tier Battle Skill to enter this world and be eternally disgraced?”

“Brother Jian Chen’s words have some meaning to them. An intact Heaven Tier Battle Skill is quite fetching to the eye. If it were to be uncompleted, it would be a barbaric act of crime.” With that, Tianmu Ling looked at Jian Chen with a charming stare as her jade white arm slowly pressed against Jian Chen’s “dirty sword” as she exhaled slowly, “Big brother, how about this, you can hand over the Heaven Tier Battle Skill pages to elder sister to complete it. Would this work? Of course, your older sister will not treat you unfairly.”

TL Note: Jian Chen’s name in Chinese can be transliterated to mean, “Dirty Sword.” You can understand the rest of the joke here.

Tianmu Ling’s other arm pressed against Jian Chen’s shoulder with an increasing amount of weight as she began to hang off of him. Her rosy red lips were several centimeters away from Jian Chen’s lips, and with each word, her breath could be felt on his lips. This was a strange sensation that exuded charm and seduction that if not for his own determination, his heart would have been in turmoil.

When Jian Chen heard her words, his face instantly changed expressions. He desperately wanted this Heaven Tier Battle Skill, and since they were incredibly hard to obtain, just how could he give it away so easily?

Jian Chen’s change in expression had been noticed by Tianmu Ling straight away, “Ai yo, brother, your face was so handsome before, how could it make such a drastic change? Your elder sister was only joking with you, if you wish for the pages in your elder’s sister hands, you must fulfill a request of mine.”

“What request!” Jian Chen immediately spoke with urgency.

“Haha, it seems brother Jian Chen desires this Heaven Tier Battle Skill. Then your elder sister won’t embarrass you. This request is rather simple, as long as you give your elder sister a lip to lip kiss, then that will be it. How about it? Is it not simple?” Tianmu Ling’s lips were still several centimeters away from Jian Chen’s, and each word spoken had made her breath press against Jian Chen for an itchy effect.

Upon hearing Tianmu Ling’s “Simple” request, Jian Chen became speechless as a fine layer of sweat appeared on his face. Her words had been explicit, causing Jian Chen to grow red in embarrassment.

“Hmph, **! Sl*t! Shameless!” On the other side, the yellow clothed girl stared at Tianmu Ling in disgust as she gnashed her teeth together. When she had seen just how intimate Tianmu Ling was to Jian Chen, she had all of a sudden felt an uncomfortable feeling well up inside of her for unknown reasons.

“Hahaha, I’ve almost forgotten about brother’s lover over there. Look, your lover is beginning to get jealous.” Tianmu Ling laughed as she gave a charming wink to her, causing the other girl’s chest to move up and down in anger before Tianmu Ling spoke, “You shouldn’t speak such insane words.”

Tianmu Ling was an expert at these types of affairs; the yellow clothed girl was not an opponent for her.

“Forget it, I remember brother’s words now. Little sister’s temper isn’t good, eh, it’s terrible! I won’t tease you anymore then, little brother, if you want the Heaven Tier Battle Skill pages, then take them. Your elder sister will give them to you. This type of joke isn’t something your sister likes.” Tianmu Ling lifted herself off of Jian Chen’s shoulder and took out the two remaining pages from her Space Belt. Then, with a sideways glance, she spoke to Jian Chen, “Little brother, don’t forget, you owe me a kiss.”

Jian Chen hurriedly took the remaining two pages and quickly began to assemble all of the pages on the ground. As for Tianmu Ling’s last few words, he hadn’t paid attention to them.

The yellow clothed girl stared furiously at Tianmu Ling as if she wanted nothing more than to cut her up into a thousand pieces. To face off against a person that would speak obscenities at a woman, it really annoyed her.

“This little girl is quite interesting.” Tianmu Ling looked away from her and muttered her own thoughts to herself with a small smile. Then, disregarding Jian Chen, she began to search the cave once more.

Soon enough, Jian Chen had completely pieced together the nineteen pages. This Heaven Tier Battle Skill was written on some sort of unknown magical beast leather, but while it was abnormally soft, its toughness was also very apparent, meaning it would not be damaged easily.

Written on the cover of the battle skill were the words《Heaven’s Stolen Fortune》. At these words, Jian Chen began to shiver in happiness as he looked at the entirety of the battle skill.

This Heaven’s Stolen Fortune was an extraordinarily magical Heaven Tier Battle Sill. It allowed for one to temporarily increase one’s strength three to ten times over at the cost of the rate of their Saint Force consumption being increased equally. The rate in which one’s strength was multiplied is reflected upon how quickly they used up Saint Force.

If a person’s strength was multiplied ten times over, then a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master would be able to fight a Heaven Saint Master and could even kill one. Naturally, this was only Jian Chen’s guess. After all, there was no Heaven Saint Master for him to fight so he would not know how strong he would be.

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