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Chapter 327: End of the Survival Competition

In regards to this information, Jian Chen was truly shocked. Huang Luan and Dugu Feng were both from major clans with a Saint Ruler ancestor as an overseer and were both in high positions in the clans so they knew enough about these matters. While Ming Dong was born in a small village, because of the unfathomably strong Saint Ruler in the midair shrine and Ming Dong’s relationship with him, he was able to learn many secrets that made him as knowledgeable as Huang Luan and Dugu Feng.

The three of them continued to give their accounts on the secrets of a Saint Ruler, allowing Jian Chen to understand not only their strength classification, but also the powerful might of the remains.

The total amount of accumulated energy within a Saint Ruler’s skeleton was capable of being absorbed by a cultivator for their cultivation. However, only a Heaven Saint Master would be strong enough to extract the energy from a Saint Ruler’s skeleton, since a Saint Ruler’s energy was far too concentrated for anyone below a Heaven Saint Master to endure.

Other than that, Ruler Armaments somehow carried a shocking secret within them. A Saint Ruler that died in a seated death would be able to resurrect with it. This was almost like a story of The Arabian Nights, no one had ever seen it happen before. Although only a Saint Ruler at the Ninth Heavenly Layer would be able to sever the connection with their Saint Weapon, the rest of this legend was nothing more than that unless there was a secret that the common man wouldn’t know.

These two bits of information had given Jian Chen a lot to think about. He truly did feel that this world was far too strange and was unlike the original world he used to live in.

Dugu Feng took out an unknown book from his Space Ring and handed it over to Jian Chen, “This is a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, but only a water attributed person will be able to use it. It’s no use for me, so you should take it.”

Hearing that, Jian Chen’s eyes sparked together. Taking this book to see the contents, he had to make sure himself that it was truly a battle skill for only a water attribute cultivator.

Turning to Huang Luan, he spoke, “If I remember correctly, you are a water attribute. This Heaven Tier Battle Skill will be for you then.”

Taking a look at the battle skill, she threw it back at Jian Chen, “My Heaven Tier Battle Skill is higher than this one, I won’t be needing it.”

“Could you not learn both of them?” Jian Chen asked.

Huang Luang stared oddly at Jian Chen, “A Heaven Tier Battle Skill is the highest battle skill on the continent. Each Heaven Tier Battle Skill is highly profound so that a regular person would never be able to fully comprehend a Heaven Tier Battle Skill in their entire life. It isn’t to say that learning more battle skills are good. Even if one were to learn many Heaven Tier Battle Skills, they would not be better than one who mastered a single one. So one should try to fully master a single Heaven Tier Battle Skill and not waste time learning anything else. Wasting energy is one thing, but wasting progress is another.”

Hearing her reasoning, Jian Chen couldn’t argue with it. He stored the battle skill away since he had no use for it now. It would become useful when the Flame Mercenaries expanded in the future.

Jian Chen took out the Space Rings from Jiede Wukang and Shi Xiangran. He took the tokens out of the space rings. They made a crashing sound as they landed on the table. With a conservative estimate, there were around 2000 tokens in total.

“Ming Dong, you’ve been away for too long. These tokens are necessary to move on, go ahead and take some.” Jian Chen said to him.

With a happy look, Ming Dong said, “Great! I was seriously lacking some tokens. Right now tokens are quite hard to find. We’ve met several people on the road already, but their tokens had already been taken by someone else, leaving me with only a hundred tokens at the most.” Ming Dong began to take some of the tokens, putting them into his Space Ring.

“That’ll be enough, 500 tokens should be enough to grant me an advancement.” Ming Dong spoke as he took 400 of the tokens.

“That won’t be enough. If you wish to move on, you’ll need at least 1200 tokens because the amount of participants are far more than you would think. I could only guess that there were at least 500,000 people in this round.” Dugu Feng said.

Jian Chen grew startled at that. He hadn’t thought that the amount of participants would be that much, he had only thought that 200,000 people at most be would be participating.

Ming Dong took another pile of tokens; to be on the safe side, he now had 1500 tokens which should guarantee him a spot in the top 500. The amount of tokens with Jian Chen, Huang Luan and Dugu Feng had easily exceeded that amount so they hadn’t any thoughts about these tokens at all.

Then, Jian Chen had Qin Xiao, Qin Jue, Senior An, and Yun Zhen all brought over so that the remaining tokens could be split among them.

“I only came to act as the bodyguard to Qin Xiao, I won’t be participating in the finals.” The normally silent Qin Jue spoke as he donated the tokens he had on him to everyone else.

“I only came to participate as a mission to gain experience from my father. I won’t be participating in the finals either; with my current strength, participating would only end in my death.” Qin Xiao spoke.

Jian Chen turned his gaze to Senior An and Yun Zheng. Although he hadn’t known the two for long, the two of them had traveled with Jian Chen for a long road so Jian Chen couldn’t mistreat them.

Yun Zheng and Senior An consulted for some time before Yun Zheng ultimately backed out and gave his tokens to Senior An.

“Senior An’s strength is greater than mine and he also has an earth attribute. He was also able to save my life multiple times, so I will give this chance to him.” Yun Zheng spoke.

After the tokens were given, Jian Chen took out four Class 5 Monster Cores and gave Senior An and Yun Zheng two of them as a reward for defending the cave.

“Right now we all have enough tokens. All that’s left is to wait. After these next few days, we can finally leave from this demonic place. We’ve all suffered greatly in this one year, so we should all be happy now! Allow me to use this to entertain everyone!” Ming Dong laughed as he took out the carcass of a giant magical beast from his Space Ring, causing the tent they were in to bulge outward.

“Heavens, you killed even the Amethyst Thunder Lion?” Qin Jue and Senior An both cried out in astonishment as they stared at the bloody corpse of the Amethyst Thunder Lion.

Aside from Jian Chen, Dugu Feng and Huang Luan, everyone else did not know of Ming Dong’s strength. Qin Xiao and Qin Jue had both believed that Ming Dong was the same Great Saint Master they had known a year ago.

Ming Dong gave a pleased smile as he laughed, “This Amethyst Thunder Lion is quite a strange magical beast, I’m sure it could be considered a mutant. It’s strength was already at the peak level for a Class 5 Magical Beast and was not weaker than a Heaven Saint Master in strength. If it were not for the heavy injuries already, I would not be able to kill it as easily as I did. However, that digging maniac Pangolin Emperor was far too crafty and ran away. But I was still able to land us a fine delicacy, let us enjoy this high leveled magical beast meat and its multiple, good benefits!”

After leaving the tent, Jian Chen began to look at the items he had taken from the secret spots in the cave by himself. Before the immortal’s cave had collapsed, he was able to grab three Earth Tier Battle Skills, four Earth Tier Cultivation Methods, several white jade bottles with wonderful smelling medicinal herbs, and a few other things of relatively useless value. There was also a few Radiant Saint Force filled pills which shocked Jian Chen since the pure Radiant Saint Force in these pills far exceeded his own.

“These pills are quite unique. I bet this was what the Saint Ruler himself had found.” Jian Chen thought.

Then, Jian Chen took out the purple and gold box and opened it slowly to reveal a small white piece of fur inside.

Jian Chen gently took out the fur from the box before suddenly feeling his heart skip a beat. Immediately, he took out the two white pieces of fur from his own Space Ring. These three pieces of fur were the exact same size and color. It seemed that they were almost identical.

Among the three pieces of fur was the one given to Jian Chen by his mother Bi Yuntian as her farewell gift to him which in turn was her family heirloom.

“Just what secret are these strange pieces of fur hiding?” Jian Chen held up the three pieces of fur with confusion. Jian Chen had privately done his research into this topic many times, but he had never found an answer.

Jian Chen knew that there was no way for him to be able to find out the mystery behind the pieces of fur, so he had never tried. Making sure that the three pieces of fur were together, he stored them in his Space Ring once more.

Over the next couple of days, Jian Chen and the group continued to idle about in a carefree manner. The strength of the group was enough to deter anyone away from their spot, so the next few days went by for them in their camp peacefully. Everyday they would eat three meals from the meat of the Amethyst Thunder Lion while waiting for the competition to end.

Jian Chen was not idle in this time. Aside from the meals, he would spend every single moment by himself in his tent in order to study the Heaven Tier Battle Skill he had found in the cave, the Heaven’s Stolen Fortune. This battle skill was capable of multiplying one’s strength–something Jian Chen found incredibly helpful.

In this time, many men came across Jian Chen’s group, but they could only look at the group from afar. Not a single person dared disturb them and were afraid that if they were to offend them, they would lose their lives.

When only three days remained in the competition, a bad rumor could be heard circulating about. Up in the north, three exceptionally strong men were talked about. Each one of them were a Radiant Saint Force user. This type of Saint Force was seldomly rare to see, but these Radiant Saint Force users were called the Radiant Warriors by most, and the undying by others.

That was because if one of them were to sustain an injury, they were able to quickly heal themselves. Within the battle, if one were not able to kill them in a single strike, then it would be hard to kill them.

A Radiant Warrior was able to use the Radiant Saint Force to heal injuries like a Radiant Saint Master, but what was different about them was that they could only heal themselves and not the wounds of another.

When these three men with the ability to use the Radiant Saint Force appeared, it caused everyone to gossip straight away. That was because Radiant Saint Force was an incredibly rare thing to see on the continent. In a short amount of time, everyone was beginning to compare the three to the five experts, and in another moment, rumors began to spread.

One person said they personally witnessed one of the Radiant Saint Warriors chop off the head of a Class 5 Magical Beast.

Another person said that they saw a Radiant Warrior kill a dozen Earth Saint Masters.

No matter the rumors, not a single one of them spoke of the three Radiant Warriors on a clear level.

When he had heard rumors of these three, even Jian Chen had felt some pressure. That was because within the large Tian Yuan Continent, he had traveled to many places and met many people, but as for a person with Radiant Saint Force, this was the very first time because not many Radiant Saint Force users could be found.

Three days quickly went by, today was the day the survival tournament ended.

Jian Chen and the others had already packed up their tents and sat around the ground to wait. After half a day, the previously bright place grew dark before the sky instantly grew ashen in color. In the next moment, a strong amount of energy began to warp through the sky, devastating it.

As the sky grew darker and darker, the entire area began to grow even more gloomy. The berserk energy within the sky continued to cause turmoil in the sky before finally cracking the sky as if someone had shattered it.

The crack in the sky continued to expand before quickly filling up the entire place. By now, the entire place was pitch dark without any light visible. Not even a single star could be seen, causing everyone to feel a little pressure.

Suddenly, a large attractive force could be felt that even Jian Chen felt that he wasn’t able to resist.

It seemed as if this world was on the verge of collapsing as the entire place grew dark. Jian Chen couldn’t tell what was happening anymore, but he could feel that an unbelievably strong energy was lifting him into the air.


Twenty or so breaths into the darkness, it finally cracked before the world resumed its normal appearances. The difference was that not a single person could be seen, everyone had already been transported away from this place.

Suddenly, a strange energy filled the air as the dead bodies of the competitors began to slowly fade away.

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