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Chapter 352: Hero Saving the Girl (Two)

“You Blackwind Bandits are too annoying! We gave you money already, why don’t you leave now?” A middle-aged man slashed at three of the Blackwind Bandits with a furious howl.

From the hundred bandits, one man who seemed to be the leader began to laugh, “I’ve heard your Lanming clan has a beautiful looking miss with a divine grace. Why don’t you deliver her to Dang Yazhai of the Dang family to be his bride? To your Lanming clan, this won’t be such a bad thing.”

“Don’t you even dream about it! The miss is the beloved pearl of our clan and the one our patriarch dotes upon most! If the miss were to have an accident here and now, then our Lanming clan would do everything possible to track down you Blackwind Bandits!” The middle-aged man roared, this person had to be the leader of their group.

“Hahaha, your Lanming clan is a clan we are well aware of. With just your Lanming clan alone, us Blackwind Bandits aren’t even afraid.” The leader of the bandits boomed with laughter. “My brothers, carry on! When the carriage is delivered to the Dang family, everyone will definitely benefit from this!”

Immediately, the morale of the bandits skyrocketed as they all began to fight even more passionately, bringing the thirty bodyguards under an overwhelming amount of pressure. Some of the bodyguards were slashed down by the weapons of the bandits and fell to the floor as blood spilled on the ground. Within a flash, only twenty men remained to defend desperately. As for the Blackwind Bandits, it was as if they were on stimulants as their fighting strength and enthusiasm increased; each sword strike grew heavier and filled the air with Saint Force.

In a short moment, another ten bodyguards had fallen while barely a dozen of the bandits had died. Their casualties were very minimal, keeping an overwhelming advantage over the other party.

“You will regret this! Be prepared to pay the price, our patriarch will definitely never forgive you!” The middle-aged man roared fiercely. He was a Peak Great Saint Master, but at the moment, he was fighting two Middle Great Saint Masters who pushed him to his limits. With such a heavy battle, his wounds were no longer few and minor. Blood trailed down his body at a fast rate, and if this continued, he wouldn’t be able to go on for much longer.

“Hahaha, your words are too serious. When your precious daughter of the Lanming clan becomes the bride to Yazhai, the two sides will be family. Just how could you point your weapons at family, don’t you feel that this is a wrong thing to do?” The bandit laughed.

The middle-aged man’s face began to ashen as his eyes narrowed in hatred. Unfortunately, he was helpless at the moment. The last ten remaining men were all surrounded by the Blackwind Bandits and their power was not enough for them find a way out of this situation.

Seeing each and every single one of the bodyguards beside him fall, the man’s face finally began to show the tiniest amount of despair.

“This old man will throw away his life if it means that you won’t be able to claim your prize so easily!” The man howled as the Saint Force within him burst outward. Abandoning all defense, he began to fight against three people at once.

“Quickly, he’s about to use his Earth Tier Battle Skill!” The bandit leader barked out.

Even as the bandit leader spoke, the middle-aged man had already turned to slash his giant sword at the man.

The two other Great Saint Masters that were fighting with the man earlier were clearly experienced with fighting the leader. They matched each other’s movements and tried to break the man away from his concentration.


Following the loud bang, a crater formed right underneath everyone’s feet, causing all four of the fighters to fall down. Each one of them grew pale in face and began to spit out a mouthful of blood.

The middle-aged man tried to crawl up from the ground, but his wounds were already quite serious. A nearby bloody bodyguard gave support to him with a worried look, “Captain, are you alright?”

The other three bandits hadn’t received any major damage, so they had quickly gotten back up. One of them roared out, “Hurry up and kill them, but don’t damage the carriage!”


Every bandit cried out in agreement as they flew at the remaining bodyguards with their Saint Weapons ready to strike.

Pch! Pch! Pch! Pch!….

Just as several of the bandits brought their hands down to strike, something strange happened. Every single bandits had their heads sent flying into the air before their headless bodies began to splurt blood a meter high into the air.

This sudden development caused everyone to become startled with some puzzlement. Not a single one of them had known just what happened and so they couldn’t react to it.

Heads of the bandits continued to fly into the air as each bandit lost their head. As pumpkin sized heads filled the air, many of the bandits were left dead on the ground within the time span of two short breaths.

This bizarre event caused the remaining ten bodyguards to look on with eyes wide open in utter disbelief at what was happening right in front of them.

“Wh… what’s happening? Who’s… who’s killing them?” The bandit leader cried out in terror as he watched the headless bodies of his comrades rain blood onto the ground. His voice was quavering as he spoke, and of the hundred men they had started with, only three were left.

Suddenly, even his body froze up too as he spotted the terrifying image of a black robed person flying at him from the side.

The figure was a rather skinny looking youth who was wearing a black robe. His hair was extremely short and his appearance was quite average. If he were to be placed within a large group of people, he wouldn’t be out of place. Most importantly was the fact that he didn’t look a year older than thirty.

The leader of the bandits stared in horror at the oncoming youth before stuttering, “I-is it y-you that’s kil-killing… my men?”

Staring at the remaining three bandits and then at the ten bodyguards and the middle-aged man who was severely injured, the youth took out a pill filled with Radiant Saint Force from his Space Ring and threw it at the middle-aged man to eat.

Swallowing the pill that had been thrown into his mouth, the man’s face began to improve as he felt the effects of the pill. “This… this is a Radiant Spirit Pill!” In his shock, the middle aged man immediately cupped his hands in gratitude toward Jian Chen, “This one thanks my lord, our Lanming clan will definitely thank you.”

“That won’t be needed. I only came here in passing, nothing more.” The black robed youth that was Jian Chen stated.

The three remaining bandits all looked at Jian Chen with a stupefied look. So many people had been killed by this black robed youth within just a few moments. This type of strength had left them utterly confused and afraid. Even the Dang family wouldn’t have such a strength like this.

“R-run aw-away! He-he’s an Ear-earth Saint Ma-master!” One of the bandits stuttered with fear as his face lost all color. Even his speech had been utterly incomprehensible as he tried to run away. The other two men had been spooked at the mention of an Earth Saint Master and tried to run on foot as well.

“If you don’t wish to die then stand still!”

A loud command could be heard, causing all three bandits to nearly fall down to the ground due to the overwhelming power, but they managed to stand still in fear of making another step.

“Oh great swordsman, please forgive us! We have a family to take care of and feed. They are depending on us to take care of them, but if we are to die, then they will have no way of living!” One of the bandits cried with mucus dripping from his nose. Against an Earth Saint Master expert, not a single one of the three believed they could escape from him.

“You three come here.” Jian Chen’s eyes grew cold as he commanded the bandits.

Each of the three bandits looked at each other with a desperate look before apprehensively approaching Jian Chen and kowtowing to him.

Looking at the three men, Jian Chen turned to the other middle-aged man behind him, “These three men you can take care of.”

“I thank the young lord!” The middle-aged man spoke out in gratitude before commanding the other three, “Find some rope to tie these three up, we shall deliver them to our patriarch.”

Upon this, the three bandits grew even more pale, but with an Earth Saint Master right there looking at them, they didn’t dare make any sudden movements.

Soon the three bandits were tied up like haybales.

“Guard Yun, what is going on now?” Suddenly, the soft sound of a lady could be heard from within the carriage.

The middle-aged man immediately spoke up to respond, “My lady, there is nothing to report now, a strong young lord was able to rescue us. My lady, if you could please come out to greet our benefactor.”

For a moment, the carriage went silent before the doors finally opened and a red robed girl stepped outside.

This was a beautiful young girl with a near devastating beauty. Her skin was like pure white jade and her eyes seemed as if they were capable of enrapturing any soul that gazed into them. From her appearances, she looked to be around 22 years old and had a scholarly look to her.

She hadn’t differed from Huang Luan’s appearance much, but the major difference between the two was that this girl was kind in nature in contrast to Huang Luan’s crafty and headstrong personality.

Because of the frightful event that was happening to her earlier, her face was still quite pale, since not enough blood was reaching her face. Her eyes still had a lingering trace of fear, but as she looked around at the bloody landscape, her entire body began to tremble and grew even more pale than before, causing everyone to be worried.

This was the very first time she had ever seen such a bloody massacre.

Trying to force herself to become calm, her eyes quickly landed upon the black robed Jian Chen. Immediately curtsying, she spoke kindly, “We thank our hero for his assistance. We are eternally grateful to the hero.”

Jian Chen waved his hand nonchalantly, “It was no bother since I was passing along the same route. I’ve come to dislike bandits as well. Since your group is safe now, I shall be leaving, goodbye!” With that, Jian Chen turned to leave. Although he saw that the young lady was quite beautiful, Jian Chen was not a lecherous man. For such a pretty sight like her, Jian Chen saw nothing but trouble.

Not a single person had thought that Jian Chen would have been so blunt with his words and leave when he said he would. The middle-aged man hurriedly came up to block his path and pleaded with him. “Fellow hero, please take a look at the wounds of us guards, moving would be no problem, but fighting is outside of our grasp! Please take mercy and escort us to Thacia City, otherwise, if we were to come across someone with wicked intentions on the road, we won’t be able to defend ourselves!”

Jian Chen had some hesitation at accepting such a request, but in the end he agreed since Thacia City was also the same place he was traveling to.

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