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Chapter 355: The Strong White Tiger

At this scene, Jian Chen couldn’t help but doubt his eyes. Was this really the injured Class 6 Magical Beast that was currently as strong as a Class 5 Magical Beast? No matter how he looked, it did not seem right.

Right now, he and the other hundred men anxiously staring at the tiger were all feeling the same amount of doubt. Even if there were twenty Earth Saint Masters, even they would not be able to fight against a Class 6 Magical Beast.

The sight in front of them was a complete contrast with their thoughts. The tiger’s fur was still pure white without a single speck of blood. But all around it were the corpses of hundreds of bodies, including some Earth Saint Masters. To be able to kill that many people without getting itself dirty with blood, this was not something an injured Class 6 Magical Beast should be able to do.

“It seems that there’s some discrepancies in the information. While this is indeed a Class 6 Magical Beast, it is not heavily injured at all.” Jian Chen spoke to himself.

A snowy white tiger cub half a meter long could be seen walking out from the cave behind. With an adorably shaggy white fur, the tiger seemed as if it was just born not too long ago since its eyes weren’t even open. Crawling out of the cave seemed to have taken most of its effort as it tried to continue walking with its trembling four limbs.

The only strange thing about this tiger cub was that there was a pair of wings on its back. This was something a tiger based magical beast should not have, so this feature was noticed by everyone straight away.

“Look! That Class 6 Magical Beast cub, my god, it has wings! Does that mean that this cub could fly later on when they mature?”

“A Class 6 Magical Beast cub has appeared, how strange….”

“This magical beast cub was just born into the world. If we can take it and bred it now, then it will undoubtedly grow into a loyal steed with a tremendous amount of power!”

“A recently borne Class 6 Magical Beast, how priceless!”

Seeing the little cub that exited the cave, everyone instantly began to grow excited as flames of enthusiasm sparked in their eyes. Greed overcame them as they looked at the cub, and some of them started to rub their hands in premonition of the wealth to come as if they were already envisioning the cub in their hands.

The excitement from the throngs of men had caused the mother tiger to open both of its eyes slowly. With a powerful roar as if to threaten the group, it raised its head and pulled the cub toward its body with a paw. There was a myriad of emotions in its eyes such as affection, sadness, pain and sorrow, but that had gone unnoticed by everyone.

Except Jian Chen who was sitting on top of a tree branch saw it. In that instant, he had clearly seen the grim that was ominous in nature. However, it did not hide the moment of weakness at all, allowing Jian Chen to understand just how much in despair the tiger was in.

The cub frantically tried to escape from the grasp of its mother as it tried to poke its head out from the mother’s fur. But in the end, the cub continued to be coddled by the mother as it let out a small crying sound.

There was a motherly look in the mother’s eyes as it continued to watch over its cub affectionately as a loving mother would without any malice. Behind the kindhearted eyes of the mother, there was a flash of pain that was already forcing the tiger to blink away some tears.

Everyone behind the tiger mom could only watch the pair of tigers with disbelief. Not a single one of them could believe what they were looking at since the emotions that this tiger was displaying were far too rich for them to believe that they came from a magical beast.

Suddenly, a group of a hundred men came running over before forming a line so that no one could pass through. Then, one of them spoke, “Out of the way, everyone out of the way! The Moyun clan has arrived, make way for us!”

The moment everyone heard of the name “Moyun”, they instantly grew startled and hastened to make a path for the clan.

The group of men from the Moyun clan were all wearing black and flew on by toward the front without any obstructions.

“Elder Bai, take a look, it’s the cub of a Class 6 Magical Beast. Dear heavens, it even has wings!” A Moyun clansmen spoke out in awe at it.

Upon hearing this piece of information, the other middle-aged man next to him had a pleasant smile on his face. The moment he saw the amount of bodies that littered the ground by the tiger, he grew serious once more. “Be careful, this Class 6 Magical Beast isn’t injured at all. Even if it’s not as strong after giving birth, we still aren’t strong enough to defeat it.”

“Elder Bai, it’s the cub of a Class 6 Magical Beast! Right now, no one is capable of stealing it away from us, but with time, more and more people will come, making it less likely for us to be able to get it for ourselves.”

“That’s right, Elder Bai, if we hurry, then we won’t have any opposition. This is our chance! If we wait, then obtaining that cub would be impossible.”

“Elder Bai, we have a dozen Earth Saint Masters and seventy Great Saint Masters, that’s more than enough to provide a good chance against this Class 6 Magical Beast and to get the cub.”

A few men spoke to Elder Bai with low voices as if trying to convince him.

At this, the elder Bai had a thoughtful look as he pondered the situation for a moment before finally saying, “Elder Kai, take your Earth Saint Masters to fight the Class 6 Magical Beast. I will go and retrieve the cub, then in the case that we obtain it, we will retreat immediately.”

“Yes, elder Bai!” The few Earth Saint Masters nodded their heads in excitement. If they could take back the Class 6 Magical Beast cub, then it would be a tremendous boon to their clan.

After their response, they talked for a moment about their plans before the Moyun clan had each one of the Earth Saint Masters take out their Saint Weapons. Forming a barricade, they ran toward the Class 6 Magical Beast. Elder Bai stood where he was with a look of concentration as he waited for the first group to attract the tiger’s attention before flying toward the cub with an incredible speed.

Just as the Moyun clan made their move, the other factions of power leaped into action as well in participation of vying for the cub.

Sensing the intentions of everyone around him, elder Bai cried out coldly, “If anyone dares to try and ruin this for our Moyun clan, then we will definitely not forgive them! A Class 6 Magical Beast cub isn’t something just anyone can obtain. Everyone should take heed, is it worth trying to get the cub and incur our wrath?”

When the crowd heard elder Bai’s threat, many people began to stop in their tracks and sigh to themselves. In their hearts, they had already given up trying to compete with the Moyun clan for the cub. First of all, they couldn’t offend the clan, and secondly, obtaining the magical beast cub was not an easy task. The Moyun clan had over a dozen Earth Saint Masters and even more Great Saint Masters, this was an amalgamation of power that many were afraid of.

“Just what type of clan is the Moyun clan for them to be so arrogant?” Jian Chen muttered from the treetop.

“The Moyun clan is the strongest clan in our Skohl Kingdom. In terms of influence, it is ranked third in the kingdom and is reported to have at least fifty Earth Saint Masters within their ranks. Furthermore, there are even three Heaven Saint Masters watching over the clan.” The patriarch of the Lanming clan spoke to explain it to Jian Chen.

“Three Heaven Saint Masters? Haha, this Moyun clan isn’t someone that anyone could belittle then.” Jian Chen laughed as he turned his head back to watch the events. After his time in Mercenary City, Jian Chen’s outlook had been expanded. Mercenary City had the employ of several Saint Kings and multiple Saint Rulers acting as the elders of the city. Three Heaven Saint Masters were not of anything noteworthy in the eyes of Jian Chen.

Seeing just how Jian Chen had downplayed the Moyun clan, the patriarch of the Lanming clan couldn’t help but wonder and try to guess at Jian Chen’s identity. For him to not even care for a clan with three Heaven Saint masters, just what kind of power was he capable of?

“Hou!” A loud primal roar could be heard as the tiger let out an energy blast from it’s mouth. The energy blast was like sharp blades of wind that shot toward several Earth Saint Masters in an attempt to cut them down.

Several of the Earth Saint Masters didn’t have enough time to react to the gust of wind and were promptly speared through the chests. With a miserable howl of pain, they fell to the ground without a sound or any further movements.

This sudden change in development caused elder Bai who was chasing after the cub to stop in his tracks as he stared at the several downed Earth Saint Masters in horror, “Elder Kai, Bentley, Zaegar, are you all alright?”

For a long time, Elder Bai heard no response. That was because not a single Earth Saint Master had gotten back up from the ground.

Elder Bai’s face instantly paled as he turned his head back to the three meter long tiger with horror.

“N-no, that can’t be!” The elder muttered. He hadn’t thought that a single tiger – even if it were a Class 6 Magical Beast – would be able to kill a dozen Earth Saint Masters at once. Maybe Great Saint Masters, but not anyone higher.

Leaping off of the tree branch he was on, Jian Chen stared at the white tiger with some dejection, “So this is a Class 6 Magical Beast, just how in the world is this considered weak?”

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