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Chapter 358: Saving the White Tiger

The moment she spoke of the Winged Tiger God, Rum Guinness began to feel emotional, “A Winged Tiger God is the king of the tiger type magical beasts. They hold supreme status among us tiger type magical beasts and are also a god of magical beasts. It was only because of a Winged Tiger God that all magical beasts were unified as one in the best. Leading us magical beasts over the oceans after being driven out by the Bai clan, we finally came to occupy this continent.”

“When the father and I heard that our child was a Winged Tiger God, the two of us were happy beyond belief. Unable to contain his excitement, the father went off to tell the good news to his elder brother. However, the nightmare began at that point. We never would have thought that the elder brother would suddenly have evil thoughts invade his mind. He was afraid that the Winged Tiger God would soon be a threat to his power and thus he tried to kill our child.”

“For the sake of our child, the father and I both left the Gilligan clan, but the king had no intentions on letting us go. While keeping the matter of there being a Winged Tiger God a secret, he had come after us in person. My husband and I together were no match for him and had sustained heavy injuries as a result. However, in the final moments, my husband sacrificed himself to allow our child and I to escape. Right now, I can no longer feel the Qi of my husband, he has already succumbed to the schemes of his elder brother.”

As she told her tale, Rum Guinness’ face revealed a sorrowful look as tears flowed from her eyes.

“Taking my child and running away from the Cross Mountains, I came to this place. Perhaps it was divine providence, or the heavens wished that no harm should befall my child, but thanks to whichever supernatural event, I was able to come across a dependable human after half a year before I reach the end of my lifespan. Perhaps your coming was what the heavens have decreed?”

“The end of your lifespan? Could you be injured beyond any sort of healing?” Jian Chen asked.

With a grieved look, Rum Guinness spoke, “Correct, back when the king of the Gilligan clan was fighting me, a pure dark energy was forced into my body. These days, there is nothing I can do while it ransacks my insides. This dark energy is the from the king himself, and I found no way for me to find a way to stop it. All I can do now is to slowly watch my body be engulfed by this energy. If it were not for the superior advantage magical beasts have in their body strength, I would have died long ago. Right now, I only have three days at most.”

Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel shocked as he listened to Rum Guinness. “Then is there no other way to eliminate the dark energy within you?”

Rum Guinness shook her head, “There is none. The king of the Gilligan clan used his own energy to strike at me with the dark energy. Not only is it strong, but it has permeated my entire body and has destroyed any chance of me living. Even if the dark energy was purified, with my current injuries, I would not have much longer to live.”

“Then what if there was a Radiant Saint Master, would that help you recover.” Jian Chen stared at Rum Guinness with a focused gaze.

Shaking her head lightly once again, Rum Guinness spoke, “This dark energy is not something that a normal Radiant Saint Master could purify. If there was a chance, a Seventh Class Radiant Saint Master would be needed. But those are as rare as the feathers of a phoenix wing and not someone I could come across easily in the short amount of time I have left. Even if I could find one, they would not be able to heal me so easily. You do not understand the relationship between the Gilligan clan with you humans. There would be no way for them to assist me.”

“Why not let me try to see if I could help.” Jian Chen spoke seriously to Rum Guinness.

“It is no use, human. You are merely wasting your energy. My time is not long here, you would best take my child and leave from this place. I will use the very last of my energy to help you get away from anyone and secure your safety while fleeing from this area.” Rum Guinness spoke calmly with preparations of leaving this world. With that, she looked off in a distance with an unfocused gaze, “Husband, you will not be alone for much longer, I will be coming soon. Let us watch over our child from the next world. Together.”

Rum Guinness’ expression caused Jian Chen to feel some grievance as well, but he spoke no words. Slowly closing his eyes, he began to control the Radiant Saint Force in the world. Although he knew that he could not cure Rum Guinness’ injuries, he could at least give it a try.

A milky white glow of light could be seen forming in between Jian Chen’s hands. With time, it quickly began to glow even more dazzling with a gentle but strong light that was comforting to look at. The rays of light that could be felt from this ball of light would make anyone feel happy.

Rum Guinness grew startled as the grieved expression was squashed. Staring at Jian Chen, she spoke with shock, “You’re a Radiant Saint Master? Just… just how?” Rum Guinness had been wholly astounded by this sight.

Jian Chen knew that the dark energy within Rum Guinness was far too strong, so he had spared no effort in trying to condense the Radiant Saint Force. Because of that, he wasn’t able to clearly hear what Rum Guinness had said.

In another moment, the Radiant Saint Force had reached the best Jian Chen could manage. Extending his arms, the Radiant Saint Force ball slowly began to float toward Rum Guinness before engulfing her.

Rum Guinness instantly grew shocked as the Radiant Saint Force made its way inside her body. But after a moment, she shook her head with a sigh, “No, your Radiant Saint Force is too weak. It’s not enough to purify the dark energy left inside my body. At the very most, it can only delay it.”

With a light in his eyes, Jian Chen asked, “How much longer will it be contained for?”

Rum Guinness went silent for a moment as she tried to estimate before finally saying, “The Radiant Saint Force is like the nemesis of the dark energy. If I can continue to gain enough Radiant Saint Force and incorporate it into my body, then I can temporarily seal away the dark energy. However, in this time, I must focus entirely on trying to seal the energy and cannot move against any human.”

Hearing this, Jian Chen felt some relief in his heart. He could not let this Saint Ruler like magical beast die here. Mustering up some emotions, he spoke, “Then how about this, I shall supply you with Saint Force, and you will try to seal away the dark energy within your body?”

A flicker of surprise crossed Rum Guinness’ eyes before quickly growing calm once again, “No, if that is done, then I will not be able to use my energy to fight any human. With so many humans out there, you alone will not be enough to fight them all. Although you have hidden your presence, I can sense that your strength is not enough to deal with everyone out there. I can also sense that a Heaven Saint Master human is on his way here, he won’t take long to get here, I must ensure that I kill him.”

The moment he heard that a Heaven Saint Master was on the way, Jian Chen’s face changed slightly. Although the white tiger in front of him could kill a Heaven Saint Master, her life would take a turn for the worse. With each movement she made, she would only harm herself even more. If she continued to exhaust her energy by fighting, then she wouldn’t have enough to seal the dark energy later on.

“You needn’t worry. I can deal with the men outside, I’ve also the ability to shake off any Heaven Saint Master after me. Right now you should use my Radiant Saint Force in order to seal the dark energy within your body.” Jian Chen spoke staunchly before forming even more Radiant Saint Force for Rum Guinness to use to heal.

“Human, why do you help me to this extent? I have already entrusted my child to you with no other wish. Right now I only wish to join my husband in the next world, he is alone there.” Rum Guinness’ eyes had tears in them as a small guttural sound could be heard from her throat.

“You are a mother, that means you should take responsibility over your own child. Could it be that you wish for your child to grow without a mother or father? Do you not know the pain this would inflict on your child, this is something that cannot be fixed by any means. Thus, I will do all that I can to help you for the sake of your child. Or do you not wish to take revenge for your husband? Could it be that even after your husband was mercilessly killed by his elder brother, you will do nothing but to take it in silence? Or will you throw all your hopes of revenge onto your child to bear? Are you a mother or not, you are not thinking about your child.” Jian Chen spoke passionately. By the time he reached the end of his rant, he had already began to growl slightly. He did not wish for Rum Guinness to die at all; that was because after listening to her tale, Jian Chen’s emotions had been affected so that he sympathized with her. Another reason Jian Chen had for her survival was that he truly did not wish for a being that could rival a Saint Ruler to die.

Rum Guinness grew speechless at Jian Chen’s speech. With only the slightest of cries, Rum Guinness’ determination on dying here had been ultimately shaken by his words.

Sucking in a deep breath, Jian Chen said once more, “We must take the time to quickly seal off the dark energy within your body. No matter what, you must live for the sake of your child.”

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