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Chapter 362: Inflicting Serious Damage to the Heaven Saint Master

“Jian Chen, if you truly desire to annihilate my Moyun clan, then do not blame me for being merciless. For the sake of my clan, I must kill you.” The ancestor spoke coldly as the earth Saint Weapon began to billow with even more Sword Qi than earlier before he struck out at Jian Chen.

Although Jian Chen had already taken heavy damage, his fighting strength was still frightfully terrifying. Immediately shooting up from the ground, he dodged the strike of Sword Qi.


The ancestor’s Sword Qi strike was almost like an explosive bomb as it exploded right where Jian Chen was. As the ground exploded and sent dirt flying everywhere, the following grass and mud covered the skies.

Within the dust, Jian Chen was like a bullet as he sped toward the ancestor. With his Light Wind Sword emitting Sword Qi as well, the azure and violet Sword Qi on the blade was exceptionally eye-catching.

The elder from the Moyun clan had a look of contempt, “You cling to life like a praying mantis. However, you are only just an Earth Saint Master and not an opponent against me. Resistance is futile.” With that, the elder waved his sword as another wave of Sword Qi flew from his sword toward Jian Chen.

Gritting his teeth without a sound, Jian Chen’s eyes grew as sharp as a sword before instantly disappearing away from view with his Illusionary Flash. As he dodged the Sword Qi from the ancestor, Jian Chen reappeared by his side and thrust his sword forward.

With a cold sneer, the giant sword in the ancestor’s hand transformed into a dazzling light of yellow before the energy surged from within, causing the space around the sword to distort. At the same time, another large amount of pressure came toward Jian Chen and pressed down on him like a heavy stone.

The ancestor was using his Advanced Earth Tier Battle Skill once more. With his strength as a Heaven Saint Master, there would be no need to spend any time to prepare for its usage, therefore it could be used almost instantly.

“Allow me to see just how strong your determination to live is.” The ancestor’s eyes grew dark as a fierce killing intent flooded them. In an instant, the earth attribute Saint Weapon flashed for a moment before flying straight for Jian Chen like a bolt of lightning.

At this current moment, there was only a single meter between Jian Chen and the ancestor. Thanks to the severe damage from earlier and the pressure from the ancestor, mobility was quite hard. Every step required an equally large amount of energy, and with the ancestor striking at him, it was impossible for him to try and attack the ancestor.

There was a strange smile on Jian Chen’s face before the Light Wind Sword in his hand suddenly flew away from his hand and transformed into a sword that seemed as if it had gained a soul. Against all expectations, the sword had begun to fly through the air before striking for the heart of the Heaven Saint Master.


Suddenly, there was an extreme change across the elder’s face from the unavoidable blow. The Light Wind Sword had managed to pierce straight through his heart and explode out from his back with a bloody mess.

At the very same time Jian Chen’s sword had pierced through the ancestor’s heart, the giant sword had managed to stab into Jian Chen’s chest as well. The energy within the sword had begun to wreck havoc within his intestines, shaking his inner organs and causing significant damage to his entire body, inner and outer.

Spitting out a large mist of blood, Jian Chen’s face grew unimaginably white. Meanwhile, the blood on his chest had already started to drip down onto the pure white fur of the tiger cub and stain it red.

The Sword Spirits within Jian Chen’s dantian shook before beginning to emit an attractive force. Straight away, the energy that had been causing Jian Chen’s body to take damage were immediately sucked in by Sword Spirits, preventing them from causing any more harm.

The ancestor had received an incredibly serious wound now that his heart had been obliterated. There was also some Qi left within his body from when the Light Wind Sword had ran straight through him. Although he was a Heaven Saint Master, his inner organs were weaker than Jian Chen’s. In contrast, the energy he had left behind in Jian Chen’s body was far stronger than the energy that Jian Chen had left within his. However, this was still the very first time he had sustained such a heavy injury that he could not take.

Spitting out a large amount of blood, he looked at Jian Chen with a dark glare, “It is no wonder you are the King of Mercenaries of the last Gathering of the Mercenaries. To have such strength, I’ve underestimated you if you could force me to such a disastrous state. Even when you die, you should be proud of this fact.” With that, the ancestor clenched tightly to the sword that was still in Jian Chen’s chest. Just as he planned to cut Jian Chen in two, an ear splitting sound could be heard from behind him, filling his face with shock.


The throat of the ancestor was split apart as blood came rushing out of the new wound. The Light Wind Sword had finally made its way back after piercing the elder’s heart, since the elder was not prepared to defend against such an attack, it had worked.

A look of horror flitted across his face as he gave up on his attempt to kill Jian Chen. Then, flying at full speed, he tried to run away from Jian Chen while reclaiming his sword.

“Whoosh!” A loud ear piercing sound could be heard once more as the Light Wind Sword seemingly stopped its backward momentum and flew at the Heaven Saint Master with a renewed speed.

The Light Wind Sword slashed across the elder’s leg, and with a torrent of rain, the severed limbs of his legs could be seen falling down from the sky.

The ancestor let out a pain filled cry as he flew five hundred meters into the air so that he was nothing more than a speck of dust. As he flew away, he could only look at his severed legs on the ground in abject horror and disbelief.

Jian Chen was staring at the ancestor’s tiny dot in the sky with a surprising amount of shock. A Heaven Saint Master’s vitality was indeed extremely strong if his Light Wind Sword was able to pierce through both his heart and throat without him dying. This revelation of information was stunning, not only were Heaven Saint Masters strong, but their tenacity was terrifying.

It was unfortunate that the Soul Sword could only travel 200 meters away from Jian Chen. With the Moyun clan ancestor being 500 meters away, there was no way for his sword to travel that far. This was because after 200 meters, his control over the Light Wind Sword would shrink, and once it reached the 300 meter mark, he would lose all control over it.

The Light Wind Sword returned to Jian Chen’s hand as a ball of silver light. Despite his pale face and his serious wounds, Jian Chen did not want the elder to escape that easily. An azure and violet light escaped from his Light Wind Sword before shooting out from Jian Chen’s mental command.

Floating high in the air, the ancestor could only look down on Jian Chen with a fearful expression. He knew that his current state was dreadful with there being a hole where his heart used to be. This alone was already nearly crippling, but then he now had another hole where his throat was. His body was badly mangled, but in the face of everything, he had not died yet.

Seeing the azure and violet glows of light shoot for him, the ancestor could only hastily throw his body out of the way and try to dodge the blows. Then, casting a poisonous glare at Jian Chen, he flew off.

Right now he had two major injuries on hi body. Although they would not kill him, they still required a hasty healing. If he remained here, he would fall prey to another one of Jian Chen’s strange tricks and end up dead.

Running away from Jian Chen would leave Jian Chen no options other than to look at him get farther and farther away.

Now that the ancestor was gone, Jian Chen could let out a sigh in relief. After today’s battle, he could be sure that his strength was similar to that of a Heaven Saint Master. If he had not the Soul Sword to make any unbreakable guard breakable, then he would have found it impossible to beat a Heaven Saint Master. This type of expert wouldn’t be as paranoid about the azure and violet Sword Qi since they weren’t like Earth Saint Masters. It was only when their Saint Weapons were to be damaged by it that they would worry.

“It seems that I must find a way to allow the Sword Spirits to heal as fast as I can. If I could only heal them enough, then my azure and violet Sword Qi would surely grow stronger.” Jian Chen spoke as he tried to sit up painfully. Right now, the azure and violet Ssword Qi weren’t a major problem to any Heaven Saint Master, so he would need to find a way to heal the sword spirit’s strengths. This way, not only would the Sword Spirits be stronger, but the amount of assistance he could receive would be higher too.

The tiger cub that was wrapped around Jian Chen still could smell the dripping blood from Jian Chen and seemed to look as if it was hungry.

Resting for a moment, Jian Chen placed the cub down on the ground for a moment before sitting down and using the Radiant Saint Force to heal his wounds.

“Wuuuu… wuuu…” Just as the tiger cub left his spot on Jian Chen’s chest, he grew unhappy immediately. Starting to cry, his four paws began to scratch the ground before ultimately climbing up Jian Chen’s body with herculean strength and lapped up his blood hungrily.

Seeing the behavior of the tiger cub, Jian Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry before feeling a sharp pain in his chest. Taking off his blood soaked clothes, Jian Chen set the tiger on the ground lightly next to it to do as it pleased.

This way, the white tiger cub wouldn’t bother Jian Chen and could lick and gnaw at his bloody clothes with vigor as if it enjoyed the taste and smell of it.

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