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Chapter 402: Chang Wuji


Following the sounds of a huge explosion, the giant sword made of the crossbolts struck against the stronghold walls. Despite the tempered steel that could resist the blasts of a magical crystal cannon, the stronghold walls easily crumpled like tofu at the reinforced sword strike. As soon as the dust had cleared away, a thirty meter diameter hole could be seen.

At this sight, the remaining survivors looked at the hole in terror before everyone began to dash in every single way possible in an attempt to evade the falling debris and escape.

Jian Chen’s eyes grew even more ferocious with the azure and violet light in them. “Today, I will raze this stronghold; I, Jian Chen, will make the Pingyang Kingdom will pay a heavy price!” Each word had been pronounced with a powerful boom that was emphasized by his hatred. His killing intent quickly spread around the area and brought the temperature down by several degrees.

“Bang!” Another explosion could be heard as the countless crossbolts rained down onto the ground, destroying it. Another barrage of crossbolts slammed against the stronghold walls, creating yet another 30 diameter hole.

Suddenly, a whistling sound could be heard as a strong amount of aura filled the air. In the next moment, four figures could be seen flying through the air at breakneck speeds.

Regarding the four Heaven Saint Masters from the Pingyang Kingdom, Jian Chen’s eyes began to frost over with killing intent. The crossbolts formed a giant sword with azure and violet Sword Qi flickering all around the blade before instantly shooting toward the four.

With a great shout, the four Heaven Saint masters reinforced themselves with Saint Force before colliding with the giant sword.

When the two sides collided, a loud explosion that rocked the entire area could be heard. A bright explosion of colors could be seen flying everywhere, causing the soldiers right underneath the blast to be sent flying through the air with serious wounds. Many of them even had their inner organs destroyed by the blast, killing them instantly.

In a battle between Heaven Saint Masters, even the fallout from each and every strike was capable of killing a person. If even an Earth Saint Master were to get too close, they would find it hard to withstand the shockwaves.

The shockwave rippled three hundred meters in diameter within the stronghold, burying many soldiers underneath the blast and even causing serious damage to the walls which began to wobble and shake.

A battle between five Heaven Saint Masters was far too intense. Even the giant ten meter long sword Jian Chen was wielding crumbled apart under the four Heaven Saint Masters from the Pingyang Kingdom.

In the next second after the shock wave had died down, Jian Chen enveloped Changyang Hu’s body in a bubble, allowing it to float in midair. By now, the four Heaven Saint Masters had already drawn within a hundred meters of Jian Chen, each one leering dangerously at him.

However, when they saw just how young Jian Chen was, they were startled beyond belief. Jian Chen was far too young to be wielding such strength!

They had been unwilling to accept that such a youngster was able to attain the realm they had attained. “Hmph, he must have used some medicine to recover his youth.” Claimed one.

The other three Heaven Saint Masters firmly believed that this was the case. Another one of the four bellowed out, “You there, state your name!”

“Who was the one responsible for cutting off all four limbs of my eldest brother.” Jian Chen growled dangerously, ignoring the question.

“What, your eldest brother?”

The four Heaven Saint Masters were startled, the person Jian Chen was holding had his four limbs hacked off, could Changyang Hu have a Heaven Saint Master leveled brother? The four Heaven Saint Masters were so startled that they thought they had misheard.

“Who was the one who did it!” Jian Chen repeated once more with his killing intent filling the air.

Giving a look to each other, the four men began to try to figure out Jian Chen’s identity. “Sire, who are you, I believe I may have misheard something.”

Just then, an enormous streak of fire could be seen flying across the sky like a streaking shooting star that was falling in their general direction.

Not too long later, the red light came to a stop five hundred meters away in the air, revealing an elder with the fire element surrounding his body like a bubble. The elder was rather ordinary looking with his white hair tied up behind his wrinkled and pale face.

When the elder glanced around, he immediately took notice of the suspended limbless figure of Changyang Hu. Paling even more, the elder let out a cry of utter grief and sorrow, “Young master!”

The four Heaven Saint Masters turned to look at the newcomer with an angry sneer, “Hmph, Chang Wuji, you really did come. After killing two of our Pingyang Kingdom’s experts, I shall have you buried right next to them today!”

Chang Wuji’s eyes instantly blazed with a ferocious killing intent as he glared at the four. “You dare cut off the four limbs of the young master? Very well then! Allow this old man to accompany you, even at the cost of my life, I shall see you all slain!”

“Hmph, how brassy. Even as injured you are, you can still utter such words.” One of the Heaven Saint Masters snorted in disdain. Cupping his hands and bowing behind him, he spoke, “Senior Qian Yun, please show yourself.” His voice was spoken in such a way that it could be heard from far away.

A white robed elder could soon be seen flying toward the four Heaven Saint Masters. The elder had his hair tied up in a crane style and looked as refined as a scholar. Judging from his aura, Jian Chen felt as if this was a man who had been Enlightened.

“Qian Yun, I never would have thought you would bring your Qiangan Kingdom into this. Could it be you are also conspiring against the Gesun Kingdom with the other four kingdoms?” Chang Wuji’s face was like stone now. The situation had grown extremely dire; if the Qiangan Kingdom entered into the equation, then that meant there was five kingdoms fighting against the Gesun Kingdom.

Chang Wuji had also known that Qian Yun was a part of the imperial line within the Qiangan Kingdom. He had resided within the deepest part of the palace in order to cultivate and had already lived for nearly 400 years. Despite being a Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Masters, he was infinitely close to becoming a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master and was also the strongest individual in the Qiangan Kingdom.

Qian Yun looked at Chang Wuji for a moment before looking at Jian Chen with a dark look, “Who is he?”

The four Heaven Saint Masters from the Pingyang Kingdom shook their heads, “We don’t know who he is, but he has to be related to the Gesun Kingdom.”

Qian Yun stared at Jian Chen for a brief moment before turning back to Chang Wuji with a smile, “Brother Wuji, we haven’t seen each other in a hundred years, but I didn’t think that your strength would reach such a degree. The Qiangan Kingdom is not involving itself in this affair, I merely wish for your Heaven Tier Battle Skill.”

“You want my Heaven Tier Battle Skill?” Chang Wuji growled.

“Correct, brother Wuji, if you hand over the battle skill to me, then I will back out of this.” Qian Yun laughed.

“Hmph, you don’t lack courage. The Three Forms of the Wild Python is the legacy imparted to me by my master, yet you still dare to ask. Do you not fear the return of my master and the destruction of your Qiangan Kingdom?” Chang Wuji spoke dangerously.

Qian Yun had a look of fear streak across his face for a moment before smiling, “Chang Wuji, you are still thinking of your master who has been lost for dozens of years? You are correct that Patriarch Changyang’s strength is truly astounding and has no match. But you’ve forgotten, he has been lost these many years. With his age already reaching nine hundred years old, he has surely reached the end of his lifespan. The fact that no information has been heard from him is proof enough that he is dead.”

“Hmph, my master was a genius even among the Heavens and a person without equal. Just what mystery in the world could stop him? When he returns, he will raze your Qiangan Kingdom.”

Sneering, Qian Yun spoke, “Chang Wuji, I, Qian Yun, am not an easily threatened person. I have given my word, if you hand over the Heaven Tier Battle Skill to me, then I will leave.”

“Don’t think that just because this old man has been injured, you will not escape unharmed.” A surge of energy became to well up from within Chang Wuji. Despite the injured state he was in, his head was still held up high without fear of combat.

At that moment, the five enemy Heaven Saint Masters were preparing to fight. As they stared at Chang Wuji and Jian Chen, a battle was preparing to break out.

Just then, a cold voice could be heard.

“Hand them over to me. Today, I shall raze the Pingyang Kingdom and hang the heads of all those here on these walls.”

It was Jian Chen who had spoken with a calm voice. Although there was killing intent radiating from his body, everyone else was surprised by his words.

Raze the Pingyang Kingdom!

Hang the heads of the strong on the walls!

The four Heaven Saint Masters from the Pingyang Kingdom had taken this as a personal insult. Steaming with anger, a flood of killing intent began to direct itself toward Jian Chen.

One of the Heaven Saint Masters had barked out, “Brat, you cannot distinguish what is the ground and what is the sky! Do you think you are Patriarch Changyang and will destroy the Pingyang Kingdom with your mere Heaven Saint Master strength?”

Even Chang Wuji had a flabbergasted look as he looked at Jian Chen, and the Changyang Hu with a skeptical look. He had no idea just what connection there was between these two in order for Jian Chen to be willing to risk his own life and brave a fight with these Heaven Saint Masters.

Chang Wuji began to inspect the youngster that was Jian Chen with suspicion. There was a familiar feeling to him as if the two had met before, but he had no idea just where he could have possibly met such a youngster before. Despite the feeling, he had no recollection of Jian Chen since all of the Heaven Saint Masters he had met before were all middle-aged men.

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