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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 418
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Chapter 418: Sneak Attack

Seeing the surprised look on Xiao Tian’s face, the group from the Blue Wind Kingdom immediately knew that Jian Chen was related to the Gesun Kingdom. However, their expression didn’t change too much as they knew that the difference between the two sides was far too huge for a single person to make much of a difference.

But the Gesun Kingdom men were all joyous. Being an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom must mean that, that person had a tremendous amount of power. Possibly enough for him to beat back the rest by himself.

The sand and stones in the air continued to fly at the Heaven Saint Masters from the Blue Wind Kingdom, much to the disdain of those very same Heaven Saint Masters. Ignoring them, they only allowed a shroud of Saint Force to cover their bodies to protect themselves from them before charging straight at the newest arrival with merciless stares.

Suddenly, the sands that were traveling at them instantly penetrated through their Saint Force and perforated every single one of their bodies full of holes.

The group of Heaven Saint Masters from the Blue Wind Kingdom instantly grew shocked. They quickly threw up another barrier of Saint Force to protect their bodies. They then pushed out the sand, and were no longer careless with the sand that invaded the air. They tried to protect their bodies from the widespread attack, but still found it difficult to defend against. Their Saint Force constantly wavered from the attempt to do so and looked as if they were in danger at any given moment.

At the same time, a strong amount of pressure filled the air before transforming into a bright gleam of fire that gathered and wrapped around Xiao Tian’s head.

“It’s a Heaven Tier Battle Skill! Quick, don’t let him use it!”

“A Heaven Tier Battle Skill? He actually had one?!”

The eleven Heaven Saint Masters were quickly sent into disarray as they gawked at Xiao Tian. Knowing just how strong a Heaven Tier Battle Skill was, their elderly faces grew pale and immediately ignored Jian Chen as their opponent. Ignoring the azure and violet sands that were attacking them, they all immediately flew for Xiao Tian in an attempt to kill him before he could use his battle skill.

Seeing the eleven Heaven Saint Masters come charging at him, Xiao Tian let out a cruel sneer. With a low roar, the pressure in the world instantly tripled, locking everyone in place before waving his hand violently.

The bright red ray of light instantly flashed once before the sword in Xiao Tian’s hand exploded with fiery light and washed over the eleven Heaven Saint Masters. There was a faint crack in the sky that could be seen from where the sword trailed behind. This was the might of a Heaven Tier Battle Skill; so strong that it could break the limits of the world itself and could fracture the sky.

The eleven Heaven Saint Masters desperately tried to use their own strongest battle skill. However, their highest one was only an Advanced Earth Tier Battle Skill, a far cry away from a Heaven Tier Battle Skill.


Following a loud explosive bang that seemed as if the horizon itself had exploded, a shockwave rang the ears of everyone around. For a short moment, everyone was unable to hear anything that was happening around them.

Shortly afterward, an extremely massive amount of energy capable of toppling mountains rolled into the world with terrifying power. With all of the energy billowing outward, the entire ground beneath them began to crack into a series of spider webs before the earth was pressed deeper down, folding into itself.

Xiao Tian’s Heaven Tier Battle Skill was of no low rank, and combined with his Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master strength, the total power was at a terrifyingly high volume. The berserk energy could be seen exceeding several kilometers as hundreds of soldiers from the Blue Wind Kingdom were destroyed by the energy without any chance of survival.

Even the First Class City behind them took a generous amount of damage. Several parts of the city walls collapsed, burying some soldiers underneath the rubble and causing a terrific amount of damage. Several of the buildings and homes within the city toppled over, leaving the city in a mess.

Even Jian Chen’s body was sent flying back for several kilometers before he could stabilize himself. He could only see a bright flash of fire in front of him, nothing else.

Spreading out his omnipresence, Jian Chen noted with some joy that the flames did not affect his ability. After spreading it out fifteen kilometers around the fallout, he easily spotted everyone’s position. Thanks to the battle skill, everyone had been offset from their original positions.

Because of the collaborated effort of the eleven Heaven Saint Masters, they did not die from the Heaven Tier Battle Skill. At most, they were heavily injured and had pale faces, but nothing life threatening.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed brightly as he began to control the fire element to form three separate arrows made of pure fire. With a whistling sound, they began to travel toward the closest three Heaven Saint Masters.

As the arrow flew through the air, Jian Chen followed close behind in the direction of the next closest group.

The three Heaven Saint Masters were all heavily injured and weren’t expecting any attack to come directly after that battle skill. Unable to evade the attack or even detect it, the three arrows slammed into their heads. With an explosive bang, their heads exploded, killing them instantly along with their souls.

Seeing just how easily they were killed, even Jian Chen thought that it would have been harder to do so. However, he had to concede that right now was the perfect time for a sneak attack. Unwilling to miss another opportunity, he formed another three arrows made of fire before shooting them for the next three Heaven Saint Masters.

All of the Heaven Saint Masters were deeply injured and the fallout from the battle skill had still not yet stabilized, hampering their vision still. Their situational awareness was at their lowest point along with their strength. Thus when Jian Chen unleashed his attack, they were killed without a problem.

In a single moment, Jian Chen had killed six Heaven Saint masters without their notice. However, Jian Chen still continued to summon another three arrows to bring down the next trio of enemies.

By this point the energy from the battle skill had died down. Jian Chen’s fire arrows were no longer an undetected presence and immediately flared up on everyone’s radar. A single elder took notice and cried out, “Be careful everyone!” Before bringing up his Saint Weapon to defend himself.

Hearing the startled shout, everyone instantly went on guard. But out of the three people that Jian Chen had targeted, only two of them managed to bring up their Saint Weapons in time while the weaker third one succumbed to the arrow and died.

Using the opportunity from the battle skill to strike, Jian Chen had covertly killed seven Heaven Saint Masters in the blink of an eye. This was by far a monumental blow to the Blue Wind Kingdom who only had four Heaven Saint Masters remaining, who had all been heavily injured by Xiao Tian.

Xiao Tian’s figure began to waver in midair before he closed his eyes and began to plummet downward. Because of his serious wounds and his usage of the Heaven Tier Battle Skill, he was all out of Saint Force. Combined with his blood loss, he was already on the verge of fainting.

Startled, Jian Chen ignored the remaining few Heaven Saint Masters and instantly flew to Xiao Tian.

The Blue Wind Kingdom had only four heavily injured people left while the other side had a mysterious youth with a strange power. After such an outcome, they had no desire to stay and fight. Mustering the last of their energy, the remaining four men all fled the area, instantly disappearing from sight.

Jian Chen only glared at them icily without making an attempt to follow them. Instead, he flew to Xiao Tian and immediately took out several Radiant Spirit Pills from his Space Ring and fed them to him.

At this moment, the three Heaven Saint Masters from the Gesun Kingdom all flew toward Jian Chen curiously. Although they hadn’t met Jian Chen before, they had heard what Xiao Tian had called him.

To be called an Imperial Protector by Xiao Tian of the Qinhuang Kingdom, that was by no means a low status.

Among the three, Khafir had a vacant look on his face. He had learned of the relationship between the Gesun Kingdom and the Qinhuang Kingdom back at the northern stronghold about how it was all because of this Imperial Protector. Xiao Tian had called this youth an Imperial Protector. Was he truly the one helping the Gesun Kingdom?

But no matter how much Khafir looked at the youth, he could not make the connection between the two and thus felt a little confused.

Despite the confusion weighing heavily on his mind, Khafir could only speak, “Honored Imperial Protector, I represent the Gesun Kingdom wholeheartedly when I thank you for your assistance. Are elder Xiao Tian’s injuries serious?”

Slowly standing up, Jian Chen looked at the headmaster of Kargath Academy with a series of mixed feelings. Several years ago, the headmaster had been an entity that he could barely hope to reach and could only stand to look up at. But now, this figure he had looked up to was now speaking to him in an extremely courteous manner. This was a feeling Jian Chen would never get used to.

“He is quite heavily injured, but it is nothing life threatening.” Jian Chen spoke.

“Honored Imperial Protector, why not bring Imperial Advisor Xiao Tian back to the city, we’ll have the strongest Radiant Saint Masters treat his wounds.” Khafir spoke.

Jian Chen nodded his head, “That will do!”

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