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Chapter 422: Havoc in the Imperial Palace

Jian Chen had long since left the inn and flew into the air toward the Qiangan Kingdom’s imperial palace. He was completely oblivious to the trouble he had brought upon the inn’s mother and son.

Two hours later, Jian Chen finally arrived at the imperial palace. Slowly descending 500 meters to the ground, his legs planted themselves firmly on the palace halls.

The Qiangan Kingdom had been in a glorious era of prosperity. Despite being far from being called one of the Eight Great Powers, they were still an extremely strong nation with a majestic status and a rich history that spanned a thousand year. That was several hundred years difference compared to the Gesun Kingdom.

But then calamity had fallen on the Qiangan Kingdom. Just narrowly avoiding annihilation, their powers had weakened and were unable to rise again, becoming nothing more than a silent kingdom. Thus, despite how glorious the imperial palace of the Qiangan kingdom tried to be, it paled in comparison to the Qinhuang Kingdom. Though, compared to the neighboring kingdoms, this palace would still be quite impressive.

Jian Chen continued to fly over the rooms of the palace before finally heading to one of the biggest halls which appeared to be locked. With a wave of his right hand, the fire elements in the world began to gather before transforming into a twenty meter long sword of fire for Jian Chen. Flames flickered away with high temperatures, giving off a bright warm glow as it raised the temperature around it.

“There’s someone in the sky, it must be a Heaven Saint Master!”

“Not good, he’s planning to attack the imperial palace, call out the Imperial Advisors!”

“It’s an enemy, bring out the Imperial Advisors to deal with him quickly!”

The guards patrolling the imperial palace immediately noticed the bizarreness of the situation and began to cry out in alarm to warn the elite soldiers of the palace.

With another wave of his right hand, the fire sword in front of him disappeared in a blink of light before shooting into the giant palace hall.


As the bright red flames exploded out from the palace halls, the iron gates began to melt down to the ground and washed over the floors of the palace. Every nearby soldier immediately started to back away in fear of touching the molten iron.

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong!

A loud drumming sound could be heard throughout the palace as the strongest of the Qiangan Kingdom began to gather toward the area Jian Chen was located.

The previously quiet palace immediately turned noisy as countless soldiers came flooding out like water. Their movements were swift, but the moment they saw Jian Chen floating in midair, they were shocked. A Heaven Saint Master was an entity they could not face.

Using the energy of the world, Jian Chen began to control the fire element to form a sword once more. Throwing it at the largest palace hall, he was planning on completely destroying the palace.

At that moment, a large formidable amount of Sword Qi came flying out like lightning and struck the flame sword. Dissipating due to the blow, flames began to spread out through the air with sparks covering the palace air like mist. No matter where a person turned, there was only fire. Each area that was touched by a piece of the sword now had a hole a meter deep.

A white figure man with his hair tied up came descending down from 500 meters in the air with a furious look.

“Sire, just who are you, and why are you trying to destroy the imperial palace?” The elder stared angrily at Jian Chen.

“I am from the Gesun Kingdom with the express purpose of destroying you.” Jian Chen spoke.

The elder had a shocked look on his face as Jian Chen’s words registered in his mind. “What did you say, you’re from the Gesun Kingdom? Impossible! We know every single expert within the Gesun Kingdom, and you’re not one of them. Just who are you, spare us your false words!”

Jian Chen sneered at the elder before turning to the innermost part of the imperial palace, “Qian Yun, come out and accept your death.” Jian Chen snarled with a boom that resonated throughout the palace, scaring everyone that heard it. Qian Yun was a member of the royal family and was even the senior of the king of the Qiangan Kingdom. His identity was so majestic that many people didn’t even dare to speak his name.

Within the depths of the palace, a white robed scholarly man could be seen sitting on his bed. His left sleeve draped down uselessly without an arm to wrap around, meaning that the person wearing these robes was missing his left arm. And right in front of him were three middle-aged men that stood in a respectful pose, but there was a furious look on their faces.

“Ai!” The elder sitting down on the bed sighed. “He really did come. This is the calamity that follows after a Heaven Tier Battle Skill. If it were not for my greedy heart, none of this would have happened.”

“Teacher, is that outsider truly a person from the Gesun Kingdom? Was it he that cut off your left arm? One of the middle-aged man spoke with furious eyes.

“With four kingdoms uniting to fight a single kingdom, he came to our Qiangan Kingdom instead of protecting his own kingdom, how preposterous is that! Does he take our Qiangan Kingdom to be a kingdom of no one?”

“Teacher, this anger of mine cannot be reprieved. It would only be after I dismember his body that I will finally be at peace with myself.”

All three of the men tried to speak out to the elder with justifications to fight the newcomer.

With a gentle sigh, the elder replied, “Don’t bring up this issue again. That man’s strength is far too strong, even with four Heaven Saint Masters from the Pingyang Kingdom, we were unable to injure him in the slightest. Not only that, we were severely injured by him. Our Qiangan Kingdom is not as strong as it was before, this is an enemy we should not have offended. You three shall stay here while your teacher goes out.” Before he finished speaking, the elder transformed into a bright white light and disappeared from the chamber they were in.

“Impossible! Just how could the teacher and four other experts not be able to cause a scratch? Not even a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master would be able to have such a strength like this.”

The words of their teacher stunned the three men into utter shock and silence.

On the outside, the one-armed Qian Yun stood by the other Heaven Saint Master’s side and stared at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s eyes stared coldly at Qian Yun, “Qian Yun, for a moment, I didn’t think you’d appear. I did tell you before, you shall bear witness to the destruction of the Qiangan Kingdom.”

The two elder’s looked extremely angry at Jian Chen’s words, the elder to the side of Qian Yun had even begun to leak killing intent. “Do you take yourself to be a Saint Ruler? To say such words, be careful not to lose your tongue!”

Qian Yun stretched out an arm to block the other elder as if to stop his speech. Turning to Jian Chen, he spoke, “Sire, I’ve told you before, my actions have nothing to do with the Qiangan Kingdom. If there’s an issue, then take it up with me and not the others. If my Qiangan Kingdom enters this conflict, it will spell trouble for the Gesun Kingdom.”

Sneering, Jian Chen spoke, “Hmph, you say it’s unrelated? Your eyes must be blind. Yesterday several Heaven Saint Masters of your kingdom united with the Blue Wind Kingdom to attack the eastern stronghold of the Gesun Kingdom. Do you mean to say that they are not from your Qiangan Kingdom?”

“There is no way something like this would happen.” Qian Yun quibbled. But the elder to his side tugged at Qian Yun’s garments with a low whisper, “When your left arm was cut off, His Majesty wanted to avenge you. Joining forces with the other kingdoms, he asked several Heaven Saint Masters to suppress the kingdom.”

“What, you actually did such a thing?” Qian Yun was aghast. Clearly he had not known about the Qiangan Kingdom’s actions toward the Gesun Kingdom. His face contorted into anger, “Troublesome, how troublesome! Why did you not discuss such a matter with me first?”

The elder next to Qian Yun sighed. “Although we had the power to help the Blue Wind Kingdom attack the Gesun Kingdom, the end result was that three of our Heaven Saint Masters were killed. Furthermore, their bodies weren’t brought back and the remaining two were heavily injured.”

Hearing this, Qian Yun looked extremely troubled. This was a tremendous loss for their kingdom; each Heaven Saint Master was a pillar to the kingdom and directly tied to their power.

“Hmph, now you have nothing to say. Today I shall destroy the imperial palace of your kingdom.” Jian Chen sneered as killing intent appeared in his eyes. With a single thought, the energy in the world began to form fire around his body in heavy concentration. In a flash, it transformed into three different blades of fire that began to destroy the imperial palace.

“Stop!” The two Heaven Saint Masters cried out as they shot out their hands. Three different Sword Qi blasts flew forward to stop the flame swords. With explosive bangs, the fire swords were ripped apart and set the entire palace alight with a bright glow.

“Sire, this is nothing more than a misunderstanding. Our Qiangan Kingdom does not wish to interfere with your war, please stay your hand.” Qian Yun spoke. He was well aware of Jian Chen’s strength, so to protect the kingdom from falling into disaster, he couldn’t help but plead out loud to him.

“Wishful thinking!” Jian Chen taunted. If the enemy had not been afraid of Jian Chen’s strength, they would have chased Jian Chen out of the palace a long time ago.

“Since you stuck your nose into something that doesn’t concern you, then I will kill you.” Jian Chen whispered. The azure and violet Origin energy began to grow in his right hand before solidifying into a meter long sword that shot toward the two men.

Seeing the azure and violet glow, Qian Yun had a fearful look on his face as he cried out, “Be careful, he has a strange energy aiding him, do not let his sword clash with yours!”

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