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Chapter 428: Battle at the Peak

The Yangji Sect was extremely strong within the Qiangan Kingdom. Their reputation could pressure even the royal family itself. They also had two Heaven Saint Masters which was equal to the number the imperial palace had at any given time. Aside from the Heaven Saint Masters, they had at the very least twenty Earth Saint Masters and several thousand disciples.

“Have you found out who killed your third teacher?” A middle-aged man asked.

“This child asked the waiter at the inn and several others. The initial judgement is that the person who killed our men is a youth around the age of twenty. As for his identity, I do not know.” A youth replied.

At this, the middle-aged man seemed to have thought of something and stared seriously at the youth in front of him. “A twenty year old youth… Fei’er, do you happen to know what his appearance is like?”

The middle-aged man’s expression made everyone around him confused at what he had thought of in order for him to suddenly act like this.

The youth wasn’t stupid and had immediately noticed the change of expression. Looking down, he began to concentrate on his appearance, “Father, this child hasn’t seen this person, but the waiter said that the man was quite handsome and had very short hair around an inch long.”

“Hair as long as an inch.” The middle-aged man hummed as his face grew even more grim. “So it’s him. He matches the description given to us by the elders. I didn’t think that after causing so much trouble at the palace, he would come to cause trouble with our Yangji Sect. It would appear that he is from the Gesun Kingdom.”

The middle-aged man stood up, “Fei’er, you can go. I know who he is now. It is possible that our Yangji Sect will be faced with danger. For the next two days, you should go hide yourself and wait for things to calm down. I must go warn the elder patriarch for now.”

Hearing this, the youth instantly blanched, he hadn’t thought that the situation would be that dire. Cupping his hands, he spoke, “Yes, father! Your son will leave now!”

As soon as the youth left, the middle-aged man looked around himself with a serious expression. “Everyone, you should be well aware of this man now. Have everyone prepare themselves. No matter if he charges at our Yangji Sect or not, we must work together to make preparations.”

News of Jian Chen causing trouble at the Qiangan Kingdom’s imperial palace had been completely suppressed, but because of the connections to the royal family, the Yangji Sect had naturally found out. Thus, despite not seeing Jian Chen, he was not a complete stranger to him and could guess who he was from his appearance.

“Yes, patriarch!” Everyone replied before setting outside.

Afterward, the sect master of the Yangji Sect left the mountains to report the matter to the elder patriarch. As soon as the elder patriarch heard of the matter, he exited out of the belly of the mountain with another pale faced elder. That elder held an esteemed status as a grand elder.

“Judging from your description, I already know who this mysterious youngster is. He is not from the Gesun Kingdom, but rather has a connection with them. The Blue Wind Kingdom and our kingdom had sent eleven Heaven Saint Masters in total to fight the Gesun Kingdom, but after his appearance, they had to retreat back in defeat. Seven of them were even killed by him before they could even notice meaning his strength is not just for show.” The grand elder spoke. This elder was one of the fortunate ones that had managed to escape from Jian Chen from before.

“Elder Gao, you’ve healed a decent amount, how likely do you think we will be able to successfully defend ourselves against him.” The elder patriarch of the Yangji Sect spoke calmly as if he did not care for this matter.

“That mysterious youth caused trouble at the imperial palace yesterday. Even the Fifth Cycle Qian Yun had not been an opponent for him. I do not believe we stand a chance at all.” The grand elder spoke.

Hearing this, the elder patriarch snorted in disdain, “If he had only just caused trouble, then I needn’t worry. If he truly dare tries to cause trouble here, he will regret it. Hmph, he is merely a frog in the well that does not know how miniscule he is to the Yangji Sect.”

“Elder Yang, what makes you say that? Could it be you have a way to deal with that expert?” The grand elder looked at the elder patriarch with a surprised look.

The elder patriarch laughed, “Let us head to the entrance to the mountains.”


The Holy Yangji Mountains was where the Yangji Sect’s station was. Several hundred years ago, the mountain range had decent scenery, but it was an obscure mountain range in the Qiangan Kingdom. After the Yangji Sect occupied it, the mountain range came to be known as the Holy Yangji Mountains. As the Yangji Sect grew in strength, the mountains gradually became more and more famous. Today, the Holy Yangji Mountains was proclaimed the holy mountains of the Qiangan Kingdom and had many disciples visiting it in hopes of becoming a disciple.

Jian Chen brought the mother and son a thousand kilometers above the air before quickly descending to the entrance at the mountain peak.

As soon as Jian Chen arrived, the Yangji Sect had already been prepared themselves with over a hundred disciples standing guard at the entrance with grim expressions.

When the very first disciple noticed Jian Chen, he cried out, “A Heaven Saint Master has arrived, notify the patriarch!”

A loud whistle could soon be heard piercing the air and seemingly echoed throughout the entire mountain range.

The entire Yangji Sect began to grow restless now as each and every disciple throughout the mountains headed in the direction of the whistle.

Jian Chen gave a cold smile; the Yangji Sect had truly prepared themselves for his arrival.

Both the mother and son looked on in alarm and fear behind Jian Chen. Although they knew how strong Jian Chen was, he was a Heaven Saint Master, but the might of the Yangji Sect was far too powerful. The two had long since given up on the idea of victory, so they were feeling concerned on how Jian Chen would be able to defend himself against the Yangji Sect.

The white tiger cub obediently sat on Jian Chen’s shoulders and continued to blink widely with its large eyes. With a nimble leap, it flew from Jian Chen’s right shoulder to his left and grabbed onto his neck with its claws.

Jian Chen looked back to the mother and son, “Aunty, Sans. Stay here and don’t worry, I won’t allow danger to come to you.”

“Benefactor, please worry about yourself first.” Sans spoke to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen laughed carelessly and strode forward. Clenching at the empty air, Jian Chen began to summon all the fire element in the world around his hands, forming two giant swords made of fire. With a blazing temperature, the swords flew at the gates of the Yangji Sect.


Those who were defending the gates immediately blanched and flew away from the flame swords that were headed toward the sect.

“Bang!” A giant clang could be heard as the gates to the mountain were instantly immersed in flames and plunged the entire sky into a sea of flames. As it spread out, those dozen disciples that didn’t run away in time were caught in it and howled out in pain.

The entire world seemed to have erupted as the flames licked away at the entire area. Even the blades of grass burst into flames with a bright light that could be seen from far away. Soon enough, even the wooden buildings some distance away from the gates began to burn, black smoke rising into the air.

Jian Chen’s hands swished through the air as he brought the two swords together to form a single bright sword. With one push, the giant sword buried itself deep into a concentrated area of buildings and burst into flames.

Suddenly, two powerful auras filled with anger could be felt coming straight toward Jian Chen. At the same time, a bright and sharp attack of Sword Qi came flying through the air straight for Jian Chen.

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