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Chapter 432: The Traveler Returning Home (One)

Two days after Jian Chen’s departure, the Gesun Kingdom’s eastern stronghold had stabilized. The Blue Wind Kingdom hadn’t tried to attack a second time, so the rubble beneath the walls had been cleared away. Many of the blacksmiths and artisans had even repaired and refortified the walls.

Carrying the mother and son into the city, he instantly descended near the temporary inn for the army. Still light headed from the shock, the mother and son fell to the ground as if their legs were made of rubber.

The mother was not a cultivator and Sans had his cultivation crippled by the others, thus their fortitude was lacking. After flying through the air for an extended period of time, the two had felt their legs go numb.

Jian Chen’s sudden descent caused all of the nearby soldiers to become alarmed. Immediately sounding the alarm, everyone swarmed to the area, but no one was brave enough to get close to see if he was a friend or foe.

The sudden change in the immediate surroundings caused the mother and son to be nervous, and they hid behind Jian Chen. The both of them were afraid that another massacre like what happened at the Yangji Sect would happen once more.

One of the men suddenly noticed Jian Chen’s face and lit up straight away. Calling out to the other soldiers, he said, “What are you guys doing, this is the honored Imperial Protector! Hurry up and pay your respects to him!” Jian Chen’s identity was known to this high ranking soldier, but the other foot soldiers were not able to recognize him straight away. Although Jian Chen’s skill was known to everyone, very few knew what he looked like.

Hearing the commander speak, everyone let out a breath in relief and then cried out loud to Jian Chen, “We pay our respects to the Imperial Protector!” All the soldiers were curious on just when the Gesun Kingdom had such an Imperial Protector. Not only had they never heard of such an Imperial Protector, they had never seen him before either.

The commander walked up to Jian Chen and spoke with a respectful bow, “Honored Imperial Protector, this one is Lin Yan. How may I help the honored Imperial Protector?”

“Where is General Liu?” Jian Chen asked.

As soon as he spoke, Jian Chen looked toward the inn to see general Liu coincidentally come walking out. Upon seeing Jian Chen, the general gave a respectful bow, “Honored Imperial Protector, you’ve finally returned.”

“What has happened while I was gone?” Jian Chen asked.

General Liu shook his head, “Nothing too major. However the information I’ve heard keeps on coming. Honored Imperial Protector, let us talk about this inside.”

“That will do.” Jian Chen nodded in agreement. Turning behind to Sans and his mother, he spoke kindly, “Aunty, Sans, you two should rest up for now. You haven’t eaten all day, I’m sure you two are hungry.”

When general Liu’s eyes landed upon the two commoners, he saw them as nothing more than commoners of the lowest degree. They couldn’t even look at him without shuddering in fear, causing general Liu to be confused on what connection they had to an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom.

The mother hadn’t objected to Jian Chen’s words and spoke, “If my benefactor commands so.”

Jian Chen let out a bitter smile, “What benefactor? Aunty, please call me Jian Chen.”

“How… how could I do such a thing?” The mother was bewildered at such a request. Her entire life, she had been a commoner at the lowest rungs of society, but even she knew the proper etiquette of society. If even the high ranking general in front of her had to call him as an honored Imperial Protector, the idea of her calling him by the name Jian Chen absolutely terrified her.

Hearing Jian Chen’s words, the general and the previous commander looked at each other in astonishment before looking back at the mother and son with a new expression.

Even they hadn’t known the name of the Qinhuang Kingdom’s Imperial Protector. Seeing how the high and mighty Imperial Protector allowed for the mother and son to call him by name, they looked at the two in a different light. Even general Liu couldn’t help but feel excited at this. Although he couldn’t personally make a connection with the Imperial Protector head on, he could do so through the mother and son.

Being an Imperial Protector was an especially prestigious status. If any family or clan could be involved with the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom, it would be of a great boon to them. Even an inferior clan could become an existence that no other clan would dare provoke overnight.

Afterward, general Liu called for an officer to come. This officer was in fact another man of his family with the same background. Ordering him to treat the two like guests without any neglect, he then whispered several words to him discreetly.

Afterward, the officer’s face lit up into a smile before respectfully inviting the mother and son. The two were utterly confused at the officer’s cordial reception and walked away with him helplessly. After all, they were dealing with an army officer.

Next up, Jian Chen walked with the general into a soundproof room and began to talk about the information given to them by Xiao Tian, Khafir, and another Heaven Saint Master who had both flew to come here. Everyone began to report to him the information regarding the past two days.

“Honored Imperial Protector, yesterday morning, we’ve received intelligence from our northern and western strongholds. The Qiangan and Hidden Dragon Kingdom have withdrawn their armies and have sent envoys in hopes that we are open to negotiations.” The general said.

Hearing this, Jian Chen had a faint smile on his face. This piece of information was a good thing for the Gesun Kingdom. With two kingdoms retreating, the pressure would be significantly less.

“Then what of the southern stronghold?” Jian Chen asked.

“Honored Imperial Protector, yesterday we’ve heard that the Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom have already reached the southern stronghold. Both sides were then brought into a giant battle where two of the Heaven Saint Masters from the Andreas Kingdom died. The rest were immediately injured and retreated, forcing the army to temporarily retreat.” General Liu spoke with some excitement. The Gesun Kingdom was still alive for now.

Jian Chen nodded in satisfaction; an outcome like this was within his expectations. With five Imperial Advisors gathered at the south, Chang Wuji and two other Heaven Saint Masters from the Gesun Kingdom, there was a total of eight Heaven Saint Masters defending the southern stronghold. Unless there was some sort of unexpected development or the Andreas Kingdom dispatched all of their Heaven Saint Masters, the southern stronghold should be fine.

Because of the military might of the Qinhuang Kingdom, they could hold off anyone the same level as them with their Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

“General, there is an important report!” Suddenly, a loud voice called out from outside.

Hearing this, the general looked grim as he barked, “Enter!”

An armored commander came walking in as he bowed toward Jian Chen and the other three men. With a letter in his hand, he spoke, “General, the Blue Wind Kingdom have started to pull back their armies and sent a letter of surrender.”

General Liu’s face lit up in joy as he began to read through the letter. Smiling widely, he laughed, “Wonderful! How absolutely wonderful! This letter was personally written by the king of the Blue Wind Kingdom! Not only have they pulled their armies from our borders, but they are willing to compensate for the damages they’ve incurred! Their envoys are on the way in hopes that negotiations can be made with our kingdom!”

Upon hearing this, the headmaster of the Kargath Academy and the other Heaven Saint Master let out a look of pure relief that could not be contained.

By now, the eastern, western, and northern strongholds had been completely stabilized. Only the southern stronghold had the army of the Andreas Kingdom within their borders. However, no one was worried anymore. The southern stronghold had eight Heaven Saint Masters, meaning the experts were literally as numerous as the clouds. The Andreas Kingdom simply had no chance of winning against the eight, so their surrender was only a matter of time now.

As the four began to calm down, general Liu sat down, “Honored Imperial Protector, your trip to the Qiangan Kingdom went smoothly, I take it.”

“En!” Jian Chen nodded. “You needn’t worry about my trip to the Qiangan Kingdom, I’ve already solved the problem. Their kingdom has guaranteed that they will no longer act against the Gesun Kingdom.”

“That’s good, very good. This is all thanks to the honored Imperial Protector’s tireless work. Our country truly thanks you and will remember your deeds for all eternity.” General Liu spoke with gratitude.

With that, Khafir and the other Heaven Saint Master spoke of their thanks as well before leaving.

Jian Chen took the white tiger cub with him and arrived at the inn where the mother and son were staying. Only the officer, general Liu had ordered to pamper the two, was around. On the table, there was a wide assortment of exotic foods with sweet smelling fragrances that would make anyone hungry.

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