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Chapter 438: Class 6 Radiant Saint Master

Jian Chen slowly walked to the side of the bed and faced Changyang Hu. Gently whispering, he spoke, “Big brother, do you recognize me? I am your fourth brother, Changyang Xiangtian.”

Changyang Hu’s listless eyes regained a dim spirit to them as he slowly looked to Jian Chen’s figure. With little emotion to his face, Changyang Hu let out a pained smile before speaking with a rough voice, “Fo… fourth brother… you’ve… you’ve finally… returned…”

Jian Chen let out a small smile. He and Changyang Hu had been good friends since they were small, but seeing him as he was now caused Jian Chen’s heart to pang with grief.

Jian Chen turned around to look at the people behind him, “Father, eldest aunt, I have a few words I want to say to eldest brother. Would it be possible to be alone for a moment?”

Changyang Ba nodded slightly, “Xiangtian, you placate your eldest brother now, okay?” With that, Changyang Ba left with the other two aunts, leaving behind Changyang Hu’s mother Ling Long who was still standing there with a dejected look.

Jian Chen walked up to Ling Ling’s side and spoke softly, “Eldest aunt, you needn’t worry. I will definitely let eldest brother recover. Please let me console eldest brother for now, I have a method to help him recover. I first must have everyone out of the room so I can speak to him.”

Hearing this, Ling Long’s eyes swiveled to him with a look of realization. Her arms trembled as she reached to grab at his hands, “Xiangtian, your aunt begs of you, you must console your brother. Help him. Help him want to live, your aunt begs you.” Ling Long’s face was filled with a pleading expression. She knew clearly what condition her son was in, and she knew that he had already lost his will to live. He couldn’t take care of himself, drink or eat by himself, so he simply wanted to die. Living in such a fashion was a tormenting experience.

Jian Chen nodded his head, “Eldest aunt, you needn’t worry. I won’t let you down.” Jian Chen spoke firmly.

Jian Chen’s words were enough for the eldest aunt, causing Ling Long to clutch at the straws of hope. Her originally waning spirit finally rekindled once more as she left the room, leaving behind Jian Chen and Changyang Hu.

Seeing such a familiar face, Changyang Hu’s eyes began to tear up as he thought back to the memories he had of the times in Kargath Academy. He could clearly remember when he had been bullied by Cheng Mingxiang of the Hua Yun Sect who had hurt him until he was bruised. His fourth brother had taken revenge for him by fighting Cheng Mingxiang and a dozen other students. In the end, Cheng Mingxiang’s arm had been cut off, forcing Jian Chen to leave his home against his will.

The events from those years haunted Changyang Hu’s heart. He knew that he had been the cause that had forced his youngest brother to flee from his home. It was his fault that his fourth brother had fallen to such disgrace. This had always made Changyang Hu feel guilty, since he was the one that implicated his own brother.

When his fourth brother had gone silent for years after leaving, Changyang Hu’s heart had begun to think of the worst. Now that his fourth brother had finally returned, Changyang Hu couldn’t help but feel relieved, and that relief nearly helped him forget about his own wounds.

Jian Chen sat by Changyang Hu’s side. “Eldest brother, I know what you are feeling, but you must pull yourself together. Give me some time, and your fourth brother will definitely help restore your limbs.”

At those words, Changyang Hu’s face grew dim. Sighing, he replied, “Fourth brother, you don’t understand. In order to regrow a limb, one must have the strength of a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master. Your eldest brother will never be able to stand again.” Changyang Hu’s face grew dark with grief and his eyes began to grow dim once more. Anyone could see that he was already starting to lose his strength to continue living.

Jian Chen didn’t say another word, instead he extended his arm, and suddenly, all of the Radiant Saint Force in the area began to gather in between his hands. In a flash, it had formed a milky white glow that started to shine brighter and brighter in intensity. Dazzling the eyes, the shiny ball of light lit up the entire room.

If it were not for the fact that it was day, those on the outside would be able to see the strong rays of light radiating from the room.

On the other side of the door, Jian Chen’s mother, Bi Yuntian, looked astonished at the Radiant Saint Force flying through the sky into the room Jian Chen and Changyang Hu were in. Astonished, the look on her face grew to reflect her shock.

“What a strong amount of Radiant Saint Force, who could be doing this? Could it be…” Bi Yuntian suddenly realized something. As a fellow Radiant Saint Master, she was able to detect the ripple of Radiant Saint Force and the intensity in which it was gathering at. What startled her even more was the fact that she had never seen such a fast or strong gathering rate before. Only a Class 5 Radiant Saint Master would be able to accomplish such a feat at the very least.

After leaving Changyang Hu’s room, Changyang Ba and the other aunts were still feeling remorseful, so they had not yet noticed Bi Yuntian’s sudden change in expression.

Inside the room, Changyang Hu could only stare in utter shock at the white light in between Jian Chen’s hands. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, but he knew that this type of light was the Radiant Saint Force that only Radiant Saint Masters could wield.

Jian Chen’s hands began to press down as the ball of Radiant Saint Force started to converge around Changyang Hu’s body. After being surrounded by such a pure amount of Radiant Saint Force, Changyang Hu suddenly felt something he had never felt before. It made him feel comfortable. This type of feeling was something that the low class Radiant Saint Masters would never be able to accomplish.

After a brief period of time, Jian Chen finally put down his hands and stopped the Radiant Saint Force from flowing. Experiencing the comfortable bubble of Radiant Saint Force, Changyang Hu’s previously pale face had some semblance of color to it. Even the wounds around his limbs had healed. In such a small amount of time, Jian Chen had accomplished something none of the other Radiant Saint Masters had been able to do.

Changyang Hu couldn’t even speak because of all the shock he was feeling. He could only look at Jian Chen for an extremely long amount of time in silence.

Jian Chen sat back down. Seeing the look of shock on his brother’s face, Jian Chen had a faint look of contentment. “Eldest brother, you may not know this, but not only is your fourth brother a fighter, but I am also a Radiant Saint Master. I am only a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, but there is only a few steps away until I reach the Class 7 realm. Given some time, I will heal your body.”

Changyang Hu’s face immediately began to surge with emotion while tearing up. His voice began to quaver as he spoke, “Fourth brother, are… are your words… are they true? Are you really a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master?” At this moment, Changyang Hu finally felt the strength to continue on living.

Jian Chen gave a faint smile, “Eldest brother, did you not feel it? The Radiant Saint Force I can control is far stronger than any Radiant Saint Master that treated you in the past.”

“Eldest brother. You needn’t worry anymore. In some time, I will be able to regrow your limbs and make you normal once more. You must promise me to live until that day comes.”

Changyang Hu couldn’t find any words to describe the feeling in his heart. At Jian Chen’s words, Changyang Hu had flung away any thoughts about wanting to die and his hope to live had burst with a new fire. “Fourth brother, don’t worry. Your eldest brother will definitely wait for you. Your eldest brother will definitely continue to live.”

Seeing the shadows of death disappear from his eldest brother, Jian Chen had a happy smile on his face before calling out to the people outside.

Changyang Ba and Ling Long both walked in, only to discover Changyang Hu lying in the bed in high spirits. All of the depression he had initially felt had been wiped away without a single trace of remnants. This change shocked and confused everyone on just what Jian Chen had said to create such an effect.

Bi Yuntian’s eyes looked to her child with a loving look, having already guessed what had just happened.

“Ah’Hu, are you okay?” Ling Long had noticed the change in her son’s expression and spoke in concern.

Seeing his mother’s sallow face, Changyang Hu couldn’t help but tear up as he whimpered, “Mother. Don’t worry anymore. Your child is fine now. Your child will definitely continue to live.”

At those words coming from her child, Ling Long suddenly felt the giant boulder weighing down on her rise up. Laying on the bed, she began to wail with tears.

Just at that moment, a group of a thousand men entered Lore City. Many of them carried a bright yellow banner that floated in the wind. On those flags, the giant words “Hua Yun Sect” could be seen.

Now that the war had finally died down, all of the major powers that had took part in the war had returned home. The Hua Yun Sect had been returning from the southern stronghold and were passing through Lore City to reach their sect monastery. Leading the group was a middle-aged man, this was the current patriarch of the Hua Yun Sect—Cheng Fei and was also Cheng Mingxiang’s father.

At that moment, a figure in pure black quickly ran over and reached the Hua Yun Sect’s group before being blocked by the two magical beast riders at the front.

The patriarch immediately recognized the man and said, “Let him pass.”

The two middle-aged men who blocked the man immediately split way to let the black robed figure run past. Getting close to the patriarch, he began to whisper something to him.

Suddenly, Cheng Fei’s eyes shined nastily as he barked out, “Changyang Xiangtian has returned home? Is that true?”

“It is absolutely true!” The figure spoke honestly.

Cheng Fei’s eyes grew bright as he waved his hand, “Advance! Continue toward Changyang Manor!”

The Hua Yun Sect immediately changed path and started to trek toward the Changyang clan.

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