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Chapter 443: Reveal of Strength

Chang Wuji’s words were extremely heavy for the two grand elders to hear—it was practically an insult saying the patriarch of the Hua Yun Sect had a worthless son.

“Chang Wuji, we will remember today’s events, let’s go!” One of the grand elders spoke before leading the group away from the Changyang Manor.

The Changyang clan of today was not the same as it was before because of Chang Wuji. He was enough for the two grand elders to give up. Even if they fought him at the same time, they wouldn’t be able to take him since they feared his Heaven Tier Battle Skill the most.

Despite the Hua Yun Sect having one new Heaven Saint Master, he had only just stepped into that realm. Using him to bully some Earth Saint Masters would be fine, but fighting against a Heaven Saint Master was not possible. The difference between a First Cycle Heaven Saint Master and Chang Wuji was far too wide.

Chang Wuji didn’t embarrass the Hua Yun Sect anymore. The Changyang clan of today was similar to the Hua Yun Sect. If either one wanted to fight, there would be heavy losses for both sides that neither party wanted.

“Sid, have the servants clean up the place.” Chang Wuji looked to one of the elders.

“Yes!” The elder named Sid replied respectfully before heading back. He was the second of two housekeepers of the Changyang clan. Chang Wuji was the head housekeeper and Sid was the secondary housekeeper that provided assistance to Chang Wuji whenever needed.

Looking toward the other elders, Chang Wuji spoke, “Fellow elders, please go and treat your wounds.”

After exchanging several words of greeting to Chang Wuji, the elders left while the hundreds of soldiers under Changyang Ba scattered as well. In a flash, the entire place grew quiet with only the scattered remains of the courtyard being seen.

After everyone had left, Chang Wuji let out a light sigh before a comforting smile overtook his face. “I never would have thought that the fourth master would return so suddenly. What a celebratory matter, leader, please take me to see the fourth master. After so many years, I wish to see just how strong the fourth master has grown.”

Changyang Ba let out a laugh, “Xiang’er is currently in Changyang Hu’s room. Chang Bai, come with me.”

Afterward, Changyang Ba and Chang Bai both left for Changyang Hu’s room. In the room, three women were standing by Jian Chen’s side, the sight itself was very eye-catching.

As soon as Chang Bai entered the room and saw Jian Chen, his entire face slackened and his mouth dropped open in a stupefied manner.

Changyang Ba hadn’t noticed the look on Chang Bai’s face and consoled his apprehensive wives. “The Hua Yun Sect have retreated for now, so don’t worry. Xiang’er is fine, the Hua Yun Sect will not dare offend us now.”

Upon hearing this, Bu Yuntian let out a long breath in relief. Her heart began to slow down from all the shock while Jian Chen’s aunts Yu Fengyan and Ling Long also let out breaths in relief.

“I pay my respects to Chang Bai!” Jian Chen cupped his hands and bowed to him. Seeing the thunderstruck look on his face, Jian Chen couldn’t help but reveal a devilish smile.

Jian Chen’s voice caused Chang Bai to snap out of his silence and he began to stutter, “Y… you… are you… really… the fourth master?” Seeing the familiar face, Chang Bai couldn’t help but think back to the time where he had gone to the Pingyang Kingdom’s stronghold. Where he met a mysterious youth that had battled with five Heaven Saint Masters before personally killing four of them. He had even caused the expert from the Qiangan Kingdom to lose an arm before that expert had fled. The appearance of that youth was the exact same one as the one in front of him.

Changyang Ba heard the voice of Chang Bai feel a little off and turned to give him a strange look. Upon seeing Chang Bai’s face, he couldn’t help but feel curious just what made Chang Bai lose his manners so suddenly.

“Chang Bai, what’s wrong?” Changyang Ba asked with concern. He couldn’t figure out just what was wrong with Chang Bai.

Jian Chen’s mother Bi Yuntian and his two aunts gave a similar look of confusion. Chang Bai’s sudden loss of composure was extremely strange to them. This was the very first time they had ever seen such an expression on him.

Jian Chen still had a faint smile on his face as he nodded, “Chang Bai, I truly am Xiangtian. Could it be that you cannot recognize me?”

“N-no… that’s not possible.” Chang Bai still looked stunned as he looked at Jian Chen. The mysterious youth that had killed four Heaven Saint Masters was his fourth master, Changyang Xiangtian? This was exceedingly hard to believe because when the fourth master was fifteen, he was only a Primary Saint. It had only been five to six years since his departure, so Changyang Xiangtian becoming a Heaven Saint Master was utterly inconceivable.

“Chang Bai, what are you saying?” Changyang Ba asked once more. Changyang Ba was completely unable to make any sense of the situation at hand.

Chang Bai let out a deep breath to calm down. No longer as surprised he slowly spoke, “Clan leader, do you remember when we were at the northern stronghold, I told you a mysterious expert had killed and cut off the heads of four Heaven Saint Masters from the Pingyang Kingdom?”

Changyang Ba nodded, but did not say anything and waited for Chang Bai to continue.

Chang Bai went silent for a moment. When he spoke again, his voice shook, “That mysterious expert, it was the fourth master!”

“What?” Changyang Ba revealed a surprised look on his face. He didn’t believe his ears and asked once more, “Chang Bai, what did you just say?”

“At the Pingyang Kingdom, the expert that killed and cut off the heads of the four Heaven Saint Masters was the fourth master!” Chang Bai spoke once more. He had repeated it slowly and allowed everyone to hear what he said clearly.

Chang Bai’s words caused the entire room to go silent. Everyone could only look at Jian Chen—even Changyang Hu who was on the bed looked at Jian Chen in utter shock.

Bi Yuntian was the first to snap out of her shock and smiled, “Chang Bai, you must be mistaken. Xiangtian is only 21 years old, how could he be that strong?”

Changyang Ba looked to Jian Chen and asked with a shaking voice, “Xiang’er, is what Chang Bai says true? Did you kill the four Heaven Saint Masters from the Pingyang Kingdom?” Changyang Ba was eagerly awaiting a response. He didn’t dare believe his son was that strong, but he couldn’t help but ask. Chang Bai was not a man that would speak without thinking first.

Jian Chen nodded, “Chang Bai is correct. Father, the four Heaven Saint Masters from the Pingyang Kingdom were killed by me.”

Every single person within the room was stunned by Jain Chen’s words. A youth that was only 21 years old was able to kill a Heaven Saint Master, that was a shocking piece of news.

“How is that possible, Xiang’er, you left the Changyang clan when you were fifteen years old and a Primary Saint. It has been only six years, how could you become so strong?” Bi Yuntian was astonished, her eyes were wide open.

“Xiangtian, just how or what way were you able to kill an enemy Heaven Saint Master?” Yu Fengyan spoke with surprise.

“Xiang’er, just how strong have you become? I can’t even seem to tell.” Changyang Ba’s voice shook with unrestrainable emotion. He was extremely overjoyed and simply could not use words to describe such joy.

Jian Chen went silent for a mother before speaking, “Father, mother, because of a chance of luck, my path of cultivation changed drastically. I’ve already completely separated myself from the class system of the Tian Yuan Continent. My strength is most likely at the Heaven Saint Master rank since I’m already able to control the world energy.”

When it came to his own strength, Jian Chen didn’t know how to accurately classify himself. He was able to kill a Heaven Saint Master with the Origin energy of the azure and violet Sword Spirits. With that energy, even a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master was not someone to fear. If he were to lose the Origin energy, it would take a considerable amount of energy to use his ability to control anything to kill a Heaven Saint Master.

“A Heaven Saint Master! A Heaven Saint Master! Xiang’er, are you really a Heaven Saint Master?” Bi Yuntian spoke joyously. Her entire body began to shake with joy. There was no way she wouldn’t be happy, since her son was a Heaven Saint Master.

Jian Chen’s two other aunts let out flabbergasted expressions as they looked at Jian Chen.

“Good! Very good! You are truly my son and offspring of our Changyang clan! Xiang’er, the strength you wield today is something your dear father is very gratified to see. We, the Changyang clan, are proud of you.” Changyang Ba boomed with laughter. With a son like this, there was nothing more a father could ask for.

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