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Chapter 453: Child of the Bi Clan

Everyone began to talk to each other after learning of such information. Now that the five Imperial Advisors knew the true identity of the Imperial Protector, they began to treat the Changyang clan with a politeness unlike the previous noble demeanor they had used before. The five of them had an attitude that made the entire Changyang clan feel honored, causing the clan members faces to light up as an indicator of their feelings.

Because of their connection to Jian Chen, the Changyang clan instantly leaped over the dragon’s gate and transformed into the mighty dragon. The king of the Gesun Kingdom was now the lowest ranking group in terms of power among the people present. However, the king paid no attention to the ranking at all and was instead very happy. He could swear that in his entire life, he had never been as happy as he was now.

Everyone continued to speak for some time before a banquet was prepared. Afterward, Changyang Ba invited everyone to a delicious meal.

“Xiang’er, follow your father now!” Changyang Ba began to pull at Jian Chen’s hands as they walked out. Jian Chen could sense that his father’s hands were shaking a little.

After the banquet had been prepared in the spacious hall, the most outstanding maids gathered and began to prepare several seats around the tables.

The five Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom, the king of the Gesun Kingdom, the leader of the Changyang clan, Chang Wuji, Jian Chen and his mother Bi Yuntian were all seated at the same table.

This arrangement had been formed after a discussion between the high ranking elders of the Changyang clan. Although Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian were not at the very top of the hierarchy, because of their outstanding son, they were able to hold the same amount of power now that their statuses had been elevated.

As for Chang Wuji, despite being a housekeeper for the Changyang clan, he had a special status within the clan. He was fully deserving of having the right to sit at this banquet with the high ranking elders of the clan.

“Ai, Xiang’er has profited from such a disaster it would seem. When he was forced out of his home six years ago at the age of fifteen, I never would have thought that Xiang’er would grow so rapidly and by such an unbelievable amount.” Changyang Ba sighed in admiration at the table.

“Quite right, my son-in-law is quite talented, a talent that has never been seen before.” The king spouted.

Hearing what the two of them said, the five Imperial Advisors looked at each other in shock. Although Jian Chen was young, they had all thought that Jian Chen’s true age was at the very least older than what his appearance portrayed. After all, the appearance of a person was not a true way to determine a person’s age. After hearing what Changyang Ba said, the five of them realized that Jian Chen was truly younger than they thought. He was only 21 years old.

A Heaven Saint Master at the age of 21!

At such a thought, Xiao Tian’s heart was overwhelmed with shock. Originally, he had speculated that Jian Chen was fifty years old at the most, and thirty years old at the very least. Now that they all knew Jian Chen’s true age, they were completely mute with shock.

Being a Heaven Saint Master at the age of 21 was something that had never been done before. The last outstanding genius, over the entire history of the Tian Yuan Continent, had been thirty years old at the very least when he had become a Heaven Saint Master. Even more surprising, that very same genius later on became a Saint King!

The five Imperial Advisors made resolutions within their hearts. They would without fail try their best to curry favor with the youngest Imperial Protector within the history of the Qinhuang Kingdom and try to establish deep friendships with him. In their hearts, they knew that this young Imperial Protector would at the very least become an entity that would step into the realm of the Saint King.

Even after the feast ended, nobody left. Instead, they gathered back in the giant hall of the Changyang clan, where they began to converse once more. It was only at night that the entire group split ways.

In private, the king of the Gesun Kingdom seeked out Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian, “My dear relatives, now that the war is finally over, this king still has many things to do. So, I must take my leave tomorrow morning. I sincerely hope that you will be able to visit the palace with me and discuss the engagement between my daughter and Xiangtian. Now that they are both older, it is time to manage the marriage.”

“Haha, of course, of course. Your Majesty, please do not worry, once the Changyang clan calms down, I will immediately bring Xiang’er to the palace. I hope this will not trouble your Majesty.” Changyang Ba laughed. Although his son’s identity was vastly different, Changyang Ba himself still approved of such a marriage. One reason was because he wanted to reassure the king, and the other reason was because he approved of the princess. Changyang Ba had seen the princess before and could only speak of her with admiration. The princess was truly an outstanding young lady.

“Hahaha, what kind of talk is that? This king would be happy to receive you, it is no bother at all.” The king boomed with laughter. With that, the joyous mood receded as he cleared his throat and left.

After the king left, Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian walked to Jian Chen’s room only to discover that the five Imperial Advisors were already inside Jian Chen’s room.

Changyang Ba and his wife spoke several words of greeting to the Imperial Advisors before turning to Jian Chen, “Xiang’er, rest up for tonight. Tomorrow morning, we leave for the imperial palace.”

“Yes, father!” Jian Chen replied. This was within his expectations, since his identity as an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom had been revealed. It would be abnormal if the king of the Gesun Kingdom didn’t try to rope the Changyang clan into his influence as soon as possible.

After thinking about his own identity, Jian Chen knew that the Gesun Kingdom would definitely rise in power thanks to the Qinhuang Kingdom. No matter what, the Gesun Kingdom was his homeland, and where the Chanyang clan had laid down its roots. As the child of the Changyang clan, this was something he should do.

Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian wanted to speak a little more with Jian Chen, but when they saw the five Imperial Advisors, they had no other choice but to leave.

After Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian left, Jian Chen let out a deep sigh before sitting back down. “Tomorrow morning I will be back at the imperial palace. You five should remain here for a few days.”

“Yes, honored Imperial Protector!” Xiao Tian gave a response. Unbeknownst to Jian Chen, Xiao Tian’s attitude toward him had become even more respectful than before. If one were to exclude his terrifying potential, Jian Chen would still be able to fight the five of them by himself with his strength right now.

As soon as the five Imperial left, one of the maids waiting outside came into the room, “Fourth master, the fourth lady and clan leader wish to speak with you in the hall!”

“I understand, you may go!” Jian Chen replied.

“As you wish!” The maid withdrew.

Walking up to his bed, Jian Chen looked at the peacefully sleeping white tiger cub on his pillow for a moment before leaving his room to speak with his parents.

It was already night outside, but the Changyang clan was still lit with fire, and black armored soldiers could be seen patrolling around the clan compound with icy looks. Not only were the regular sentries of the Changyang clan standing guard, but there were also the Black Armors which were in charge of protecting the king.

When Jian Chen entered the hall, he didn’t have to worry about the activity that was normally seen in the daytime. There were only three people within the hall. Two of them were his parents while the third person was a middle-aged man wearing black armor. He recognized this middle-aged man sitting across from Bi Yuntian and Changyang Ba. It was his uncle—Bi Dao.

“Xiang’er, come greet your uncle!” Bi Yuntian told Jian Chen as Bi Dao turned to look at Jian Chen with a happy expression.

Jian Chen strode forward quickly before replying, “Hello, uncle!”

Bi Dao stood up from his stool with a bright smile, “Haha, excellent! It is no wonder you are the pride of our Bi clan!’ As he spoke, Bi Dao strode toward Jian Chen before quickly striking at Jian Chen’s chest like lightning. Wind attributed Saint Force gathered in his fist before exploding like a strong gale from the force of his fist.

Bi Dao’s strike had been very sudden without any premonition. Combined with his strength as an Earth Saint Master, even Changyang Ba hadn’t seen the attack coming.

Jian Chen’s lips curled into a faint smile as he began to gather all of the energy of the world instantly in his palm. Then, he met Bi Dao’s attack straight on with a graceful swing of his palm.

As the two sides collided, a muffled sound could be heard from the contact. However, the excellent control of energy from both sides made it so no energy shockwave exploded outward.

Deng deng deng…

After the fist and palm had made contact, Bi Dao’s legs were forced back several steps as he attempted to steady himself. With yet another smile on his face, he spoke, “You can truly control the energy of the world, Xiangtian! You’ve truly stepped into the realm of the Heaven Saint Masters. It is no wonder that you are the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom.”

“Brother, do you believe me now?” Bi Yuntian spoke with a pleased look on her face. Her own son held such a high achievement, making her feel extremely proud.

“I believe, I definitely believe now, hahaha.” Bi Dao laughed from his happiness. His eyes shimmered with a small layer of water that quickly disappeared as fast as it had appeared, meaning no one spotted it.

Changyang Ba stood up from his stool and smiled, “Bi Dao, you and your sister haven’t met for six years, why don’t you two chat for now. I need to arrange several things, so Xiang’er, why don’t you sit here with your uncle and mother?” Changyang Ba spoke before leaving.

Very quickly, Bi Dao calmed himself and looked at his nephew with a complicated look. “A 21 year old Heaven Saint Master, how unbelievable. Who would have known that even after the destruction of our Bi clan such an outstanding child would appear?” Bi Dao sighed as his face slowly grew more and more serious. Looking at Jian Chen, his next words were more earnest, “Xiangtian, your uncle knows that you are different than you were in the past, and your uncle wants you to remember—not only do you possess the blood of the Changyang clan through your veins, but you also contain the blood of our Bi clan. The grievances of our Bi clan all rest with you.”

Bi Yuntian’s eyebrows narrowed together as she gave a critical look to Bi Dao and spoke with dissatisfaction, “Brother, Xiang’er is still too young. Why must you speak of such matters now? Xiang’er has only just returned from the bitter outer world and finally made his way back home. You needn’t push even more worries onto Xiang’er now.”

“Mother, uncle is right. I am not only the child of the Changyang clan, but the Bi clan as well. Wait until I have enough strength, I will definitely take revenge for the Bi clan.” Jian Chen answered in a serious manner.

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