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Chapter 462: Illusion Array (One)

After listening to Jian Chen’s suggestion, the tidbit that indicated that Jian Chen was the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom was not revealed. So when he became an Imperial Protector for the Gesun Kingdom, several dukes and chancellors contested it, but their voices were tiny. With the king having the support of both Ye Ming and Khafir, the opposition was quickly suppressed, which gave way to Jian Chen becoming an Imperial Protector for the Gesun Kingdom. In fact, he was now the only Imperial Protector the Gesun Kingdom had.

The coronation ceremony for Jian Chen becoming an Imperial Protector was packed with people. Practically anyone that was anybody in the Gesun Kingdom showed up. Not only did the three other major clans from Lore City send their representatives to show their support, but even many people from faraway cities came to participate.

This event caused the name of the Changyang Clan to skyrocket. They completely overshadowed even the Hua Yun Sect’s power to the point where they had replaced them as the authority figure. At this, Changyang Ba didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. There was a helpless look on his face knowing that the Changyang clan could no longer be as low-profile as before.

Once the coronation ceremony had finished, Jian Chen and his family left the imperial palace shortly after. On the second day, they left the palace and were accompanied by 500 Black Armors back to Lore City. Ming Dong followed Jian Chen away from the imperial palace.

Within the troops, there was a single white dressed beauty that was very easy to see. Situated among the Black Armors, she was like a beautiful flower that was blossoming in a magnificent manner that was both eye-catching and dazzling.

The Princess of the Gesun Kingdom had begged to leave the imperial palace in order to temporarily live with the Changyang clan under the guise of wishing to nurture and cultivate their relationship. Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian had both heartily agreed to her request, since this was what the both of them had been hoping for. With their agreement, even Jian Chen was helpless to disagree.

The entire family traveled on merrily with laughter as they comforted each other with happy words.

Because of the pace, they arrived back at Lore City by the afternoon of the second day. Lore City had long since received information that they were approaching, and had a giant party ready to receive them at the gates with respectful smiles and polite attitudes.

After the welcoming, Jian Chen and his group returned to the Changyang Manor with the 500 Black Armors declining to stay any longer. Once they were done with their meal, they immediately started their trek back to the imperial palace.

The Changyang clan was decorated with bright lights and colored banners to symbolize the happy state of the manor. Jian Chen had just stepped across the gates to the clan when he realized that there was a difference from the Changyang clan from before. The patrolling soldiers around the clan and even the clan servants displayed prideful expressions on their faces. Their heads were also held high in a dignified fashion.

“Haha, clan leader, fourth lady, Xiangtian, you’ve finally arrived back home.” Among the higher ranking elders waiting for them, a familiar looking face immediately called out to the returnees when they came into sight.

“I never would have imagined that my Changyang clan would have such a talented offspring. This is truly a boon for my Changyang clan.” An elderly voice could be heard from behind only to reveal the elder that guarded the library. His face revealed a gentle smile that did nothing to hide his prideful and gratified expression.

“Xiang’er, this is your grandfather, come pay your respects!” Changyang Ba quickly spoke to Jian Chen in a low, serious voice.

Hearing this, Jian Chen immediately went to salute him, “I pay my respects to grandfather.”

The grandfather laughed before looking over Jian Chen for a moment. Nodding in approval, he spoke, “Neither arrogant nor hot-tempered, good, good. Truly a dragon among men, and despite your age, you have already a dignified air to you.”

Jian Chen’s family members exchanged several words of greeting with the higher echelons of the clan before heading off to rest. On the way back to his own room, every single guard that saw Jian Chen immediately gave him a respectful salute. Each one looked at him with an eye of adoration while several others showed a tint of jealousy.

Suddenly, outside the gates of the Changyang clan, a richly dressed 28 year old youth in red, with hair of the same color could be seen. His complexion was firm and his aura unordinary, making anyone that saw him know he was no ordinary person.

The youth had been immediately blockaded by the guards at the gate. One of the gatekeepers immediately called out, “Halt, this is the Changyang clan. Without an invitation, no one can enter.”

The youth paused right in front of the gate and spoke calmly, “I am looking for Changyang Xiangtian.”

“Impudence! Are you one that can call the fourth master by his name?” The two gatekeepers immediately grew solemn as they looked at the newcomer with unfriendly looks. Because of the fact that Jian Chen had elevated the Changyang clan into a position of power among the Gesun Kingdom, the guards felt as if everyone were beneath them now.

The youth was not angry and continued to speak calmly, “I am called Dugu Feng. Go and report to Changyang Xiangtian. If he knows me, he will naturally come out.”

Hearing this, the two gatekeepers gave each other a mutual look as if to send a message before calming down momentarily. One of the guards spoke, “Please wait here, I will report to the fourth master.”

Quickly, Jian Chen and Ming Dong who were chatting to each other heard about Dugu Feng being here. With a happy look, Ming Dong and Jian Chen immediately walked for the giant gate.

Seeing Jian Chen’s rushed manner, the guard that came forward to alert him was startled. He thought back to the way he had treated Dugu Feng and immediately grew afraid that Jian Chen would take his anger out on him, causing him to grow extremely anxious. He knew now that the Changyang clan was a major power, but the one who held the power wasn’t the clan leader; instead, it was the fourth master Changyang Xiangtian. His words were worth far more.

Jian Chen arrived at the front of the gates where he saw Dugu Feng, someone he had split paths with half a year ago. Right now, Dugu Feng was still the same as he was before. There was no change to his appearance, and there was still a cold and detached look to him.

“I don’t see the wrong person, it really is you.” Jian Chen laughed.

Seeing that the fourth master of the Changyang clan was the one he had been looking for, Dugu Feng couldn’t help but break out into a smile, “So you were originally called Changyang Xiangtian. It’s no wonder I wasn’t able to find you for so long in Lore City.”

Laughing, Jian Chen didn’t bother to explain at that moment and replied, “Come in, we’ll talk inside.”

Afterward, the two guardsmen let out a breath in relief and joy the moment they had disappeared. Jian Chen had taken Dugu Feng into the clan compound.

“I didn’t think that he would actually be the friend of the fourth master. It is a good thing we didn’t offend him, otherwise, it would be foolish of us to think we could remain in the Changyang clan.” One of the guards spoke with some lingering fear while the other guard nodded in agreement.

Jian Chen took Dugu Feng into his own room and began to talk with him. From Dugu Feng’s own mouth, Jian Chen had already known that Dugu Feng had left the Dugu clan. From that moment on, he was no longer affiliated with the Dugu clan, and whatever he did now, would not affect the Dugu clan in any way.

The matter in which Dugu Feng had conducted himself gave rise to Jian Chen having respect for him. In his heart, he had already thought of Dugu Feng as someone worthy of respect. Although neither person had known the other for long, Jian Chen knew that he could trust him.

“Ah, Jian Chen, don’t you have the mercenary group? Have Dugu Feng enter it, our strength will increase once more with him.” Ming Dong suddenly suggested.

“I had that idea as well.” Jian Chen smiled before his eyebrows knit together, “I don’t know when Senior An and Yun Zheng will arrive.”

“It’s simple, Jian Chen. Didn’t you give an address to Senior An and Yun Zheng? All you have to do is notify the city lord and have them ask everyone that enters. This way, when Yun Zheng and Senior An arrive, we’ll be notified, and if they haven’t come, we won’t waste any time.” Ming Dong proposed.

Jian Chen’s eyes lit up, “En, that is a good proposal. Xiao Yue, call housekeeper Sid over.”

Afterward, Jian Chen told housekeeper Sid to go to the city lord and instruct him to do as commanded. Sid immediately ran for the city lord’s mansion with great speed and relayed the instructions word for word for the city lord to hear. When the lord of Lore City heard of the command that came from the fourth master Changyang Xiangtian himself, he immediately grew serious. Without any hesitation, he went off to make the arrangements himself.

After several days, Jian Chen had finally finished all the matters from the Gesun Kingdom as well as his own home. For now, he could relax.

Late at night, Jian Chen sat on his bed and took out a map from his Space Ring. “It’s about time to investigate that Saint Ruler’s cave. I hope it does not disappoint and has a Ruler’s Armament, Saint Ruler’s skeleton, or anything else that could help me cultivate my Chaotic Force. When I am able to use my Chaotic Force, my strength will surely reach a new realm. Ah, I cannot wait.”

On the morning of the second day, Jian Chen told Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, and his parents that he would be leaving. He then flew through the air toward the cave of the Saint Ruler, indicated on the map.

The cave of the Saint Ruler was situated 50,000 kilometers southwest of the Qiangan Kingdom in a mountain range. It was only 11,000 kilometers away from his Changyang clan. It would take two or three days to arrive if Jian Chen were to travel without rest.

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