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Chapter 466: Remnants of the Saint Ruler

“That is true. I am still not sure who this person they wish for us to kill is.” The newly named elder Feng spoke.

“Who cares about his identity. Once we take the items from the cave, we will head over to the Gesun Kingdom. I am sure we will be able to find that Heaven Saint Master quickly.”

After saying that, the five Heaven Saint Masters began to descend down into the valley. Soon enough, they hovered fifty meters above the chilly waters and started to inspect the place.

“Take a look here, there’s a cave.” An elder pointed in a certain direction in amazement. Turning to look at the pointed direction, they discovered that there was a cave around three meters tall with a pitch-dark entrance.

“Would it really be over there? Let’s take a look.”

The five men simultaneously began to fly over to the entrance of the cave, arriving in the blink of an eye. Their surroundings were emitting a fierce energy that dragged them through the air.

“Do you sense that? The space here has a faint trace of the fire element.” An elder stated with a frown.

Seeing the others agree with him, an elder whose body radiated with the fire element spoke as well, “That’s correct, the fire element is indeed floating around this area. While it is quite faint, I can still sense it clearly. I suspect there was another person here not too long ago.”

“The scratches around the cave entrance are fresh as well. Someone has indeed beaten us to this place first.”

“There aren’t many that know of this cave. If we’re going off of what the Qiangan Kingdom’s expert said, then there is a powerful illusion array concealing the cave. If we didn’t know the definite position, we would have never been able to discover the secret of the area. Unfortunately, just several days ago, the cave of the Saint Ruler was revealed to the individual from the Gesun Kingdom. It appears that the one who beat us here is undoubtedly that same person.”

“When you say it that way, I agree with you. Now that that person is here, we won’t need to waste any energy traveling to the Gesun Kingdom. We can just kill him here and accomplish the condition the Qiangan Kingdom expert had stipulated onto us.”

“Very well then!”

Instead of entering the cave, the five continued to float where they were and began to chat.

“Since that man is already inside, we just have to wait outside. This way, we won’t waste any energy dealing with the illusion array inside. If he is defeated by the array, then he’ll be sent outside. If he overpowers the array, he’ll still come back here eventually, giving us the chance to kill him. We can take the remnants of the Saint Ruler from him; it would save us all some energy.”


Within the hollowed-out belly of the mountain was the Cave of the Saint Ruler. It was quite dim and the air was damp with only several dozen night pearls serving as faint light sources within the dark area.

There weren’t any trees or grass in the cave, and aside from the illusion array and the wooden house, there was absolutely nothing else. From this, it could be inferred that the owner of the cave did not care for the environment and instead, only cared for the sake of his own cultivation.

Jian Chen walked to the wooden house and began to look over it. The entire house was a dark color and felt as solid as tempered iron. Furthermore, he could sense that there was a considerable amount of energy flowing within the house. This energy clearly belonged to the existence that had lived within it for almost an eternity. At the very least, this house had stood for a thousand years through the corrosion of time, yet still remained in good condition.

Jian Chen looked at the wooden house with confused eyes before gradually growing serious. After all, this was where a Saint Ruler expert had lived. Although Jian Chen was a Heaven Saint Master in strength, a Saint Ruler would still bring an unbelievable amount of pressure onto him.

A Heaven Saint Master understood the energy of the world, that was the reason why they were so different from an Earth Saint Master. A Saint Ruler had already understood the mysteries of the world and could borrow their assistance of the world’s power to create illusions that were hard to distinguish. Their strengths were such that they were many times greater than a Heaven Saint Master’s.

The difference between a Heaven Saint Master and a Saint Ruler was even larger than that of an Earth Saint Master and a Heaven Saint Master. The two ranks were worlds apart and could not be discussed together.

Standing right outside the dark house, Jian Chen let out a sigh. Calming his heart of any emotions, he brought both his hands onto the ice cold door and slowly pushed it open with all his strength.

With a creaking sound, the doors began to open. The scenery inside appeared before Jian Chen’s eyes.

The very first thing that was visible to Jian Chen was a bed fashioned from iron along with a wooden table and a chair. From this, it could be seen that aside from the master of the house, there were no other guests.

Inside the wooden house was a large abundance of energy that never seemed to fade. However, without entering the house, the existence of this massive energy would not be found. Perhaps it was because of this energy’s existence that the inside of the house was extremely clean, as if someone swept it every day.

Jian Chen walked into the wooden house and scanned around. It was rather ordinary looking; its simplicity was not like that of a normal person’s home. Aside from the table, chair, and bed, there was nothing else there.

This house didn’t have just one room; the place Jian Chen was blankly standing in right now was only the living room. In one of the corners, there was a single doorway that connected deeper into the house.

Gingerly, Jian Chen walked inside the house. But the moment he pushed open the door, a surge of energy diffused outwards, the pressure making Jian Chen’s body grow heavier as if he was carrying a large and heavy stone on his back.

Under the tremendous pressure of this weight, Jian Chen felt as if he was a small sailboat in the ocean, insignificant and unable to defend himself.

Jian Chen looked forward only to see a crystalline skeleton sitting in a cross-legged position on the bed. The energy from this Saint Ruler was many times stronger than the amount of energy he had felt back in the Gathering of the Mercenaries. The mere aftermath of the first layer of released energy made Jian Chen feel an extremely great pressure.

“One wouldn’t think that this was the cause of a skeleton. It seems that he had not yet reached the Ninth Layer when he was alive.” Jian Chen muttered. In his heart, he was excited. Although it was only a skeleton, the energy within it was no weaker than a Ruler Armament. That to him was already a major profit since the skeleton would be able to be processed for Chaotic Force through the Sword Spirits. This way, he would be able to use the Chaotic Force one day.

Carefully walking up to the skeleton, which was still radiating pressure, Jian Chen slowly placed the skeleton into his Space Ring. After the Saint Ruler’s skeleton had disappeared, the remaining pressure that was weighing down on him instantly disappeared without a trace.

After successfully obtaining the Saint Ruler’s skeleton, Jian Chen’s heart couldn’t help but beat rapidly in extreme excitement. No matter if it was the Saint Ruler’s skeleton or Ruler Armament, it was still a priceless, rarely seen treasure on the Tian Yuan Continent. If someone were to grab hold of either one, then they would be able to ascend to even the Heavens. A mediocre clan would rise up to become a great clan overnight. As for Ruler Armaments, they were viewed and kept as treasures passed down the clan members.

Thus, it could be inferred that a Ruler Armament was no weaker than a Saint Ruler’s Skeleton. It had a high value as a treasure; after all, something like this could only be left behind by a Saint Ruler who had died.

Afterward, Jian Chen discovered a silver Space Ring besides the empty spot where the skeleton used to be. The Space Ring didn’t contain many things—most of them were hoarded items. But after rifling through it, Jian Chen found a single ancient scroll.

The scroll was two meters in length and was yellow with age. However, it was still in perfect condition without any damage. Written on the scroll wase plenty of words the size of tadpoles with just as many diagrams.

Breathless, Jian Chen began to study the inner contents of the scroll with a face that revealed his excitement completely. This was a Heaven Tier Battle Skill—a Middle Heaven Tier Battle Skill at that.

Heaven Splitter. It used a strange method to circulate the Saint Force from within, compressing it. It could then be brought forth as an explosive energy to assault the enemies. Its range was quite expansive and could be controlled manually.

Heaven Splitter was much different from any of the Heaven Tier Battle Skills Jian Chen was familiar with. All of the Heaven Tier Battle Skills Jian Chen knew of used Saint Weapons as their medium and burst out with powerful energy to assault their enemies. However, with the Heaven Splitter, one could use both hands to send out Saint Force to perform a ranged attack on the enemy as the user desired

Secondly, the ancient scroll mentioned that if a First Cycle Heaven Saint Master were to use Heaven Splitter, they would be able to easily destroy a mountain several hundred meters tall. From this, it could be determined that the battle skill was extremely strong.

Jian Chen quelled the emotions raging within him as he put the Heaven Splitter scroll into his Space Ring. In his mind, he decided that the very first thing he would do when he returned home would be to give Heaven Splitter to Chang Wuji to learn. That was because Chang Wuji was the only Heaven Saint Master of the Changyang clan, having him learn it couldn’t be more fitting. Plus, Chang Wuji had always been concerned with him and had silently served and protected the Changyang clan for many years.

As for the others that he was familiar with, Jian Chen would have to think about them another time. Changyang Ba’s strength was still only at the Great Saint Master level, so he couldn’t learn a Heaven Tier Battle Skill. One had to at least be an Earth Saint Master to learn a Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

Aside from Heaven Splitter, Jian Chen had also discovered a Heaven Tier Cultivation Method. Although it was Heaven Tiered, cultivation methods were mediocre in comparison to battle skills. Both the Changyang clan and Kargath Academy each had one. Despite that, Jian Chen didn’t ignore it, since a powerful clan definitely wouldn’t have just one type of cultivation method.

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