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Chapter 473: Calamity at the Changyang Clan

Rushing forward, the five Imperial Advisors quickly rushed toward the two Heaven Saint Masters. Without hesitation, they charged straight for the other three after dealing with the two.

“How disgraceful! Who was in charge of scouting for information? How does the Changyang clan have so many experts?” The five men fighting Chang Wuji had instantly taken note of what happened below. Three of them broke away from the fight to fly toward the five newcomers while the remaining two continued to fight Chang Wuji.

None of the five Imperial Advisors spoke a word and instead clashed fiercely with the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. Among the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, their strongest Heaven Saint Master was the red-haired elder who was currently facing off against Xiao Tian while the others faced off against another.

The middle-aged man with the king of the Gesun Kingdom handed him over to the other man next to him before saying, “I’ll leave the king to you. Look over him while I go lend a hand.”

The other man took the king and shifted the still unconscious Bi Dao over to his right hand, “Be careful!”

The first middle-aged man gave a serious nod before taking out his Saint Weapon to enter the battle. There were a total of ten Heaven Saint Masters involved in battle now. The battle over the Changyang clan would be a strong one.

The red-haired Fourth Cycle Heaven Saint Master continued to exchange several rounds of attacks with Xiao Tian. When the moment came for Xiao Tian to land a single blow on the man’s chest, he spat out some blood and the color in his face drained away.

Xiao Tian was a Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master and an Imperial Advisor for the Qinhuang Kingdom. His battle strength far exceeded any other Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, and it could even be said to be comparable to a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master. Thus, there was an extremely noticeable difference between the Heaven Saint Master from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom and him.

Upon seeing Xiao Tian’s strength, the red-haired man had an extremely serious look on his face before he spoke, “The Gesun Kingdom can’t possibly have an expert like you. You aren’t from around this kingdom, so who are you?”

Xiao Tian didn’t bother to reply and instead brought his Saint Weapon toward the red-haired elder with a powerful stroke. In a flash, the red-haired man had no other choice but to block the strike with his own weapon.

“Come help me!’ Stuck in such a precarious situation, the red-haired elder no longer cared for his pride and cried out for assistance.

Hearing the red-haired man cry out for help, the other two men turned pale in the face. Their mouths still dripping with blood, they immediately joined in on the fight so that they could fight three on one against Xiao Tian.

These two men had first been responsible for capturing the princess, but they had been immediately wounded by the appearance of the Imperial Advisors. After they were injured by the five, their strengths were at best seventy-percent of their maximum fighting capacity. Even with them uniting with the red-haired man, they were incapable of defeating Xiao Tian. At most, they would only be able to keep up some sort of balance with difficulty.

So another three Heaven Saint Masters had stopped their attack on Chang Wuji to fight Xiao Tian. His strength wasn’t that far away from Xiao Tian’s, and after several exchanges, he had already begun to regain the advantage despite being set back earlier, giving the men he was fighting no time to retaliate.

There were ten Heaven Saint Masters from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. One of them held both the king and Bi Dao as prisoner while the other nine were locked in close combat. Among those nine, Xiao Tian was fighting three, Chang Wuji was now fighting two, and the both of them were winning. The remaining four were now locked in close combat with the remaining four Imperial Advisors.

Qing Xiaofan, Dongyi Junbai, Cao Keqin, and Tian Luo were Third and Fourth Cycle Heaven Saint Masters. Their strength could compare to Heaven Saint Masters a cycle ahead of them, and combined with their dominating battle strength, they were fully capable of completely suppressing the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom men.

Those of the same level of strength would find it a very challenging task to defeat one another in a one on one battle. However, the Qinhuang Kingdom was known as one of the Eight Great Powers. A title that was second only to the Three Great Empires on the Tian Yuan Continent. To become an Imperial Advisor, the best of the best had to be chosen.

With fifteen Heaven Saint Masters doing battle, the fight was a sight to behold. Each exchange and each collision created a tremendous blast with sounds that could be heard from far away. The entire Lore City by this point had ceased its actions, so every person could stare in the direction of the Changyang clan in confusion.

Even the mercenaries who were eating in a nearby restaurant ran out into the streets or toward the upper levels of the restaurant in order to survey the scene or to discuss with one each other.

“What happened, why is there such a tremendous sound now?”

“The sounds are coming from the Changyang clan, is there something happening over at their manor.


The sounds created from the Heaven Saint Masters battle were tremendous to the point where the entire Lore City could hear them. Despite the distance separating the clan and the city, the sounds of battle could be felt by many of the experts.

Within the courtyard belonging to a mercenary group, a single robust looking man quickly walked out from his room as he turned to the sky, “What has happened for the world energy to be in such a flux? Could there be several Heaven Saint Masters fighting nearby?”

Within the courtyards of the other three clans in Lore City, several Earth Saint Master experts had already gathered and stared at the sky in astonishment.

The energy of the world had been sent in such a heavy turmoil that even an Earth Saint Master could feel the vibrations. The amount of powerful energy felt in the world was enough to cause any one of them to jump in fright.

The fallout that came with this current battle was far more destructive than the fallout that would happen when any regular Heaven Saint Master fought with each other.

“The flux of world energy is coming from the direction of the Changyang clan, is there a war going on over there?”

“The Changyang clan has the only Heaven Saint Masters in Lore City. What could possibly be happening over there?”

The men from the three clans began to converse with other Earth Saint Masters in an attempt to guess what was happening. Each one of them was extremely curious and immediately set out in a rush toward the Changyang clan.

Even the city lord of Lore City was startled. With several Earth Saint Masters, he immediately set out on a magical beast’s back toward the Changyang Manor.

By now, all of the Earth Saint Masters in Lore City had already guessed several Heaven Saint Masters were partaking in some sort of large battle. They had put a pause to whatever they had initially been doing to run toward the source of the sounds.

No matter what was happening at the Changyang clan, a battle between Heaven Saint Masters was not something to miss. It was an opportunity for them; there was a chance that one of them would be able to comprehend the mysteries of the world wielded by one of the Heaven Saint Masters and make the breakthrough to become a Heaven Saint Master as well.

The entire Changyang Manor had been sent into an uproar already. With over ten Heaven Saint Masters doing battle, everyone there felt as if they were suffering from a large headache. The entire compound had been sent into disorder with the guards and servants scuttling around. Some of the unluckier men had even been struck by the ripples of energy, killing them violently.

Within several moments, there was not a single intact room left within the entire compound. Every single building had received damage equivalent to the entire compound collapsing. Even the pavilion where all the manuals were stored had collapsed, and the ten meter tall towers had fallen to pieces as well. Several of the servants who were inside the buildings when they collapsed could be heard screaming out in agony.

“My lord, please escape right away!” Several bodyguards loyal to Changyang Ba could be heard right by his side in an attempt to lead him away from the danger.

“Madame, please run away!” Several other bodyguards were trying to lead the fear-stricken Ling Long away as well.

A single burst of fire shot down from the air and made contact with the buildings. With that spark, the entire compound was lit aflame instantly.

“A’Hu, A’Hu! Save my A’Hu quickly, he’s still in his room!” Ling Long immediately bawled as she ran over to one of the combusted rooms.

“Protect the madame, I’ll save the young master!” One of the captain guards cried out before plunging into the burning room before Changyang Ba could speak.

“Quick, escort the second lady into the cellar!” The guards then ushered the startled Yu Fengyan down toward the area with the cellars.

At the same time, Bi Yuntian was escorted by her own bodyguards toward the same area.

“Fourth lady, it’s dangerous outside, please get into the cellar.” A guard spoke anxiously, but as he spoke, several rays of Sword Qi could be seen shooting down from the sky, piercing holes into the ground. Suddenly, the expression on the guard’s face froze as blood flowed down his head before he ultimately fell to the ground.

“Captain, captain! What happened!” The guard escorting Bi Yuntian cried out in anguish before running to where his captain lay on the ground.

“There’s no time to delay, quickly escort the fourth lady down!” The other guards spoke through their agony and used their own bodies to protect Bi Yuntian as they brought into the protected area.

At this moment, another torrent of energy continued to wreck havoc from the sky above. The roof to one of the buildings on the side of Bi Yuntian had begun to lift from the ground and into the direction of Bi Yuntian, causing the guards around her to grow startled.

Just at that moment, a cyan glow shot into the scene. The white-robed Ming Dong came into view. With a chop of his Sword Qi, he split the falling building in two, eliminating the danger.

Ming Dong looked to the energy storm above them and turned his head back to look at Bi Yuntian with a solemn look. “I’ll lead the way, Dugu Feng, aunt Bi’s safety will be up to you. Protect aunty well, if something happens to her, how would we ever face Jian Chen?”

Dugu Feng stood nearby with a vigilant expression. “I will do my best, but a battle of Heaven Saint Masters is far too much for even us. With all that energy being thrown about, even the two of us will have to be extremely careful, please make sure to look after me as well.”

“Understood. Please go with them towards the safe area. You should be able to escape from there.” Ming Dong immediately began to spearhead a route while Dugu Feng ran to escort and protect Bi Yuntian from any external dangers.

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