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Chapter 477: Plans for Revenge

Changyang Ba began to weave several words of polite refusal to the three clans and the city lord. “My Changyang clan truly appreciates your kindness and goodwill, but despite the calamity that has befallen our Changyang clan, we still have enough strength to rebuild on our own.”

“My dear family, why not build the new Changyang Manor within the imperial city? This way, our two families will be much closer to each other. Furthermore, this would allow the Changyang clan to be able to adopt a governmental position with ease.” The king of the Gesun Kingdom spoke with an expectant expression. If the power of the Changyang clan wasn’t contained in the imperial city, then it would be a great loss. If the Changyang clan were to be rebuilt within the imperial city, then the strength of the city would be increased by another level. If something like this happened again, then there would be even more experts ready to answer the call.

“That is…” Changyang Ba began to hesitate. The Changyang clan’s roots ran deep within Lore City, but with the strength and fame of the Changyang clan now, they would surely become the number one faction within the imperial city. A result like this would not be a tremendous loss, but at the same time, it would be a major issue if they truly wished to relocate. After all, the reason why the Changyang clan was in Lore City was due to the patriarch’s arrangements.

Seeing Changyang Ba’s expression, Chang Wuji’s face grew stiff, “My lord, we cannot choose this option. Residing the Changyang clan in Lore City was the decision of our patriarch. Lore City could be said to be our ancestral home, just how could we leave it so easily?”

Chang Wuji held an especially special position within the Changyang clan. Although he was not a qualified elder of the clan, even the leader of the clan wouldn’t be able to ignore his words. With Chang Wuji’s firm opposition, Changyang Ba could only decide on declining the king’s suggestion.

The king could only sigh inwardly to himself with disappointment. He had truly wished for the Changyang clan to be rebuilt within the imperial city. That way, he would have added a strong addition to his defenses.

The servants and several soldiers of the Changyang clan began to clear away the rubble in the compound while the elders stored books in their Space Rings to prevent anyone from stealing them. After all the preparations were done, the clan took up residency in several inns for the time being. At the same time, they called all of the artisans and blacksmiths of Lore City to work around the clock. More than a thousand artisans gathered that night and began to rebuild the Changyang clan.

The king then issued a decree that made many of the nearby cities send their highest quality building materials, so that the Changyang clan would be able to be constructed with ease.

After issuing the decree, the king grew worried with the safety of the imperial palace. So with barely enough time to dress his wounds, the king immediately left to travel back to the palace.

However, Jian Chen was worried for the king’s safety; therefore, he had Xiao Tian and Qing Xiaofan accompany the king back. Such an entourage like this would heighten the imperial palace’s defenses as well.

On the second day, the Changyang clan used a healthy sum of money to hire several Radiant Saint Masters from the nearby cities. Specializing in healing the injuries of others, these Radiant Saint Masters also had plenty of medicines that were powerful in aiding the healing process of the servants and soldiers.

The four deceased men from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom had their Space Rings and the items within confiscated for the clan. From within, the Changyang clan was able to obtain many precious items, monster cores, and money. There had even been several Advance Earth Tier Battle Skills that made up for what had been lost.

The management of the reconstruction of the Changyang clan was monopolized by Chang Wuji. With him in charge, the others were able to relax a little.

Within one of the inns, Changyang Ba, Bi Yuntian, Jian Chen, and You Yue were all standing outside an enclosed room. If seen from a crack outside, a faint white light could be seen shining from within the room.

The four continued to wait for an hour before the door finally opened. Three white-robed men with pale complexions came walking out of the room exhausted. These three men were Class 4 Radiant Saint Masters from the nearby cities and were the among the seven strongest Radiant Saint Masters in the Gesun Kingdom.

When the three middle-aged men came walking outside, they greeted the four, “Fourth master, my lord, with the combined efforts of us three, the man’s injuries have stabilized for the time being. He has already awoken and wishes to see you.”

“I thank you three for your troubles.” Changyang Ba spoke in gratitude before walking into the room along with Jian Chen, his mother, and You Yue right behind him.

Laying on the bed was the captain of the Black Armors, Bi Dao. However, his previously pitch-black armor had long since been worn down from the many wounds and injuries he had received.

Bi Dao had been treated by three Class 4 Radiant Saint Masters, but his wounds had been far too serious. Thus, his wounds were still not fully healed, and his face was still a pale white color.

Seeing Jian Chen and the others having no major injuries, Bi Dao let out a sigh in relief before speaking weakly, “How is the situation now?”

They naturally understood what Bi Dao meant. “It was fortunate that the five Imperial Advisors were here. We were able to beat back the men from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. Furthermore, we were even able to kill four of them while the remaining survivors fled with heavy injuries. However, our Changyang clan’s compoind was completely destroyed with at least 380 casualties so far.”

Bi Dao clenched his fists tightly with a look of hatred, “We must take vengeance for this. The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom has been far too unruly. Even the imperial palace of the Gesun Kingdom was destroyed by them, and senior Ye Ming was injured.”

“Their clash is with us, we involved everyone else and put his Majesty in harm’s way.” Bi Yuntian spoke with guilt.

“Mother, this trouble was brought upon us by your son. Please rest assured, your child will definitely take vengeance for us. I will make the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom pay a heavy price for this.” Jian Chen growled with a heavy amount of killing intent pouring out from him.

Bi Dao gave a look of respect to Jian Chen, “Xiangtian, I entrust this task to you then. What you see fit to do to the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom is up to you. The Gesun Kingdom had only just experienced a war, thus our military strength is still lacking for now. We cannot afford to mobilize a large scale attack on the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.”

Jian Chen nodded his head solemnly, “I understand uncle. I already have a plan to deal with them.”

“Xiangtian, you must learn to exploit the resources given to you. The Qinhuang Kingdom has seen fit to give you the title of an Imperial Protector because of your talent. In the future when you have enough strength, perhaps the Qinhuang Kingdom will have more need for you. When that time comes, that’s when you exploit an advantage, you should do so and not waste it.” Bi Dao spoke feebly, but he was still able to speak as the uncle teaching his nephew. When he looked at Jian Chen with grateful eyes, he thought about what honor the Bi clan had gained with such an outstanding grandson.

Since it was his uncle giving guidance, Jian Chen adopted a modest and studious attitude. However, his heart did not accept the teachings. His age was not truly reflected by his expression, and he had experienced more things than Bi Dao had. Whatever Bi Dao thought to be a problem was not one to Jian Chen.

With the pale face of Bi Dao, Jian Chen had a genuine look of concern that could not be hidden. Although he was fifteen years old by the time he had first known about his uncle, they were still dear family. Bi Dao was the brother of his mother and, no matter what was said, they were family.

With a twist of his hand, Jian Chen retrieved a white jade bottle from his Space Ring. From within, Jian Chen took out two pills and handed them to Bi Dao, “Uncle, these are Radiant Spirit Pills. Please use them to heal yourself.”

Choosing not to refuse it, Bi Dao accepted the pills with a faint smile. “Xiangtian, your uncle will accept these pills then. What expensive items these are. I can bet that a Class 5 Radiant Saint Master created these.”

Jian Chen’s heart skipped a beat at Bi Dao’s words. “How exactly does one make these pills?” He asked.

“Its manufacturing is extremely troublesome. It requires a Class 5 Radiant Saint Master and an Alchemist to simultaneously work together to make a Radiant Spirit Pill. Other than that, many rare ingredients and supplements must be gathered. It will fail if there is any negligence, meaning making a Radiant Spirit Pill is extremely challenging. The higher the ranking of the pill, the more troublesome it is in making it.” Bi Dao explained.

Jian Chen’s eyes lit up as he secretly concluded to himself that he would definitely find a method to create several pills when he had the time. He would definitely need some in the future, like when he needed to heal someone without the usage of the Radiant Saint Force.

After leaving his uncle’s room, Jian Chen went straight to Dugu Feng and Ming Dong. “I will be leaving for a short amount of time. I’ll be troubling you with the protection of my family when the time comes.”

Hearing this, Ming Dong and Dugu Feng both remained silent almost as if they had long since knew about Jian Chen’s plan.

“Off to the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom?” Ming Dong asked.

Jian Chen walked to the window and opened it to stare off at the distant ruins of the Changyang clan. “No, to the Qinhuang palace!”

“The Qinhuang Kingdom!” Ming Dong gasped with Dugu Feng immediately guessing Jian Chen’s plan. “Brother, don’t tell me you are planning to…”

“The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom will be exterminated!” Jian Chen growled. The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom had stabbed at his reverse scale, so Jian Chen would truly wipe the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom off the face of the Tian Yuan Continent. At the same time, he would set an example for everyone else with the power of the Qinhuang Kingdom. This would too demonstrate the relationship between the Gesun Kingdom and the Qinhuang Kingdom.

After leaving Ming Dong’s room, Jian Chen called for Dongyi Junbai, Tian Luo, and Cao Keqin, “Would there be any way possible for a Space Gate to be situated at the Gesun Kingdom?”

“It is, but if one wants an extremely accurate positioning, then a reactive device must be installed.” Cao Keqin spoke.

Happily, Jian Chen replied, “Do you know how to create such a thing?”


“That’s good. Go ten kilometers away from Lore City and set one up.” Jian Chen spoke.

“Yes, honored Imperial Protector.” Cao Keqin cupped his hands together and left.

After Cao Keqin left, only Jian Chen, Tian Luo, and Dongyi Junbai were left in the room. Jian Chen’s eyes swept across the two with a serious expression, “Tian Luo, Dongyi Junbai. I will return to the Qinhuang Kingdom for a moment. You will stay here and protect the Changyang clan from danger for now. My family especially must be protected.”

“Honored Imperial Protector, we will use up all our energy to protect the Changyang clan.” The two replied.

Standing up from his chair, Jian Chen looked at the two men solemnly, “The kindness everyone has shown me here today, I, Jian Chen, will definitely remember and will repay everyone for their kindness.”

Hearing this, Tian Luo and Dongyi Junbai were extremely joyous. The reason why they followed Jian Chen from the Qinhuang Kingdom was to see Jian Chen’s skill for themselves. In their heart, they knew that Jian Chen would attain heights faster than anyone else, so they used this opportunity to draw themselves close. Jian Chen’s words were like a promise that made the two unable to contain their joy.

“If we can serve the Imperial Protector, then it would be our honor.”

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