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Chapter 483: Arrival of the Army

Jian Chen and the three generals of the Eastern Deity Sword left the Qin Heaven Palace at once. The three generals parted ways with Jian Chen so that he could bid farewell to Qin Ji at the Flowing Cloud Palace while the generals would rally the army.

Arriving at the Flowing Cloud Palace, the guards outside gave a respectful salute to Jian Chen without concealing the admiration they had for him and allowed him entry.

Just as Jian Chen walked past several guards, one of them immediately called out, “The honored Imperial Protector has arrived!” This was meant for Qin Ji to hear; with Jian Chen’s superb identity, his status was different than what it was from before. To the guards, the status of being an Imperial Protector was more than enough to see Qin Ji. If Qin Ji did not come out to greet the Imperial Protector personally, then that would be a rude gesture.

Sure enough, as soon as the guard’s voice stopped, Qin Ji could be seen hurrying out from his palace room. Although he and Jian Chen were very close, Jian Chen’s status was so high that Qin Ji didn’t dare be rude to him.

“Haha, Jian Chen, what winds are blowing today for you to come visit me? If you needed something, a message would be enough to suffice.” Qin Ji laughed. Seeing that Jian Chen had personally came to find him had caused him to feel proud and delighted.

“I came to say goodbye for now.” Jian Chen smiled faintly as he spoke.

“Leaving so soon? Why not stay for a while?” Qin Ji was rather reluctant to see Jian Chen leave so soon.

Jian Chen had an apologetic look on his face, “I have matters to attend to at home and so I must leave now. I am afraid that something may happen back home.”

Hearing this, Qin Ji had a silent look on his face as his eyebrows narrowed together in concern. Then, as if he had made up his mind, Qin Ji looked to Jian Chen with bright eyes, “Jian Chen, allow me to come with you.”

“What!” Jian Chen looked at him in surprise, “You wish to come to the Gesun Kingdom with me?”

Qin Ji smiled and joked, “I do. Do you not wish for me to? You’ve come to my homelands, am I not able to come to your homelands to take a look?”

Jian Chen smiled and put his hand onto Qin Ji’s shoulder. “I have no qualms with that. How could I not? You’ve welcomed me into your home, naturally, I have no doubts my family would be happy to receive you.”

“Then all is well. I was worried whether or not your family would welcome me. Let’s go then, off to your home. I have nothing to bring with, everything is already in my Space Ring.” With that, Qin Ji left the palace with Jian Chen.

Jian Chen and Qin Ji both walked from the palace and headed for the Space Gate. From far away, the both of them could see a squadron of silver-robed soldiers lined up right in front of the palace. Each one stood in a uniform position without a single soldier out of place. Their footsteps on the ground resonated with a rumbling sound, like a bolt of lightning crashing to the ground. Despite the monotonous sounds, the entire division leaked an elite aura and killing potential that soared into the sky. This was a testament to the fact that each and every single one of these soldiers had been tempered by the struggles of life and death. Each one of their hands were soaked in blood to rise up to the cream of the crop.

“These are the Eastern Deity Swords? They are well deserved of being called the division of the elites in the Qinhuang Kingdom. Even the Gesun Kingdom has only 3000 people in its Black Armors division.” At the sight of this, Jian Chen couldn’t help but nod his head in approval.

“The Eastern Deity Swords are one of the five elite divisions in our Qinhuang Kingdom. In total, there is two million of them; each soldier capable of entering the Eastern Deity Swords is selected very carefully from the best of the best. Then, they are thrown to the borders of the Cross Mountains as a test of discipline to slaughter their way through the numerous magical beasts. Thus, each soldier in the Eastern Deity Swords has encountered many battles of life and death; in the Tian Yuan Continent, only the elite divisions of the Three Great Empires would be able to compare.” Qin Ji explained with a prideful look.

“Truly a powerful army, if these 500,000 soldiers were to be in my homelands, then they would be able to eliminate any neighboring nation with ease.” Jian Chen sighed in admiration.

Qin Ji laughed, “Eliminating a single kingdom would be nothing; these soldiers would be capable of destroying several kingdoms with ease. Our Qinhuang Kingdom provides over 200 Human Tier Battle Skills and 50 Earth Tier Battle Skills for the soldiers in any of the elite divisions to learn. Thus, any soldier in any of the five divisions are capable of at least one battle skill. Such a strength like this couldn’t compare to any smaller nation.”

Hearing this, Jian Chen was shocked in his heart. Battle skills in the Tian Yuan Continent were extremely precious. Even if someone had one, they would not share it. Even the Gesun Kingdom hadn’t provided any of the Black Armors with a battle skill for free. Each one of them had to have a sufficient amount of strength and meritorious service before they could gain access to one. But the Qinhuang Kingdom didn’t even have to think about it to allow any one of the soldiers to learn from 200 Human Tier Battle Skills and 50 Earth Tier Battle Skills without charge. This was not a simple case of being rich.

“It is no wonder the Qinhuang Kingdom is one of the Eight Great Empires; I cannot even fathom how strong the Qinhuang Kingdom is.” Jian Chen sighed as he reevaluated the strength of the Qinhuang Kingdom.

Quickly, Jian Chen and Qin Ji both arrived in front of the Space Gate where the king of the Qinhuang Kingdom was waiting for him along with five other elders.

“Imperial Protector, this king was worried that 500,000 soldiers wouldn’t be enough, so I consulted with several Imperial Advisors and five of them agreed to come with you to wipe out the enemy nation. Allow me to introduce you to these five. This is Xu Ri, Hao Yun, Rybur, Jadi Lyre and Jadi Caijing.” As the king introduced them, each person moved toward Jian Chen.

“We pay our respects to the Imperial Protector!”

After the king’s introduction, the five elders bowed to Jian Chen respectfully.

“You five Imperial Advisors need not to be so polite. I, Jian Chen, truly appreciate your assistance.” Jian Chen smiled politely and accepted the assistance of the five. If he had these Heaven Saint Masters return with him, then it would prevent the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom from asking others for assistance. Although there were very few nations that would stand against the Qinhuang Kingdom, they would not want to protect another kingdom from them.

By this point, Qin Wuming had already lead the Eastern Deity Swords to the area where the Space Gate was. Without delay, Jian Chen handed the crystal Cao Keqin had given him along with a map of the Gesun Kingdom to the Imperial Advisor in charge of the Space Gate there.

The Imperial Advisor in charge of the Space Gate took the map from Jian Chen’s hand and placed the crystal over the map. Then, he placed four Class 5 Monster Cores to supply enough energy for the array to activate. Slowly, the array on the ground began to light up and form a chaotic space within the gates. After some time, the space within the gates finally began to form a clear picture.

Under Jian Chen’s watchful eye, he could see that this spot was the exact position where Cao Keqin had placed the other crystal. Jian Chen could even see the faraway city walls of Lore City.

“Yes, this is the area, let’s go!” Jian Chen answered. Then crossing over through the Space Gate, he went from the Qinhuang Kingdom to Lore City faster than the blink of an eye.

After crossing the Space Gate, Jian Chen looked to the faraway Lore City only to see it as it originally was. A countless stream of people could be seen going in and out without worry or panic.

At this sight, Jian Chen sighed in relief. It appeared that nothing had happened during the time he had left.

“Jian Chen, is this your homeland?” Qin Ji walked through the Space Gate and followed behind Jian Chen with a curious glance at the city.

“Correct, my family is in that city.” Jian Chen nodded.

Soon, the three generals of the Eastern Deity Swords came out from the Space Gate with the white armored Eastern Deity Sword soldiers filing out after them.

As the men walked past the Space Gate, each one of them looked around the place with a curious glance. They were all curious of what type of place the Imperial Protector came from.

“Imperial Protector, where should our division set up a base?” Qin Wuming asked Jian Chen.

Jian Chen looked around the area as he considered the question. “It’s quite limited within the city, fitting 500,000 soldiers would be far too hard. Since this area is spacious enough, let us set up camp here.”

“Yes!” Qin Wuming cupped his hands together before running to command the soldiers who had already crossed the Space Gate.

Not too long after, hundreds of soldiers stood in the area, and under the command of general Qin Wuming, they spread out so that there would be enough room for the rest of the soldiers.

Jian Chen stood not too far away from the Space Gate and watched the soldiers appear from the other side, “Qin Ji, how long do you think it’ll take for all the soldiers to arrive here?”

Qin Ji watched the Space Gate for a moment before swiftly making several calculations in his head, “With this speed, it should take two hours for 30,000 soldiers to arrive. With 24 hours in a day, we should be able to have 360,000 soldiers. So that means a day and a half will be what it takes.”

Jian Chen nodded his head and stood there calmly. Watching the Eastern Deity Sword soldiers tread out from the Space Gate in an unending stream, a grand feeling welled within Jian Chen.

Within Lore City, one of the head guards was casually reading a book within his study when several soldiers came running in. Kneeling, they spoke, “A report for the officer. A large group of unknowns have appeared ten kilometers away from the city. Each one of them is wearing armor, meaning they are an army of some sort. However, their numbers keep increasing, and they are already within the thousands.”

Hearing this, the captain’s face was shocked. Immediately throwing down his book, he ran out of his study. The matter between the Gesun Kingdom and the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was no secret and had already made its way around the entire Gesun Kingdom. So when thousands of soldiers suddenly appeared, the captain’s heart immediately grew unsteady.

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