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Chapter 489: Invasion of the Army (Two)

The presence of ten or so Heaven Saint Masters defending the troops was extremely overwhelming. Their power melted together to form one indistinguishable force of power. The figure in blue that was coming at them came to a grinding halt.

The fire element owner, Xiao Tian, was already in pursuit and immediately clashed with the other person. Each time the two crossed fists, a large wave of energy exploded outward with an astonishing amount of force.

After a dozen more exchanges between the two, the blue-colored figure was finally injured by Xiao Tian. Blood poured from his mouth as his body descended to the ground before finally slamming into the ground a hundred meters away from the army. The impact was so big that a crater was formed.

Xiao Tian streaked across the sky like a red shooting star before finally coming to a stop ten meters away from the impact zone. His eyes were sharp and cold as he stared emotionlessly down at the injured figure, but he did not move to attack.

A coughing sound could be heard from the figure that Xiao Tian had downed. Struggling to get back up to his feet, the individual gave a frightened look to Xiao Tian.

The dozen or so Heaven Saint Masters slowly descended back to the ground and onto their mounts once more. Jian Chen slowly urged his mount ten meters ahead where the individual was. With a smile, Jian Chen spoke, “Sire Georgien, I did not think that we would see each other again so soon. It seems that we were destined to meet.”

Georgien gave a heavy look to Jian Chen with a permeated expression of fear. The memory of the event that had happened within the Gesun Kingdom’s imperial palace was still fresh in his mind. His very own Saint Weapon had been damaged by this youth in front of him without the slightest amount of effort.

“Fourth master of the Changyang clan — Changyang Xiangtian.” Georgien spoke heavily with a difficult expression.

Laughing, Jian Chen responded, “Correct, this one is he. I did not think that sire Georgien would recognize me.”

Georgien’s stare turned to Xiao Tian and the other Heaven Saint Masters who were now sitting on their mounts, “Changyang Xiangtian, I came here today to see the representative of the Qinhuang Kingdom, please step aside!”

“Sire Georgien, do you really think you hold the qualifications to do that?” Jian Chen carried a faint smile on his face as he looked down on Georgien from his mount.

Georgien’s expression faltered for a moment before answering, “Of course I don’t have the qualifications, but you do not have the final say on this matter either. Just what qualification do YOU have for stopping me?”

Jian Chen smiled wide as if to ridicule Georgien. “If sire Georgien is unaccepting of my words, perhaps we should fight once more. Will that be enough to show you who has the qualifications?”

Georgien’s face took on the color of green and white as he listened to Jian Chen’s words. His chest began to rise and fall as his breathe became ragged. This was the very first time he had someone from the younger generation look down on him. Such a fact made him extremely angry, but Georgien did not act upon his emotions. He had already seen Jian Chen’s strength for himself back in the imperial palace of the Gesun Kingdom. He knew he was no match for Jian Chen, so if he were to recklessly charge now, it would be to only invite disaster upon himself.

Georgien ignored Jian Chen and looked to the entourage behind him. Cupping his hands, he spoke, “This one is Georgien, the representative of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. I wish to speak with the representative of the Qinhuang Kingdom.”

Not a single person answered Georgien’s words. From the ten or so Heaven Saint Masters, the three generals, and even the prince, Qin Ji, not a single one spoke. This was because the representative Georgien was asking for was already in front of him. He just didn’t know that himself yet.

Bearing witness to such a ridiculous sight like this, the princess couldn’t contain herself any longer. A “Pft” escaped from her lips before her eyes morphed into a crescent-like shape. She soon giggled in laughter toward the direction of Jian Chen.

Jian Chen began to laugh as well, “Sire Georgien, you may as well return to your king. Let him prepare himself to see just how strong the finest soldiers of the Qinhuang Kingdom truly are.”

“The finest soldiers of the Qinhuang Kingdom!” Georgien’s mind shook as he looked to the majestic army behind Jian Chen in disbelief. He hadn’t thought that the Qinhuang Kingdom would dispatch so many people, let alone the finest division.

Georgien stood there with a dark and indecisive expression for a moment, but in the end, he turned about and left with a heavy heart and silent mouth.

“Let us be on our way as well!”

The army continued to move forward across the seemingly infinite desolate plains for an entire day. By noon of the second day, they had finally arrived at the second kingdom on their route — the Persian Kingdom.

The Persian Kingdom had long since been informed of the news of the Qinhuang Kingdom by the Andreas Kingdom. So the king had led a branch of nobles and chancellors to the stronghold in preparation to welcome the army in an even grander manner than the Andreas Kingdom. The stronghold walls were decorated with their lanterns and banners with thousands beating their drums loudly by the side to form a single wide path for the army to enter.

The armies of the Gesun and Qinhuang Kingdom began to slow down once more. Jian Chen could only smile when he saw the enthusiastic welcoming of the Persian Kingdom. With the king of the Gesun Kingdom being in charge of the negotiations, this scene did not require him to make an appearance.

This time, the king of the Gesun Kingdom received the enthusiastic welcoming of the Persian Kingdom with a warm expression, unlike the cold one he displayed with the king of the Andreas Kingdom.

The negotiations between the two kings were simple and only several words of conversation were spoke before the king of the Persian Kingdom stated his wish to be an ally to the Gesun Kingdom with an honest expression. In spite of such a blunt request, the king of the Gesun Kingdom managed to evade giving a direct answer. The Gesun Kingdom had already managed to scale the giant tree that was the Qinhuang Kingdom, granting them a status that rose with the tide. Their rising era was only around the corner, so the ordinary kingdoms no longer held any weight in the eyes of the Gesun Kingdom’s king.

After the negotiations were finished, the king of the Gesun Kingdom followed the army once more and spearheaded their way through the Persian Kingdom’s lands toward the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.

Within the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, a heavily injured Georgien had already returned and was recounting his story in full detail to the king.

“Your Majesty, the information was not false. The army of the Qinhuang Kingdom is truly coming. Furthermore, it is the finest division they have that is coming along with at least ten Heaven Saint Masters. The situation is not looking well for us.” Georgien spoke heavily with anxious eyes.

“Ai!” The king of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom sighed. “I blame our impulsiveness back then. The information from prime minister Che’s network was incorrect. The Gesun and Qinhuang Kingdom have a connection with each other that is far closer than we could have possibly imagined. This connection has to be unique, otherwise, there would be no way the Qinhuang Kingdom would send their most elite division so far away to help the Gesun Kingdom.”

“Your Majesty, what should we do now? Should we surrender, or should we fight? If it comes to fighting, we lack the same amount of Heaven Saint Masters. We simply cannot go against them, furthermore, the Imperial Advisors of the Qinhuang Kingdom are far too strong. Just the six of them were able to utterly defeat ten Heaven Saint Masters from our own kingdom to the point of nearly losing their lives. Furthermore, that Changyang Xiangtian is involved in this group now. Despite his age, he possesses an absolutely mysterious power that is the bane of even Heaven Saint Masters. While we were still in the imperial palace of the Gesun Kingdom, he managed to defeat me in less than five moves.” Georgien spoke anxiously. The very thought of Changyang Xiangtian made his face reveal a cowed expression. The azure and violet Sword Spirits controlled a terrifying power that could make even a Heaven Saint Master feel dread in their minds.

The king shook his head as he rubbed his temples painfully. Helplessly, he said, “We cannot surrender either. The army of the Qinhuang Kingdom has come from far away, if we were to surrender in hopes that their army would retreat, they wouldn’t have brought the army here in the first place. Furthermore, they wouldn’t have bothered to have gone through the trouble of inviting several Imperial Advisors. I believe, this time, the Gesun Kingdom wishes to truly wipe out our Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.”

“We cannot defend, and we cannot surrender either. What should we do?” Georgien sighed.

“Senior Georgien, go and inform the strongest individuals of the kingdom. Tell them the circumstances, and have them gather within the strongholds. This king will definitely find a way to make the army of the Qinhuang Kingdom retreat.” The king sat back on his dragon throne with an exhausted look as his eyes closed.

Georgien hesitated for a moment before finally nodding his head, “Very well, I will go and report to them.”

After Georgien had left, the king’s closed eyes slowly opened. Looking at the golden halls, he muttered to himself, “I had not thought that an error of judgement would cause this king to lose his country. The previous generations poured their lifeblood into laying the foundation of this country, I truly must pay my respects to them.”

The king closed his pained eyes once more. After some time, he spoke, “Guard!”

“Your Majesty!” A single guard came running in quickly.

“Contact senior Long Chen. Tell him that this king accepts their request as long as they help the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom get over this crisis.” After he spoke, the king seemingly lost all of his energy and slumped over the throne in a paralyzed state almost.

Seven days quickly went by. By now, the Gesun and Qinhuang Kingdom’s army’s plan to attack the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was known by many people. This information had spread waves throughout the entire region to the point where everyone commented hotly over the problem many times. There were many people from the surrounding kingdoms talking about the matter between the Gesun and Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.

In this short amount of time, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom’s atmosphere had grown extremely tense. Although the army of the Gesun and Qinhuang Kingdom had only a million people and was trifling in comparison to the tens of millions of soldiers the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom had, everyone was well aware that the Qinhuang Kingdom’s strength was far stronger than the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. Even with just half a million soldiers, the Qinhuang Kingdom was far more than capable of delivering serious damage to the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. Even if the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom managed to destroy the army, the Qinhuang Kingdom would possibly send a million or even over a million soldiers next time.

Against the army of the Qinhuang Kingdom, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom did not even consider surrendering. Their armies were on the move constantly. Three divisions of soldiers stationed at other strongholds were relocated to the one that the Gesun and Qinhuang Kingdom would appear at. After several days of preparation, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom managed to gather six million soldiers at the northern stronghold. Practically half the military might was placed there while at the same time, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom stationed several strong individuals there.

Within the northern stronghold of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, ten experts and several armored generals stood steadfast. Their eyes observed the area in front of them as if they were waiting for something.

Not long after, the ground began to shake as a trail of dust began to form over the horizon. Countless humanoid and beast figures began to appear at tremendous speeds. The army of the Gesun and Qinhuang Kingdom had finally arrived.

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