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Chapter 490: City Invasion (One)

The gates to the northern stronghold of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom were closed shut. The walls to the stronghold had many different sized slots in them, and from these holes, crossbow bolts the size of arms could be seen poking out. On top of the walls, countless soldiers could be seen preparing Magical Crystal Cannons and aiming them. The entire atmosphere was rather tense.

Three kilometers away from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, the combined army of the Gesun and Qinhuang Kingdom was already spread in every direction possible to avoid being completely destroyed by a single, large-ranged cannon strike. The already ant-sized soldiers would be completely devastated. However, both kingdoms’ armies had already split into two main camps. The silver-armored Eastern Deity Sword soldiers stood in front while the 500,000 soldiers from the Gesun Kingdom stood at the rear. For the besiegement of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, the Eastern Deity Swords would be the main force while the Gesun Kingdom’s army would merely act as a facade. They would not take part in the actual battle.

The Gesun Kingdom had just experienced a war, so their military prowess was at an all time low. They couldn’t afford to squander their strength at will.

With Jian Chen at the head, he led the ten Imperial Advisors and the three generals of the Qinhuang Kingdom forward on their magical beast mounts toward the stronghold walls. Khafir and Ye Ming stood by the king and the princess’s sides as their bodyguards. Only the Qinhuang Kingdom would be putting any effort into this war; the Gesun Kingdom did not need to do anything.

When Jian Chen’s group grew close, eleven individuals came down from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom’s walls. With serious expressions, they locked their gazes onto the fourteen men that were riding forward.

Georgien tried to restrain his fear as he looked at Jian Chen and said, “The youth that walks at the front is the fourth master of the Changyang clan, Changyang Xiangtian. Everyone should be careful.” Georgien’s injuries were already completely healed thanks to several Radiant Saint Masters, so his face now radiated a healthy, rosy glow.

The individuals on either side of Georgien only nodded grimly. They had long since heard Georgien’s warning and knew that this youth in the very front would be an extremely difficult person to fight against.

Jian Chen and the thirteen others stopped 500 meters away from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom’s stronghold. With their strengths as Heaven Saint Masters, the Magical Crystal Cannons and crossbows of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom didn’t even pose a threat to them — they could completely ignore it all.

“Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, I will give you a few moments to think. Surrender and live, or resist and be slaughtered!” Jian Chen cried out with a thunderous voice. His voice was so loud it shook the entirety of the stronghold so that a layer of dust could be seen falling from the structure.

Not willing to be outdone, someone from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom immediately shouted out, “Gesun Kingdom, despite having the Qinhuang Kingdom supporting you from behind, we, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, do not fear you. If you have the courage, then attack! The five million man army of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom have been waiting in anticipation for a long time.”

Jian Chen’s eyes glinted fiercely as his mouth curled into a cold smirk. “General Qin Wuming, give the order!”

“Yes, Imperial Protector!” The General Qin Wuming of the Eastern Deity Swords bowed in response before lifting his hand high into the air. “Eastern Deity Swords! At my command, attack the city and—”


As soon as Qin Wuming’s voice trailed away, the soldiers behind him gave an earth-trembling cry as they all moved at once. Like a stampede of horses that had thrown off their reins, or perhaps more like a flood, they began to charge toward the stronghold with a sky-high amount of pressure radiating from their bodies.

The most eye-catching part was a single platoon of 500 soldiers leading the initial charge while the rest of the army was at the rear.

This single platoon of 500 was comprised of the most elite Eastern Deity Swords. Each one of them was an Earth Saint Master specialized in mounting the enemy walls for the initial assault and destroying the Magical Crystal Cannons and crossbows on the walls.

“Fire the Magical Crystal Cannons!”

“Fire the crossbows!”

At the same time, the king of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom gave a command. The command made its way to the ears of all the soldiers, and the sounds of cannon fire could be heard shortly afterward. Hundreds of bright balls of energy could be seen rippling through the sky and smashing straight at the soldiers. Thousands of crossbow bolts were shot high into the sky, forming a dark cloud. They shot forth from the walls with an ear-piercing sound.

These crossbow bolts were only capable of killing Great Saint Masters and posed no major threat to Earth Saint Masters. With this group of 500 elite soldiers in the front being entirely comprised of Earth Saint Masters, they swiftly brandished their Saint Weapons and swatted away all of the incoming crossbow bolts.

Even though there were many crossbolts fired–about several thousand–the area they had to cover was huge, so the arrows were scattered. Thus, the platoon of 500 elite soldiers wasn’t affected in the slightest by this wave of crossbow bolts.

Boom boom boom boom….

A series of intense explosions could be heard as several hundred rounds from the Magical Crystal Cannons smashed into the ground, riddling the area with deep craters.

In preparation against the Magical Crystal Cannons, the Eastern Deity Swords had long since evenly spread themselves out. As a result, the Magical Crystal Cannon’s terrifying might and large-scale attack power couldn’t be displayed at all. The results from the first wave of attack were completely disproportionate to the amount of effort put into it. Only a dozen or so of the Eastern Deity Swords were injured.

The platoon of 500 simply could not be stopped with their forward momentum, and their Class 3 and Class 4 Magical Beast mounts quickly transversed the several kilometers to the stronghold walls. Straight away, the mounts were prompted to leap up into the air by their riders and onto the wall. Their sharp claws easily ripped through the outer layer of iron, and the beast began to swiftly climb upwards.

“Pour the oil!” One of the generals of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom commanded.

Suddenly, several hundred large vats of flaming oil were moved to be poured over the city walls in an attempt to hinder and stop the invaders climbing the walls.

But before they could even pour the vats completely, another ear-piercing sound could be heard as several short crossbow bolts were shot through the air. The soldiers holding these vats were riddled with holes from the crossbow bolts before they could even react. With no soldiers holding onto the vats of oil, the vats fell back onto the walls and splashed the flaming oil onto the ground. In an instant, the entire surface on top of the walls was set aflame with black smoke soaring into the sky, as if verifying the tragedy of war.

At the base of the walls, many silver-armored soldiers could be seen kneeling on the ground. In their hands was a miniature model of a crossbow machine that shot at the people on top of the walls. For the sake of covering for the first 500 soldiers climbing the walls, these half a meter long crossbow bolts shot forth from the devices in an attempt to stop those who were trying to fight off the 500 elite soldiers.

The 500 elite soldiers quickly scaled the several hundred meter tall stronghold walls. Brandishing their Saint Weapons, they began to slaughter all of the soldiers currently controlling the Magical Crystal Cannons and crossbows. Screams of pain and war could be heard as the previously orderly soldiers of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom became embroiled in a chaotic battle with the elite platoon from the Qinhuang Kingdom.

In the face of an Earth Saint Master, even Great Saint Masters would be incomparably weak, and the weak would naturally look even more minute. Only another Earth Saint Master would be able to go against one of these elite soldiers, but even then, in a one on one fight, the chances of an Earth Saint Master winning against an Eastern Deity Sword would be very slim.

The stronghold of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was in a constant state flux, but then almost all of their attacks with crossbows and Magical Crystal Cannons were halted straight away. In the end, not a single one was firing anymore. They were reduced to nothing more than intimidating decorations.

At the same time, the ten Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom had flown into the air and locked their attentions on the eleven Heaven Saint Masters from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. With their feet planted in the air, the Imperial Advisors were there to prevent the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom’s Heaven Saint Masters from interfering with the Eastern Deity Swords.

Neither side made a move, everyone knew that the battle between twenty Heaven Saint Masters would be unparalleled . In the case that a fight did broke out, the entire area would crumble away. While the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom’s stronghold would be destroyed, both armies would take serious casualties.

The five million soldiers in the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom army were gathered close together in their stronghold. If a battle between the Heaven Saint Masters really did break out, the losses the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom would incur would be far too much to bear. While there were only 500,000 soldiers from the Qinhuang Kingdom, each one of these soldiers were worth their weight in gold. Even more importantly, the Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom did not wish to see the soldiers of the Eastern Deity Swords die in a place like this. Thus, the experts of both sides were afraid and did not wish to make the first strike.

The 500 elite soldiers continued their slaughter on top of the stronghold walls without interruption. Occasionally, they would be met with an Earth Saint Master from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, but even they were quickly killed off by the elite soldiers.

While that was happening, the remaining army of the Eastern Deity Swords had begun to charge at the stronghold walls. In quick succession, they began to climb up the walls in a similar fashion to the first 500 people and started to fight the soldiers on top of the walls as well.

Not long afterward, the stronghold gates were forced open by the silver-armored soldiers. The rest of the Eastern Deity Swords that were waiting outside let out a thunderous battle cry before charging in.

Although there was a huge difference in the number soldiers between both sides, the quality of the Qinhuang Kingdom’s soldiers were on a completely different level. As the elite soldiers of the Qinhuang Kingdom, their strength had been tempered from the experience of many battles and fights against magical beasts. This method incited valiance in each soldier. In addition to the incredibly strong defensive power they obtained from the silver armor that even a Great Saint would have trouble breaking, as well as the fact that each person possessed Earth Tier Battle Skills, every soldier was well prepared to easily kill several other soldiers of the same level as them.

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