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Chapter 501: Saint Tier Battle Skill

“Master, Artefacts are extremely powerful. This howlite is a precious material that can be used to make the Azure and Violet Twin Swords. When you manage to make both, you will come to understand the power of Artefacts.” Ziying spoke.

At a thought, a happy feeling spread through Jian Chen’s chest. “If I can remake the Azure and Violet Twin Swords, that would be excellent and would make up for my lack of weapon.” With that, Jian Chen stopped talking for a moment before immediately asking, “Ziying, Qingsuo, just what needs to be done in order to reforge the Azure and Violet Twin Swords? Would this howlite be enough to make the weapons extremely strong?”

“Naturally not. Howlite is only a material. In order to make an Artefact strong, it requires even more materials and items that require careful selection. However, master needn’t worry about this problem, Qingsuo and Ziying will take care of it.” Ziying spoke with pride.

“Then when will the Azure and Violet Twin Swords be finished!” Jian Chen was somewhat impatient. To him, a sword was an extremely important thing. Ever since his own Light Wind Sword had been destroyed, his heart’s longing for a sword had never been quenched. Because of his strength as a Heaven Saint Master, he was afraid that any weapon he used wouldn’t be sufficient enough to handle his abuse. Thus, he had never looked for a replacement to use, but now that he knew of a weapon he could create even stronger than a Saint Weapon, the Azure and Violet Twin Swords, he could hardly contain his excitement.

Ziying and Qingsuo could clearly feel the intense longing for a sword in Jian Chen’s words, causing them to hesitate for a moment. Responding, Ziying spoke, “Master, forging the Azure and Violet Twin Swords is not a very difficult process. It only requires a few individuals that can control fire to help. However, the difficulty lies with the materials themselves and gathering them. The howlite is just one of the materials, but that is far from enough.”

“Then what materials are needed? I will have the Qinhuang Kingdom help me straight away.” Jian Chen’s heart couldn’t help but beat wildly. He had been brought into the strange land by Ziying and Qingsuo many times before, so his heart knew about the powerful weapon that were the Sword Spirits. Thus, he was very impatient about being able to use such a powerful weapon.

Although Jian Chen had the strength of a Heaven Saint Master, had the Origin Energy of the Sword Spirits, and was an uncontested existence among those in the Heaven Saint Master realm, Heaven Saint Masters did not stand at the pinnacle of the Tian Yuan Continent. Above them were the Saint Rulers and the many other paragon existences that lived as hermits.

Despite not knowing just how terrifying of an existence the Saint Rulers were, Jian Chen could make a rough estimate. Elder Xiu back in Longevity Valley had shown him that Saint Rulers were merely the tip of the iceberg. Even with his usage of the Origin Energy, he hadn’t been able to cause a speck of a threat to Elder Xiu.

Jian Chen had already started trouble with the Shi family and the Jiede clan, both of whom had Saint Rulers behind them. After destroying the treasured heirlooms that were the Ruler Armaments, Jian Chen was sure that the two families would never let him go. In the case the Saint Rulers were to make a move, Jian Chen would have no way to defend himself.

Aside from the Shi family and Jiede clan, there was still the Huang family and the most recent Sect of Dragon and Tiger. Both parties were not easy to bully, and the Huang family knew that he was in possession of a Saint Ruler’s Skeleton. Although he had once helped out the Huang family, there was no guarantee that the Huang Family would bite the hand that had once helped him in order to acquire the skeleton. After all, Saint Ruler Skeletons were extremely valuable.

As for the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, they were now another headache to deal with because of the mess that had occurred from the matter with the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. The Sect of Dragon and Tiger also had hidden hermits that did not fear the Qinhuang Kingdom. Although Jian Chen’s status as the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom gave him some protection, there might be some Saint Rulers that were willing to give face to the Qinhuang Kingdom, but there could possibly be some that didn’t. People who would actively chase after Jian Chen.

This was an extremely important matter, but Jian Chen didn’t truly worry about them yet. Instead, what he was truly worried about was the white tiger cub. Because if he did not hand over the tiger cub, he would have to worry about the Gilligan clan in the Cross Mountains.

Thus, while Jian Chen looked to be without troubles, the amount of pressure on him was tremendous. This led to him to not bother with the matters of having a wife or kids. His only concern was to increase his own strength.

The problem was after the Heaven Saint Master realm, it was not easy to increase one’s strength as before. If Jian Chen were to forego the Origin Energy of the azure and violet Sword Spirits, he wouldn’t be strong at all. Therefore, when Jian Chen heard that he could reforge the Azure and Violet Twin Swords, his heart began to beat rapidly.

Ziying and Qingsuo both looked quite troubled. Growing silent for a while, they finally spoke, “Master, the materials needed to reforge the Azure and Violet Twin Swords have no fixed pattern. Furthermore, these materials will most likely be under a completely different name here on the Tian Yuan Continent. If we were to look for them on name alone, we would never be able to find them. Each and every material has a different characteristic, but they would still be hard to find.”

“For example, this howlite looks to be nothing different from a regular stone. It is incredibly heavy, but that is it. On the Tian Yuan Continent, there will most likely be many other types of stone that share a similarity to the howlite. These minute differences may vary, and practically no one will be able to differentiate between them all. So having other people help look for them would be of no use either.” Ziying spoke helplessly.

“Then does that mean that in order to find the materials needed to reforge the Azure and Violet Twin Swords, only you two will be able to?” Jian Chen asked.

“Yes, master. Aside from Qingsuo and I, I estimate that no one else would be able to tell these are materials for forging a weapon.” Ziying replied.

Hearing this, Jian Chen began to grow disappointed. Originally he had thought he could immediately obtain an Artefact sword and resolve his vexed state of having no weapon. However, he didn’t think that there would be this problem, leaving him empty-hearted.

Growing silent for a while longer, Jian Chen gradually began to regain his usual mood. Although he couldn’t immediately reforge the Azure and Violet Twin Swords, he at least had a new hope for making a weapon. Furthermore, this new weapon would be the incredibly powerful Azure and Violet Sword.

After calming himself, Jian Chen continued to ask, “Ziying, Qingsuo, just how many materials are needed to reforge the Azure and Violet Twin Swords?”

“Master, our blades were created using the highest grade materials in the past. There were nearly a thousand different things, each one of them being unmatched in their rarity and usage. But master doesn’t need that type of blade, and neither does master require an usual type of flame to forge it. All master needs is another type of blade that only requires sixteen materials.”

Terminating his talk with the Sword Spirits, Jian Chen immediately snapped back to his senses. At the same time, he realized the group, who had been walking behind him, had suddenly appeared right next to him.

“Jian Chen, just what about that stone is enough to make you get lost in thought? What is that stone even? Could it be it has some sort of strange use?” Ming Dong’s voice could be heard asking Jian Chen.

Hearing this, Jian Chen muttered, “This stone is a material used to forge weapons. I’ve been in need of something like this.”

Ming Dong’s face grew extremely solemn when he heard Jian Chen speak. Jian Chen having his Saint Weapon destroyed was not an unknown fact to Ming Dong, since Jian Chen had explained his experience to him.

“Forge a weapon? Imperial Protector, what use do you have for that? Do you plan to use that material to forge yourself a weapon? Any regular weapon pales in comparison to a Saint Weapon in terms of durability and strength. In a battle between Heaven Saint Masters, an ordinary weapon would be as good as a chicken rib — utterly unfavorable.” Qin Wujian asked curiously.

Jian Chen smiled, but he did not offer an explanation. Taking the howlite into his Space Ring, he spoke, “Everyone should take a stroll now. Since everything here belongs to us, take whatever you wish.”

Afterward, everyone separated everywhere, pleased to see if there would be anyone they would want. As for the gold or silver pearls or other precious commodities, none of them felt inclined to take them, since none of them were exactly lacking in money.

The third level of the treasury was quite big. Jian Chen, by himself, strolled here and there to see if there would be anything else that would be of value to him. After they were done, the rest of the items would be given to the men below to manage or perhaps sell. In the case that he missed something particularly precious, it would be a great loss if it were to be accidentally sold.

Just as Jian Chen walked past a dusty table, his body suddenly came to a stop as he noticed a stone slab on the table.

The stone slab was a square in shape, about a meter long and an inch thick. It looked rather ordinary at first glance, but on the slab, there were several patterns etched in it. The patterns were illegible because of the layer of dust.

Picking up the stone slab from the table, Jian Chen blew off the dust to reveal the patterns etched underneath. However, the pattern was incomplete on the slab. All that could be seen was a single palm holding a blade as it chopped down. The blade was not completely visible because of the small dimensions of the slab, so the blade point could not be seen

When Jian Chen’s eyes registered the pattern, his heart immediately felt great shock run through it. An extremely mysterious feeling came bursting forth into his mind, forcing Jian Chen to stare at the picture closely.

Although the pattern wasn’t complete and only had a picture of a palm and a blade, Jian Chen felt the power of the world through this picture. In this downward chop, Jian Chen felt that it contained the world within it.

“Th-this is…” Jian Chen’s eyes grew wide with utter shock and disbelief. This pattern was no stranger to him. Back in the holy lands of Mercenary City, he had come across a Saint Tier Battle Skill, a battle skill a tier above a Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

This seemingly unspecial slab was actually the strongest battle skill on the Tian Yuan Continent — a Saint Tier Battle Skill.

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