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Chapter 502: Roping in Ming Dong

Jian Chen’s breathing turned coarse, a Saint Tier Battle Skill was definitely the most valuable battle skill on the Tian Yuan Continent. This was something that even a Saint Ruler would drool at the mouth for. Even among the Saint Rulers, very few had a Saint Tier Battle Skill.

What Jian Chen didn’t expect was to find in the treasury of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom an actual Saint Tier Battle Skill. This to him was a gargantious shock, but the only problem was that this one was broken — it was not a full and clear depiction.

Despite this, Jian Chen was still incomparably joyful. Even a broken Saint Tier Battle Skill was priceless since the profoundness hidden within the patterns still contained a great mystery. Back when Jian Chen had been in the holy lands of Mercenary City, he had been able to absorb some of the fragments of the mysteries of the world. From that, he was able to feel a resonance with the slab in front of him. It was from this resonance that he had been able to tell that this was a broken fragment of a Saint Tier Battle Skill.

Clutching at the stone slab, Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel his body shake. This discovery was far too great. Although he was unable to practice any Saint Tier Battle Skills, the stone slab would still be able to help him comprehend the mysteries of the world. To Jian Chen, this stone slab would be the bridge that would take him to the world of Saint Rulers.

The excitement in his heart persisted for a while before Jian Chen was finally able to calm down. Gingerly putting the stone slab into his Space Ring, he pretended as if nothing had happened and continued to stroll around.

In about the time it took to make a cup of tea, everyone had already searched through the entirety of the treasury, but no one had discovered anything too out of the ordinary. Aside from the howlite and Saint Tier Battle Skill, Jian Chen hadn’t received anything else. Despite this, Jian Chen only felt joy and uncontested bliss that couldn’t be seen on his face. He knew all too clearly that a Saint Tier Battle Skill was definitely no small matter. If the several Imperial Advisors were to know that he had it, they would definitely try to remove it from him.

“Have everything here collected and taken away.” Jian Chen commanded to the soldiers outside.

“Yes!” The few soldiers immediately headed into the third story with their Space Rings and began to collect everything in sight into them.

While the soldiers busied themselves inside, Jian Chen and the rest gathered around.

“Has anyone found anything of interest?” Jian Chen asked.

“While the items in here are quite extraordinary, nothing really caught my eye and was worth me taking.” Qin Wuming shook his head.

“That’s right, the decorations I put around back home would be better than the items in here by several amounts.” Qin Wujian spoke. As a Heaven Saint Master and general of the Eastern Deity Swords, money and items like this weren’t worth much in their eyes.

Ming Dong’s Space Ring had several items of considerable monetary cost. With a chuckle, he spoke, “I’m not as rich as you all, so I’ve put some stuff in my ring for now. If I am ever short on money, I will sell them.”

Hearing this, Jian Chen smiled, “Ming Dong, you are still afraid of being short on money despite your strength? If you ever lack money, go and kill several Class 5 Magical Beasts and sell the cores whenever.”

Rolling his eyes at Jian Chen, Ming Dong’s mouth twitched, “Do you really think a Class 5 Magical Beast is something an Earth Saint Master could easily kill, eh? Just going into the forest to find one would take forever.”

“If our friend Ming Dong would like, then he is always welcome to join our Eastern Deity Swords. He would at the very least be able to become a general with a hundred thousand soldiers under him and a salary guaranteed to fit his uses. Would you be interested?” Qin Wuming laughed as he spoke to Ming Dong. He had seen through Ming Dong’s hidden talent — not even thirty years old and he already a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master. With this talent, he wouldn’t even be fifty years old before he made the breakthrough to become a Heaven Saint Master; this was more than enough for people to wish to bring him in.

Ming Dong didn’t hesitate to shake his head, “I’ll be fine. I am a person that loves to spend his days traveling. Spending every day within your camps is something I am not suited for. Besides, I have already decided that I will travel with Jian Chen. Wherever he goes, I will go.”

Qin Ji walked up to Ming Dong and held his shoulder, “I knew that brother Ming Dong would decline uncle’s invitation. However, Ming Dong. We are brothers through good and bad, and brother Jian Chen is already the Imperial Protector of our Qinhuang Kingdom. We cannot have your own status too far down, so I have a proposal I wish for brother Ming Dong to agree to.”

“What proposal? Say it. However, I can’t guarantee that I’ll agree to it.” Ming Dong spoke unflinching.

Qin Ji patted Ming Dong on the shoulder with a laugh, “It’s nothing major. I just hope that when brother Ming Dong makes the breakthrough to become a Heaven Saint Master, he will take up a position as an Imperial Advisor for our Qinhuang Kingdom. Naturally, we will not limit your movements. Instead, we will provide assistance whenever needed, just like we do with Jian Chen.”

Ming Dong pondered the proposal for a moment, “No restriction on movement and even assistance is provided. It seems to me to have no shortcomings.”

Seeing Ming Dong be swayed, Qin Ji hurriedly moved to strike while the iron was hot, “Of course there are no disadvantages. Our Qinhuang Kingdom is one of the Eight Great Powers with many vassal states nearby and an incomparable amount of power. Even among the Eight Great Powers, our Qinhuang Kingdom ranks among the highest. We have not been in any wars for several hundreds of years, so your time as an Imperial Advisor with us would be filled with leisure time. There is no need for you to do any work.”

Ming Dong went silent for a moment. Then, he finally agreed to Qin Ji’s request, “Fine then, seeing that we are brothers, I’ll agree to this. When I become a Heaven Saint Master, I will become an Imperial Advisor for your Qinhuang Kingdom.”

“Then that’s that!” Qin Ji laughed joyfully. With Ming Dong agreeing to become an Imperial Advisor, he was far too happy. It meant he would gain an additional hand and power when the time came for the succession for the throne.

“My dear friend Ming Dong, my Gesun Kingdom is also in need of Imperial Advisors. Might you consider this as well?” The king of the Gesun Kingdom suddenly spoke up.

Ming Dong knew that the king of the Gesun Kingdom was Jian Chen’s future father-in-law, so he was basically family as well. With that, Ming Dong gave a quick and concise agreement to him as well, “The Gesun Kingdom is the homelands to my brother, it is naturally my duty to protect the Gesun Kingdom to the best of my ability. Your Majesty, please wait for me to make the breakthrough to become a Heaven Saint Master before I become an Imperial Advisor to the Gesun Kingdom. Otherwise, my strength as an Earth Saint Master wouldn’t be enough to uphold the prestige of being an Imperial Advisor.”

“Hahaha, no problem, there is no problem at all.” The king laughed. He had planned long ago to bring Ming Dong into his graces, but because his starting relationship with him wasn’t all that familiar, he had been afraid of being declined straight away. He had put it off, day after day, waiting for his sons to become friends with Ming Dong to foster a friendly friendship. Only after that had been accomplished would he send a formal invitation.

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