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Chapter 513: Invitation of the Saint Ruler

The arrival of two Saint Rulers had instilled a great amount of confidence in Jian Chen. His heart now no longer feared the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. After they had arrived, the entire group set off for the sect with the two Saint Rulers leading the way.

A day later, Jian Chen and the others from the Qinhuang Kingdom reached the Sect of Dragon and Tiger once more. Seeing the towering buildings of the sect on the mountain, no one felt any more pressure in their hearts. The pressure that was once exerted on them by the Saint Ruler was gone without a trace. That was due to the fact that the two Saint Rulers that had come from the Qinhuang Kingdom completely dominated over the one from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger.

“Honored guests from the Qinhuang Kingdom, if you are inclined, please come into the Sect of Dragon and Tiger to sit!”

When everyone had gotten close to the mountain gates, a calm elderly voice could be heard from the interior of the sect. This was the voice of the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger.

Perhaps it was because he was dealing with two Saint Rulers from the Qinhuang Kingdom, but the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger’s attitude had completely vanished. Several days ago, Jian Chen and the other Heaven Saint Masters weren’t able to pinpoint where the Saint Ruler’s voice was coming from. However this time, they could clearly hear that it was coming from within the sect now.

The voice of the Saint Ruler had made its way to the ears of many individuals within the sect. In shock, they piled out one after another from the buildings and stared solemnly at the flying group of people off in the distance.

When the sectmaster Kris and the other Heaven Saint Masters heard the Saint Ruler speak, they grew especially grim. They knew that if the Saint Ruler called someone honored guests, then that meant they were of equal standings with him. Plus, there were two of them which meant the pressure they felt had multiplied greatly.

Qin Yunlong gave a cold smile as he stared deeply at the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, “You all stay here. Harry and I will go inside to meet with that Saint Ruler.”

After that, Qin Yunlong and Harry both transformed into two currents of light and flew to the sect at unbelievable speeds. Their speed was so fast that even the space around their bodies began to slightly distort.

In that split moment, the two figures of the Saint Rulers from the Qinhuang Kingdom disappeared from Jian Chen’s sight. Their speed had been so fast that even Jian Chen had been astonished.

Jian Chen and the others stared anxiously at the encampment where the sect was. “How do you think the two honored Imperial Protectors will deal with this situation?” Xiao Tian asked.

“That doesn’t even need to be said. The Sect of Dragon and Tiger may be a major sect on the continent, but they only have a single Saint Ruler. How could they be a match for our Qinhuang Kingdom? The honor of our kingdom cannot be so easily violated. So I can see that if the Sect of Dragon and Tiger wishes to get by this peacefully, they have no other choice but to pay a hefty price.” One of the Imperial Advisors spoke.

“Correct. Now that two Imperial Protectors have personally arrived, the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger wouldn’t dare keep the same attitude he had several days back, or else the Sect of Dragon and Tiger will be razed down to the ground today.”

“I would look forward to that. The destruction of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger isn’t very important, but what’s truly important is that we would have the good fortune of being able to witness a battle between Saint Rulers. I have lived for many years, but I have never seen a battle between Saint Rulers before.” Qin Wujian smiled joyously.

Hearing this, Qin Wutian agreed as well. “Yes, I wish to see that Saint Ruler remain unyielding. That way, we will be able to see the strength of a Saint Ruler.” The two brothers had an expectant gleam in their eyes in eagerness to see the two Saint Rulers from the Qinhuang Kingdom fight against the Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger.

Hearing the two chatter, Qin Wuming’s face grew slightly dark as he growled, “You two settle down. Are you two even capable of discussing the matters of the Imperial Protectors?”

Qin Wuming was clearly held in high regard by both Qin Wujian and Qin Wutian. With a few words, Qin Wujian and Qin Wutian instantly grew quiet. Although they were all Heaven Saint Masters, the two brothers didn’t dare go against their own father.

Afterward, no one bothered to speak anymore. They watched the empty space above the Sect of Dragon and Tiger in silence. Many of them had already predicted a good show, leaving them quite expectant.

In this quiet moment, time seemed to have gone by in rapid succession. Unknowingly, a candle wicks worth of time had passed by, but there had been no explosion or sounds of battle to be seen or heard from the interior of the sect. Not even a single iota of battle presence could be felt; it was as if all was quiet in the world.

Seeing the period of calmness in the sect, Jian Chen’s eyebrows creased together. This was something he felt was different than what he had imagined.

Continuing to stand there, two hours had quickly gone by before the two Saint Rulers from the Qinhuang Kingdom finally came back out.

Upon this sight, Jian Chen had a look of disappointment flash briefly across his face before disappearing just as quickly. The two Saint Rulers’ way of dealing with this situation had been quite different than what Jian Chen had expected. In his mind, he would never let such a matter like this be let off so easily. He had been heavily injured by the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger after all. If not for the fact that the Saint Ruler had been afraid of his title of an Imperial Protector, then Jian Chen might have not been able to leave the sect that day.

That was because the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger had deeply coveted the strength of the azure and violet Sword Spirits Jian Chen had.

The two Saint Rulers walked into view of everyone, but their faces were quite unwell, gloomy even. Qin Yunlong especially had a bit of a frosty gleam in his usually deep eyes.

The thirteen Heaven Saint Masters and Jian Chen tried to discern information from their body language. Seeing how the two Saint Rulers were in such a state, everyone grew quiet for a moment, instantly growing serious. They all realized that the situation had to have some sort of terrifying or unwanted turn of events.

“Seniors, what is the result of this matter?” Jian Chen couldn’t help but ask. In this group, only he had an identity high enough to speak. If it wasn’t him that did, then it wouldn’t be suitable.

Qin Yunlong spoke, “Jian Chen, your grievances with the Sect of Dragon and Tiger concludes here.”

Hearing this, Jian Chen’s face changed abruptly. Muttering, he asked, “Seniors, could it be that the Sect of Dragon and Tiger is far too strong to have seniors be afraid?”

Qin Yunlong shook his head, “That isn’t it. The Sect of Dragon and Tiger is nothing to worry about, but there is still a secret to be revealed here. Jian Chen, we two will head back to the Qinhuang Kingdom straight away and will be taking our leave first.”

“May seniors have a good voyage!” Jian Chen cupped his hands.

“May the honored Imperial Protectors have a good voyage!” The thirteen Heaven Saint Masters bowed in respect.

Qin Yunlong stared at the thirteen individuals and spoke, “Help Imperial Protector Jian Chen tidy up the rest of the affairs here and then come back when finished.” With that, Qin Yunlong and Harry immediately left the area. Their speed was extremely fast, and in that instant, they had already disappeared off into the horizon with haste.

Seeing the two Saint Rulers recede away, Jian Chen and the other thirteen felt unwell. From the appearances of the two Saint Rulers, everyone could tell that something terrifying must have happened and bore relevance to the Qinhuang Kingdom.

“Let us go back then!” Jian Chen called out to everyone and prepared to leave.

“Might everyone stay here for a little longer!” Suddenly, a voice called out from behind. Everyone could see the sectmaster Kris come flying out. He ascended in front of Jian Chen.

Seeing the sectmaster Kris, Jian Chen’s face darkened as he spoke coldly, “Sectmaster Kris, what business might you have?” If not for the fact that there was a Saint Ruler hidden in the sect behind him, then Jian Chen would wish nothing more than to inflict yet more serious damage to Kris.

There was a carefree smile on his face as if he had completely forgotten about the matters that had happened a few days ago. Cupping his hands, he spoke, “Imperial Protector, our elder sectmaster wishes for you to sit within our sect for the time being.”

Hearing this, Jian Chen started while the other thirteen individuals from the Qinhuang Kingdom instantly displayed gloomy and cold expressions on their faces.

Sensing the hostility from everyone around him, Kris revealed a faint smile, “Everyone needs not worry. Our elder sectmaster only wishes to chat with the Imperial Protector and increase our goodwill with each other. There will be nothing done to make it unfavorable for the Imperial Protector. After all, our sect doesn’t dare become an enemy for your Qinhuang kingdom.”

The thirteen felt the tension ease from their faces, but they looked to Jian Chen one after another. If it had been anyone else that had asked, then they would have said no for Jian Chen, but the request had come from an enemy Saint Ruler.

Jian Chen hesitated. He didn’t know just what the Saint Ruler had done to make the two Saint Rulers from the Qinhuang Kingdom give up their pursuit on this matter, but the words Qin Yunlong had mentioned before comforted Jian Chen — the Sect of Dragon and Tiger was nothing to worry about.

With that in mind, Jian Chen felt a little relieved. Agreeing to Kris’ proposal, he replied, “If I don’t go, it would appear that I, Jian Chen, feared your Sect of Dragon and Tiger. That’s all then. If your elder sectmaster wishes to talk with me, then I will see just what he wishes to talk with me about.” Jian Chen turned back to the thirteen Heaven Saint Masters, “Wait here for the moment. I will go in.” With that, Jian Chen didn’t delay for even a second and flew straight into the interior of the sect.

Under Kris’ lead, Jian Chen arrived at the mountain in the back of the sect and finally came to a stop right in front of a cavern.

“Imperial Protector, the elder sectmaster is in this place. I’m afraid I cannot accompany you into this cavern.” Kris spoke to Jian Chen right outside of the entrance.

Jian Chen didn’t speak a word and strode into the cavern by himself. Passing through a hundred meter corridor, he finally arrived at an expansive space within the mountain. It was well illuminated, and countless of fist-sized night pearls adorned the ceiling of the cavern to provide the entire place with some light.

The cavern was simple in arrangement. In the middle, there was a simple stone table built, and a single layer of dust could be clearly seen on the table. This cavern had clearly not been swept for a very long time. Not only was the table like this, but even the ground was no exception. Whenever Jian Chen took a step, a clear footprint could be seen left behind.

Jian Chen swept his eyes around the place only to discover that there was no one here. Just as he was about to become doubtful, a clear sound could be heard from the side where a stone door began to open, allowing a black-robed elder to appear in front of Jian Chen.

This elder had a crane-styled haircut and was quite tall and sturdy. His back was built like a bear and his shoulders like a tiger. Just standing there, he was like a tall shield at about two meters tall — a height that was about a head taller than Jian Chen.

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