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Chapter 514: Negotiations

Seeing this elder, Jian Chen’s eyes flashed with a fierce gleam that was not at all hard to see. There was no need to even think to know that this elder was without a doubt the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger.

Jian Chen stood there in silence and observed the Saint Ruler without a word of greeting or movement. There was no good-will felt for this Saint Ruler since the memory of him being severely injured by him was still fresh in Jian Chen’s mind.

The elder paid no mind to Jian Chen’s silence and lackluster movements. He just stared at Jian Chen with eyes that seemed unnaturally deep. They almost seemed capable of seeing through the secrets Jian Chen had without fail. With a smile, he spoke, “It is no wonder you are an Imperial Protector for the Qinhuang Kingdom even as a Heaven Saint Master. With a talent that exceeds all others, it is still rare to see someone so young to step into the Heaven Saint Master realm.”

The Saint Ruler paused his words when he didn’t see Jian Chen reply, but continued to speak again afterward. “There is a life-or-death threshold to cross from an Earth Saint Master to a Heaven Saint Master. This threshold is one of the only times of danger a cultivator experiences in his or her progression. For an Earth Saint Master to make the breakthrough to become a Heaven Saint Master, they need to be able to control the energy of the world as well. This step is something that countless of talented Earth Saint Masters may not be able to accomplish; thus, their road ends there. Only a few destined ones make it past this obstruction and make that next step into the realm of the Heaven Saint Masters.”

“It is more difficult than the previous two obstacles for a Heaven Saint Master to make the breakthrough to become a Saint Ruler. For to become a Saint Ruler, one must be able to comprehend the mysteries of the world. These mysteries of the world are far more complex than the energies of the world, cultivation talent will not make up for the deficit of not understanding. Within the Tian Yuan Continent, those with unparalleled talent are not many, but there are still enough that have become a Heaven Saint Master under the age of fifty. Among those that did, the ones that became a Saint Ruler can be counted on one’s fingers. However even among them, there are many that fell off the road halfway and were unable to understand the mysteries of the world and remained a Heaven Saint Master.”

Hearing this, Jian Chen’s eyebrows creased together and spoke expressionlessly “Senior, did you call me here in hopes to give me this tidbit of information?”

The Saint Ruler gave a faint smile, “Don’t be in such a hurry. Listen to what I have to say first, Jian Chen. I know that you are the number one mercenary from the most recent Gathering of the Mercenaries, and you were able to enter the holy lands to cultivate. Although legend has it on the continent that anyone that is able to enter the holy lands will later make the breakthrough to become a Saint Ruler, it is only a possibility. Think about how long Mercenary City has existed on the continent, and how many times a person was able to enter the holy lands to cultivate every fifty years. With so many years gone by since its creation, the amount of people that have entered the holy lands are plenty, but in the end, how many of them managed to become a Saint Ruler?”

The Saint Ruler looked to Jian Chen and continued to speak, “Jian Chen, I have a scroll here that I found several hundred years ago in a cave that belonged to a Saint Ruler. This scroll contains the realizations of a Heaven Saint Master that became a Saint Ruler and was what I relied upon years ago to study and make the breakthrough to become a Saint Ruler. Although this scroll is not that useful for a Saint Ruler, it is a treasure among treasures for a Heaven Saint Master, for this scroll is a shortcut to the path of a Saint Ruler.”

Hearing this, Jian Chen could already more or less figure out what the Saint Ruler was planning. His mouth curled into an icy smile, “Senior, do you mean to say that you wish to give this scroll to me in exchange for something from me, correct?”

“Correct!” The Saint Ruler gave up beating around the bush and continued with what he had wanted to say straight away, “Jian Chen, this old man can give you this scroll free of charge, but on one condition, this old man wishes to know about the secret of that mysterious power. Where would one be able to obtain this secret, and how would one be able to cultivate its secrets?”

Jian Chen didn’t hesitate to shake his head with the same cold smile, “My apologies, senior. Please forgive this one for not being able to answer!”

The Saint Ruler was not angered. It seemed that he had predicted this outcome and patiently explained, “Jian Chen, consider this deal for a while. Although you may be the strongest of all beneath Saint Rulers with that energy, you are still a weak little ant in front of a Saint Ruler. To exchange the mystery that is that energy for a shortcut to become a Saint Ruler does not negatively impact you.”

“There is no need for considerations. Senior, if there is nothing more that needs to be said, then this one will be taking my leave.” Jian Chen cupped his hands and prepared to leave.

“Jian Chen, if you are still not pleased with this transaction, then I will add on an additional object.” The Saint Ruler was adamant and really wished to know the mystery behind the energy Jian Chen possessed.

Jian Chen hesitated slightly, but for the Saint Ruler to learn of the Origin energy of the azure and violet Sword Spirits, that was not a good thing. Despite his concerns, Jian Chen did not yield, “I am afraid to disappoint senior, but no matter what priceless treasure you offer me, I will not divulge my secrets. Senior, please give up on this.” With that, Jian Chen turned around and left. Despite the other person being a Saint Ruler, he did not fear him at all.

After Jian Chen had left, the Saint Ruler’s warm expression instantly froze over. Staring at the disappearing figure of Jian Chen, his eyes revealed a frosty glare, “If you refuse my toast, then take the wine instead!” With that, the space within the cave seemed to instantly freeze over, and it seemed that time had completely stopped within.

After leaving the sect, Jian Chen’s heart grew firm. Now that the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger was thinking about the Origin energy of the azure and violet Sword Spirits, this could be a potential threat to Jian Chen. Although he had the support of the Qinhuang Kingdom, the Sect of Dragon and Tiger wouldn’t be too afraid to conduct a covert move against him.

Jian Chen regrouped with Xiao Tian and the others. When they saw how serious Jian Chen was, someone immediately asked in concern, “Imperial Protector, did the Saint Ruler not do anything with you?”

“He covets the energy I wield.” Jian Chen spoke gravely.

Hearing this, the dozen Imperial Advisors blanched. To have a Saint Ruler set his eyes on someone was not a good thing. Furthermore, they could all predict what would happen after this was over.

“Imperial Protector, we may as well head back to the Qinhuang Kingdom. In there, the Sect of Dragon and Tiger wouldn’t dare do anything to you.” Tian Luo proposed.

“For the time being, I cannot. There is still plenty I need to do. Well, we shouldn’t talk about this for now. Let’s leave first, it’s unclear whether or not the things we fear are superfluous or not.” Jian Chen spoke.

A day later, the group of people arrived back at the imperial palace of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. As soon as they had descended, a single silver-armored soldier came running forward and knelt in front of Jian Chen, “A report for the honored Imperial Protector. The treasury has been completely dismantled. All of the materials have been placed within Space Rings and are ready for transport.”

Jian Chen took the Space Ring and inspected the materials inside. Sure enough, there were plenty of piles of tempered steel that formed a mini-mountain range.

Jian Chen kept the Space Ring and spoke to every soldier, “Gather everyone and return to the Gesun Kingdom.”

The matters within the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom had long since been finished, and the business with the Sect of Dragon and Tiger had been temporarily finished. There was no point in staying here any longer, so Jian Chen and the group had no desire to stay in the imperial palace either. They immediately left the palace, and returned to the Gesun Kingdom.

This time, the entire group split between two paths. Jian Chen and the Imperial Advisors traveled together through the air toward the Gesun Kingdom while the three generals traveled with the hundred elite soldiers, who were mounted on their magical beasts, toward the Gesun Kingdom on ground.

With the speed of flying through the air, Jian Chen and the ten other individuals had only wasted two days worth of time before arriving back at the Gesun Kingdom. When they descended down into Lore City, they were greeted by the 500,000 Eastern Deity Soldiers who had returned several days before them. At this moment, all of the soldiers were gathered in a large encampment near Lore City.

Jian Chen and the other ten individuals from the Qinhuang Kingdom entered Lore City and slowly landed in the Changyang Manor.

The Changyang Manor had been completed several days ago as well. Its scale was at least double than what it was before and a giant street now encompassed the outside of it. The ceremony for the manor had not been conducted because the most important figure of the Changyang clan had not returned yet. The family and guards of the Changyang clan had remained within the inns, living there during this time. Before the ceremony started, no one dared enter the manor. This was one of the traditions of the Tian Yuan Continent they feared to break.

As soon as Jian Chen and his group descended down to the ground, another group of people could be seen hurrying toward them. Leading the group was Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian. Chang Wuji and several of the other elders followed them from behind.

Seeing the ten Imperial Advisors gather around Jian Chen like the stars around the moon, Changyang Ba displayed a look of utmost pride in his eyes. Laughing merrily, he spoke, “Xiang’er, I didn’t think that you would return this quickly. We only returned two hours ago ourselves.”

Seeing his parents, Jian Chen immediately felt happier and smiled in greeting, “Father, mother!”

“Xiang’er, the matters with the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom have been taken care of now, correct? There was no problems I hope.” Changyang Ba asked in concern.

“En, everything has been taken care of. Father doesn’t need to worry about these matters anymore.” Jian Chen gave a comforting smile. He simply didn’t dare speak about the matters that had happened with the Sect of Dragon and Tiger since he knew that his parents would be even more worried.

“That’s fine then. Xiang’er, the manor has been completely rebuilt. Now that you’ve returned, let us conduct the official ceremony in three days. Xiang’er, was there something you wanted to say?” Changyang Ba spoke. In front of his own son, he seemed to have forgotten about his own position as the head of the clan and completely handed the discussion over to Jian Chen.

“Father, as long as you are the host, then it’s fine.” Jian Chen smiled.

“So it’ll be then. Now that this matter is over, Chang Wuji, I’ll have to trouble you with sending out the invitations. Please invite the officials of the Gesun Kingdom for them to participate in the official ceremony of the Changyang Manor in three days time.” Changyang Ba boomed with laughter.

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