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Chapter 531: Seeing Tie Ta Again (Two)

Ming Dong smiled happily at Ka Di Yun, but he made no moves to take out his Saint Weapon, “Just so that people won’t say I was bullying children, I won’t be too excessive. How about this, I’ll stand here without moving and without striking back. If you can force me back or cause me to even take a single step back, I’ll have lost. Sound good?” Ming Dong began to deemphasize himself; as an Earth Saint Master, he would really not be able to put a tiny Saint Master as an opponent in his eyes. Even if a battle skill was used, it wouldn’t pose even an iota of a threat to him. The difference in power was just that big.

Ming Dong’s words were spoken very casually, but everyone in the audience was able to hear them loud and clear. Regarding Ming Dong as some sort of lunatic, some of the more violent students couldn’t help but curse him out.

“Who does this kid think he is? How f*cking cocky…”

“He doesn’t look too different than Ka Di Yun in age, if he’s really talking like that, it won’t just be death that he’ll get…”

“Who does he think he is? Even some of the teachers in our academy wouldn’t dare speak to a battle skill wielder like Ka Di Yun”


The arena had descended into a series of cursing as plenty of the more fiery students began to use their fingers to point at Ming Dong’s nose and chew him out. Ka Di Liang and Ka Di Qiuli both stared at him with narrowed eyes, but the fury in them was hardly invisible.

“What an egotistical kid, he’s actually speaking to big brother with such haughty words. Big brother has a battle skill, that prevents even an advanced Great Saint Master from making the same claims as he does. Unless he’s an Earth Saint Master.” After that, Ka Di Liang’s eyes revealed a look of contempt in them before snorting, “But that’s impossible. He doesn’t look too different in age compared to big brother. If he’s stronger than big brother, I don’t doubt that, but there’s no way he’d be at the Earth Saint Master level.”

Ka Di Qiuli was muttering to herself with knit eyebrows as she stared at the confident look on Ming Dong’s face. There was a feeling of unrest welling up within her, so she couldn’t help but speak with worry, “Second brother, do you see how relaxed he looks? Do you think he’ll have something to rely on?”

“Second sister, you worry too much. Even if he has something to fallback on, just what could he use to take big brother’s attack without damage? The way I see it, that outsider came here for the express purpose of challenging him. After this, I’ll make sure to investigate his background thoroughly and just what his history is if he is willing to try and make things difficult for our Ka Di clan.” Ka Di Liang coldly spoke.

On the arena platform, Ka Di Yun’s face had turned quite difficult to look at as he stared dangerously at Ming Dong, “Your Majesty, you seem quite arrogant.”

“It is because I have the advantage to make me arrogant!” Ming Dong continued to smile.

Ka Di Yun’s face grew even darker. To his ears, Ming Dong’s words were without a doubt a challenge to him.

“Very well then. Allow me to see just what skill Your Majesty has then.” Ka Di Yun spoke angrily. Without another word, his giant two-hander flew toward Ming Dong to cut him down.

The giant sword carried a strong amount of Saint Force with it as it flew through the air toward Ming Dong’s waist with a faint whistling sound from its speed.

Ming Dong’s previous actions had clearly infuriated Ka Di Yun, and combined with the fact that he was a foreigner and not a student of Kargath Academy, Ka Di Yun held nothing back in this all-or-nothing strike.

Ming Dong still displayed a giddy smile on his face as he watched Ka Di Yun charge at him with his giant two-handed sword. He was still relaxed since such a strike wasn’t something he would even register as a threat.

As soon as the giant sword was about to chop down his waist, Ming Dong raised his right hand. Although this movement had been done very casually to him, it was practically fast beyond belief to the outside observers.

Ming Dong’s right hand was enveloped in a faint layer of the wind-attributed Saint Force. In that split-second, his forefinger and thumb had pinched together. In between those fingers, the giant two-hander had been caught.

Ka Di Yun’s eyes abruptly dilated in disbelief at how Ming Dong had used two fingers to stop his sword. Even his heart began to surge with emotions as if he was in peril.

“Y-yo… you caught my Saint Weapon with two fingers!” Ka Di Yun couldn’t help but exclaim in astonishment. His entire face was painted with a look of shock.

Ming Dong gave a mischievous smile, “What’s so alarming about that? Kid, do you dare say I’m arrogant now?”

Ka Di Yun’s face was quickly growing a pale-green color as his eyes flashed with a dangerous gleam, “Just who are you, and why are you trying to make things difficult for me?”

“I have no grievances with you, I merely wanted to play around with you and see the skill of the person that dared challenge my brother in the past. As for who I am, defeat me and I’ll naturally tell you.” Ming Dong displayed a ruminating look on his face as he released the sword that had been clamped with his fingers. “Continue to attack. Use your full strength. Only then will you have a sliver of a chance of forcing my hand. Naturally, you don’t need to worry. I won’t bully a child, so you won’t have to fear getting injured.”

This time, Ka Di Yun was not infuriated by the humiliating and condescending tone of Ming Dong. After this exchange, he had already come to realize just how strong Ming Dong was compared to him.

Ka Di Yun’s hands gripped his giant sword tightly as he glared at Ming Dong as if he was a viper. With a loud shout, he once again utilized his battle skill. His giant sword once more rippled with Saint Force as it shot toward Ming Dong. A Saint Master using a battle skill would usually mean that it was the lowest tiers of the Human Tier Battle Skill, but even a Great Saint Master wouldn’t be able to receive it head-on.

Ming Dong’s hand began to flow with an even richer amount of wind-attributed Saint Force now. Just as the giant sword of Ka Di Yun was about to strike Ming Dong down, his hand flashed out and slapped the blade of the sword with incomparable precision.

“Pa!” The crisp sound of the palm striking the sword could be heard. In front of Ming Dong, the amount of accumulated energy in the sword had been like an ant to him that could effortlessly be displaced with a single palm strike. Furthermore, the energy transmitted to the Saint Weapon from the strike forced Ka Di Yun to stagger back several meters while the arms holding his sword began to shake and go numb.

Ka Di Yun could only stare at Ming Dong who was in front of him with wide-open eyes of shock. The waves in his heart reached a frenzied height instead of calming down from the sight in front of him. He could hardly believe his eyes when the very first strike, Ming Dong had clamped down on his sword with just two fingers despite Ka Di Yun using all of his strength. Then, even after using his battle skill to the fullest efficiency, his opponent had only needed a single slap for the energy in the sword to be scattered before it could be released. The strength of his opponent was so strong that it shocked Ka Di Yun down to his core.

Ka Di Yun was not the only one to be shocked at this scene. The entire audience had gone absolutely silent with thousands of students standing nearly transfixed at the spot, just staring at the arena. Many of them had expression of disbelief on their faces. At this moment, Jian Chen may have very well been the only person to keep his calm out of thousands of people. Though, even he revealed a look of helplessness and a forced smile.

Clapping his hands, Ming Dong looked at Ka Di Yun with a smile. Beckoning for him with a finger, he spoke, “Come now, let’s try again. You just need to put a little more effort to knock me back.”

Ka Di Yun could barely keep the dark expression off of his face as he stared at Ming Dong with a disturbed mind. Ming Dong looked to be no older than thirty years old, meaning that they were roughly the same age. Except the strength he possessed was absolutely terrifying. Even after using his battle skill to his fullest, Ka Di Yun had been unable to move Ming Dong. This was something that Ka Di Yun found very hard to accept.

“Sire, this is Kargath Academy. Outsiders are not permitted entry, and yet you have intruded anyways. You even interfered with a competition between students. Those are very serious violations of the rules of our Kargath Academy, prepare yourself to receive punishment for it!” At that moment, a stringently strict voice could be heard loud and clear through the grounds. At the same time the voice could be heard, a humanoid figure appeared in the blink of an eye before reappearing right in front of Ming Dong.

It was a middle-aged man with a rather ordinary facial appearance. However, the might he contained and the light in his eyes was terrifying. It caused each and every one of the weaker students to feel unable to look at him directly.

“It’s the vice-headmaster, he has arrived…”

Following the appearance of this middle-aged man, the entire audience began to break out in a chorus of welcoming sounds.

The appearance of vice-headmaster Bai En allowed Ka Di Yun to show a relaxed look on his face as well as becoming delighted at the thought of the pain that would befall Ming Dong. Turning to the vice-headmaster, he spoke, “Vice-headmaster, he isn’t a student of our Kargath Academy. Not only did he sneak into our academy grounds, he has meddled with the internal competitions of our academy.”

“I will take care of this matter, you may head down.” Bai En spoke to Ka Di Yun with his back to him. He showed a serious expression to Ming Dong.

Ka Di Yun did not speak another word. Bai En’s appearance had solved his earlier awkward conundrum of being unable to back out. So with that solved, he hopped off the platform.

“So you’re the vice-headmaster of Kargath Academy, it’s nice to meet you!” Ming Dong smiled and cupped his hands in a polite salute to Bai En.

Bai En did not loosen his expression. Glaring dangerously at Ming Dong, he spoke rather woodenly, “You’ve violated the rules of our Kargath Academy. Come with me to see the headmaster and accept your punishment!”

“Headmaster? Do you mean Khafir?” Ming Dong laughed. He felt no pressure at all since he and Khafir were very well acquainted with one another.

Ming Dong’s casual mention of Khafir’s name caused Bai En’s face to blanch. Furiously, he spoke, “Impudence! For just what reason could the name of the headmaster be said so easily by you?” As soon as his speech ended, Bai En started to move toward Ming Dong with a flash of his sword coming out to stab at him.

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