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Chapter 551: Citywide Commotion

Jian Chen, Ming Dong, and the others continued to travel on top of their Class 3 Magical Beast mounts back to the Kai family’s compound as if nothing had happened. Right behind them, Kai Er and the other three pushed and prodded the trussed up Yun Li. Now that Yun Li had been heavily injured by Ming Dong and had been tied up in chains, his body was in an extremely weak state. Combined with the fact that the four men around him were as strong as him and the terrifying figures of Ming Dong and Jian Chen in front of him, Yun Li didn’t bother to waste any time with trying to break free from his bonds. He knew that it would be impossible to escape.

Jian Chen and the group continued to walk through the streets of Wake City with the lord held captive. On the way, everyone turned to gawk with disbelieving eyes. None of them ever would have thought that the Flame Mercenaries would actually do something like hold the lord of Wake City captive in chains.

“The Flame Mercenaries are conspiring against the Blue Wind Kingdom! They have plans to rebel and turn traitor against the kingdom, do not let them walk free! Take up your weapons and kill the Flame Mercenaries, and you will all be rewarded for your services!” Although Yun Li was chained up, he was more than willing to speak and try to worsen the crimes of Jian Chen, hoping that he could give them all even more trouble.

The eyes of the bystanders nearby the Flame Mercenaries changed in intensity after hearing Yun Li’s words. Shortly after they passed, everyone began to talk among with each other, but none of them were stupid. They simply wouldn’t believe that the Flame Mercenaries would rebel against the Blue Wind Kingdom on the words of the lord alone. Combined with the strength of the mercenaries within Wake City, no one dared step into their path to stop them.

Staring disdainfully at Yun Li behind him, Jian Chen prodded, “Lord Yun Li, I respected you two years ago, and thought you to be an honest and upright person. I never would have thought that your true self, hidden deep within, would be so crass, committing the acts of stealing the cub from my Flame Mercenaries and killing a senior figure after being exposed. Your avarice has made me quite mistaken in my judgement. Kai Er, stuff his mouth.”

“Jian Chen, you belligerent savage! I am an official of the Blue Wind Kingdom! How can you treat me this way!? You are challenging the authority of the Blue Wind Kingdom itself; we will never let you li-” At this point, Kai Er stuffed a piece of cloth into his mouth.

Jian Chen’s words had stunned everyone who heard him.

“I’ve heard that the Flame Mercenaries obtained a Class 5 Magical Beast before it was taken by a thief in the middle of the night. I never would have imagined that it was lord Yun Li that stole the beast and killed one of their leaders.”

“Look, isn’t the monster in that cage the Class 5 Magical Beast cub? So, the beast was stolen by lord Yun Li after all.”

“The fact that the Flame Mercenaries had so many of their men looking for the one who stole it caused a huge uproar back then. The last I heard was that not even a single clue was found, but if it was the lord that stole it, it’s no wonder no trace was found.”

“Ha, this is most likely some crock-and-bull story from the Flame Mercenaries. The truth of this matter needs to be investigated.”

The streets were buzzing with conversation as everyone began to share their perspectives. Some believed that Jian Chen was telling the truth, Yun Li had stolen the cub and killed a senior figure of the mercenaries. Others believed that Jian Chen was making use of an excuse to frame and trap the lord. However, no matter what was said, not a single person moved to stop them. The Defiance Mercenaries had long since left Wake City, and after their departure, everyone knew that the Flame Mercenaries were back as the strongest mercenary group with no equal.

On the Tian Yuan Continent, power was the most important matter for everything. Everything could be solved through power. Things like reason and logic only existed when both sides were equal in strength.

By the time Jian Chen returned to the Kai family compound, news that Yun Li had been captured by them had spread like wildfire through the city. Practically everyone and everything had heard of it in some form. Like a giant bomb that had gone off, everyone was extremely surprised to hear this news.

Wake City was a Third Class city at most, but Yun Li was still its ruler and an official of the kingdom as a whole. If the Flame Mercenaries were so brazen to capture and imprison Yun Li, then they were directly challenging the authority of the Blue Wind Kingdom, making them an enemy. For the sake of their own honor and prestige, there was no way the Blue Wind Kingdom would ignore this matter.

Back within the inner courtyards of the Kai family, Yun Li was forced to kneel in front of a pillar where the memorial tablet of Duo Kang stood. Outside, plenty of strong-looking men had flowed in one after another. While procuring their equipment for their mission, the men of the Flame Mercenaries had heard about what had happened and dropped everything to return back to the compound. When they heard that it was Yun Li that had stolen the Class 5 Magical Beast cub and killed Duo Kang, their eyes were filled with hatred beyond belief.

Just then, a large concentration of footsteps could be heard outside. Following that, a single guard came running in to report, “Captain! A large group of the city soldiers have gathered.”

Jian Chen lazily waved a hand, “Not to worry — open the doors; let them in!”

Hence, the gates to the Kai family compound were opened wide. A group of armored soldiers could be seen marching toward them in a denomination of over a thousand.

The sounds of their footsteps soon came to a stop, and everyone was keenly aware that they had the entire Kai family compound surrounded.

A single soldier came forward with a small detachment of soldiers following him in. This was commander Duo Li.

Staring at the kneeling Yun Li with hardened eyes, Duo Li turned to look at Jian Chen, “Jian Chen, what is the meaning of this? Why are you treating the lord of the city in such a manner?”

Emotionlessly, Jian Chen replied, “Yun Li stole the Class 5 Magical Beast cub from my Flame Mercenaries and then killed the senior figure Duo Kang. His crimes cannot be forgiven.”

Yun Li spat out the cloth that had been stuffed in his mouth, and mustered all the justice he could, “Duo Li, don’t listen to Jian Chen’s bull! The Flame Mercenaries are planning to rebel against the kingdom; their greed knows no bounds! They have decided to frame me for their schemes.” Seeing how honest Yun Li had looked, Duo Li had no idea whether he was being lied to or not.

“You still dare to quibble!” Kai Er snorted and kicked Yun Li.

Duo Li thought for a moment before replying, “Jian Chen, when Wake City had been under siege by a magical beast invasion, your contributions were widely respected by me, but to treat the lord of the city in such a manner is not acceptable. Release the lord and I will at the very least make the report to the higher ups for justice for the death of one of your own.”

Jian Chen shook his head, “There is no need for such troubles. There is no injustice or hatred I have with Yun Li, for what reason would I have to put false charges on him? Even if I did hate him, I would not put a such a despicable crime on him if it were false. I have made my decision that he is the assailant without question. Yun Li will be punished in accordance to our Flame Mercenaries.”

Duo Li’s face grew dark as he cupped his hands to Jian Chen, “Jian Chen, although I respect you greatly, the ruler of the city cannot be disgraced in such a manner. If this is how you will continue, then please forgive this one for my offense!” Duo Li waved his hand and commanded, “Everyone, rescue the lord!”

At his command, every single soldier charged into the courtyards. Even the soldiers surrounding the place had flown over the walls to charge at Jian Chen’s group in huge numbers.

With a hearty laugh, Ming Dong held out his azure-colored sword. He said, “Good timing, let me show you the might of my Earth-Tier Battle Skill, Cloud Destroying Cyclone!”

A strong burst of wind attributed Saint Force began to flood from Ming Dong before transforming into a tremendous cyclone that seemed to ascend into the sky where the clouds roamed. Soon, the cyclone spun around so fast that the clouds began to dissipate.

With such a tremendous cyclone appearing in the courtyards, the surrounding walls of the courtyards began to violently shake. Even the soldiers charging at Jian Chen were nearly sucked into it. Unable to keep their balance, it took everything they could to remain attached to the ground. However, the cyclone did nothing to affect Jian Chen’s group.

Seeing the dreadful cyclone appear from nowhere, Duo Li’s face blanched as he cried out, “Ear-earth Tier Battle Skill! You’re… you’re an Earth Saint Master!”

Laughing, Ming Dong gave a violent shake of his sword. The cyclone began to expand even quicker now. It forced the winds to blow even stronger so that the soldiers were pulled into the air without any way of protecting themselves.

At this sight, Duo Li couldn’t maintain his stoic expression anymore. This was the very first time he had seen an Earth-Tier Battle Skill. Doing his best to retreat several steps without flying away, Duo Li commanded, “Everyone, retreat! Retreat now!”

Seeing the tornado consume several soldiers, all of the surrounding soldiers who had not yet took part in the charge began to retreat before Duo Li even gave his command. As they tried to flee from the cyclone, their eyes reflected their fear. If they were to be sucked into this cyclone and sent hundreds of meters into the air, chances were that they would die from hitting the ground too hard.

Even Yun Li, who was still kneeling on the ground, turned completely white when he saw the cyclone that reached into the sky. With a rather disheartened murmur, he said, “An Earth-Tier Battle Skill, he has one of those?”

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