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Chapter 563: Prosperous Auction (Five)

When everyone heard the voice of a woman, many of the men’s eyes lit up. They tried to guess just which powerful family had groomed such a beloved daughter that they would allow to throw out so much money against the Harido clan.

Some of the men who took themselves to be rather handsome had even begun to dream about attracting the heart of this woman. If they could do that, they would be able to to win glory, splendor, wealth, and rank in the future.

“Even if we can’t see her, such a voice like this can only mean that the young miss is a very beautiful woman. If we could see her face, I would be content.”

“What a nice voice, I wonder which beauty would have such a voice like this.”


Within the auction house, plenty of people could be heard talking to one another as they stared expectantly at the booths. They were all filled with a thirst to gain the ability to see through the window that separated the booth from the hall. They wanted to see the inhabitants inside.

Within the Harido clan’s booth, Kaizer and Ankhs had been knocked for a loop when they realized that it was a woman that was fighting them in a price war for the Class 5 Monster Core. Once more, Kaizer spoke up, “If I may ask which clan you are from, miss.”

“We are only a small mercenary group of little renown, that is all.” This time, a man replied in a calm voice.

This calm voice had been filled with a tone that made Kaizer look even more unsettled. To him, this man’s voice was filled with no respect for him at all. It was a voice of indifference that revealed that its thoughts were above the Harido clan and that it despised the clan without any respect.

Furious, Ankhs let out an angry growl, “Within the Blue Wind Kingdom, our Harido clan has very few rivals, and even those other factions would have to do as our clan wishes with a look of respect on their faces. Not only are these whelps making things difficult for our clan, they are refusing to even treat us as a clan to even look at. Unforgivable. Wait until this auction is over; no matter who they are, I will teach them all a lesson that they will never forget.”

Kaizer snorted as well, “I agree. This cannot be pardoned. From their voices, I can guess that they aren’t that old. Hmph, a bunch of young upstarts that know naught of the immensities of the heavens and earth. They are brats that only know the pond of their backyard if they don’t know the might of our Harido clan.”

“Well said. Our clan won’t be missing any money even after this, so why not see just how much money they have. Two hundred and ten thousand!” Ankhs called out an even higher price.

“Two hundred and twenty thousand.” The other booth called out in response.

Even a crow and peacock would refuse to make a sound in this auction house. Only the two booths continued to make noise now. Yulian herself was included in this silence. She could only sit there in a stunned state of bliss. Two hundred thousand purple coins was far beyond what the original price had been.

“Two hundred and thirty thousand.” Ankhs spat out the next price with clenched teeth and a dangerous-looking face.

“Two hundred and fifty thousand.” There had been no pressure in the speaker’s voice from the other booth as he effortlessly gave a price twenty thousand higher than the previous bid.

“Bastards, just how much money do they have?” Ankhs slapped his palm against the table and promptly broke it to pieces. Two hundred and fifty thousand purple coins was already more than what a Class 5 Monster Core should cost.

With eyes that could freeze the air they looked at, Kaizer hesitated to speak for a moment before relenting, “Two hundred and sixty thousand.”

“Three hundred thousand…” As soon as Kaizer had finished speaking, the other side increased the bid by another forty thousand purple coins. Such an overbearing attitude like this was no longer treating money as money.

Kaizer’s and Ankhs’ fists were clenched extremely tight by this point. Their bodies leaked a tremendous amount of killing intent that could be felt by even the inhabitants of the auction house. Everyone knew that the ones in a price war with the Harido clan had offended the entire Harido clan now.

Within the other room, Jian Chen, Ming Dong, You Yue, and Tie Ta were eating their pieces of fruit without a care in the world. The people who had been outbidding the Harido clan the entire time had been Jian Chen’s group.

Sensing the amount of killing intent radiating from the room where the Harido clan was, Jian Chen revealed a cold smile on his face, “Men of the Harido clan, this is only a fair competition. What reason is there to be angry? If you do not have the money to match us, then be obedient and bow out.”

Jian Chen’s words had caused the bodies of Kaizer and Ankhs to wildly convulsed. The two of them would likely have destroyed the booths in an attempt to tear apart Jian Chen if they had forgotten where they were.

This time, the Harido clan did not announce another bid in response. Although they were a wealthy clan, three hundred thousand purple coins to buy a single Class 5 Monster Core was not worth it in their minds.

After a long period of silence, Yulian had finally found herself speaking again, “The honored guest within booth eight has bid three hundred thousand purple coins. Are there any other takers? Three hundred thousand purple coins going once.” Yulian’s voice couldn’t help but shake as she spoke. This price was simply astronomical to her previous expectations.

“Three hundred thousand purple coins going twice…”

“Three hundred thousand purple coins going thrice, and sold! I now declare that the first Class 5 Monster Core has been bought by the guests in booth eight.”

The wooden hammer of Yulian smashed against the table, declaring that the first Class 5 Monster Core had been bought for three hundred thousand purple coins.

Within booth eight, Tie Ta stared at Jian Chen in confusion, “Jian Chen, you spent so much money to buy a Class 5 Monster Core? Why? That’s not worth it.”

Smiling slightly, Jian Chen replied, “Three hundred thousand purple coins sounds like a lot, but it isn’t anything to me. This money was really just something that fell into the hands of the people in this group. Like the hair from nine oxen, this is nothing.”

“Jian Chen, you wouldn’t do something so senseless like this without reason. Do you have a hatred of some sort that required you to use the Class 5 Monster Cores to draw them out?” Ming Dong asked out of curiosity.

Ming Dong’s words had caused memories to flash back into Jian Chen’s mind. His eyes took on a slightly harsher glint to them as he replied, “Correct. I have a debt to pay with them. Two years ago, I sold the bodies of two Class 5 Magical Beasts in this auction house. In the middle of it all, the people of the many clans and families chased me. At that time, I was only a Saint Master. With so many people chasing after me, I barely made it out of that place alive. An Earth Saint Master from the Harido clan chased me to the point where I was forced off a cliff in a narrow escape.”

Ming Dong’s eyes had a flash of killing intent at his words. With a growl, he replied, “So I see. In that case, this hatred will be something that they will definitely pay for. I guarantee it, brother.”

Sitting right next to Jian Chen, You Yue said nothing, and instead stared at him with eyes that reflected none of the tranquil expression on her face. Jian Chen’s words had painted a clear picture in her mind. It was in this moment that she realized just how terrifying a situation Jian Chen had suffered if so many individuals had chased Jian Chen as a Saint Master. Such a traumatizing experience would make any person shudder.

“Yan Kaizer of the Harido clan. Not once will I ever forget this name.” Jian Chen’s eyes frosted over with an aura of killing intent.

After the first Class 5 Monster Core was sold, there was a small break before the second monster core could begin being auctioned.

“Now we shall begin the auction of the second Class 5 Monster Core. The starting price will be fifty thousand purple coins. Each bid will be a minimum of a thousand purple coins. This will be the very last Class 5 Monster Core, so I implore each and every guest to cherish their time and make their decision — this will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to obtain a Class 5 Monster Core with ease.” Yulian announced with a loud voice. She was filled with hope for this next auction, and could not wait to see just how much money the second monster core would sell for.

At the end of her words, plenty of people had immediately launched into a barrage of prices.

“Sixty thousand purple coins….”

“Seventy thousand!”

“Seventy five thousand!”

One by one the bidders in the booths had increased the price. This time the Harido clan did not bother to interject with their own price so the amount of people fighting for this one had increased exponentially. Soon enough, the price had already gone over a one hundred thousand purple coins.

“The Youlan clan offers one hundred ten thousand purple coins…”

“The Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion offers one hundred ten thousand five hundred purple coins…”

“The Tianhua Sect offers one hundred twenty thousand purple coins…”

“The Mutian clan offers one hundred twenty thousand five hundred purple coins…”

“The Kadir clan offers one hundred thirty thousand…”

“One hundred forty thousand purple coins…”

“One hundred forty thousand five hundred purple coins…”

The price had already skyrocketed far beyond one hundred fifty thousand purple coins because of the intense price war. At this moment, a new bidder caused every other bidder to pause.

“The Blaze clan of Tianlong City offers one hundred eighty thousand purple coins. This Class 5 Monster Core is something my clan needs, I hope everyone will give my Blaze clan some face…”

“Our Feng family of Huaxin City offers one hundred ninety thousand purple coins. Our Feng family requires this Class 5 Monster Core as well, please do give us some face for this.”

Thus, the entire auction house was silent again. The Blaze clan of Tianlong City and the Feng family of Huaxin City were both factions from First Class cities. They were strong in power and were not figures that the Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion, the Youlan clan, or the three clans from Fengyang City could go against by themselves.

“The three major clans and the city lord of Fengyang City desire this Class 5 Monster Core, we offer two hundred thousand purple coins.” The lord of Fengyang City had called out. With the three major clans of the city combined, they were truly now a figure that did not fear even the families of a First Class city.

A Class 5 Monster Core was truly too precious. In a First Class city, only one would appear every three years or so with a tremendous clash following each appearance. When Fengyang City declared an auction of two Class 5 Monster Cores, every single power-hungry person had decided this was not an opportunity to miss.

“Our Guyun clan offers two hundred ten thousand…”

“The Spirithawk Mercenaries offer two hundred twenty thousand…”

“The Wargod Sect offers two hundred thirty thousand purple coins…”

The price continued to climb. The words of even the clans of a First Class city were no longer any use here with no one else bothering to give them face. At this moment, every major faction had decided to risk it; some of these factions were ones with strengths that were almost comparable to the Harido clan’s influence.

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