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Chapter 564: Winner of the Second Class 5 Monster Core

For the sake of giving face to the Harido clan, no one had fought over the first Class 5 Monster Core. Every single person in the auction house had understood how big of a threat the Harido clan was as one of the strongest factions in the Blue Wind Kingdom. Unless they had no choice, no one would feel the need to incur the wrath of the Harido clan; therefore, they had allowed the first monster core to be taken without a fight.

However, the second one would be the very last monster core sold by the auction house. There was no way anyone could possibly let this one go, so everyone enthusiastically bid for it.

“Two hundred forty thousand purple coins…”

“Two hundred fifty thousand…”

The price competition was going as strong as before, but there were significantly fewer people bidding now that the price had reached such a sum. Two hundred fifty thousand purple coins was already a shocking amount to everyone, but many people coveted the Class 5 Monster Core. If they didn’t, they would have given up a long time ago.

“Two hundred sixty purple coins.” A short moment later, another person had placed their bid, and this time, the speaker had been the Harido clan. They had failed to buy the first monster core, so trying to buy the second one would not be a breach of their promise.

“The Wargod Sect offers two hundred seventy thousand purple coins.”

“The Blaze clan offers two hundred eighty thousand.”

“The Feng family offers two hundred ninety thousand.”

“The Guyun clan offers three hundred thousand.”

Almost instantly, the Harido clan’s bid had been tossed aside as if it was nothing. Right now, the Class 5 Monster Core was at three hundred thousand purple coins, a sum that very few could weather without disaster. Even the combined forces of the four factions in Fengyang City had no more money to continue on. This was a price that went beyond their plans.

Within their booth, the lord of Fengyang City helplessly shook his head. “It appears that the Class 5 Monster Core is not fated to be ours. The wealth and riches of these First Class city dwellers is far greater than what we could hope to scale up against.”

“It’s unfortunate, a Class 5 Monster Core appeared within our very own city, but we were not able to obtain it. Blasted Heavenly Phoenix Auction House. It’s no wonder they spread news of the monster cores to attract the attention of every single major party. Otherwise, we would have been able to take it for ourselves.” One of the men growled in regret.

“The Feng family bids three hundred ten thousand.”

“The Spirithawk Mercenaries bids three hundred twenty thousand.”

“The Feng family bids three hundred twenty five thousand.”

“The Spirithawk Mercenaries bids three hundred thirty thousand.”

Now that the price had broken past three hundred thousand purple coins, there were even less people participating. Up to this point, the Feng family and the Spirithawk Mercenaries were the only two parties left fighting.

After that, the Feng family and the Spirithawk Mercenaries fought each other a while longer. They brought the price to three hundred and fifty thousand purple coins.

As soon as this price had been reached, the Feng family no longer bid. Now that the two sides had finally stopped fighting, the previously lively auction house had grown quiet.

With the entire auction having gone silent and Yulian seeing no more takers, she finally said, “The Spirithawk Mercenaries have bid three hundred fifty thousand purple coins. Are there any other takers? Three hundred fifty thousand purple coins going once.”

“Three hundred fifty thousand purple coins going twice.”

“Three hundred purple coins going thrice.” Yulian’s hammer slammed against the table, “And now I declare that the second Class 5 Monster Core has been bought by the Spirithawk Mercenaries in booth fifteen for a total of three hundred fifty thousand purple coins.”

Within booth eight, Ming Dong stared at Jian Chen, “Brother, are you really just going to sell a Class 5 Monster core like that?”

Jian Chen hummed, “I originally planned on keeping both of them, but I’ve changed my mind. If there is a mercenary group that wants the monster core, then I’ll let them have it. In any case, we will be meeting the Spirithawk Mercenaries soon enough, so it’s best we don’t antagonize them.”

“That’s true. If we want mercenary groups swear allegiance to us, then it’d be best to not get on their bad sides. Otherwise, it would make things difficult for us when we try to make them swear in the first place.” You Yue spoke.

Standing up from his chair, Jian Chen said, “Now that the auction is over, we should leave this place. A good show will be taking place in a moment.”

The Heavenly Phoenix Auction House had focused their entire auction on these two Class 5 Monster Cores this time, so when both of them had been sold, the auction was officially over. Everyone in the booths left the area one after another, and headed out of the auction house.

After Jian Chen and the other three left the booths, they left for the area where the transactions would take place in the auction house. On the way, they past by plenty of precious items.

This time, the manager of the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House, Yulian, came to personally witness the trade of the Class 5 Monster Cores.

Walking up to the platform, Jian Chen handed over the booth number and a purple card to Yulian. When she took the booth number and gave it a look, Yulian realized that Jian Chen and his party was the very same party that had bid against the Harido clan for the first monster core. With a startled light in her eyes, Yulian studied Jian Chen and his group with a growing amount of alarm. She did not think that the mysterious individual that would stand up against the Harido clan would be four youths. Not a single elder could be seen in this party, and Yulian had her expectations completely blown away.

“Milords are quite bold to bid three hundred thousand purple coins to buy a Class 5 Monster Core. Might this one know what to call you?” Yulian smiled with a passionate smile in an attempt to scour out what power stood behind this group.

Smiling, Jian Chen replied, “Manager Yulian, if I could trouble you to hand over my item!”

Seeing that the other side wasn’t willing to divulge their identities, Yulian did not press the issue. She hid her discontent with a smile. “Very well, allow this woman to oversee the transaction.”

At that moment, a group of well-armored men came walking forward. When the doughty-looking man up front noticed Jian Chen’s group, he let out a smile, “You must be the lords and lady of booth eight — the one that bid against the Harido clan. This one is the captain of the Spirithawk Mercenaries, Ying Changkong.”

Turning his head, Jian Chen saw a man who was roughly fifty years old. The captain was completely draped in black, and possessed an imposing two-meter-tall figure — an entire head taller than Jian Chen. On the left side of his face, there was a terrifying wound that completely disfigured the left side of his face, but added to his intimidation factor.

“Milords and lady, which powerful family might you be the sons and daughter of in the Blue Wind Kingdom? Perhaps I have some sort of friendship with one of your seniors? Ah, I heard mention that you were from a mercenary group, which one might you belong to?” Ying Changkong asked in curiosity.

Jian Chen gave a small smile, “Allow me to keep the answer a secret for now. Ying Changkong, we will meet again in the near future.” Yulian had already finished the transaction. She handed the Class 5 Monster Core and the purple card back to Jian Chen by now.

Taking both items, he and the other three left the auction house. The captain of the Spirithawk Mercenaries was left standing there deep in thought as he tried to decipher the meaning behind Jian Chen’s words.

Outside the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House, an endless stream of people could be seen. Right outside the VIP booths, Kaizer and Ankhs from the Harido clan could be seen staring icily at the entrance as they waited for the people from the eighth booth to come out. All around them were spectators from every major party waiting to see the action. They too were curious to see just what type of deity would oppose the Harido clan.

At that moment, the red-robed Dugu Feng had returned to the city and strode over to the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House. Now that the auction was over, his mission given to him by Jian Chen was accomplished, and there was no longer a need to hide and conceal himself.

“Look! He’s the one who sold the Class 5 Monster Cores to the auction house.”

As soon as Dugu Feng came close to the Auction House, every single person who had kept tabs on him had immediately noticed his arrival. They spread news of who he was.

The eyes of everyone who were waiting patiently by the VIP entrance had immediately shifted to Dugu Feng.

“Wu Yun, he has to be Wu Yun! Bah, that Wu Yun knows how to change his face. Don’t think you can trick us by hiding your face, Wu Yun!” One of the middle-aged man from the Youlan clan glared at Dugu Feng with a furious look.

The headmaster of the Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion stared at Dugu Feng, “Zhou Tong, is he Wu Yun?”

Zhou Tong observed Dugu Feng for a moment, “He’s completely different than he was two years ago. Though, Wu Yun has an ability to change his facial appearance almost seamlessly. I can’t make heads or tails from this. I can only say this person might be Wu Yun, but under a different face. Other than him, would there be anyone else with two Class 5 Monster Cores?”

“How can Wu Yun remain so calm with so many people surrounding him? I’d say that he has something to rely on to escape. We should watch the matter for now.” The headmaster whispered.

The chattering conversations reached the ears of Kaizer whose eyes immediately lit up. Concentrating on Dugu Feng, he coldly smiled, “Wu Yun, no matter how much you change your face, you cannot hide from these old eyes of mine. Last time you were lucky to survive, but this time, you will not escape these hands of mine. Your life is mine!” Kaizer gave up the idea of waiting for the people of the eighth booth. He immediately flew at Dugu Feng with his Saint Weapon in hand.

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