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Chapter 565: Mistaken Identity

Kaizer flew out of the crowd while holding a giant hammer over his head. A streak of blue light was created the tremendous amount of water attributed Saint Force spilling from the hammer as it flew at Dugu Feng.

Coming to a stop, Dugu Feng stared expressionlessly at the figure coming at him. Without looking at Kaizer himself, a burst of fire suddenly exploded from his body. It coiled around him with a sweltering heat that raised the temperature of the surrounding area.

With the blaze burning all around his body, Dugu Feng looked as if he had transformed to become a god of fire. With his right hand held out, Dugu Feng clenched it into a fist, forcing the fire around him gather around it. With a swish of his hand, a ball made of fire immediately shot at Kaizer.


The two attributes of opposing nature clashed against each other in mid-air with a loud explosion. The area gave a heavy shudder as the energy from the blast ran through it like an earthquake. Some of the bystanders were even forced back a step.

“Ea-earth Saint Master, this man is an Earth Saint Master!”

“Was Wu Yun always this strong? It’s no wonder that he was able to stave off all of the Great Saint Masters in this city two years ago! Only an Earth Saint Master would be able to fight him now!”

“No wonder he was able to throw us off his tracks. He was an Earth Saint Master all this time! Dear heavens! I tried to track and fight an Earth Saint Master, it’s a good thing he didn’t fight us, or else none of us would have been left standing to find out that fact today.”

Loud gasps of shock could be heard everywhere as they stared at Dugu Feng in a new light. To be an Earth Saint Master in Fengyang City was to be one of the best. Respect was to be expected, and all other powers within the city would have to make way for one. Only a trifling four Earth Saint Masters lived in Fengyang City, and each one of them were leaders of a major power.

When “Wu Yun’s” strength had been revealed, many of the men who were presumptuous enough to want to attack him had immediately gave up that notion. An Earth Saint Master was not a power they could afford to mess with.

Kaizer fell back down to the ground with a grim expression on his face, “Wu Yun, who would have thought that your strength would make such a drastic change in two years? Becoming an Earth Saint Master, eh? You’ve pulled fortune out from disaster I see.”

With both hands clasped behind his back in a leisurely position, Dugu Feng merely stood with an empty expression in front of Kaizer. In his eyes there was a glint of a sneer and disdain. He didn’t know who this “Wu Yun” was at all, but he wasn’t an idiot. Connecting the thoughts with the strange plan Jian Chen had, he quickly made a rough guess that the person the man in front of him was talking about was Jian Chen.

Seeing that “Wu Yun” did not speak, Kaizer continued to do so in his place, “Wu Yun, while you may have managed to become an Earth Saint Master, you don’t even hold a candle to the might of my Harido clan. I, Kaizer, extend the same offer I gave you two years ago. Hand over your battle skill to my Harido clan and we will not mistreat you any longer. Realize now that the ancestor of my clan is a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master. A step more is all he needs to become a Heaven Saint Master. It won’t even take another twenty years before my Harido clan becomes the strongest clan in the Blue Wind Kingdom!”

Kaizer’s words had delivered yet another wave of shock to the people around him. Each and every one of them knew just how arduous and bitter it was to breakthrough to become a Heaven Saint Master. If it would take the ancestor of the Harido clan just twenty years to become a Heaven Saint Master, that bit of information was simply unbelievable to hear.

The Blue Wind Kingdom was in a decline now that they had lost several Heaven Saint Masters in the recent war. Only four of them were left, and if the Harido clan were to add one more to that number, then becoming one of the top five would not be implausible for them.

A cold sneer appeared on Dugu Feng’s face. “I know many battle skills, but not the one you wish for.”

Kaizer was knocked for a loop at those words before an ecstatic look appeared on his face, “Then bring out your strongest battle skill. Worry not, my Harido clan will not treat you unfairly.”

The sneer grew even larger as Dugu Feng stared down at Kaizer. “The strongest battle skill I have are two Heaven Tier Battle Skills, which one shall it be?”

“What!? Two Heaven Tier Battle Skills!?” Kaizer had immediately gone slack-jawed as he stared at Dugu Feng in disbelief. Waves of emotions flowed from his heart like a series of tidal waves. Heaven Tier Battle Skills were extremely sparse. Even the strongest major powers of the Blue Wind Kingdom didn’t own any Heaven Tier Battle Skills.

Dugu Feng’s words had not only caused Kaizer to be stunned, but also the people around him. Each one of them had gone blank in the face.

“He has a Heaven Tier Battle Skill? Heavens, that can’t be true.”

“Out of the surrounding kingdoms, only the Changyang clan of the Gesun Kingdom has a Heaven Tier Battle Skill. I’ve never heard of any other person in possession of a battle skill of the same magnitude.”

“Peh! Even Heaven Saint Masters would kill to have just one. How is it that an Earth Saint Master like him would have two? I don’t believe it for a second.”

“Yeah, he’s got to be lying.”

With everyone talking to one another, they were all convinced that Dugu Feng didn’t have a Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

Even Kaizer didn’t believe that this twenty something year old youth in front of him had a Heaven Tier Battle Skill. Taunting him, he said, “If you really have one, then why not show it for everyone to see!”

“That’s right, show this Heaven Tier Battle Skill for us to see!”

“Open our eyes to this new world. Show us what a Heaven Tier Battle Skill looks like!”

As Kaizer finished speaking, everyone around him joined in conjunction with eyes that seemed to ridicule Dugu Feng.

Dugu Feng only smile coldly from where he stood. Looking behind Kaizer, he took notice of Jian Chen, Ming Dong, Tie Ta, and You Yue. They had just exited through the VIP entrance.

Just barely after Jian Chen had stepped out from the passageway, he gave a small chuckle, “Will wonders never cease? The auction has only just finished, yet there is already another spectacle to watch. What an exciting day this has been.”

Jian Chen had not spoken in a loud voice, but when he spoke, everyone had clearly heard his words. They turned to face him and the other three.

Kaizer turned to look at Jian Chen. When he saw the handsome face of his, his eyes widened as he thought back to the Wu Yun of two years ago.

Jian Chen’s face changing ability had fooled the eyes of many in Fengyang City, but he had still been forced to escape from the city using the wells and the passageways below. As a result, the herbs he had used to change his facial appearance had been completely washed away, allowing Kaizer to see Jian Chen’s true face.

Staring hard at the familiar face of Jian Chen, Kaizer slowly enunciated his next phrase word for word. “So, you’re the real Wu Yun.”

Everyone was shocked once more when they heard what Kaizer had said. Looking at Jian Chen with bizarre eyes, none of them had ever expect to hear that they had nearly picked a fight with the wrong person.

Striding into the crowd, Jian Chen revealed a cold smile on his face, “Yan Kaizer, you still remember me it seems. I didn’t expect that. You are correct, I am the Wu Yun you threw off the cliff two years ago.”

With Jian Chen himself confirming who he was, everyone else had no other choice but to accept it. They had found the wrong person; this man who had sold the two Class 5 Monster Cores was not the same Wu Yun as two years ago.

Several strong-looking men quickly walked forward to surround Jian Chen’s group. One of the men gave an angry declaration, “Wu Yun, you’ve killed many men from my Youlan clan, an unforgivable crime! You will not leave Fengyang City alive!”

From the Heiming clan’s group, a middle-aged man hurried to the clan head and whispered into his ear, “My lord, he is the one that injured the young master a few days ago.”

A bright light shined in the man’s eyes as he replied, “I had not thought that it would be Wu Yun that injured my son. Peh, Wu Yun slaughtered many of our men two years ago, I shall make good on our debts, both old and new.”

With that, the man waved his hand and two dozen of his men surrounded Jian Chen so tightly that not even water could escape.

Studying Jian Chen’s group, Kaizer could only detect the strength of Tie Ta and You Yue. Ming Dong and Jian Chen on the other hand had completely hidden their presences. They made it so Kaizer had no way to determine their strength. However, Kaizer still hadn’t thought the two of them to be a threat. They were young after all, they shouldn’t be a match for him no matter how strong they were for their age.

Kaizer sneered, “Wu Yun, you’ve arrived at a good timing, I’ve nearly made ill with the wrong person.” Whirling around to face Dugu Feng, Wu Yun hesitated for a moment before cupping his hands together. “Dear brother, I mistook you for another. I hope you forgive this sin of mine; perhaps in the future when there is time, please come to Loess City and have a seat with my Harido clan.” If this person in front of him had been Wu Yun, then Kaizer would have killed him without thinking of the consequences. After throwing Wu Yun off a cliff two years ago, the hatred between the two would never be washed away without one of them being killed. With him mistaking the wrong person, Kaizer had immediately felt apologetic to this Earth Saint Master. The Harido clan would view an expert like this with high regards.

Dugu Feng refused to say anything, so Kaizer had decided not to mince anymore words. He turned to face everyone else. “I, Kaizer, have unfinished business with Wu Yun. Please allow my Harido clan to deal with this.”

Ankhs displayed a dark expression on his face as he stared at Jian Chen. “These four are the ones in booth eight that refused to stand down against my Harido clan. Everyone saw what happened in the auction house yourselves. I hope that you will give us some face and allow the two of us to deal with them.”

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