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Chapter 567: A Full Display of Might (Two)

There was a grim expression on Kaizer’s face as he stared aghast at Dugu Feng. The fact that Dugu Feng was an Earth Saint Master was surprising enough, but he didn’t think that Dugu Feng would also be stronger than him by a decent amount.

“Sire, what is the meaning of this? If it is for my earlier slight, this old man has already apologized to you, or was that not to your satisfaction?” Kaizer asked with a dark tone. Dugu Feng’s strength was stronger than his own, causing him to feel slightly worried. A person like this was not to be fought against unless there was no other choice.

Still clutching the flame sword, Dugu Feng stared expressionlessly at Kaizer. His eyes were brilliantly cold, but he did not speak a single word. Instead, he slowly walked toward Jian Chen’s group in front of everyone’s wide open eyes, and stood resolutely right behind him.

Now that they were greeted with such a sight, everyone had come to the startling realization that the two of them were of the same group.

There was a very uncomfortable look on Kaizer’s face as he connected the dots between the person he apologized to and Wu Yun. An extremely embarrassed look crept onto his face as he suddenly felt like palming his own forehead.

“I didn’t think that you two would be working together. Wu Yun, you have some stuff to you if you were able to bring an Earth Saint Master into your fold, but if you think a single one would be able to intimidate me, you are simply far too naive.” Kaizer spoke with clenched teeth.

Staring at Kaizer as if he was beneath him, Jian Chen sneered, “Who is the naive one I wonder. You’ll find out soon enough. Yan Kaizer, I will settle this two year debt of ours today.”

“Haha, that much is right. We will settle it once and for all. Not once have I ever thought that you would escape after being pushed down that cliff, but here you stand in front of me two years later. You must hate me tremendously for what happened that year, so I, Kaizer, will offer you a fair match. But the people here are too many for my liking. Why don’t we go outside to settle this?” Kaizer smiled coldly in return. Now that the battle skill had been revealed, everyone was waiting for a chance to snatch it from Jian Chen. With the way things were now, the best way to grab ahold of it would be to wait until Jian Chen was dead or beaten, and then take the battle skill from his body. If there were no battle skills to be found, then he could still be taken home and interrogated.

As a result, every single party here with a grudge against Jian Chen were fighting each other to be the first to announce their grudges. These announcements were in fear that someone else would take advantage and fight Jian Chen first for his battle skill. Fighting him in a fair battle and obtaining the battle skill after his defeat was what everyone planned on doing, Kaizer included.

Jian Chen gave a light shake of his head to decline Kaizer’s suggestion. “This place will do — it’s a large enough area. I’ve not enough time to waste going with you to run off to some place.” Staring coldly at everyone else around him, Jian Chen smiled, “Two years ago, I became an enemy to plenty of people here. So, now whomever has a grudge stand forward. We will sever that grudge here and now.”

“Brat, you’re being impudent. Don’t think that because you hired an Earth Saint Master to help resolve your matters you’ll be able to get away. You killed plenty of people from the three major clans of Fengyang City, not a single one of our clans will ever forgive you for that.” Another three people distinguished themselves from the crowd as the three major clan heads of the city.

In this current moment, the representatives of the three major clans had stepped in front of Jian Chen as the ones that would fight him. Only the lord of the city was left standing behind in silence.

Sweeping his eyes around the place, Jian Chen asked in a calm manner, “Who else bears a grudge with me or desires my Earth Tier Battle Skill? Step forth now.” By his last phrase, Jian Chen’s voice had grown progressively colder.

“Wu Yun, you rampant bastard. Do you think yourself to be a Heaven Saint Master? Even with so many of us here, you’d still dare to act in such a presumptuous manner? Do you mean to ignore us as if our existence isn’t even worth noticing then?!” One of the middle-aged men growled. With three of the major clans of Fengyang City and the two members from the Harido clan, there were already five Earth Saint Masters gathered in opposition. The very notion that Jian Chen dared to act in such a manner against five Earth Saint Masters angered them all greatly. Such an action was clearly disregarding their power, and for people that enjoyed the respect others gave them, this was an unbearable action.

The tiger cub sat quietly in its spot in Jian Chen’s robes. Both of its eyes were filled with an intelligent light. It glanced around the place filled with curiosity. Affectionately rubbing the fur of the tiger cub, Jian Chen gave a smile that felt more cold than it was warm, “Those with no business here should stand down or risk injury. Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, whomever stands against us, slaughter them.”

Without a word, Dugu Feng flew forward with fire billowing from his flaming sword as he hefted it into the air. In an instant, he had already flew toward the Great Saint Masters, and aimed his sword at their chests to successfully bisect some of them in half.

Ming Dong had not hesitated either. As soon as Jian Chen gave his commands, Ming Dong took out his own Saint Weapon, and transformed into an azure light that flew off with unbelievable speed toward Kaizer. Throughout his actions, there had been an intense killing intent within the eyes of Ming Dong.

The sudden actions of the two men had caused a war to form between both sides, which forced the surrounding bystanders to quickly run back a few steps. This was to avoid being caught in the battle by accident.

As a user of wind Saint Force, Ming Dong was extremely fast. All Kaizer himself could see was a blur of azure light before a single longsword appeared right in front of his chest. In his panic and shock, Kaizer brought his hammer up to narrowly defend himself against the sword stroke.


The accumulated energy within Ming Dong’s sword burst forth upon impact with Kaizer’s hammer in a far larger scale than what had exploded from Kaizer’s weapon. Consequently, Kaizer was sent flying into the air before landing on the ground roughly twenty meters away. His feet stumbled one after another as he tried to stabilize himself. It had taken another ten or so meters before he was finally able to stop himself from falling over. Whenever he had stepped on the ground to stop himself, cracks had formed from the amount of force he had used — one area of marble had been reduced to dust.

“B… but how can this be? Yo-you’re a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master.” Kaizer gasped in shock at the youthful face of Ming Dong. He couldn’t believe what he had experienced, and was having a small panic attack within his heart. His face rapidly paled as he properly registered the strength of the youth. His strength was practically on the same level of strength as the head of the Harido clan.

From the very beginning, Ming Dong had hid his strength so that no one that looked at him would know that he was an Earth Saint Master. Now that he had begun to fight, the strength that he was hiding had finally been revealed. This reveal had been world-shaking to everyone who had initially thought him to be a mere Great Saint Master, and many of them still couldn’t quite believe it when they looked again at how young he was.

The head of the Feng family had been surprised as well to see Ming Dong’s strength. “It’s no wonder; if that youth is a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master, then there is no question about why Wu Yun was so calm in such a situation. If he can rely on a figure like that, then no faction here would be able to last against a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master.”

The headmaster of the Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion rejoiced to himself in secret as well, “I had no idea that Wu Yun would have someone as strong as him. Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Masters are very rare in the Blue Wind Kingdom; all it takes is a single step more to become a Heaven Saint Master. It’s a good thing I did not step into this affair as well, or else I could have very well died here today.”

The vice-headmaster was gleeful as well, “Headmaster, you are truly wise beyond belief. Our pavilion has escaped this calamity in one piece.”

“We should step back a bit and watch how these three clans will survive this ordeal. A Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master stands a very good chance against five Earth Saint Masters. If he holds a battle skill, then…” The Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion headmaster sighed and spoke no more. There wasn’t a need to finish his sentence for anyone to understand.

The surrounding crowd had given a large space for the group in the middle to fight it out. The appearance of a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master symbolized a truly powerful force that everyone greatly feared. Even the major factions of a First Class City wouldn’t dare offend such a figure.

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