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Chapter 568: A Full Display of Might (Three)

A short amount of time later, Dugu Feng had managed to kill nearly a dozen Great Saint Masters and Saint Masters before finally being stalled by the three Earth Saint Masters from the three major clans of Fengyang City. They started a fierce battle in the middle of the streets, and whenever both sides clashed against one another, tremendous surges of energy wash over the surrounding area in every direction. The nearby buildings that were struck by the waves of energy suffered tremendous amounts of damages as a result.

Even the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House had not escaped disaster. The giant doors had been unable to endure the surge of energy that struck it. It shook endlessly. Dust fell to the ground as fractures formed everywhere nearby.

The battle between the Earth Saint Masters had gotten progressively more intense, forcing the audience to take yet another few steps back to guarantee their safety. A wide open area had been left behind for the two sides to battle it out, but the men of weaker strengths had still been slightly injured by the whiplash of energy that exploded from the battle.

Ming Dong’s current focus was entirely on Kaizer. With each strike, he would force back Kaizer step by step without any hesitation in his movements. Taking advantage of any opening, he would draw close to Kaizer with blinding speed. His own longsword would every so often strike at Kaizer’s chest with an astounding amount of energy.

Kaizer was merely a First Cycle Earth Saint Master in strength — a ranking that was vastly inferior to a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master. Just before he could recover his footing after the previous strike, Ming Dong had suddenly reappeared right in front of him. With a ruthless stab of his sword, Ming Dong pierced straight through Kaizer’s chest.

The pain from the stab had forced Kaizer to let out a muffled grunt of pain as blood drained from his face. Overwhelmed with shock as he looked at Ming Dong, the youth gave Kaizer a sensation of fear that was far stronger than what the head of the Harido clan gave him.

A merciless smile appeared on Ming Dong’s face as he watched Kaizer’s reaction. Without giving him anytime to react further than that, Ming Dong began to inject his Saint Force through his sword and into Kaizer’s chest. Directly infiltrating his body, the Saint Force instantly began to destroy his internal organs.

“Aaaah~~” A wretched scream of pain emerged from Kaizer’s mouth as his face contorted in pain. The destruction of his internal organs had given him such anguish, and the pain from the longsword piercing his chest had been far more than he could possibly endure in silence.

After a short bout of battle, Ming Dong had grievously injured an Earth Saint Master to the point that the opposing party was unable to continue battling. Such a success was so astonishing that the spectators were rendered speechless for half a day.

An Earth Saint Master was the strongest position held in Fengyang City due to there only being a trifling amount of them. For the rest of the city, an Earth Saint Master was a tree one could never hope to scale. Thus, everyone felt a tremendous shock when they watched such a strong individual be treated so weakly.

“Kaizer!” Ankhs cried out. It hadn’t even been several seconds since Kaizer’s battle with Ming Dong had started, and Ankhs didn’t think that Ming Dong would be as strong as he was. Within two exchanges, he had beaten the Earth Saint Master Kaizer into submission.

Without anymore hesitation, Ankhs took out his own Saint Weapon to charge at Ming Dong to see if he could stop Ming Dong and save Kaizer. Despite the fact that he was more than aware that his opponent was a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master, now was not the time to be afraid.

There had been a flash of killing intent once more in Ming Dong’s eyes when he saw Ankhs come charging at him. With a sneer, Ming Dong flickered out of sight and then reappeared right in front of Ankhs with his longsword stabbing outwards.

Ankhs was stronger than Kaizer by a decent amount since he was a Second Cycle Earth Saint Master. This meant that there was still a very substantial difference between the two, but he would still be completely dominated by Ming Dong. Under the assault of Ming Dong, Ankhs found himself unable to do anything but defend.

“Sire, I have no idea what great price Wu Yun has offered for you to risk offending my Harido clan, but as long as you don’t interfere any longer, my Harido clan will offer you just as much Wu Yun has offered you. There is no worth to making an enemy out of my Harido clan; the ancestor of our clan is on the verge of becoming a Heaven Saint Master and turning our clan into one of the best clans in the Blue Wind Kingdom. Why not exchange our weapons of war for banners of silk instead? We can kill Wu Yun together and plunder the battle skill for both of us.” Ankhs cried out. He knew that he wasn’t a match for Ming Dong. Therefore, he could only hope to deter and tempt him with the might of the Harido clan so that some fear or greed might take hold in his opponent’s heart.

There was no way that Ankhs would know just how deep the relationship between Jian Chen and Ming Dong was. His words here were completely useless and only served to anger Ming Dong even more.

“Your words are enough for me to wish to kill you today at all costs!” Ming Dong spoke with an icy tone. Unbridled fury could be seen in his eyes and the sword in his hand increased in strength.

With Ming Dong fighting with his all, the pressure on Ankhs tremendously increased. With three weak exchanges, Ankhs arm was lopped off by Ming Dong.

“Ah!” With one of his arms severed, Ankhs let out a miserable howl that spread throughout the area with a hair-raising sound; this was what an Earth Saint Master sounded like when in pain.

The intense pain had dulled Ankh’s nerves and reactions as a result, causing his reaction speed to take a tremendous drop. While he was trying to control the pain, a flash of azure light blurred past his eyes, and in the next moment, Ankhs had lost all feeling he had in his body. His pain-filled cries had stopped as well.

One could only see his head separate from his body in a high arc. Spinning two meters into the air, it came flying down with blood sprinkling the entire area.

The bystanders could only watch with eyes wide open in shock as they watched the spectacle in disbelief. None of them had imagined that in the short period of time this battle had taken place, an Earth Saint Master would fall so easily and in such a miserable state. His entire head had been decapitated from his body so that he wouldn’t even pass on to the next life with a whole body. Even the visitors from the First Class City couldn’t believe their eyes at what they saw.

Having witnessed an Earth Saint Master fall in such a manner was a tremendous attack on the perspective people had about Earth Saint Masters.

On the other hand, the three Earth Saint Masters fighting with Dugu Feng had been subjected to shock as well. They were quick to regain their wits before glancing at each other. With a knowing nod to one another, they abandoned their fight with Dugu Feng and flew toward Jain Chen and You Yue in an attempt to pressure both Ming Dong and Dugu Feng.

Seeing that the three men weren’t even trying to escape and were instead running for Jian Chen, Ming Dong and Dugu Feng finally cracked open a mocking smile. Not even moving to stop them, the two of them charged toward the others that had took a step forward earlier, for they had been ordered by Jian Chen to slay whoever came forward.

Emotionless for a brief moment, Jian Chen watched the three Earth Saint Masters run at him as a cold sneer that gradually made its way on his face. Lifting his finger, three rays of Sword Qi extended from his fingertips and shot toward the three enemies.

Caught off guard, the three of them were stabbed straight through their chests. The Sword Qi remained within their chests, causing havoc with their internal organs and destroying them.

Suffering such a tremendous amount of damage, the three men came to a grinding stop as their faces completely drained of color. Some blood flew out of their mouths. Sensing that their internal organs had been destroyed by Sword Qi, they each had a look of despair appear on their faces. The destruction of their internal organs wasn’t enough to kill them immediately, but they would die nonetheless. Unless an extremely advanced Radiant Saint Master was on hand to heal them, they would die. Within Fengyang City, there was no such Radiant Saint Master to help them.

Soon after the Earth Saint Masters fell, the rest of the remaining Great Saint Masters had been rendered defenseless by Ming Dong and Dugu Feng. By their hands, dozens of men had been killed and the streets had been dyed with their blood.

The three Earth Saint Master were left kneeling on the ground as the remaining amount of blood in their bodies had begun to drain. Shock filled their entire system as they each looked up to Jian Chen unconvinced that this had truly happened to them. Not a single one of them would have possibly imagined that Jian Chen’s strength was even more terrifying than the two Earth Saint Masters helping him. None of the three had even seen what those three rays of light were.

Ming Dong forced the grievously injured Kaizer to kneel in front of Jian Chen, “Brother, what do you plan to do with him?”

Ashen with defeat, Kaizer knew that using the Harido clan to intimidate Jian Chen was useless since Jian Chen himself possessed a strength that wouldn’t need to fear the Harido clan.

Staring frostily at Kaizer, Jian Chen smiled, “Yan Kaizer, here we stand today with our debts from two years ago complete. Your Harido clan and the three major clans of Fengyang City not only tried to take what is mine, but you even tried to make me a prisoner. I have never forgotten this debt for the past two years, and now today it is finally over.

Yan Kaizer slowly lifted his head to look at Jian Chen’s young face. Kaizer’s face was very terrifying to see since it lacked blood because of the severe wounds he had sustained.

“If I had known about this day earlier, then I would have chased down that cliff to make sure you really died.” Kaizer spoke with clenched teeth.

“Do you wish to die!” Ming Dong barked furiously and slammed a fist against Kaizer’s head, causing the skin of his head to spill blood.

There was a frosty light in Jian Chen’s eyes as he smiled. “It’s unfortunate the world doesn’t have medicine for regret. Time cannot flow backwards either; no roads are left open for you anymore.” Having said that, Jian Chen waved his hand, “Kill him!”

Without hesitation, a blade of wind Saint Force materialized in Ming Dong’s hand before he ruthlessly slammed it into Kaizer’s head. With the Saint Force entering his head, Kaizer’s soul was destroyed.

With nary a grunt or sound, Kaizer’s body weakly dropped to the ground, following the footsteps of Ankhs.

Turning to the three Earth Saint Masters of the major clans of Fengyang City, Jian Chen revealed a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes, “Now. Wouldn’t the three of you say that I still have a debt to finish with you three as well?”

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