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Chapter 570: The Change in the Yun Family

News of the what had transpired inside and outside the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House quickly made its way to head of the Yun Family. When he heard that the head of the Heiming clan had been killed, he was stupefied.

“But how? How is this possible? Not only was the head of the Heiming clan killed, the heads of the other two major clans were killed as well. They were all Earth Saint Masters though!” The head of the Yun family muttered in dismay. It was very hard for him to believe this recent bit of information, and his heart was still finding it very shocking even now.

A young woman wearing a red skirt walked into the room with a look of discomfort on her face. “Father, I’ve just heard that the heads of the three major clans were killed off, is that true?”

“It’s drivel. That’s what it is. The three of them were all Earth Saint Masters. Who in Fengyang City could possibly kill all three of them? It has to be false. Men! Go out and investigate the truth behind this matter and report back to me.” The head of the Yun family boomed with an irritated command.

“Yes, my lord. Your subordinate will go make the inquiries straight away.” The guard stationed in the room immediately ran off to verify the reports.

It did not take long for the man to come back to give his report. With a frightened face, he said, “ My lord, the news was not falsified at all. The heads of the three major clans have all been killed. Their bodies litter the streets next to the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House! Many other experts were killed as well!”

Thunderstruck by this disastrous turn of events, the head of the Yun family had originally took the news to be a rumor and didn’t believe it. Now hearing the news from the mouth of his subordinate left him with no other choice but to believe it. Despite it being hard to stomach, he simply couldn’t deny it any longer.

“Is that true? Did you personally see the corpses of the three heads?” Lord Yun’s hands clasped tightly onto the soldier’s shoulders as if trying to choke out the truth.

“Y-yes my lord. It is absolutely true. Your servant personally bore witness to the three corpses. There is no way this is not true.” The soldier spoke in alarm. Now that three major individuals of Fengyang City were dead, the soldier didn’t know what to think. This was as unexpected as a bolt of lightning from clear skies.

Dazed, the lord broke away from the soldier with an absent-minded look. His Yun family was indeed a power within Fengyang City, but there were still plenty of other parties and mercenary groups that were stronger than him. The Yun family as it was was a party that was better kept under the table than on top. He had originally planned for his family to tie themselves to the Heiming clan to give them some semblance of power. The betrothment between the two powers had already been prepared; all they had to do was wait for the marriage. Then the Yun family would skyrocket in power.

However, the Yun family would be equally struck by this disastrous turn of events that befell the Heiming clan with all their Earth Saint Masters being killed. The lord of the Yun family knew that if by chance the head Earth Saint Master was killed, then the Heiming clan would lose their status as one of the top three clans and drop by an abnormal amount. Their dreams of rising exponentially in power and status had been dashed, turning into nothing in a single stroke. In other words, the fall of the Heiming clan had meant the chance of the Yun family becoming successful significantly fell.

When the red-skirted woman heard that the Heiming clan had lost their leader, she was excited. For a moment, she hesitated before asking, “Father, now that the Heiming clan has lost their Earth Saint Master and a good amount of their stronger men, their power has fallen. The benefits we would gain by associating with them would be trivial. Do you think that we should annul the betrothment we have with them as well?”

“Belay that!” The lord immediately dashed the young woman’s hopes. “You may be right. The Heiming clan has lost their Earth Saint Master and are no longer as strong as before, but even as that stands, they hold a plethora of information about the inner workings of the city. No other power can match that. Our Yun family would still benefit from this marriage, so don’t go around dreaming of such an impractical reality.”

An unusual amount of frost had appeared within the woman’s eyes with those words, but the man did not notice the change.

The drastic turn of events had been a huge blow to the development of the Yun family, giving the man a tremendous headache. Letting out a heavy sigh, the man walked to his desk, “Yun Lian, fetch your father a cup of tea!”

“Yes!” The young woman replied before moving to prepare a cup of tea for her father. Then standing behind her father, she began to dutifully give him a massage as expected from the offspring of a parent.

Bringing the cup up to his lips, the lord of the Yun family had only just taken a sip from his cup of tea when his daughter began to suddenly radiate murderous intent. A delicate-looking dagger slid into her hand before she ruthlessly stabbed it into the back of her father.

“Tzzk!” Under the unflinching hand of the woman, the dagger buried itself so deeply within the man that not even the blade could be seen.

The man let out a pained cry as the cup of tea in his hand fell to the table. He too was a man that practiced and cultivated Saint Force; consequently, he possessed a quick reaction speed. He immediately rose from his chair and backhanded the woman away. She flew across the room before slamming into the wall on the opposite side, but the damage had been done. With a mouthful of blood, the man knew that he had been seriously injured.

Pulling out the delicate dagger that had been embedded in his back, the man looked at his daughter in disbelief, “Yun Lian, what has gotten into you? What reason do you have to kill your own father?”

Staggering back up, the woman’s eyes were flowing with tears as she stared hatefully at the head of the Yun family. Clenching her teeth, she angrily replied, “You don’t deserve to be called my father! You are a murderer, the murderer of my mother! Don’t think I don’t know what you did with my mother. I will take revenge for her!”

Startled, the man threw down the dagger in his hand in outrage, “Yun Lian, have you gone mad? What in the world are you saying?”

By now, Yun Lian had lost all pretense of being the golden daughter she had been pretending to be. Letting out an angry shout, she said, “Yun Tian, don’t you dare lie to me. Tell me how my mother died!”

With a serious expression, the man replied, “Did your mother not contract a serious illness?”

“You lie! Don’t try to deceive me. I know all about what happened that very night. I was watching from a secret spot; my mother didn’t die from any illness. It was you that beat her to death. You killed my mother. You are not my father!” She shrieked.

“What are you saying? Where did you see such a thing?” The man questioned, aghast at what she was saying.

Still staring hatefully at the man, the woman spat out the next line with clenched teeth, “That’s right. You did something with my mother that night. From where I was hidden, I could see you beat mother to death!”

“My mother was a cultivator. She also owned an Earth Tier Battle Skill. She became a cripple because her Saint Weapon had been shattered. When you found out that mother had a battle skill, you wanted her to hand it over to you, but she refused! It was through your fists that you attempted to beat it out of her, but with her Saint Weapon gone and her weakened body, she was killed when you took the beating too far! I know everything, don’t even try to cheat your way out of this. You cannot lie to me. You have the face of a human, but the heart of a beast! By no means do you have the right to call yourself my father. Today is the day I will kill you to take revenge for my mother!”

A drastic change had overcome the man’s face now as he stared gravely at his daughter. “I didn’t realize that you had witnessed that night with such clarity. I’ve clearly underestimated you, especially if you were able to carry on for so many years with such a heavy heart without my detection. That in itself is worthy of being called my daughter. Yet, how do you plan on killing me with a single piece of cutlery? You haven’t condensed your Saint Weapon yet, nor are you a Saint. What means do you have to kill me?”

“You belittle me too much. There’s no way I’d believe so naively that I could kill you with a single knife. I smeared some poison on that dagger that I bought for a heavy price at the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House. The poison is a dangerous one that will escape even your senses. Yun Tian, you cannot escape death today. May you go to the underworld and be buried with my mother!” The woman let out a cold laugh as she spat out her hatred for him.

“What? You’ve poisoned the dagger!?” The head of the Yun Family cried out with terror. Throwing himself at the woman, he roared, “Hand over the antidote at once!”

She had been prepared for such an action. The moment he had charged at her, she ran for the door and quickly disappeared from sight.

He had not given chase and instead stared venomously in the direction she had disappeared. Angrily, he said, “What a terrible brat to conspire to kill your father. You will not escape me!” From the middle of his room, he hurriedly took out a bottle filled with pills of antidote. He swallowed the pills to alleviate the poison or at least halt its current progress in his body.

After swallowing the antidote pills, the head of the Yun family stalked out of his room. Calling forth for his men, he and the hundred others immediately left the household right away.

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