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Chapter 571: The Battle Skill Heirloom of the Bi Family

Leaving with haste from the Yun family, the young woman rode her Class 1 Magical Beast mount at great speeds down the street. Her body was in a weaker state than before since she had been struck by the head of the family. She had received no major injuries, but she was not a Saint yet. Her body was not accustomed to taking such a blow; thus, it heavily impacted her condition, causing her face to pale.

“I want her captured! You unfilial daughter, who are you to try and kill your own father!?” The angry voice of her father exploded from behind. The fabric on his back was completely drenched in blood. He, along with several dozen soldiers, chased after her with great haste. They were unable to fly through the streets since they were congested, so they had trouble catching up to her. The Yun family didn’t have many magical beasts to begin with; therefore, many of the soldiers could only rely on their legs to run. Only the head of the Yun family and his most loyal soldiers rode a mount. Both groups blazed down the streets.

With both sides racing and crossing over several major streets, they managed to travel several kilometers away from the center of the city. By now, the father had already closed the distance from several hundred meters to just a few dozen.

Seeing that her father was gaining on her, the daughter knew that she wouldn’t be able to escape if this continued. With a moment’s hesitation, she immediately turned into a nearby alleyway.

“Wretched girl, don’t waste your energy! You cannot escape from me. Hurry up and hand over the antidote!” The father roared. His expression was panicked. He could tell the poison within his body was slowly coursing throughout it. The antidotes he had swallowed earlier weren’t able to counteract the poison. The only solution left was to find the actual antidote.

The woman completely ignored the words her father spat out. Urging her stead to run even faster, she finally came to a stop right in front of an inn. She threw herself down from the mount to run in. She knew that the person she was looking for was in this place.

When she ran into the inn, the head of the Yun family and the other soldiers immediately came to a stop by the entrance.

“Surround the inn and prevent that unfilial daughter of mine from escaping. You there, follow me in.” The man commanded before storming into the inn with his soldiers.

At the same time, Jian Chen and his group were gathered together within one of the rooms.

“Jian Chen, the three major clans of Fengyang City have lost plenty of their experts, but their clans still remain. Do you think we should eradicate their clans entirely? After how they treated you two years ago, our strength now would be more than enough to make sure they pay retribution. We shouldn’t let them off so easily, especially the Harido clan. Now that we’ve killed two of their Earth Saint Masters, they won’t take that matter lying down. Even if they don’t do anything now, they will, without a doubt, work against us in the future when the time is right. At the very least, we should cut off the Harido clan and burn the roots so that they will never rise up against us.” Ming Dong proposed.

“Wouldn’t that be too cruel? It was only a single person that offended Jian Chen, and he’s dead now. Why should we involve their clan? They’re innocent in this.” Tie Ta blurted out.

Giving a thoughtful hum, Jian Chen replied, “That much is true. Burning the roots would prevent any future actions against us. The man that slighted me may be dead, but the hatred their clan possesses for me will not be so easily resolved. Since we’ve killed two of their stronger individuals, their hatred will be even deeper. Without a doubt they will bury their feelings and wait for a time to strike when optimal to do the most damage to us.”

“If you think so, then we should take care of the Harido clan straight away after we leave Fengyang City.” Ming Dong spoke.

“There’s no need to rush. Our current task at hand is to further develop our strength and wait until the Flame Mercenaries have established a decent scope of control. Soon, even the Harido clan will ask to join the Flame Mercenaries.” Jian Chen responded. He was very much aware of the fact that killing two individuals would give plenty of trouble for him in the future, so it was best to get rid of the source straight away.

Ming Dong hung his head in thought before realizing something, “Well then, how about this. Why don’t we leave the Harido clan for now and have the Flame Mercenaries take care of them as practice.”

“I have satisfied the grievances I had from my journey to this auction house two years ago. We should rest for the night and leave tomorrow morning for the next First Class City to gather some mercenaries.” Jian Chen replied.

“Fine then, we’ll return first. The Illusionary Flash is far too mysterious for me to comprehend in a single go anyways. Now that my level of comprehension has increased, I feel that I have a better chance of understanding it.” Ming Dong nodded his head as he stood up from his chair.

Jian Chen could only sigh when he heard him mention the Illusionary Flash. There was regret on his face. This battle skill had been profoundly deep, and was regretfully only usable with Saint Force. He was unable to use this battle skill since he bad no Saint Force, nothing more could be said about that.

“I wonder just when I will be able to use the Chaotic Force, and if I’ll be able to use the Chaotic Force to use the Illusionary Flash.” Jian Chen thought to himself. He knew that it would be a long journey until he was able to use the Chaotic Force due to the difficulty of cultivating it. His only path as of now was to gather Ruler Armaments and absorb the energy within them to refine them into Chaotic Force. However, it would take a tremendous amount of time to accomplish such a task.

A single wisp of Chaotic Force was equivalent to the strength of a Saint Ruler. Even if he were to refine monster cores into Chaotic Force, it would take a sea of them for a single strand.

“Jian Chen, you should rest up as well. We’ll be taking our leave.” You Yue spoke softly to Jian Chen as they all stood up to leave.

As soon as Ming Dong opened the door, a bright-red blur shot into the room with staggering footsteps before collapsing to the floor.

Jian Chen and Ming Dong strangely looked at the sudden arrival that was this red-skirted young woman. At a glance, they recognized her as the young daughter of the Yun family from a week ago.

“Hey hey, what on earth are you doing barging into our rooms like that?” Ming Dong asked with bemusement.

When she stood back up onto her feet, her face was exuberantly pale and her hair had been frazzled from the wind. Such a disheveled figure like the one she had now was completely different than from the graceful figure she had back then.

The eyes of the young woman shot straight to Jian Chen with a hard to detect hint of panic and apprehension. Hesitating for only a fraction of a moment, she steeled her nerves and said, “My lords, I know that you are all very strong people. I have a matter that I hope that you will be able to help me with; if you help me destroy the Yun family, then I will repay you in kind with an Earth Tier Battle Skill.” Although she looked calm on the outside, her voice had betrayed the nervousness she felt in her heart.

Ming Dong observed the young woman with a pondering glance, “If I remember correctly, you’re the young daughter of the Yun family. How queer, the daughter of the Yun family asking us to eradicate the very same family. Just what type of herb did you mix together and take? You said you have an Earth Tier Battle Skill, how could we believe such a thing, or did you take us to be three year old children?”

Growing more anxious, she pressed on, “It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not. The battle skill I mention is true. As long as you help me destroy the Yun family, I will hand it over to you.”

“So I see, you wretched girl, you’ve been hiding secrets from me all this time!” Suddenly, a furious roar sounded from outside the room as the head of the Yun family and his strong-looking soldiers came into the room. His eyes landed upon Jian Chen and the others. While they all looked young to him, the man knew that they couldn’t be taken lightly if his daughter had spoken to them in such a manner.

“My lords, I am the lord of Fengyang City’s Yun family. This girl here has gone mad and tried to kill her own father. Her words cannot be trusted. Whatever Earth Tier Battle Skill it is, is something she fabricated and cannot be believed. I’ll be taking her back home. If we have bothered you with this scene, I give my utmost apologies.” The man politely explained to Jian Chen. It had only taken a moment for him to devise a plan on what to say. Ever since his daughter had spoken, he could already tell that the gathering of people in this room were not people he could afford to offend.

With that, the head of the Yun family turned to the soldiers outside the room. “What are you loafing around for? Hurry up and escort my daughter back home!”

“Yes!” The soldiers responded before moving to grab her.

As soon as their feet crossed into the room, Dugu Feng had immediately stepped forward to block them from entering. With an intimidating glare, he asked, “Out. Who said you could walk into this room as you please?”

Startled, the head of the Yun family was further convinced that these youths could not be offended at all costs. “Ye-yes. We will not enter the room without your express approval. If we may please implore you to allow us to escort my mad daughter home, we will avoid troubling you all any longer.”

Jian Chen’s eyes stared calmly at the young woman, “Miss, if you may please leave.”

Despair immediately overcame the young woman’s face. She knew that whether or not she would survive today was completely dependent on Jian Chen’s assistance. She knew that returning to the Yun family would mean eternal imprisonment for her now that her battle skill was known.

Pleading even harder now, she said, “I beg of you to help me. My Advance Earth Tier Battle Skill is yours in return.”

The head of the Yun family was ecstatic to hear that it was an Advance Earth Tier Battle Skill. Quickly schooling his emotions, he said, “Crazy girl! My lords, please ignore what my daughter is saying. She doesn’t have any battle skills at all; pay no attention to her.” He wanted nothing more than to rush up to stuff her mouth to prevent her from talking anymore, but Dugu Feng who was blocking the entryway had intimidated him into inaction.

“If you had an Earth Tier Battle Skill, then why didn’t you go seek out one of the other powers in Fengyang City to help do your bidding. I would imagine they would all be more than willing to help for an Earth Tier Battle Skill.” Jian Chen inquired.

“There was never a chance in the past, and I was never sure whether or not an Earth Tier Battle Skill would be enough to help me. Now that I am at my wits end, there is no other path to take. I beg of you to believe me. If you can help me, then I will impart my mother’s family’s battle skill, the Miracle Water of Bi. This is an invaluable battle skill I’m sure!” The woman desperately pleaded. The antidote was on her person. Hence, if she were to be captured and sent back home, then she would never be able to take revenge for her mother. Not only that, her own body would be endlessly tortured for the battle skill, and she had no doubts that her own father would go through any lengths to obtain it.

Upon mention of the battle skill, Jian Chen’s face revealed shock. His eyes immediately lit up with a bright glare as he shot straight up from his seat. Astonished, he honed straight on her as he questioned, “What did you say? The Miracle Water of Bi, is that right?” This battle skill had immediately brought forth a surge of emotions that he could not quell. It was by no means an unfamiliar battle skill to him. In fact, it was the battle skill that was passed down from each person in the Bi family.

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