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Chapter 572: The Identity of Bi Lian (One)

Such a major reaction from Jian Chen caused everyone in the room to jump in surprise, especially the ones that knew Jian Chen most like Ming Dong, You Yue, and Dugu Feng. This was the very first time they had witnessed Jian Chen react in such a way, so they were all flabbergasted at his expression, especially since it was only an Earth Tier Battle Skill.

“Jian Chen, what’s wrong with this Miracle Water of Bi?” The limpid eyes of You Yue observed Jian Chen as she inquired with a soft voice. It was very melodic to hear, like the song of a song-bird.

Ming Dong and Dugu Feng looked at Jian Chen curiously as well. If a mere Earth Tier Battle Skill could illicit such a reaction from Jian Chen, then surely there was more to the Miracle Water of Bi than what they had initially thought.

They had not been the only ones that were shocked. Even the young woman herself had been startled by Jian Chen’s reaction. Dumbstruck, she could only stand there in ignorance, wondering what she had done wrong.

Growing even more nervous, the head of the Yun family glowered at his daughter and boomed, “You crazy girl, don’t speak such a tremendous lie. How could you even possibly think that you could lie to such intelligent men like them? Hurry up and come back home with me like a good child.” The man was very worried that Jian Chen and the others would seriously believe that she had a battle skill and would interfere. Therefore, he decided to go for broke and charged into the room to grab her. This was his final attempt at trying to take her away to suppress her secret.

Dugu Feng did not stop the man from entering this time, allowing him to charge into the room without a problem. He tried to grab at the woman. However, Jian Chen’s eyes flashed dangerously as he growled, “Who let you enter this room, scram!” With a wave of his right hand, a wave of energy from the world burst forth and slammed squarely into the man’s body.

The head of the Yun family was only a primary Great Saint Master, and thus possessed no defenses against Jian Chen’s strike. Without even being able to react, his body was thrown back from the tremendous strike and into the wall behind him. He had slammed so hard into the wall that there was a crater from where he smashed through it. A splurt of blood could be seen flying out from his mouth.

Jian Chen’s control over the energy was exceptionally refined. He had only struck the head of the Yun family himself without any energy splashing over into the inn itself. The tremendous might from the blow had caused the soldiers of the Yun family and even the daughter to be terrified. Everyone could only whip their heads back to Jian Chen with paling faces of terror.

As a primary Great Saint Master, someone like the head of the Yun family could only be considered as a mediocre person within Fengyang City. However, even he would be considered as one of the stronger mediocre people. Therefore, when a person like him was sent flying without resistance by a youth no older than twenty-something, everyone could only look on in shock.

With pointed eyes, Jian Chen stared down the young woman and urged her on, “Do you really have the Miracle Water of Bi?”

She didn’t know why Jian Chen was so concerned about the Miracle Water of Bi, but his strength had frightened her so much that she could only nod in silence.

“Ming Dong, hand me a piece of parchment and a brush.” He asked Ming Dong.

“Right!” Without delay, Ming Dong turned around to walk out and retrieve both items Jian Chen had asked for from the innkeeper.

Putting both parchment and brush onto a table, Jian Chen told the woman, “Write down all that you know about the Miracle Water of Bi here.”

Hearing the non-negotiable order of Jian Chen, the woman hesitated for only a moment before finally responding, “If I write this down, then will you agree to my request? Will you destroy the Yun family and kill the murderer of my mother?”

“I promise.” This time, Jian Chen hadn’t hesitated to answer.

Having received Jian Chen’s promise, the young woman couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. She knew that this would go against her mother’s wishes when she was told to never give it to any outsider, but with the situation as it was, there had been no other choice.

Quickly putting the brush to the parchment, the young woman had soon written down a complete battle skill for Jian Chen.

Taking the word-filled parchment into his hands, Jian Chen began to look at the inner contents. The longer he read, the more thunderstruck he felt.

The Miracle Water of Bi was not unknown to Jian Chen since it was the battle skill that was handed down from generation to generation in the Bi family. Once, his uncle Bi Dao and mother Bi Yuntian had wanted to gift him the battle skill as well, but he was no longer capable of using Saint Force as a whole since he had lost his Saint Weapon. Furthermore, he knew that this Miracle Water of Bi was separated into three stages, the first was a Human Tier, the second was an Earth Tier, and the third was a Heaven Tier.

From what the woman had written down, it fully depicted the first and second stage of the Miracle Water of Bi. Word for word, it was a perfect match to what Bi Dao and his mother had once told him; this was far too much for Jian Chen to believe.

Slowly putting down the piece of paper, Jian Chen looked at the young woman seriously, “Tell me, where did you learn of this Miracle Water of Bi?”

“This was what my mother told me, is there a problem with it?” She answered with a puzzled expression.

“What was the name of your mother?”

When Jian Chen asked her, the young woman began to think hard, searching the deepest parts of her mind where memories of her kind and caring mother were kept. She couldn’t help but begin to tear up from these nostalgic but painful memories as she sobbed out, “My mother was called Bi Yunhai!”

As if struck by lightning, Jian Chen’s entire body began to shake as the parchment with the battle skill fell from his hands. In disbelief, Jian Chen looked at the young woman in despondence, “Bi Yunhai. Bi Yunhai. Your mother had the surname of Bi…”

Ming Dong and the others stared in confusion at Jian Chen; they didn’t know what had happened to the Bi family, and didn’t understand the relationship Jian Chen had with them. Naturally, they wouldn’t know why Jian Chen would be so taken aback when he heard that the young woman’s mother had the last name of Bi.

“Brother, are you okay?” Ming Dong couldn’t help but ask in concern. As Jian Chen was his brother, the mood of Jian Chen would influence him as well.

Quashing down the surge of emotions that was assaulting his mind, Jian Chen slowly shook his head. “I’m fine.” with that, his eyes turned back to fixedly stare at the young woman. In this single moment, the expression in his eyes drastically changed.

“What is your name?” Jian Chen asked with a surprisingly warm and kind voice.

“My name is Yun Lian!” She replied. Her bright eyes stared curiously at Jian Chen as if confused about the look Jian Chen was giving her. She was a clever person and could sense the change in Jian Chen’s voice, but it confounded her on why it had happened in the first place.

“Your mother has already died, correct?” Jian Chen asked.

Upon mention of her mother, Yun Lian’s eyes began to well up with tears once more before giving a grieved nod of her head.

Sighing, Jian Chen replied, “So your mother never told you about the Bi family.”

Yun Lian looked blankly at Jian Chen before shaking her head. She had not a single iota of knowledge relating to the Bi family.

“How did your mother die?” Jian Chen asked one word at a time with each pause growing even more cold than before.

A furious glare emerged from Yun Lian’s eyes as she tightly clenched her teeth. “My mother was beaten to death by the head of the Yun family. He is a beast in the shape of a man. For the sake of learning the Miracle Water of Bi from my mother, he tried to beat it out of her. But my mother was unwilling. Her body had already been weak, and after such an inhuman beating, she was unable to endure it any more. She left the world…”

Yun Lian burst into tears at this point, “My mother’s death was far too cruel. I must take revenge for the sake of my mother. Her murderer is no man, but a beast in disguise!” Although the head of the Yun family was her father, Yun Lian felt no emotions for him besides hatred.

Jian Chen’s fist had tightened so much that the knuckles in his hand released a series of crackling sounds in symbolization of his anger.

“Dugu Feng, bring the head of the Yun family here right now.” Jian Chen growled.

Dugu Feng gave a deep stare at Jian Chen before turning around to leave. Quickly bringing back the injured man, he tossed the man unceremoniously onto the ground.

The head of the Yun family had been grievously injured after receiving a single strike from Jian Chen. Even now, he found himself without the energy to stand back up. An Earth Saint Master wouldn’t be able to take the strike of a Heaven Saint Master let alone a Great Saint Master.

“You beast! I’ll definitely make sure you’ll be buried with my mother!” Yun Lian immediately kicked her father’s head with hatred. After carefully hiding her emotions for so long, she had finally found an opportunity to take revenge. The violent hate she felt was now spilling out all at once.

No one in the room stopped her. They decided to watch from the sidelines. The treatment that her mother had suffered by the hands of this man for a battle skill was more than enough for them all to be filled with anger as well.

After a moment, Yun Lian finally grew tired. Falling to the ground, she began to cry, tears streaming down. No one could understand her mind, and no one could understand the torment and pain she felt. On one hand, the head of the Yun family was her father, and on the other hand, it was he that had killed her mother. Confronted with such a cruel choice, it couldn’t possibly be a light situation for anyone else to take.

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