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Chapter 577: An Impressive Burial (One)

There had been no need for the commander to command them to stop, for the soldiers around Jian Chen were already at a complete stop. With terrified eyes, they observed the murderous aura radiating from Jian Chen in fear. Thoroughly intimidated by Jian Chen, not a single soldier dared to act as aggressive as before.

The commander feared that the soldiers had angered Jian Chen and that he would slaughter them all in anger, so the commander didn’t delay for even a moment. He leaped off the wall to run to Jian Chen. When he saw the dark and foreboding expression on Jian Chen’s face, the commander’s face grew nervous and his body started to shake.

This youngster in front of him was the very person that feared not even the Harido clan. A power like that was far beyond what Fengyang City could even think of annoying.

“My lord, please quell your anger. This was a mistake born from my careless discipline. Your humble servant will properly penalize these bastards who have done you wrong. This one hopes that you will turn the other cheek and forego what has happened just now and let bygones be bygones.” The commander hurriedly asked Jian Chen for forgiveness with an enchanting smile and a respectful salute. He was afraid that this small offense would cause another calamity to befall Fengyang City.

The commander carefully observed Jian Chen’s face before he hurriedly turned around to look at the soldiers around them. He would definitely not be as respectful to these soldiers as he was to Jian Chen. His face darkened as he let a voice filled with a superior boom from his mouth, “You sightless bastards! How dare you act so rudely against the lord here? Are you tired of living? Who was the idiot to stand up against this lord here? Stand front and center to beg for forgiveness at once!”

There was a slight shuffle of hesitation within the soldiers before finally a pale-faced soldier came stumbling out from behind the group. There was a clear footprint on his chest, marking him as the soldier Jian Chen had first kicked.

Striding over to the soldier, he slammed his foot into the butt of the soldier and began to scold him, “Hurry up and beg forgiveness from the lord!”

The commander had kicked him so hard that the soldier fell flat onto the ground next to Jian Chen’s feet. There was no anger in the soldier’s face at all, only complete and utter fear. He was fully aware of the fact that he had angered the worst person possible.

“My lord, this lowly soldier has done wrong. This lowly soldier with no eyes has erred and wasted the precious time of my lord. My lord, please be generous and spare the life of your subordinate.” The soldier lamented pitifully right in front of Jian Chen. Right now in the man’s mind, his regret had been so huge that his intestines had gone green.

With a heavy and dark expression, Jian Chen’s eyes frostily glared at the soldier in front of him. The series of events that had happened today had already caused his heart to feel down, causing his temperament to be crabbier. When the soldier had stopped him from carrying the coffin of his aunt Yunhai into the city, Jian Chen had truly been ready to kill. If not for the timely apology from the commander, there would have most likely been a bloodbath in front of the city gates.

By this time, You Yue had moved to Jian Chen’s side and held his left arm. “Jian Chen, let it go. There’s no need to waste time on such small matters.”

As a result of You Yue’s words, the murderous aura around Jian Chen’s body slowly ebbed away. Still staring icily at the soldier kneeling in front of him, he yelled, “Scram!”

Seeing that the situation had stabilized, the commander was able to let out the long breath of air he was holding mentally. Grabbing the clothes of the soldier and tossing him to the side, he cried out in anger, “Hurry up and move out of the way! Don’t block the lord’s path.” A smile then greeted his face as he spoke to Jian Chen with a cordial tone, “My lord, if you would, please enter the city. This one won’t hold up any more of your precious time. Please, have a nice trip!”

Despite Fengyang City decreeing that carrying unlucky items such as coffins were forbidden, Jian Chen’s entrance brokered no attempt from the commander to stop him. On the contrary, the commander had welcomed him in with the utmost respect as if he was afraid of offending him.

Without another word, Jian Chen heaved the coffin with Bi Yunhai into the city. With a heavy expression behind him, Bi Yuntian, You Yue, Ming Dong, Tie Ta, and Bi Lian followed.

After they entered the city, the area near the city gates finally resumed its normal schedule. There had been plenty of people who had stopped as a result of the exchange, but not a single one of them spoke after the series of events that had transpired. Everyone could only stare at the retreating figures of Jian Chen and his group in silent awe.

In the eyes of the merchants and mercenaries, the city guards were not to be trifled with. Although these soldiers weren’t stronger than the mercenaries, they were still representing the Blue Wind Kingdom’s government as a military. In the case that there was conflict, the entire Blue Wind Kingdom would post a warrant or bounty for the one responsible if one did not have the proper backing.

The people who first saw the youngster carry the coffin toward the gates witnessed the youth kicking and injuring one of the guards, and also watched the very same youth be bowed down to and waited on like a dog by the commander of the city guards for forgiveness. Everyone could only try to guess what powerful status the youth held for the commander to fear him so much.

With the still dirty coffin held high on his shoulders, Jian Chen strode down the streets of the city, causing everyone to glance over at him. Whomever Jian Chen had passed, they would stop and turn to look at him with a bizarre expression.

Entering the city with a coffin in hand was an extremely rare sight to be seen in Fengyang City. Unlucky items like coffins were forbidden within the city. They could only be left outside.

However, plenty of them recognized Jian Chen as the one responsible for killing five Earth Saint Masters at the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House several days ago. It was with great fright that the look in their eyes turned fearful.

Soon enough, Jian Chen had brought the coffin back to the inn. Upon entering the inn, he had frightened one of the waiters who wailed straight away, “Customer, how could you bring a coffin into this establishment? Our city has forbidden the possession of one, please put it away, or you’ll scare away the other customers.”

The innkeeper came rushing out when he heard the commotion. When he saw the coffin, he said with an embarrassed expression, “Dear customer, if you could please find somewhere else to put the coffin. We cannot have such an item in our inn, otherwise, how will our other customers dare rest here?”

Striding forward, Ming Dong placed several purple coins into the innkeeper’s palm, “Then we’ll rent out the entire inn. If they’re willing to stay here, then let them. If they don’t, then they can get lost. Spare the words and get out of our way.”

The stack of purple coins that Ming Dong gave the innkeeper was more than enough to pay for the expenses of the inn for several months. Seeing such a tremendous sum placed into his hand, the innkeeper’s previously anxious eyebrows loosened and rose up in delight. Hurriedly putting away the coins, he replied, “Yes — well spoken. A coffin is only but a small matter — nothing worth worrying about at all. Dear guests, if you would please, come in!”

When Jian Chen and the others disappeared up the stairwell, the innkeeper clasped the purple coins with both hands in utmost delight. “How generous those lords are. These purple coins are far more than enough for this inn to operate for months! A windfall this was, this was definitely a profit for us.”

Some of the mercenaries who had been eating off by the side chose that time to speak up, “Innkeeper, the word ‘fear’ doesn’t exist in your dictionary, does it? Do you even know who those people who gave you money are?”

“Of course I know! They have to be the young lords of some well-off family. Where else would they have so much money?” The innkeeper laughed in response.

“Here, let me tell you. Those youngsters were the ones that killed the Earth Saint Masters of the three clans to this city. Even the two Earth Saint Masters from the Harido clan were killed off by them…” The mercenary explained.

Straight away, the innkeeper’s face had drained of its color. “What? They’re the ones that killed the three heads?”

The same mercenary nodded in confirmation. “Correct. The youth that gave you that stack of coins was an Earth Saint Master who is only a step away from becoming a Heaven Saint Master.”

The shopkeeper’s knees buckled from the realization. Falling to the floor in apparent weakness, he muttered despondently, “Dear heavens, I took their money and even had the gall to tell them to put their items elsewhere. I-I-I… I must be tired of living.”


Jian Chen and the others only stayed in that inn for another day before a whole platoon of soldiers and their Class 4 Magical Beast mounts came riding into Fengyang City. There were a total of fifty of them, and they all wore black armor.

When the city soldiers saw the Class 4 Magical Beasts, they didn’t dare stop them. Without even questioning them, the city soldiers opened up the gates to let them into the city.

The group of fifty stampeded through the streets of Fengyang City before finally coming to a stop right outside the inn. Dismounting, they all strode into the inn and headed straight to Jian Chen’s room.

“We pay our respects to the Imperial Protector!” The soldiers bent down in salute as they greeted Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s eyes swept over the black-armored soldiers and then to the one leading the troop, “Qin Wujian, you arrived quickly I see.”

“If it is the command of the honored Imperial Protector, then your servant would not dare hesitate to command my soldiers here at once!” The armored man replied. He was one of the commanders from the Qinhuang Kingdom, Qin Wujian.

“Prepare a carriage and make the arrangements to transfer my aunty’s coffin back to the Gesun Kingdom.” Jian Chen instructed. In order to bring Bi Yunhai’s coffin back to the Gesun Kingdom, Jian Chen had decided to use a carriage to transport her back. It would serve as a way to honor Bi Yunhai and it would be the proper way to transport her back home. A matter like this shouldn’t be haphazardly arranged, so Jian Chen thought of the best way to resolve the matter.

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