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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 657
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Chapter 657: Bi Hai

Neither Nubis nor Jian Chen were able to chase down their opponents, and Huang Tianba himself wasn’t willing to chase down his two opponents. Instead, he notched his golden bow and took aim at Bi Hai before letting loose several arrows.


The energy that was in the bow transformed into a radiant arc of light before jettisoning toward the escaping Bi Hai. Since these energy arrows were locked onto Bi Hai’s personal aura, the arrows would follow Bi Hai no matter which way he turned.

Despite how fast Bi Hai was, a Ruler Armament contained too much power to be shaken off. In practically two seconds, the energy arrows were right on the verge of hitting him.

With no way to dodge, Bi Hai could only turn to divert the arrows away. So much energy began to flow into his palm that the space around it trembled slightly as if it was about to collapse.

The power in Bi Hai’s palm was great, but a Ruler Armament was the weapon that a Saint Ruler at the Ninth Heavenly Layer left behind. On its own, a Ruler Armament was extremely powerful. If it was wielded by another Saint Ruler such as Huang Tianba, the power of the bow would be incomparably different than when Huang Luan used it back in the Gathering of the Mercenaries, meaning this arrow wouldn’t be so easily blocked.

Even as Bi Hai slammed his hand across the arrows to stop them, the arrows continued on toward his chest unimpeded.

Amazement flashed across Bi Hai’s eyes as he let out a surprised voice, “So this is a Ruler Armament!” Despite the shock, Bi Hai’s arm continued to move into the next motion to materialize a broadsword into his hand. With lightning quick speed, he brought the giant sword down onto the arrow with such force that a crack was left in the space behind the word’s path.


When the giant sword and the golden energy arrows collided, an explosion rang out across the sky. Energy washed over the entire world and caused such backlash that even the sky above turned color.

Bi Hai had no Ruler Armament of his own, so blocking with his own sword cost him a considerable amount of energy. Even though the two Saint Rulers of the Hongfu clan were weaker than him, they depended on their Ruler Armament to block the arrows.

In order to block a Ruler Armament with ease, one would have to be stronger than a Ruler Armament. Besides that, the only other option was to use another Ruler Armament.

Thrown back a considerable distance, Bi Hai’s eyes honed in on the drawn bow. Huang Tianba had already notched it in preparation to fire again, so Bi Hai said nothing and turned around to continue running.

“Where do you think you’re running off too!?”

The delay had given Jiede Tai enough time to catch up. Flying toward him, Jiede Tai’s Saint Weapon arced onto him; he would consider this strike vengeance for the palm strike Bi Hai given him some time before.


At the same time, Huang Tianba shot a second arrow at Bi Hai. It flew, with blinding speed, through the sky.

Bi Hai’s face grew grim when he felt the arrow come flying toward him. Turning to dodge Jiede Tai’s weapon, he gained another thousand meters in distance before urging his water-attributed Saint Force to overflow his body. With a loud shout, he cried, “Fourth Miracle Water of Bi—Absolute Rebirth!”

His water-attributed Saint Force completely surrounded his body, and quickly took his body out of sight, hovering in the middle of the sky within a bubble.

“Whoosh!” The golden energy arrow shot straight through the blue sphere and disappeared over the horizon, but when the blue sphere faded away, the human inside could no longer be seen.

“Blast! He’s escaped!” Jiede Tai angrily cursed between grit teeth at the sight.

From far away, Huang Tianba slowly put down his bow to look at the area where Bi Hai was once was. “What a strange escape technique. Even my Solunar Bow was unable to track him.” He sighed.

“How unfortunate that not even a single one could be chased down.” Nubis lamented. He turned his head back to look at the still standing Tian Jian; he knew that if this grand elder were to wish for it, none of their enemies would have been able to escape.

On the other side, Jian Chen was frozen still from shock as his eyes stared in the direction Bi Hai had escaped in.

“Miracle Water of Bi, that’s the name of the Bi family’s battle skill; who is this man?” Jian Chen muttered to himself in confusion.

“The patriarch was the one who created the Miracle Water of Bi, but there’s only three layers to it. The Human Tier, the Earth Tier, and the Heaven Tier. But that elder had clearly said there was a fourth one. Could… could he be…” By now, Jian Chen’s entire body was shaking violently as if an unbelievable thought had occurred to him.

Instantly, Jian Chen turned to look at Jiede Tai and Nubis, “What was the name of that blue-robed Saint Ruler?” He urgently asked.

Huang Tianba, Jiede Tai, and Nubis looked strangely at Jian Chen. The three of them were confused on what had caused this strange behavior from Jian Chen.

“Should be Bi Hai. That is what I heard the Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger call him.” Jiede Tai said.

Jian Chen’s face blanched as a light flickered through his eyes. “Bi Hai, Bi Hai! His name is Bi Hai, and he wields one of the battle skills of the Bi family. Surely this can’t be a coincidence?”

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