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Chapter 716: Loss of Parents (Three)

The entire Changyang clan fell into a deathly silence. All the people stared at the five elderly men in the sky with fear and hatred, but no one was willing to announce Jian Chen’s whereabouts.

Just at this moment, three great presences flew over from outside city. They arrived before the five people very soon. They were Qin Wuming, Qin Wujian and Qin Wutian.

“Seniors, please release the patriarch. You must not harm the patriarch. Jian Chen is an Imperial Protector of our Qinhuang Kingdom. If Imperial Protector Jian has some misunderstandings with seniors, we hope that everyone can sit down and talk over it, and not fall out just because of some small things.” Qin Wutian said with his hand clasped. From the presence given off by the five elderly men, he already knew that they were Saint Rulers. They were a powerful force that even the Qinhuang Kingdom needed to be cautious about and could not be underestimated, so Qin Wutian’s tone was extremely polite.

“Hmph, what do you think a mere Qinhuang Kingdom can do?” The corner of old man Mateng’s lips curled up from a sliver of disdain. He looked at the three people coldly and said with a deep voice, “It’s best if you don’t intervene here. Otherwise, even if you are people of the Qinhuang Kingdom, we won’t be polite. Go back to where you came from.” Old man Mateng swung his hand and a great amount of energy of the world immediately rushed at the three people. They could not resist against it at all, and was directly pushed far away by the energy of the world.

Old man Situ’s wrinkled hand held onto Changyang Ba’s throat tightly, causing Changyang Ba to become unable to speak. He glanced down coldly again and sneered, “You’ve all kept your mouth rather tight. Since you don’t want to speak, don’t blame me for being merciless.” Old man Situ suddenly tightened his grasp and with a crack, Changyang Ba’s neck was directly snapped by him.

Shortly afterwards, old man Situ let go of Changyang Ba. His body immediately fell from the sky like a broken kite.



Cries erupted from the Changyang Manor. All the people were aggrieved and enraged. A few Earth Saint Master immediately leapt up and carefully caught Changyang Ba’s body. However, his neck was already broken, so he had already passed away. After all, Changyang Ba still had not become a Heaven Saint Master, so his neck and heart were all fatal weaknesses.

“Patriarch!” After learning Changyang Ba’s situation, all the people of the manor cried out in grief and rage again. Many of the elders looked at the five old men in the sky with bloodshot eyes.

“This is only an example. Tell us where Jian Chen is or tell him to come out. Otherwise, this will be the outcome for all of you.” Old man Situ sneered.

“Even if we die, we will never tell you the whereabouts of the fourth young master. If you have the ability, kill us all. The fourth young master will avenge us one day.” A loyal head guard roared out in rage, as if he did not fear death.

“Looking to die!” Old man Situ’s gaze become cold. With the point of a finger, a swift gale shot out from the tips of his fingers like a lightning bolt. It landed between the eyebrows of the head guard, piercing through his head. The head guard immediately collapsed on the ground, with red and white liquids flowing from the hole.

The scene deeply shocked the guards of the Changyang clan. All of them stared at the five elderly men in terror. They could not help but take a few steps back.

Within them, not everyone was loyal to the Changyang clan, unwilling to give up their lives at any moment and place for the flame. Immediately, a few who feared death fled towards the outside with great speed. They wanted to leave, to avoid the disaster.

“Don’t think any of you can leave without telling us Jian Chen’s whereabouts.” A Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler sneered in the sky. Shortly afterwards, a transparent barrier appeared silently with a thought of his. It completely enveloped the Changyang Manor, trapping everyone inside.

Changyang Ba lay on the ground with his eyes tightly closed, unmoving. Bi Yuntian, Yu Fengyan, Ling Long and Bai Yushuang gathered around him. They were all extremely pained and grieved to the extreme.

Old man Situ’s glance landed on the four women. The corners of his lips curled into a sneer and shortly afterwards, he swung his hand gently. An invisible force immediately tightly binded the four women, before dragging them into the air with great speeds.

“Speak, where is Jian Chen? Otherwise, don’t think any of you can live.” Old man Situ sneered. In order to find Jian Chen, he had already decided to start a massacre. Although it was said that Saint Rulers would suffer Celestial Decay sooner from committing overly great sins, that was only when they killed countless people.

After all, a fight between Saint Ruler would cause too great of a commotion. If two Saint Rulers were to go full out in a packed city, they could destroy easily destroy the entire city. As for the millions or even tens of million citizens of the city, they definitely would not be able to survive. Only under situations like that would Celestial Decay occur. However, if it was just killed several dozen or several hundreds of people, there was no problem at all.

Old man Situ stared colded at the four women. He sneered, “Tell me the whereabouts of Jian Chen. Otherwise, don’t think any of you can live.”

“I’m Xiang’er’s mother. If you want to kill, kill me. The others have nothing to do with it. Don’t bring innocent people into this.” Bi Yuntian stared at old man Situ. There was no fear within her eyes at all.

Hearing that, old man Situ’s interest was piqued, “You’re Jian Chen’s mother? Good, very good, if I kill Jian Chen’s mother and father, I don’t believe he’ll fail to appear.” Killing intent rose up in old man Situ’s eyes. He did not show any compassion towards the woman. As he clenched his wrinkled hand, it broke Bi Yuntian’s neck.

“Fourth sister!”

“Fourth madam!”

Cries erupted from the surroundings once again. Many of the older people and loyal guards wept in pain, while the other three women also became sorrowful.

“You’re next.” Old man Situ did not give the people any time to recover. He stared coldly at the three remaining women and said, “I’ll give you one last chance. Tell us Jian Chen’s whereabouts, or you’ll have the same outcome as Jian Chen’s mother and father.”

“If you want to kill, then do it. Keep dreaming about getting Xiangtian’s whereabouts from me. Even if I, Yu Fengyan, die, I will not tell you.” Jian Chen’s second aunt stared hatefully at old man Situ as she gnashed her teeth. She already hated old man Situ to the core.

“Very well, then you will the third one to die.” Old man Situ’s expression became overcast as he grabbed Yu Fengyan by the neck with his wrinkled hand.

However, just when he was about to snap Yu Fengyan’s neck, there was a sudden change in the situation. The space before him suddenly ripped open and a red flash shot out of the crack, shooting towards the centre of old man Situ’s eyebrows.

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