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Chapter 717: Four Protectors of the Bloodsword Sect

Even though the change occurred extremely suddenly and without any prior signs, old man Situ was a Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, so his reaction speed was extremely fast. He immediately released Yu Fengyan before flying back by one hundred meters in a flash.

The speed of the red light was also extremely fast. It seemed to exceed the speed of lightning, following old man Situ closely as he retreated one hundred meters, directly piercing at the center of old man Situ’s eyebrows.

A gleam of light flashed across old man Situ’s eyes. With a sneer, the space before him immediately froze in attempt to forcefully lock the red flash mid-air.

The red light seemed extremely small, but it carried great power. Not only did the space frozen by old man Situ fail to hinder the red light in any way, it was shattered by the energy from the red light, before continuing towards the center of old man Situ’s eyebrows.

However, a dark staff had already appeared in old man Situ’s hands in this very moment. Grasping it with two hands, the staff immediately began to radiate with a dark light after an explosive shout. It was thrust at the red light with great speed.

Ding! With a clear sound, the dark staff and the red light collided. The red light was immediately knocked away.

Old man Situ trembled slightly and could not help but take three steps back. His expression was solemn.

The transparent barrier that enveloped the Changyang Manor suddenly broke. Shortly afterwards, a middle-aged man in blood-red, long robes appeared out of nowhere one hundred meters away. He casually extended both hands to catch the red light. At that moment, the red light that had attacked old man Situ could be clearly seen; it was actually a conical awl, around four thirds of a meter long and a finger thick.

The middle-aged man floated mid-air like a demon god. His long, red hair moved in the windless sky, floating about. He was expressionless and stared at the five old men coldly. A harsh light flickered in his eyes and killing intent radiated from them without any intention of concealing. As for the long awl in his hand, it seemed to be dyed blood red, giving off a demonic red glow.

The five old men no longer paid any more attention to the people of the Changyang clan. They all glared at the red-robed man. Someone had actually appeared to meddle with what they were doing at such an important time, which caused the five of them to become extremely angry.

“Sir, who are you? Why do you meddle with what we are doing?” Old man Mateng shouted with a deep voice. His eyes also began to flicker with killing intent. Although the man in red robes possessed similar strength as him, it did not cause old man Mateng any fear, because they had five people while he was just by himself. They had an advantage in numbers.

“The five of you are working with the Gilligan clan, doing things that betray the human race. We have come under the sect master’s orders to capture– and– kill!” The man said expressionlessly. His tone was extremely cold and carried no emotions. When he got to the last three words, he said it with great pauses.

As the three words ‘capture and kill’ came out of the man’s mouth, a powerful killing intent suddenly erupted from him, rushing at the five people with a great presence, like a roaring wave. Before the powerful killing intent, the surrounding space seemed to become viscous.

It was clear that the man had reached a high degree of proficiency in controlling killing intent. Even though he gave off monstrous killing intent, the killing intent only tightly enveloped the five old men. It did not spread any further and did not affect the people down below at all.

The five old men all became solemn. The strength of the killing intent from the man had caused them to tremble with fear.

This was because it was pure killing intent accumulated from slaughtering countless lives, vastly different from the killing intent that originated from the heart. At this moment, they were flooded with disbelief from feeling such powerful and pure killing intent from a Saint Ruler. This was because what Saint Ruler worried most about was massacres. Otherwise, once they committed such a great sin, they would suffer Celestial Decay and lose their lives.

However, what made them even more shocked was what the man had said. He actually knew about the relationship between the five of them and the Gilligan clan. The matter was a big deal because once it got out, the five of them would become the public enemies of the Tian Yuan Continent.

“Not good, this person actually knows about our relationship with the Gilligan clan. This is extremely bad.” Behind old man Mateng, a Fifth Heavenly Layer said with a soft voice.

“There’s only one person. Let’s move together. We have to kill him as soon as possible and not let him get away.” Old man Situ quickly made a decision. The staff in his hand immediately rushed towards the man with a great force.

“Do it together!” Old man Mateng exclaimed with a deep voice and also materialized his Saint Weapon, rushing at the man.

The man remained expressionless. Shortly afterwards, he actually disappeared suddenly, vanishing into thin air. In the next moment, a weird red glow appeared before old man Situ. It shot towards the centre of old man Situ’s eyebrows with lightning speed. As it approached old man Situ, it actually began to form many afterimages. From one to two, two to four and four to eight, it transformed into a group of densely-packed afterimages, surrounding old man Situ. Every afterimage contained the presence of a great energy, as if it possessed great offensive power. It was impossible to distinguish between the real and the fake.

Old man Situ shouted out loud, and vast, darkness-attributed Saint Force surged wildly from his body to protect his entire body. At the same time, the staff in his hands was coated with a layer of invisible World Force. Old man Situ swung the staff countless times, keeping the balls of red light at bay.

Just when old man Situ began to tire from handling the balls of red light, the space before him ripped open. Another ball of red light slipped out from the crack, shooting towards the centre of old man Situ’s eyebrows with extreme speed.

This time, old man Situ was unable to react at all. The ball of red light arrived before his forehead in the blink of an eye. At that crucial moment, old man Situ’s head was jerked to one side, avoiding it dangerously. However, a shallow, bloody mark had already appeared on his face.

He came within an inch of having a hole punched through his brain and an outcome of having his soul wiped out.

Old man Situ’s expression became extremely dark. The opponent was also a Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, yet the way the person fought had already reached a level of perfection. It was extremely weird and almost impossible to guard again. He had almost died because of it.

“Be careful everyone, this person’s attack is very weird.” Old man Situ broadcasted with a deep voice to alert everyone.

The man appeared on the other side of old man Situ and the red ball of light that had left a bloody mark on old man Situ’s face returned to his hand. It transformed into a long awl. However, the man began to move once again not long after. With a single movement, he transformed into many afterimages as he rushed at the five old men. He directly thrust the blood-red awl in his hand towards old man Situ.

Old man Situ had already raised his vigilance to the limit. He moved along with his four companions, all moving towards the man from different directions. The terrifying power from the Saint Weapon shook up the surrounding space to prevent the man from disappearing again.

A bitter smile of mockery formed from the man’s lips. He ignored the attacks from the four other people, locking tightly onto old man Situ.

However, just at this moment, a change to the situation occurred. Three balls of red light appeared strangely behind the three Fifth Heavenly Layer old men and passed through their backs with speed as swift as a lightning bolt. Afterwards, the three balls of red light immediately gathered together, rushing towards old man Mateng with great speed.

When the three Fifth Heavenly Layer old men were struck by the red light, they all vomited blood. They were swamped with disbelief. With their strength, they could not feel anything unusual behind them. The attack of the red balls of light seemed to appear out of nowhere. If they had not seen it with their eyes, they would struggle to believe it even existed.

As the balls of red light passed through them, a strand of Baleful Yin Force actually remained in their bodies. It constantly ate away at their vitality within their bodies, forcing the three of them to give up on their attacks and immediately use Saint Force to purge the Baleful Yin Force from their bodies.

On the other side, old man Situ and the man fought. The three balls of red light kept Mateng busy. The balls of light were extremely fast, leaving behind several wounds on old man Mateng’s body with a few flashes. Also, there were strands of Baleful Yin Force left behind in the wounds, constantly eating away at his injuries.

“This is Baleful Yin Force!” With a change in old man Mateng’s expression, he immediately back off away from the three balls of red light.

However, the three balls of light did not pursue him. They hung in the air, unmoving, and shortly afterwards, three other people in long, blood-red robes appeared beside the balls of light. They reached and grabbed the red balls of light unhurriedly. At this moment, the three balls of light could be seen clearly. They were actually all sharp, conical awls of finger-thickness. They were completely the same.

Seeing how three other blood-robed men had appeared, old man Situ who was currently entangled with the first man immediately felt gloomy. He immediately struck out powerfully, knocking the man away, before quickly retreating and reconvening with old man Mateng and the three others.

The four middle-aged men in long, blood-red robes did not pursue the five old men in battle. Instead, they stood in a row mid-air, holding onto the same blood-red awl in their hands. They stared at the five old men without any expression.

The five old men stared at the four blood-robed men with ugly expression. When they saw the appearances of the four blood-robed men, a sliver of shock immediately appeared within their eyes. This was because not only were the attires and weapons of the four people the same, even their appearances were the same, without any differences whatsoever.

“Who are you?” Old man Situ yelled out with a deep voice again. He felt extremely curious about the identities of the four people.

This time, the person who had appeared first did not remain silent. He said indifferently, “We are the four protectors of the Bloodsword Sect!”

“What! The Bloodsword Sect!?” The expressions of the five old men changed greatly. They exclaimed out of surprise, “Disappeared a thousand years ago, one of the three great assassination organisations, that Bloodsword Sect?”

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