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Chapter 736: Comprehending the Artes (One)

An invisible strand of thought entered the centre of Jian Chen’s eyebrows. It caused Jian Chen to become stagnant and the light in his eyes quickly disappeared. It became dull, as if he was an empty, spiritless shell.

The fifth elder glared at Jian Chen. Only after discovering Jian Chen’s dull and lifeless eyes did he relax immediately. He could not help but sneer coldly as he mumbled to himself, “Yang Yutian, no matter how prodigious of a genius you are, you’re still helpless before my Soul Confusion.”

The fifth elder understood that the technique would not last very long on Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, so his face immediately became stern. With a thought, a thick layer of Radiant Saint Force quickly gathered before him, slowly forming a weird seal, floating mid-air.

The fifth elder’s gaze immediately became sharp. An invisible thought of his drifted from the centre of his eyebrows, closely joining with the weird seal before him, as if it was drawing something.

The whole process lasted for quite a while, before the fifth elder finally retracted his energy. He looked up at Jian Chen and said, “Yang Yutian, this is the symbol of the core members of the union. I’ll fuse it into your mind, don’t resist.” As soon as he finished, the fifth elder extended his finger and pointed at the weird seal floating before him. It immediately turned into a white streak, disappearing into the centre of Jian Chen’s eyebrows. Afterwards, there was deathly silence.

Only after the seal successfully entered Jian Chen’s head did the elder relax greatly. He could not help but have the corners of his lips curl into a slight but weird smile. He thought, “Yang Yutian, you won’t be able to escape from the union’s control no matter what with this now, unless you reach Class 8. But that’s impossible.” The fifth elder knew very well about the effects of the seal. Once the seal entered the target’s mind, it would hide deeply. Even Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters were unable to detect the existence of the seal.

Although the seal controlled the target’s life, its greatest ability was that it would unconsciously influence the target’s thoughts, making them become loyal to the union. The union would take up all of the target’s thoughts. Once a lot of time had passed, the seal will have completely fused with the target’s spirit, and the person would also become completely subservient to the union. The person who cast it would even be able to directly control the person.

The fifth elder gradually calmed down and sent out another sliver of thought, entering Jian Chen’s head by the centre of his eyebrows. Shortly afterwards, Jian Chen’s body jerked slightly and his dull eyes recovered some life. His gaze was calm, completely the same as before, as if nothing had happened at all.

“Yang Yutian, this is your communication jade. This communication jade can only be used by Radiant Saint Masters. Not only is it something that symbolises your status as a core member of the union, you’re also able to communicate with other core members in a given area through this.” An ancient jade pendant had already appeared in the elder’s hands at some certain time. He passed it over to Jian Chen with a smile which was filled with benevolence.

Jian Chen accepted the jade pendant from the fifth elder as he would normally. He saw that the jade pendant was around half the size of a hand and carried marks left behind by the past. On both sides of the pendant, there were intricate carvings.

“Yang Yutian, you must remember that the communication jade can only be used by you and mustn’t be given to anyone else. It’s extremely valuable and originates from the ancient times. There aren’t many left now. Other than the core members of the union, only a few important members of the union possess the right to carry it.” The fifth elder’s calm voice carried some severity.

“Yang Yutian understands!” After a slight clasping of his hands, he put the communication jade into his Space Ring.

The fifth elder nodded happily, “Yang Yutian, you’re now a core member of the union. This communication jade will now be the symbol of your status and with it, you can now enter the Radiant Saint Tower to practise Radiant Artes. By the way, the method of using it is recorded within the pendant. All you need is to send a your thoughts into it and you’ll know. Alright, I need to go rest for a while, you should go. The Radiant Saint Tower is at the very top of the castle. You shouldn’t have any problems getting there with the pendant.”

Jian Chen left the fifth elder’s room. As soon as he left, his gaze immediately became icy-cold and a surge of powerful killing intent flashed across his eyes. However, he recovered back to normal in an instant, as if nothing had happened.

“Esteemed master Yang Yutian, is there anywhere I can help you with?” A soft voice sounded from behind Jian Chen. It was the girl who had brought Jian Chen to the room, currently looking at him with a courteous gaze.

“I’m unfamiliar with ttis area. Take me to the Radiant Saint Tower.” Jian Chen said indifferently.

“Yes, master Yang Yutian. However, I do not possess the right to enter the Radiant Saint Tower. I can only take you to the main entrance.” The servant girl said.

“No problem, lead the way.”

After Jian Chen had left, a figure in a light screen appeared in the fifth elder’s room. If Jian Chen was there, he would recognise that the person was the master he had accepted, the president of the Radiant Saint Union.

“Fifth elder, was everything successful?” The president of the union stared at the fifth elder. His profound gaze seemed to be able to see through the elder’s spirit.

The elder was also a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master, yet he carried an expression of great respect, “President, this Yang Yutian really does have some abilities. He actually broke free from my Bewitching Eye, making me use Soul Confusion. Though, it was still very successful, just that using Soul Confusion made me consume quite some energy.”

Listening to the fifth elder’s report, the president was extremely satisfied. He said, “This Yang Yutian’s talent is extremely great, especially in the area of Radiant Artes. It’s already approaching Class 7. If he reaches Class 7, perhaps his level for Radiant Artes will reach my level. So we all should treat him with care.”

“The president is extremely correct. We definitely cannot let such a prodigy go.” The fifth elder said.

“Also, I have a weird feeling. This Yang Yutian might become the first Class 8 Radiant Saint Master since the ancient times in the future.” The president muttered to himself with a stern expression.

“What?!” The fifth elder was greatly surprised and stared at the president in disbelief.

The president did not understand why the fifth elder was so surprised. He continued, “Fifth elder, the news about Yang Yutian must have already spread to the three great clans of the empire. Right now, the Holy Empire is not very peaceful, so Yang Yutian’s safety is extremely crucial. You will handle this.”

“Yes, president!”

After handing over the tasks, the president’s image completely disappeared along with the light screen, as if he had never appeared before.

Jian Chen followed behind the servant expressionlessly, up through the castle. The gleam in his eyes flickered. No one knew what he was thinking.

The Radiant Saint Tower was at the very top of the castle. It was a structure that symbolised the union. The very tip of the tower was where the only saint artifact that allowed Radiant Saint Masters to reach Class 7 was kept, hidden within a ten-meter-wide ball of pure Radiant Saint Force, which Jian Chen saw when he first arrived at the union.

The servant arrived at the main entrance of the Radiant Saint Tower with Jian Chen and stopped, “Esteemed master Yang Yutian, this is the furthest I can take you.”

Jian Chen nodded slightly. He scanned past the big, tightly-shut door in front of him, before striding in.

“Esteemed Radiant Saint Master, please provide an object of authentication!” As soon as Jian Chen approached the door, he was stopped by a guard outside the door. The guard was a middle-aged man, a Heaven Saint Master.

Jian Chen said nothing, directly pulling out the communication jade from his Space Ring that was from the fifth elder.

The guard took up the jade pendant from Jian Chen’s hand and examined it. He returned it to Jian Chen after confirming its authenticity, before making a gesture towards the door, “Esteemed Radiant Saint Master, please!” With that, the door towards the tower began to open.

Jian Chen passed through the door and walked up narrow, coiling stairs up the tower. He was currently at the top of the castle.

Aftering climbing up a height of twenty meters, Jian Chen finally arrived before a small door. Shortly afterwards, he focused his attention and discovered an old, green-robed old man, sitting on the ground. He was guarding the small door.

“Saint Ruler!” Jian Chen was secretly surprised. He had never thought that there would be a Saint Ruler guarding the place.

“Do you possess the object of authentication?” The old man remained close-eyed and said calmly.

Jian Chen immediately pulled out the communication jade.

“You may enter. Remember, do not bring anything out from inside. Do not play any tricks. This is a barrier cast down by Saint Kings, and all objects within have a special mark. Once they are brought out, you will be killed mercilessly by the barrier!” The old man remained close-eyed, yet his tone was stern and cold.

“Thank you senior for your warning!” Jian Chen clasped his hands at the old man, before striding in. He pushed open the small wooden door and entered.

What he saw inside was a large hall. The decor of the hall was extremely simple; other than the single bookshelf in the centre of the room, there were a few tables and chairs placed neatly around the room.

Jian Chen gazed around, before focusing on the shelf of books in the centre, slowly walking over.

There were not many books on the shelf. It did not even exceeded one hundred, all with varying thicknesses. Each book was made from high class magical beast skin. The skins were already yellowed, carrying marks left behind by the past. They had already existed for an unknown amount of time.

“Perhaps these are the secret manuals in which the Radiant Artes are recorded in?” Looking around at the books, Jian Chen mumbled to himself. Afterwards, he randomly pulled out a book, bearing the three large words ‘Radiant Saint Shield’ on the cover in elegant handwriting.

Filled with curiosity, Jian Chen began to read slowly. Gradually, he gained some understanding of the Radiant Arte.

The Radiant Saint Shield was a defensive type Radiant Arte and seemed to be made just for Radiant Saint Masters. Other than Radiant Saint Masters, no one else could practise it, not even fighters. The technique was essentially coalescing the surrounding Radiant Saint Force into a shield to block the opponent’s attack, and its strength would vary according to the caster’s strength.

It sounded easy, but actually using Radiant Saint Force to create a shield capable of blocking powerful attacks was not that easy. In other words, without any exaggeration whatsoever, even a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master would never be able to coalesce a shield from Radiant Saint Force capable of blocking powerful attacks without grasping the basics.

This was because Radiant Saint Force was different from the Saint Force of other attributes. Radiant Saint Force was innately filled with a gentle characteristic, possessing the wondrous and powerful ability of rejuvenation. As a result, it created fragile Radiant Saint Masters, which made Radiant Saint Masters to become known publicly as a harmless group, unable to attack, on the Tian Yuan Continent.

However, the secret technique for Radiant Artes was a unique way of converting the gentle Radiant Saint Force, transforming it into extreme yang Qi, allowing it to be able to harm people. However, the process of conversion was extremely complicated. Jian Chen believed that if there were no relevant resources, even Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters would not be able to come up with such a method.

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