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Chapter 749: The Zaar Family’s Invitation

“Yang Yutian, come and sit next to master. Master does not have much time to live anymore and can only live for another hundred years. To be able to accept a disciple like you in my remaining life, I can die without regrets.” The president was melancholy. He did not have much time left, unless he reached Class 8.

Jian Chen sat down beside the president.

The president looked at Jian Chen and said, “Yang Yutian, other than calling you here to see the grand elder, there’s something else I need to tell you about.” The president’s expression slowly became solemn and he continued, “The Zaar family of the City of God has wild ambitions. Not only do they want to absorb the other two clans, the union has also joined their list of things to possess. A few days ago, when the grand elder was out travelling, he was injured by a mysterious person. Not only was he heavily poisoned, he also encountered many unknown experts who tried to kill him. In the end, he went through many twists and turns before returning to the City of God, and has only just recovered. I have always suspected that the Zaar family was responsible for this.”

“For now, there is me guarding this place, so they won’t go overboard for some time. But after I pass away in a hundred year’s time, they will probably move against the union. As for your existence, it possesses as a huge obstacle for the Zaar family. Although they make little of your strength, you will probably reach my current level in a hundred years. As a result, the Zaar family will probably move against you. In this period of time, you should stay in the City of God and not go travelling. In the city, we can ensure your safety at all times.”

Jian Chen became slightly heavy-hearted. He said, “Yes master, disciple understands.”

“Alright, I’ve told you what I need to tell you. You can go and properly prepare for the competition in half a month’s time. You have to place within the top ten. Only by reaching Class 7 can you pose a threat to Saint Kings. Although the price will be quite big, this is the only way you can handle Saint Kings.” The president waved his hand and dismissed Jian Chen.

Jian Chen stood up and bowed towards the president, before leaving.

Just as Jian Chen left, the grand elder looked towards the president, “President, you don’t have much time left. We need to increase our pace with the plan. Once you reach Class 8, our Radiant Saint Master Union will greatly strengthen.”

The president sighed gently. He looked at the ceiling and his expression was rather complicated, “Ever since the ancient times, there has been no one who has reached Class 8. The past presidents of the union have thought up countless ideas, and they’ve all failed. Reaching Class 8 is just too difficult. Also, I have a feeling that perhaps I will never reach Class 8 in this life.”

“No matter what, this is the only chance after all. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work. We still have to try it.” The grand elder said with a soft voice.

“The battle between the three clans will probably begin after the saint artifact is activated. Let’s proceed with the plan after their battle has subsided. If I fail in the end, I’ll use my life as a price and cast the forbidden arte to rid the union of its threat.” Determination appeared in the president’s eyes.

Jian Chen owned his own house in the headquarters. After leaving from where the president was, he had returned to the house and currently, he sat cross-legged on the bed silently, in deep thought.

The Zaar family wanted to move against the union, while he himself had become the greatest obstruction that prevented the Zaar family from gaining control of the union. He had become one of their targets, soon to be killed. Jian Chen had never anticipated something like this. Currently, the development of the situation had already exceeded what he expected.

“It’s not like anyone knows my true identity. If push comes to pull, I’ll just leave the City of God directly after I reach Class 7. I’ll just assume my identity as a fighter and after I possess enough strength, I’ll reveal my identity as a Radiant Saint Master to the Zaar family. When that happens, I will possess the power that can even cause dread to the union.” Jian Chen thought to himself.

At this moment, someone knocked the door outside.

Jian Chen focused his gaze and immediately stopped thinking. He looked towards the door and said, “Come in!”

When the door opened, a white-robed old man walked in from outside. It was the grand elder of the union.

Jian Chen’s expression froze. He immediately stood up and bowed courteously, “Yang Yutian greets the grand elder!”

The grand elder gently closed the door and stared at Jian Chen in wonder. Shortly afterwards, he gently waved his hand, and an purple medal immediately flew out from Jian Chen’s Space Ring, landing in his hand.

The situation immediately surprised Jian Chen. The scene of when he first obtained the purple medal quickly flashed across his mind, causing him to become cautious.

The grand elder gently rubbed the purple medal, while the wonder in his eyes increased. He asked unhurriedly, “Yang Yutian, I wonder where you obtained this medal from.”

“Grand elder, this was something I once found on a rotting corpse in a magical beast forest. Perhaps grand elder recognises this item?” Jian Chen spoke carefully. However, he stared fixedly at the grand elder’s expression, observing any changes.

In Jian Chen’s mind, he could not help but think back to the situation when he first obtained the purple medal. The medal was gifted to him by a mysterious old man in a carriage. Jian Chen did not see the old man, but instead felt a profound presence from the man. Afterwards, he had guessed at that time the old man was definitely heavily injured, from the constant coughing that followed.

And now, connecting it with the fact that the grand elder had been poisoned a few years ago, Jian Chen was almost certain that the old man who had given him the medal was the grand elder.

If his identity was exposed, the fact that he was a fighter would be exposed too. This was something extremely bad. At least, it was very possible that he would lose the opportunity to reach Class 7.

The grand elder stared at Jian Chen with a forced smile, “Of course I recognise this item. This was originally mine.” In the grand elder’s mind, he slowly thought back to the scene a few years ago.

At that time, he was first poisoned, then heavily injured by several experts. In the end, although he repelled the people, he was unable to suppress the speed at which the poison spread throughout his body. He was unable to use Radiant Saint Force to fly, so he concealed his tracks and disguised himself as a merchant, hiring a few mercenaries to escort him. Once he arrived at somewhere safe, he used the communication jade to contact the union. Afterwards, the president personally came to take him back safely to the City of God.

However, during his journey, he met a young man. Although the young man was very weak, he felt that the young man’s future would definitely be very great from intuition, a man among dragons. As a result, he left him the purple medal. The medal was something that represented his identity, and also contained a sliver of his Radiant Saint Force origin energy. It was for the future, that if destiny allowed it, when they met again.

Right now, not only did the grand elder discover the purple medal he had originally given away on Jian Chen, he could see the shadow of the young man he had met years ago on Jian Chen’s face.

Jian Chen immediately felt rather uneasy. He did not fear the grand elder, but rather, he feared that his identity would be exposed, foiling his plans and efforts.

“Grand elder, since this medal belongs to you, let’s return it to you today,” Jian Chen said cautiously, while he stared fixedly at the grand elder for any changes in emotion. Although Jian Chen currently felt extremely anxious, he seemed calm as ever. Even his gaze when he observed the grand elder’s expression remained extremely normal.

The grand elder gently examined the medal, before looking at Jian Chen, “I gave this away years ago. Since you’ve obtained it through chance, it means that you are fated to be connected to the medal. It’s best if you keep the medal. Although it’s not very precious, it contains a sliver of my Radiant Saint Force origin energy inside. Once you reach Class 7, you should have uses for the medal, because there other abilities to it. It can contain some origin energy,” The grand elder passed the purple medal to Jian Chen once again, before striding away. When he arrived at the door, his footstep paused slightly, looking at Jian Chen once again. He said, “Yang Yutian, I hope you don’t forget the president of the union is your master. The relationship between the two of you may not be very deep, but the president values you very much and has high hopes, and more importantly, he treats you as the future pillar of support for the union. Don’t make us disappointed.” With that, the grand elder walked away.

Jian Chen’s complexion immediately began to vary. What the grand elder said before he left echoed in his mind. He was not sure whether the grand elder had realised his identity, but it made Jian Chen constantly ponder what it meant.

The next day, a white-robed, middle-aged man found Jian Chen and said, “Esteemed master Yang Yutian, the patriarch of the Zaar family invites you to visit the clan as a guest.”

“The Zaar family!” Hearing that, Jian Chen furrowed his eyebrows slightly. The light in his eyes flickered slightly and he said, “I understand, you can leave.”

After the middle-aged man left, Jian Chen’s complexion immediately became overcast. After pondering slightly, he said, “Although the Zaar family has ill intention towards me, we still haven’t reached that step between us. Also, the Zaar family is the true ruler of the City of God and can’t be compared to the eight clans. Since they have invited me today, they shouldn’t try to harm me. If I don’t go, perhaps it’ll just worsen our relationship ahead of time. Whatever, I guess I have to go. I better tell master before I go though, just in case.”

At the same time, in a mountain range several millions of kilometers away, five messy-haired old men sat cross-legged in a cave.

“Goddammit, those four protectors from the Bloodsword Sect really do linger. They’ve chased us for so long and still aren’t willing to let us go.” An old man swore angrily. Anger covered his face, while on his body, there was a spine-chilling wound.

“The four protectors possess very powerful Baleful Yin Force. As soon as they use it against us, we’ll die for sure. We can’t tangle with them anymore. If this continues, not only will we fail the tiger king’s mission, we’ll die to the four protectors.”

“We can’t drag it out anymore. We need to quickly find Jian Chen. Once we finish the tiger king’s mission, we’ll leave here with the two other Class 7 Monster Cores.”

“I have the blood of Jian Chen’s parents. Situ, use the blood as a lead to cast the Great Soothsaying Technique.”

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