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Chapter 750: The Zaar Family

Old man Situ accepted the two droplets of blood. Afterwards, he fused the two droplets together, and placed it in the centre of his eyebrows. As soon as the blood droplet came in contact with his brow, it disappeared immediately.

Old man Situ closed his eyes. A while later, he suddenly opened them, and a dazzling gleam of light exploded in his eyes. He yelled deeply, “With my soul as the path and the blood as the lead, with the energy of the world, the Great Soothsaying Technique!” A red light shot out from between his eyebrows. Under the control of old man Situ’s mind, it drew an extremely mysterious, blood-red image. Profound Qi of the mysteries of the world flowed about the image and shortly afterwards, it turned into a dark red, five-pointed star, disappearing back into old man Situ’s forehead.

The Great Soothsaying Technique was special. It was discovered by the five of them in the cave of a Saint King several hundred years ago. All five of them had tried comprehending it, but only old man Situ grasped some of the bare basics of the technique.

The Great Soothsaying Technique was not used to attack. It was used to forecast the future, a technique similar to divining. However, old man Situ’s comprehension of the Great Soothsaying Technique was still at a beginner’s level, only able to utilise some of the basics. This included searching for certain people throughout the boundless continent with the use of some special equipment or items.

Old man Situ shut his eyes tightly. His rosy complexion paled at a rate visible with the naked eye. He stayed like this for fifteen minutes, before snapping open in eyes, “City of God, the Holy Empire!”

“Let’s go to the Holy Empire immediately. Otherwise, the four protectors from the Bloodsword Sect will come looking for us soon. The hiding technique we got from that Saint King cave is useless against the four of them.” Old man Mateng said with a deep voice.

“This cannot be delayed. Move out immediately.”

In the depths of the Cross Mountains concealed a huge palace, known to exist by few. At this moment, a burly, fierce-looking middle-aged man currently sat on the cold floor within a decorated room. His complexion was overcast.

He was one of the two kings of the Gilligan clan, the tiger king.

“My strength has fallen from the Second Heavenly Layer to the first as a Saint King, and I can’t recover it in a short period of time. Stepping out of the depths of the mountains this time has actually made me pay such a heavy price.” The tiger king clenched his fists tightly as he gnashed his teeth in anger.

“My strength might have decreased, but if I can complete the ruler’s mission, everything is worth it. The ruler will definitely not mistreat me.” A sliver of interest flashed across his eyes and he continued, “The growth of the Winged Tiger God’s a little unexpected. I can’t drag this out for too long, or else once the Winged Tiger God really does become powerful, it’ll be hard to deal with. I wonder if old man Situ’s group is successful or not. I’ll give them another month and if they don’t succeed in that time, I can only report the developments to the ruler.” A sliver of determination flashed across the tiger king’s eyes.

At this very moment, a white-robed, middle-aged scholar suddenly appeared in the room. He stared at the tiger king with a complicated expression, “Is it really worth it? The Winged Tiger God is the god of the beast race and is paramount. Only under its leadership did our beast race become so prosperous. The ruler is already committing a monstrous crime by doing things like this.”

The tiger king stared coldly at the middle-aged scholar and said expressionlessly, “Peng king, we, the beast race, only needs the existence of the ruler to be prosperous. The current times is not like the ancient age where experts were as common as forests; before us, the Beast God Continent, the Tian Yuan Continent is too weak to put up a fight.”

“Tiger king, you must not underestimate the experts of the Tian Yuan Continent. On the continent, there are also humans who can fight against the ruler.” The scholar said.

The tiger king sneered and a sliver of disdain appeared in his eyes, “Are you talking about that traitor of the Pure Cleansing Heart Pavilion, that person who spends his days in the seven emotions and six desires? How is he the ruler’s opponent?”

“Tiger king, the news of the Winged Tiger God has already been received by the ancestor of my Peng clan on the Beast God Continent. There is still time for you to turn back.” The scholar said.

“Looks like your Peng clan has chosen to stand with the Winged Tiger God. I must persuade you, there’s still time for you to change your time. Otherwise, once the ruler successfully obtains the Winged Tiger God, your Peng clan will be facing a devastating calamity!” The tiger king replied coldly.

Hearing that, the scholar sighed gently. He did not say anything else as his figure slowly disappeared from the room.

In the Holy Empire, there was a luxurious carriage bearing the symbol of the Radiant Saint Master Union, rolling down the wide streets of the City of God. Within the carriage, the white-robed Jian Chen sat with the small white tiger on his lap, eyes closed, resting. Beside him was his bodyguard, Yang Ling.

The heavy injuries sustained by Yang Ling back on the ferry had been healed personally by an elder of the union, so he had already fully recovered. Currently, he sat coldly within the carriage, silently protecting Jian Chen.

In the jolting carriage, Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes. He looked at Yang Ling and said, “Mr. Yang Ling, I wonder how long has it been since you reached the Sixth Cycle as a Heaven Saint Master?”

“Esteemed Master Yang Yutian, Yang Ling has already stopped at the Sixth Cycle for close to a century.” Yang Ling replied emotionlessly, but in his gaze towards Jian Chen, it contained unconcealed respect.

“A century!” Jian Chen mumbled to himself in shock. That was around four times his current age.

“Yang Ling, I believe that you’ll break through and reach Saint Ruler without much more time.” Jian Chen said with a smile. Currently, Yang Ling held a status vastly different from before in his heart.

Yang Ling’s expression became gloomy, “How would it be so easy to reach Saint Ruler? There’s so many people on the Tian Yuan Continent, as well as quite a few prodigies. But just how many of them become Saint Rulers?”

Jian Chen paused for a while, “Mr. Yang Ling, if I get the chance in the future, I want to find a method to help you out.”

Hearing that, Yang Ling’s interest was piqued, as a gleam of light flashed across his eyes. A sliver of joy appeared in the depths of his eyes. To him, what Jian Chen had said meant that he would ask for a Saint Ruler to come and direct him after he had reached Class 7.

The luxurious carriage rolled through the large streets of the city, before finally stopping before a grand manor. The manor was extremely large; although it was not as grand as the headquarters of the union, it radiated with a thick, ancient presence, as if the manor was not a manor, but rather an old man who had lived for countless years and experienced the changings of time. It could deeply affect the mood of people.

At the main entrance to the manor, ten silver-armored guards stood like statues, without moving at all. Each of them possessed the strength of an Earth Saint Master. Above the main entrance hung a huge plaque high up above. Two words were written elegantly on the plaque: Zaar family!

Here was the number one clan of the City of God, as well as one of the three great clans that controlled the Holy Empire, the Zaar clan. It was an owner of one of the seven capital cities on the continent.

“Are you perhaps master Yang Yutian?” Just as Jian Chen dismounted from the carriage, an ancient voice echoed from within the manor. A blue-robed old man walked out from inside. His tone was warm, without any arrogance, while his two eyes flickered with a wise light, constantly examining Jian Chen.

Jian Chen clasped his eyes at the old man, “I am indeed Yang Yutian. I have come to visit under the esteemed patriarch’s request!”

The old man chuckled, “This old servant, the secondary caretaker of the Zaar clan, greets master Yang Yutian. Master Yang Yutian, the patriarch is already waiting in the main hall. Please come along with me.”

“Then I’ll be troubling the caretaker to lead the way!” Jian Chen’s actions and words were learned and refined. He was not arrogant or reckless, not humble or pushy. Even though he had come to the greatest clan in the City of God, he remained unperturbed, calm as ever.

Witnessing this, the secondary caretaker could not help but nod secretly in his mind, “This Yang Yutian really is something else!”

Jian Chen and Yang Ling followed the caretaker into the Zaar family. Afterwards, they passed through various rooms under the caretaker’s lead, before finally arriving in the central, majestic hall. At the very end of the hall sat a middle-aged man in purple and gold robes. He was the patriarch of the Zaar clan and beneath him, various people of different ages sat in two rows.

Jian Chen stood in the centre of the hall and clasped his hands at the middle-aged man in ease, “Yang Yutian greets the patriarch.”

A gleam of light flashed across the patriarch’s eyes. He closely observed Jian Chen, before slowly revealing the sliver of a smile on his face, “I have heard that master Yang Yutian’s talent in unprecedented, and was also accepted as the union president’s third disciple long ago. Seeing you today, brother Yang Yutian indeed is a dragon among men. Please, please sit.” The Zaar family patriarch did not act pretentious at all, receiving Jian Chen in a way where they were completely equal.

This was because the Zaar family patriarch knew very well that the Zaar family and the Radiant Saint Master Union were basically existences of the same level. His status as the patriarch in the Zaar family was not even as great as Jian Chen’s status in the Radiant Saint Union.

The patriarch of the Zaar clan was not someone who held power, but was only a spokesmen. He was basically a caretaker, completely abiding to his master’s orders, as well as handling some everyday household chores.

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