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Chapter 752: Assassination on the Open Streets

Although Jian Chen knew about the wild ambitions of the Zaar family, he had never thought that the grand elder would tell him about it so directly. This made him stunned. However, he knew that the reason why the Zaar family wanted him to join them was to gain control of the Radiant Saint Master Union through him. If they could do that, not only would they gain control of the union without shedding any blood, they would also gain an expert as strong as the president of the union, allowing their strength to greatly increase.

However, with Jian Chen’s personality, he definitely would not become a chess piece in other people’s hands. He clasped his hands at the grand elder, “Grand elder, I must thank the clan’s good intentions, but Yang Yutian will perhaps be disappointing you.”

The grand elder’s gaze immediately began to sharpen, staring at Jian Chen fixedly with his two eyes, like two unsheathed, sharp swords. He raised his voice, “Yang Yutian, are you still unwilling to become an internal elder of the clan?”

“Yes!” Jian Chen looked into the grand elder’s eyes. He did not show any fear at all.

The two stared at each other fixedly, as if their gazes were sparks, colliding mid-air. This lasted for a while, before the grand elder finally retracted his gaze. He sighed gently, “Whatever. Since you’re so determined, I will not force you. Yang Yutian, you can leave!”

Jian Chen left silently. Only the grand elder was left in the room, sitting there drinking tea just like how he was before.

“What a pity, it’s really a pity. He’s such a prodigy, but not of any use to my Zaar family.” A long while later, the grand elder gave out a soft sigh. Shortly afterwards, a piece of jade appeared in his hand, which his hand crushed without any hesitation.

At the same time, in the eight clans, the expressions of those in control all changed. They all pulled out a piece of broken jade in their Space Rings.

“Do it!”

Walking out from the grand elder’s building, the patriarch that had brought him there had already disappeared. Jian Chen could only go back to the conference hall using his memory.

Jian Chen arrived at the hall without any obstructions. There, he saw that all the high-ranking members of the Zaar family had left. Other than the two guards in the hall, there was just Yang Ling, who sat there all by himself.

A gleam of light flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes. In his heart, he already understood that the way the Zaar family treated him was vastly different from before. He said, “Mr. Yang Ling, let’s go!”

Yang Ling stood up and walked out of the empty hall. With a cold expression, he followed behind Jian Chen and silently walked towards the main entrance of the Zaar family. No one came out to see them off, much less urge them to stay.

“Return to the headquarters!” Jian Chen and Yang Ling boarded the carriage as Jian Chen said to the horse-driver.

The luxurious carriage bearing the symbol of the union turned around and directly travelled towards the headquarters. In the carriage, Jian Chen sat with his head down, in thought, while the light in eyes constantly flickered. As for Yang Ling, he remained expressionless, sitting to one side coldly with his eyes closed, resting.

“Not only have I rejected the offer of becoming an internal elder, I’ve also learnt from the grand elder of the Zaar family’s future plans from this trip to the Zaar family. It’s already put me in a position against the Zaar family in some sense. This Zaar family will definitely move against me. I need to be more careful in this period of time.” Jian Chen thought to himself. He did not fear the eight clans, but he needed to be cautious against the Zaar family. After all, the Zaar family was powerful existence akin to an ancient clan.

“I need to quickly reach Class 7. Once I become a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master, I can leave this place, and I won’t need to care about the matters between the Zaar family and the Radiant Saint Master Union.” Jian Chen thought to himself. However, he thought of what the union grand elder has said to him in the very end shortly afterwards.

“Yang Yutian, I hope you don’t forget the president of the union is your master. The relationship between the two of you may not be very deep, but the president values you very much and has high hopes, and more importantly, he treats you as the future pillar of support for the union. Don’t make us disappointed.”

Thinking up to that, a sliver of hesitation appeared on Jian Chen’s face.

Just at this moment, the carriage Jian Chen was in began to shake violently. It began to quickly deccelerate from its original speed, while a noisy hubbub erupted outside shortly afterwards.

Yang Ling, who sat beside Jian Chen and was resting, abruptly opened his eyes and with a flash, he exited the carriage. As for Jian Chen, he sat still in the carriage. He had already observed the outside situation clearly with his presence.

At this moment, Yang Ling entered the carriage again. He said, “Master Yang Yutian, the carriage was too fast and an accident occurred. A child’s been hit.”

“Let’s go and have a look!” Jian Chen said expressionlessly. Afterwards, he left the carriage together with Yang Ling. He saw that there was a skinny, small girl, roughly eleven or twelve years old, fainted on the ground. Her forehead was wounded, and fresh blood dyed her entire face. She wore inexpensive clothes, clearly not someone wealthy.

Beside the girl knelt an average-looking, middle-aged woman in simple clothes, crying aloud, “Daughter, my daughter, nothing must happen to you. I only have you, my one daughter. If anything happens to you, how can I continue to live…”

Seeing this, Jian Chen furrowed his eyebrows slightly. With a gaze of blame, he stared at the horse-driver and said, “How did you do this?”

The old man who drove the horses paled slightly and said with a trembling voice, “Esteemed Radiant Saint Master, the girl was mischievous. She ran into the centre of the road.”

“Sir, please save this little girl…”

“This little girl is so pitiful. Sir, you can’t just watch her die…”

“Sir, this pitiful girl was hit by your carriage, you have to save her…”

There were a lot of passers-by on the street. Very soon, many people gathered in the surroundings, all speaking to Jian Chen.

At this moment, the mother of the girl was already on the ground, begging Jian Chen on her hands and knees. She said, “Sir, I only have one daughter. She’s my lifeblood. I beg you, please save my daughter. If something happens to my daughter, then I don’t want to live anymore…”

Jian Chen helped the woman to her feet and said softly, “Miss, don’t worry. I will definitely save your daughter.” With that, Jian Chen directly knelt down to where the unconscious girl was. Blood constantly flowed from the girl’s head, which had already formed a small pool on the ground.

Jian Chen stared at the girl’s forehead injury for a while, while a ineffable light flash across his eyes. Afterwards, he slowly raised his right hand and a ball of soft Radiant Saint Force slowly gathered around it. The Radiant Saint Force was not gentle, but it carried a certain sharp intent that could only be felt by other Radiant Saint Masters.

At that moment, changes began to happen. The mother of the girl gently raised her left hand and placed it on Jian Chen’s back. Immediately, a cold Qi began to surge violently from the woman’s palm, entering Jian Chen’s body. At the same time, a dagger had appeared soundlessly in the woman’s right hand, slashing at Jian Chen’s neck with lightning speed.

Everything happened in a flash, without any prior signs. It completely dazed the on-looking bystanders in the surroundings.

“Be careful!” Yang Ling’s pupils constricted, and his gaze immediately became a glare. He yelled aloud to warn Jian Chen, and then shot towards the woman like a lightning bolt.

Even though Yang Ling was a Heaven Saint Master, the woman was just too close to Jian Chen. Also, the woman had struck out extremely fast, so Yang Ling was unable to go up and help out in time.

Just as the woman was about to cut Jian Chen’s throat with the dagger, there was a flash of light, which actually pierced the centre of the woman’s eyebrows with a speed several fold faster than the dagger. It was actually the Radiant Saint Force that Jian Chen had gathered in his hand, which was turned into a raindrop-sized ball of light in an instant and shot out.

The dagger stopped around three inches from Jian Chen’s throat. Between the woman’s eyebrows, a bloody hole had already appeared.

At this moment, Yang Ling also arrived. He struck a palm clad in powerful Saint Force directly and mercilessly at the woman’s back. The woman was immediately sent flying far away.

At the same time, the unconscious girl on the ground snapped her eyes open. She opened her small mouth slightly, and a sharp weapon, the size of a sewing needle, shot out from her mouth, directly piercing towards the centre of Jian Chen’s eyebrows.

A light exploded from Jian Chen’s eyes. Just when the needle-like weapon from the mouth of the girl was three inches away from him, it stopped and slowly fell into his hand under the control of his mind. Surprisingly, it was a finger-sized blade. The blade was completely black, clearly containing poison.

Jian Chen stared at the small blade fixedly, while his eyes became brighter and brighter.

“You’re looking to die!” Yang Ling was immediately angered. Vast Saint Force exploded from his fist, which he threw mercilessly towards the girl on the floor.

The girl remained calm. She directly leapt up from the ground and opened put her palms together, keeping them open slightly. Surging Saint Force gathered and it collided forcefully with Yang Ling’s fist.

Boom! With a muffled sound, the surging energy ripples exploded in where the girl and Yang Ling had clashed. It caused the ground to crack.

Yang Ling’s expression changed slightly. He staggered back a few steps and stared at the girl who seemed to only be twelve or thirteen. He cried out, “Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master!”

Suddenly, a dozen or so of the bystanders rushed in. In their hands were daggers, which they used to stab at Jian Chen.

“Master Yang Yutian be careful, they’re assassins!” Yang Ling yelled aloud. His expression became stern and a huge, completely red sword appeared in his hand. He rushed directly at the people.

Of the dozen or so assassins, six of them stopped to obstruct Yang Ling, while the remaining people rushed at Jian Chen. Each of them had cold gazes, but did not even carry a sliver of killing intent.

Jian Chen finally looked away from the small blade. He stared at the assassins that rushed towards him with calmly, while the corner of his lips curled into a sneer. He mumbled softly, “Whatever, I might as well test out the strength of my artes.” Since the battle on the ferry, Jian Chen had spent a dozen or so days in the headquarters to continue his comprehension of Radiant Artes, which greatly increased the strength of his artes.

“Radiance Burst!” Jian Chen muttered with a low voice. The surrounding Radiant Saint Force immediately began to gather quickly around him. This time, the speed at which it gathered was several times faster than before. In that very moment, Jian Chen’s surroundings was full of countless glowing raindrops.

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