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Chapter 753: Both Assassination Organisations have come

Countless droplets gathered around Jian Chen. Each droplet was condensed from powerful Radiant Saint Force, which gave off a sharp intent. Shortly afterwards, the countless droplets turned into streaks of white light under Jian Chen’s control, surging at the assassins in the surroundings.

The assassins all swung their daggers to resist the attack of the droplets and for some time, the clangs between the daggers and droplets constantly rang out. A large portion of the assassins were Earth Saint Masters, while the rest were Heaven Saint Masters. Whenever the Earth Saint Masters received the droplets of Radiant Saint Force, their bodies would tremble greatly. The power within the inconspicuous droplets had reached a terrifying level.

“Argh!” An Earth Saint Master assassin was hit by a droplet, which directly punched a hole through his body. From the sharp pain, he could not help but call out, and his hands also paused a little. This lead to him being hit by more and more droplets of Radiant Saint Force, until he died.

Painful cries sounded one after another and in just a short moment, all the Earth Saint Masters were dead. All of them had hundreds or thousands of holes punched through their bodies, with the blood dyeing them all over.

Currently, there were only four Heaven Saint Master who struggled to resist the attacks. However, their advance had already been forcefully halted by the dense droplets. They could not advance at all, and were instead forced into swift retreat by the droplets.

“Hall master Feng, when are you going to help out?” An assassin called out.

A gleam of light flashed across the young girl in the distance. The small blade in Jian Chen’s hand seemed to be in her control, immediately flying out of Jian Chen’s hand as a silver streak and piercing towards the centre of Jian Chen’s eyebrows.

Jian Chen focused his gaze. Suddenly, a sliver of vague azure and purple light appeared in his eyes, while the small blade controlled by the girl was forcefully stopped before Jian Chen’s forehead. Afterwards, immediately turned into a streak of light under Jian Chen’s control with its target being the girl. On the small blade, a sliver of vague Azulet Sword Qi appeared.

“Radiant Saint Sword!” Jian Chen focused on two things at the same time. He pulled apart his two palms and four dazzling Radiant Saint Swords immediately condensed between his hands, before turning into silver streaks, as they shot towards the four Heaven Saint Master assassins.

The four assassins all flew backwards as they spat out blood and their complexions had become white as a sheet. They landed heavily on the ground.

As for hall master Feng, the small blade had also pierced her chest. She immediately began to pale, while a trail of black blood flowed from the corner of her mouth. She was poisoned.


The air-piercing sound appeared from behind; the small blade that had pierced through the girl’s chest had turned around in the distance under Jian Chen’s control and was flying back along its original path. With silvers of Azulet Sword Qi, it passed through the girl’s back, returning to Jian Chen’s hand.

The girl gave out a grunt and forcefully suppressed the poison that was quickly spreading throughout her body. She suddenly kicked off the ground with her feet, rising into the air and escaping into the distance.

Jian Chen did not plan on letting the girl go. Although the girl only seemed to be about twelve or thirteen, Jian Chen knew that her true age was much more than that.

“Radiant Saint Sword!” Jian Chen cried out deeply. A Radiant Saint Sword quickly condensed and with a swing of his hand, it turned into a long streak of light, pursuing the girl.

The escaping girl suddenly turned around mid-air. A dagger similar to the ones used by the other assassins appeared in her hand, and she swung it at the Radiant Saint Sword with all her strength.

With a loud boom, the Radiant Saint Sword was broken, but a mouthful of blood also sprayed from the girl’s mouth. She began to fall out of the sky, while the poison in her body was also freed from the suppression of Saint Force. It immediately began to spread violently, quickly causing her complexion to darken.

At this moment, the wind and clouds in the sky began to surge. A vast pressure permeated the surroundings. Yang Ling wielded the sword by pointing it towards the sky, while the sword itself radiated with a dazzling red light. The sword also gave off terrifying heat, causing the surrounding air to skyrocket in temperature.

“Taste my Heaven Tier Battle Skill!” Yang Ling yelled out. He suddenly swung the huge sword, swinging it towards the closest assassins.

Although the assassins were Heaven Saint Masters, they still had not reached the peak, so they were far from Yang Ling, a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, in terms of strength. They were directly immobilised by the pressure of the Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

The dazzling red light from the huge sword slid past the throats of four assassins, beheading them all. Afterwards, it continued towards the fifth assassin without any decrease in might.

It was already too late to dodge. The assassin cried out and used all his strength to strike the flaming-red huge sword that had locked onto him.

With a violent bang, the assassin’s dagger was knocked away, while the huge sword stabbed into his chest like a lightning bolt. Most of the flames hidden within the huge sword surged into the assassin’s body.

“Argh!” The assassin cried out in pain. His entire body turned red at a visible rate, before a flame appeared on him. The flame quickly spread out, before turning into a sea of fire, enveloping the assassin, and quickly burning him into ashes.

Yang Ling’s Heaven Tier Battler Skill directly filled five experts of the same strength, which caused the original number of six to drop to one.

“Yang Ling, go capture that girl. Let me handle the remainders.” Jian Chen said loud and clear. With that, another five Radiant Saint Sword were condensed. Each sword was four meters in length and gave off a powerful rippling of energy. Its strength was clearly much more powerful than the ones before.

The five Radiant Saint Sword were the most powerful ones Jian Chen could condense. The Radiant Saint Swords he had just cast were much more powerful, because they were cast from a method that he had comprehended in the dozen or so days after returning from the ferry.

“Yes master Yang Yutian.” Yang Ling immediately replied and shot off in the direction of the girl.

Looking at the Radiant Saint Swords that were clearly much more powerful floating beside Jian Chen, the expressions of the remaining assassins could not help but change.

“Retreat!” One of the people bellowed. He no longer wanted to fight, dragging his heavily-injured body towards the distance to flee. Afterwards, the four other people all began to flee in other directions.

However, before they could all escape into the distance, the five swords floating beside Jian Chen immediately shot out, catching up to the people with a speed several times faster. they pierced deeply into the backs of the five assassins, before the sword exploded with a bang. The powerful energy blasted the bodies of the assassins apart, and caused it to rain blood.

With the deaths of the five assassins, Yang Ling also returned from the distance. To no surprise, he carried the girl in his hand. The girl’s face had already darkened, clearly deeply poisoned already.

Yang Ling threw the girl onto the floor and said, “Master Yang Yutian, I’ve caught the person. Are you fine?”

“I’m fine. They don’t possess the strength to harm me.” Jian Chen tidied up his rather messy clothes. Before, although he was taken by surprise and hit by the woman’s palm, the attack was unable to harm Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body. Also, the cold Qi that had been forced into Jian Chen’s body had completely disappeared from a surge of Chaotic Force.

Jian Chen arrived before the girl and stared coldly at her. He asked, “Where did you obtain the material for making these small blades?”

The girl stared at Jian Chen in mockery and said with an old tone, “Why does a person who is about to die ask so many questions? Even if you ask them, it’s a waste, because you won’t be able to live for much longer. No one can survive from the pursuit of the Yama Hall. Not even Saint Rulers.” The girl’s voice was very husky, and it did not suit her age at all. Just from the voice, it was easier to believe that she was an old woman in her seventies or eighties.

Jian Chen’s complexion became overcast, “If you know where the material for making this small blade is from, I might be able to let you go.” Jian Chen cared very much towards the small blade, because it was made out of a material used to make the Azulet Swords. It was called Heaven’s Soulstone. The amount of Heaven’s Soulstone he currently had was far from enough, because there was a great demand for forging the Azulet Swords. It was basically a quarter of all the materials.

“Don’t you think you can get any information from me!” The girl said coldly, before closing her eyes.

Jian Chen glared at the girl for a while, before saying with a deep voice, “Yang Ling, restrict her movements and take her back to the headquarters!”

Ptui! Suddenly, black blood sprayed from the girl’s mouth. The girl collapsed powerlessly on the ground, becoming lifeless.

Yang Ling quickly examined the girl’s body and said, “Master Yang Yutian, she’s already committed suicide by stopping her heart.”

Jian Chen said nothing. He glanced at the poison-clad blade in his hand, before putting it away silently. He turned around and walked towards the carriage, “Let’s continue on our way back to the headquarters!”

The horse-driver on the carriage hurriedly leapt down from the carriage, arriving in front of Jian Chen. He asked out of concern, “Esteemed Radiant Saint Master, are you unharmed? It’s no longer safe on the road. Quickly enter the carriage, I’ll immediately drive the carriage back to the headquarters.”

Jian Chen said nothing and immediately entered the carriage. Currently, all his attention was on the matter about the small blade, while the assassination did not affect him at all. He had experienced countless slaughters in his life, so something so small had already become as common as a meal.

However, just when Jian Chen had basically entered the carriage, the horse-driver pulled out a dagger without any sounds. Like a lightning bolt, he stabbed at Jian Chen’s back. If Jian Chen was hit by this attack, the dagger would pierce his heart from the back.

A gleam of light flashed across Jian Chen eyes and shortly afterwards, his lips curled into a sneer of disdain.

The dagger was viciously stabbed at Jian Chen back, but it only punctured the clothes that Jian Chen wore. Just when the sharp blade reached Jian Chen’s body, it was as if it had hit a tough steel board instead, unable to advance any further.

The complexion of the horse-driver changed slightly, but he reacted very quickly. The Saint Force in his body flowed steadily into the dagger. He used all his strength to push with the dagger, but no matter how hard he tried, the dagger was unable to continue into Jian Chen even by a little. It was as if an extremely tough, metal wall was blocking the dagger’s path.

Bang! At this moment, Yang Ling had arrived. He directly threw a punch at the horse-driver without a second thought, knocking the horse-driver flying, around ten meters away. He hit the ground and constantly vomited blood.

“Bastard, who would’ve thought that you, the driver is also an assassin!” Yang Ling roared at the horse-driver. He was currently completely angered. As Jian Chen’s bodyguard, he had already made two mistakes in such a short time. If it were another Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, perhaps they would have passed away long ago.

Jian Chen stuck his head out of the carriage and gazed at the horse-driver with a complicated expression. He sighed in wonder, “What great concealing technique. Not only were you completely silent when you struck out, not even a sliver of killing intent leaked out. Even I did not feel it at all. You must be someone who’s been trained before. I wonder which organisation you belong to?”

“The. Underworld. Sect!” The horse-driver stuttered each word, while he stared fixedly at Jian Chen, “If it were not for the defensive treasure on you, you would’ve died under the hands of the Underworld Sect.”

Jian Chen revealed the sliver of a sneer and muttered, “The Underworld Sect and the Yama Hall. Two of the three great assassination organisations have actually come. Looks like the person who wants to kill me really does think highly of me. I just wonder if the Bloodsword Sect is taking part or not!” With that, a Radiant Saint Sword condensed in Jian Chen’s hand, which directly shot towards the horse-driver. He was only an Earth Saint Master and was already heavily injured from Yang Ling’s punch. He did not have any ability to dodge Jian Chen’s sword, so he died on the spot.

“Yang Ling, you drive the carriage next. After I return to the headquarters, it won’t be too peaceful for me in this upcoming time.”

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