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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 754
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Chapter 754: Saint Ruler Assassins

With the death of the horse-driver, Yang Ling was naturally responsible next for driving the carriage. Yang Ling drove the carriage around the corpses of the dozen or so assassins, travelling quickly into the distance. All that was left behind was the splatters of blood everywhere and several corpses, a testimony for everything that had occurred before.

In the distance, the people who had gathered to watch all gave way to the carriage, all staring at the person in the carriage with admiration. Clearly, they had witnessed the abilities displayed by Jian Chen to consecutively slaughter several powerful Heaven Saint Masters, and all admired the strength Jian Chen showed.

At this moment, a ripple suddenly surged in the far away space. An invisible arrow, completely formed from World Force, shot with incomparable speed towards the carriage, as if it was fused with the surroundings.

Jian Chen who sat cross-legged in the carriage snapped open his eyes and two gleams of light flashed in his eyes. He was a Saint Ruler himself, so he naturally could feel the invisible World Force very clearly.

“There’s a powerful Saint Ruler trying to assassinate me!” Jian Chen thought to himself. He was not even perturbed when he faced against the dozen or so assassins before, but in this very moment, he finally became stern. What made him think was probably how to escape without exposing his identity.

The World Force arrow shot towards the carriage silently, while Jian Chen who sat in the carriage was pained. This was because he could not react in any shape or form currently, as he was a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master and should not have been able to sense World Force that could only be controlled by Saint Rulers.

In that crucial moment, the surrounding space quickly froze. It caused the invisible arrow that shot towards the carriage to slow down, as if it had entered mud. Its advancing speed was no longer as fast as before.

Shortly afterwards, a grey-robed, middle-aged man shot over like a lightning bolt with unbelievable speed, as if he had fused with the surroundings. He stood before the invisible arrow, and blocked it with his body. As he clenched his hand, the invisible World Force quickly gathered in the man’s hand, and formed a huge invisible sword. He swung it to receive the incoming arrow.

The huge sword collided with the arrow mid-air. It did not give off an expected boom, but instead the space there trembled violently. The invisible arrow was dispersed and the giant, invisible sword condensed by the man continued into the distance without any decrease in speed, just that its size had shrunk by a portion.

Several kilometers away, a black-robed old man floated silently in the air. He stared sternly at the gray-clothed man, and a long bow appeared in his hand shortly afterwards. He quickly drew the bowstring and shot out an invisible arrow at the sword, before fusing with the surrounding space without even looking at the outcome. He turned around and fled into the distance, immediately disappearing.

“Hmph, you offend my Radiant Saint Master Union and you think you can just leave like this? Stay behind!” A powerful killing intent flashed across the man’s eyes. He immediately began to chase the fleeing old man.

Just as the man began his pursuit, another three invisible arrows formed from World Force shot towards the carriage from the north, south and east. They were all extremely fast.

The middle-aged man’s expression changed greatly. He came to a screeching halt in his pursuit for the old man, and turned around and tried to return with all his might to stop the three arrows.

As the man travelled through the air, he grabbed at the empty space and a huge, invisible sword immediately condensed from World Force in his hand. It immediately shot towards the first arrow. At this moment, he had already arrived in the path of the second arrow and threw a fist dazzling with white light, dispersing the second arrow. However, the third arrow had already approached the carriage. The man no longer had any time to stop it and could only watch helplessly as it hit the carriage with lightning speed.

In that very moment, a gleam of light flashed across Jian Chen who sat in the carriage. Within his dantian, the chaotic neidan began to spew Chaotic Force madly, filling up every corner of his body. It completely activated the extremely powerful defense of the Chaotic Body.


The third arrow condensed from World Force shot into the carriage, landing on Jian Chen’s chest with great accuracy. With a violent boom, the invisible energy completely destroyed the luxurious carriage, while the the energy ripples knocked Yang Ling who was driving the carriage flying. He coughed up a lot of blood.

As for Jian Chen, he shot off like a cannon ball, passing through the sturdy walls of several stores and finally stopping several kilometers away. The expensive white robes he wore had already turned into smithereens, revealing a golden silk armor that glowed slightly. The armor was the defensive treasure that was made from Primordial Godsilk.

Jian Chen climbed up off the ground in a sorry appearance. He stared in curiosity at the golden mail made from Primordial Godsilk, and the light in his eyes became brighter and brighter. This was because the power from the arrow before was completely blocked by the golden mail. His Chaotic Body did not play any purpose at all. He had made those preparations before for nothing.=

“Are you okay?” A heavy voiced sounded from close by. A gray-clothed middle-aged man arrived near Jian Chen, floating three meters above the ground. He currently stared at the armor in curiosity.

“I’m fine. I thank senior for helping out!” Jian Chen clasped his hands at the middle-aged man.

The man stared at the golden armor on Jian Chen with a flowing eyes for a while, before moving his gaze away to the distance, “If you’re fine, then that;s good. But this assassin from the Underworld Sect can’t be allowed to leave so easily” The man did not pay any more attention to Jian Chen, disappearing in a flash. He pursued the assassins in the distance with an extremely great speed.

Not long later, powerful energy ripples exploded in the distance. The middle-aged man had already caught up with the assassins, and was currently embroiled in a great fight.

At the same time, a large group of people flew over from the distance. Leading them were two old men on white clouds, both in white, long robes. They seemed like immortals and behind them followed three, middle-aged men in tight clothing.

The five of them directly travelled towards Jian Chen, before finally descending beside Jian Chen. The two old men who lead them was, to no surprise, the president of the union and the grand elder.

“Yang Yutian greets master and the grand elder!” Jian Chen immediately clasped his hands, before casually glancing over the three middle-aged men behind the president and the grand elder. He could clearly feel that all three of them were Saint Rulers.

The president, grand elder and the three men all stared at Jian Chen’s golden armor in wonder. However, they soon shifted their gazes from it, looking towards Jian Chen as per usual.

“Yang Yutian, are you fine?” The president asked gently, filled with concern.

“I thank master for showing concern. I am fine!” Jian Chen replied. Afterwards, he quickly glanced over the golden armor he wore and could not help but worry in secret. He did not know whether the president was interested in his armor or not.

“What wondrous mail. It’s actually able to block an attack from a Saint Ruler and have the owner come out unharmed. Looks like blocking the blow from before is not even this mail’s limit. I just wonder how powerful its defensive power is. Yang Yutian, with this piece of armor, it seems that normal Saint Rulers would struggle to harm you. And I can also relax a little about your safety.” The grand elder said in marvel. Soon, his gaze slowly became a glare and he said with a deep voice, “But none of those assassins are allowed to leave.”

At this moment, the battle in the distance became more and more intense. From all four cardinal directions, the four Saint Ruler assassins were all intercepted by people.

Another few figures appeared with a flash, approaching where Jian Chen was with great speed. They arrived at the street very soon. There were a total of eight people who had come, all of different ages, some old and some young.

As soon as the eight people arrived, they all glanced at Jian Chen first, especially the golden armor Jian Chen wore, which made their eyes glow slightly. Afterwards, the eight people all clasped their hands at the president, speaking rather politely, “I greet the president!”

In the next moment, the eight of them all saw the grand elder and they all became slightly stunned. One of them immediately said, “So it’s the grand elder. I heard several years ago, the grand elder was injured and has always spent the time in the headquarters in treatment, making us all worry. Looking at it now, the grand elder is in good health again. What a joyous occasion.”

The grand elder glanced past the eight of them indifferently and did not go into the matter of him being injured. He said with a slight smile, “Who would’ve thought that the ancestors of the eight clans have come.”

“Grand elder, the City of God is managed by our eight clans. Now that something so big has happened, how can we not come?” An old man chuckled, before glancing at Jian Chen. He said with a smile, “I heard that a prodigy appeared in the Radiant Saint Master Union, reaching Class 6 despite being so young. I believe you must be that person? You really are extraordinary, to receive a blow from a Saint Ruler as a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master and come out unscathed. It’s an eye-opener for me.” As he spoke, the old man instead constantly stared at the golden armor on Jian Chen. A weird light flickered in his eyes, while a unconcealed silver of greed appeared in the depths.

Before Jian Chen could reply, the grand elder said, “Since the peace of the City of God is maintained by you eight clans, shouldn’t you handle those four assassins?”

“The grand elder is right. It should be the people of the eight clans handling it.” The speaker was a middle-aged man. As soon as he finished, he flew into the distance.

Shortly afterwards, the seven other people all let too. They split into four groups of two, pursuing the Saint Ruler assassins in four different directions. Not long later, the battle that had erupted in the distance became even more intense.

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