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Chapter 755: A Sly Senior Brother (One)

The president, grand elder and the three middle-aged men all looked away from Jian Chen and stared at the battle that had erupted in the distance.

“They’re people from the Underworld Sect and the Yama Hall. Who would’ve thought that two of the three great assassination organisations who disappeared a thousand years ago have come.” The grand elder said with a deep voice. His complexion was rather overcast.

The light in the president’s eyes flicked, “Looks like the people who invited them have paid quite a large price for the Underworld Sect and the Yama Hall to both send Saint Rulers. But both of them have suffered great losses from the Bloodsword Sect a thousand years ago, greatly weakened and almost wiped out. A short thousand years is not enough for them to recover much, so there’s no need to fear. What really makes me worried is whether the Bloodsword Sect is participating or not. If they also participate, the situation will be slightly more serious.”

As soon as he heard the Bloodsword Sect, the grand elder’s expression also became rather stern, “Of the three great assassination organisations of the Tian Yuan Continent, the Yama Hall and the Underworld Sect focus on hiding their presence, such that it becomes very difficult for people to realise their existence, before they kill their unsuspecting target in an instant. As for the Bloodsword Sect, they use a special Baleful Yin Force to fight their opponents. This Baleful Yin Force is refined from killing and is extremely profound. It can fuse with the void and pass through countless things, able to affect the target’s mind even when they’re completely prepared, causing them to become disoriented. When it’s bad, it can even cause the target to fall into an endless cycle of slaughter, allowing the people of the sect to easily take their lives. In a certain sense, the Bloodsword Sect is much more terrifying than the Underworld Sect and the Yama Hall.”

The president nodded in agreement, “You’re right, but the only difference between the Bloosword Sect and the other two is that they are unable to hide themselves. The distinct features of the Baleful Yin Force makes it easy to recognise them with a single glance no matter where they go, so when they take a mission, they choose to kill in the daylight, unlike how the other two organisations specialise in hiding their presences and killing from the dark, which is impossible to guard against. But the Bloodsword Sect’s already disappeared from the continent for a thousand years, so they should not appear.”

Listening to the conversation between the president and the grand elder, Jian Chen could not help but think of uncle Xiu from Longevity Valley. This was because he knew that the uncle Xiu living in seclusion in Longevity Valley was the sect master of the Bloosword Sect that had disappeared for a thousand years. His strength was inestimable.

At this moment, the battle far away gradually subsided. A dozen or so figures approached them from all directions, arriving at the street Jian Chen was standing very soon.

The gray-clothed man who had come to help out Jian Chen before threw the corpse in his hand onto the floor and said expressionless, “I killed one.”

The man walked quietly towards the president and stood there. As for his eyes, they stared towards the golden mail on Jian Chen, revealing a strange expression in his eyes. This was the first time he had seen a defensive treasure that could block a blow from a Saint Ruler and come out unscathed.

Afterwards, the remaining people all returned there. Of the four Saint Ruler assassins, only one of them was killed, while the rest all escaped.

The eight ancestors of the eight clans all glanced at Jian Chen, while an indescribably light flickered in their eyes. Shortly afterwards, an old man in fiery-red robes said to Jian Chen, “This must be brother Yang Yutian. Brother Yang Yutian’s received a blow from a Saint Ruler and has actually come out unharmed. This really has surprised us. Now that I look at it, everything seems to be due to this golden mail. I wonder what is this golden mail that brother Yang Yutian is wearing, which actually possesses such powerful defensive ability. It’s the first time I’ve seen something like this.”

“This was something junior had obtained through luck. As for the information regarding this golden mail, junior knows nothing.” Jian Chen said calmly and did not reveal too much information.

Just as the people of the eight clans wanted to continue their questions, the president’s voice sounded, “Yang Yutian, for you to be able to obtain such a treasure is your luck. Fortunately, there was this treasure protecting you today, otherwise you would’ve been in danger. Although I’ve organised for a person to protect you in secret, I never thought that the two great assassination organisations would actually send four Saint Rulers to ambush you at the same time, which almost made you fall to their hands. Alright, now that this had all be resolved, come back to the headquarters with me.”

The president ignored the ancestors of the eight clans, taking Jian Chen and the heavily injured Yang Ling back to the headquarters.

After they left, the complexions of the eight clan ancestors all became rather overcast.

“Who would’ve thought that Yang Yutian actually possesses a defensive treasure, allowing him to withstand a blow from a Saint Ruler without any injury. With such a treasure, it’ll be quite difficult for the people of the Underworld Sect and the Yama Hall to kill him.” A middle-aged man said with a deep voice.

“Of the four Saint Rulers sent by the two organisations, one is dead and the other three are injured. With the way they act, they will definitely just let this slide. We should just tell them about the news that Yang Yutian possesses a defensive treasure and get them to think of ideas.” The red-robed old man said calmly, but in the very depths of his eyes hid a sliver of great freed.

“That golden mail on the Class 6 Radiant Saint Master can actually withstand an attack from a Saint Ruler and come out unharmed. If I obtain that treasure, wouldn’t it just make me even greater?” The red-robed old man thought, while the sliver of greed in the depths of his eyes grew stronger.

“The defence of the golden mail is just too powerful. I’ve never thought of a treasure that can block attacks from Saint Rulers. I must find a way to obtain it.”

At that moment, similar thoughts appeared in the minds of all eight ancestors, and none of them revealed any indication of it on their faces. The defence of the golden mail was enough to tempt all of them.

Under the president’s lead, Jian Chen returned to the headquarters very soon, before directly flying to the highest floor.

“Yang Yutian, the assassins of the Yama Hall and the Underworld Sect are best at hiding themselves. Since they’ve got their eyes on you, they will definitely not let you go, according to the way and method they do things. As for the headquarters, it’s a place similar to the public, without any great restrictions for people who enter. It’s very easy for the assassins of the two organisations to infiltrate, and normal guards are of no use against them. As a result, the place you live right now is no longer safe. It’s best if you move to the fifth floor, where the elders of the Radiant Saint Master Union rest and cultivate. Without the invitation from an elder, even core members aren’t allowed up there.” The grand elder said to Jian Chen, bearing some concern in his tone.

“Yes grand elder!” Jian Chen clasped his hands in response, displaying an expression of respect. He did not really care if he moved residency or not, as he believed that other than Saint Rulers, other assassins would not be able to pose a threat no matter what. This was because he possessed the Chaotic Body that even Saint Rulers struggled to injure, not to mention Heaven Saint Masters, as well as the Ten Thousand Immunity, so neither poison nor assassination was effective against him.

“Yang Yutian, the room beside mine just happens to be empty. You should move in there. This way, if anything happens suddenly, I can make it there in time. Don’t go out for this period of time. The Underworld Sect and the Yama Hall probably have planted plenty of people outside.” The president said.

Afterwards, Jian Chen moved from the third floor of the castle to the fifth. As for the president and the grand elder, they did not even mention a word of the golden mail, which finally freed Jian Chen from his worry.

In the blink of an eye, there was only ten more days until the competition. For that time, Jian Chen stayed in his room without going out, passing them peacefully. As for the white tiger, it spent the time fast asleep without waking up. However, Jian Chen could clearly feel that the energy in the tiger’s body was becoming more and more pure, bit by bit.

Today, Jian Chen who sat on the bed, comprehending the Radiant Artes moved slightly. He slowly opened his eyes and with the flip of his hand, a ancient jade pendant appeared. A weak thought immediately shot out from the pendant and entered the centre of Jian Chen’s eyebrows.

Jian Chen remained silent for a while, before putting the piece of jade away and leaving the room. He walked a few meters, arriving in the room where the president rested. As soon as he went in, he discovered a middle-aged man who seemed to be in his forties sitting on a chair courteously. To no surprise, the president of the union sat opposite of him.

“Yang Yutian greets master!” Jian Chen bowed towards the president.

The president gently placed down his cup of tea and looked at Jian Chen with a smile, “Yang Yutian, this is your senior brother, Yun Tian. He’s been in seclusion for over a decade and only came out yesterday. Why don’t you quickly greet your senior?”

Jian Chen hurriedly glanced over Yun Tian and clasped his hands, “Yang Yutian greets senior brother Yun Tian!”

Yun Tian raised his head to look at Jian Chen and a warm smile appeared on his face, “So this is master’s new disciple? Reaching Class 6 despite being so young, not bad, much better than me. Oh right, junior brother Yang Yutian, I heard from master yesterday as soon as I came out of seclusion that you have a defensive treasure that can guard against attacks from Saint Rulers. I wonder if junior can show senior just what treasure it is?”

“Senior Yun Tian, I must apologise. This golden mail never leaves me, and if I want to take it off, it’s extremely difficult. I can only show senior Yun Tian some other time.” Jian Chen said with a smile.

“Since it’s inconvenient, another day.” Yun Tian smiled without caring at all. He paused slightly before continuing, “Junior Yang Yutian really is blessed be able to obtain such a treasure. Though, if I had obtained it, I would definitely not wear it myself and instead offer it up to master, because such a treasure can only be used to a greater capacity by an expert like master. It’ll make master stronger, as well as repay master for so many years of teaching. Junior Yang Yutian, don’t you think so too?” Yun Tian looked at Jian Chen with a smile.

Hearing that, Jian Chen’s complexion darkened slightly. A sliver of coldness flashed across his eyes. What Yun Tian meant was getting Jian Chen to give the golden mail on him to the president.

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