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Chapter 763: Crow King

Thousands of crows already surrounded Jian Chen. From a distance, it seemed like a huge black sphere, floating in the sky and completely swallowing up Jian Chen. It was impossible to see what was going on inside from the outside.

The Radiant Saint Masters stared fixedly in the direction of Jian Chen at what was happening from several kilometers away. Their expressions were rather complicated. They too had never thought that a random competitor they encountered would possess such great strength, be able to fend off thousands of Class 4 Magical Beasts all by himself. Even if this leaked outside, no one would believe it.

“Just who is that person? Why is he so strong? He can’t be nobody…”

“Can he be Jacksie, second among the ten great Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters? Among the Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters, probably only Jacksie has such strength.”

“That’s wrong. I’ve personally witnessed Jacksie’s strength. Although it’s very strong, it’s not this powerful. Also, Jacksie’s speed at gathering Radiant Saint Force is far from being this fast.”

“Who cares who he is. Even if he’s this strong, he’s only a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master. He definitely won’t survive when surrounded by so many crows.”

“You’re right. This amount of Class 4 crows is not something a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master can handle, not to mention that fact that there’s some Class 5 crows ones hidden inside too. Unless he’s Class 7, the best thing he can do is just fleeing for his life like us.”

“That may not be the case though. Haven’t you all seen the droplets of blood raining down and the crows that have fallen from the sky? It’s only been so long, and over a hundred crows have already been killed. And all of these crows had countless holes in them, while quite a few have basically disintegrated. Maybe this person really can kill all these crows if given some more time. If you don’t believe it, just watch.”

The Radiant Saint Masters became quiet, staring at where Jian Chen was with all their attention. However, as they saw the crows constantly fall from the sky like rain, shock silently pervaded the depths of their spirits. If it were them, they strongly believed it was impossible to be able to kill the crows so quickly when surrounded by so many.

The Radiant Saint Force in the surroundings gathered steadily towards Jian Chen, constantly turning into soybean-sized droplets in Jian Chen’s hand, before shooting off in all directions. The arte, Radiance Burst, was cast consecutively, without any pauses in between.

At this moment, Jian Chen was surrounded by thousands of crows, but he remained calm. There was nothing in a radius of fifteen meters around him. The crows were unable to charge into the area, because once they entered it, the seemingly-airtight Radiance Burst would pierce thousands of holes into them, absolutely obliterating their corpses.

Currently, Jian Chen’s slender figure that floated in the air seemed to become a machine of slaughter. Every second, there would be even more crows that would fall to his attacks. The ground below had already been dyed blood-red, while the densely-packed corpses of the crows had formed a thick mat on the ground. The sharp smell of blood pervaded the air.

The death of their peers did not make the crows retreat. The smell of blood instead made the crows even more frenzied. They did not fear death, shooting towards Jian Chen like moths to a candle.

The crows decreased at a visible rate. At this very moment, a dozen or so relatively larger Class 5 crows suddenly screeched together, and shot towards Jian Chen with an imposing manner in spite of the the Radiance Burst. Their bodies like tough metal, producing clings and clangs as the droplets collided with them. They actually resisted the attacks.

Although the attacks could not harm them, the collisions created a very powerful resistance towards their advance. They could advance no further after they arrived ten meters away from Jian Chen.

A cold light flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes, and the power of the Radiance Burst abruptly increased. It became over twice as powerful than before and with that, the dozen or so Class 5 crows were no longer able to remain as calm as before when receiving the attacks. Blood would splatter in the shapes of blooming flowers as every soybean-sized droplet collided with them splatter. It was unable to pierce through them, though it was enough to heavily injure tham.

Soon after, the dozen or so Class 5 crows ended up the same as their peers; their bodies were in pieces and they fell out of the sky, riddled with holes.


Suddenly, an ear-piercing cry reverberated from within the flock of crows. It was extremely sharp, able to puncture metal and destroy rocks, and enough for people’s eardrums to ache.

With the cry, all the crows around Jian Chen behaved as if they had received an order. They all gave up their attempts of attack, quickly dispersing into the distance with the flap of their wings. Jian Chen was no longer surrounded by a flock of crows, visible once again from the outside.

The surrounding crows all backed off to a distance three kilometers away, staring at Jian Chen with hostility. With their retreat, an ink-black, ten-meter-wide crow king appeared. Its scarlet eyes were filled with bloodthirstiness and cruelty, staring viciously at Jian Chen.

“Class 6!” Jian Chen stared coldly at the crow king. He had discovered its presence long ago, though Jian Chen just looked down upon a mere Class 6 Magical Beast.


Suddenly, the crow king emitted a huge pressure. It turned into a streak of black light, hurling itself towards Jian Chen.

The bodies of Class 6 Magical Beasts were extremely strong, much more powerful than Radiant Saint Masters. If Jian Chen were to continue using Radiance Burst, it would only tickle the crow king undoubtedly, unable to pose any threat at all.

Jian Chen opened his hand and a Radiant Saint Sword immediately formed, shooting towards the crow king as a white streak of light.

Bang! The sword’s collision produced an extremely powerful sound. Not only did the impact and its energy ripples stop the crow king’s advance, it even knocked it backwards. Blood had been drawn on its head.

Jian Chen became stern and mumbled to himself, ‘This crow king really does have a strong body. My attack that can heavily injure Heaven Saint Masters only scratched it. Looks like ordinary attacks aren’t enough harm it.”

The crow king seemed to be enraged, cawing loudly at the sky. It opened its beak and a huge ball of violent energy shot towards Jian Chen like a flash of lighting.

Jian Chen remained calm and chanted with a deep voice, “Radiant Saint Shield!” The surrounding Radiant Saint Force gathered at an unbelievable speed, forming a two-meter-wide shield, blocking the ball of energy spat out by the crow king.

At the same time, Jian Chen extended a finger at the sky and a gleam of light flashed violently across his eyes. He cried out, “Judgement’s Sword!” All the Radiant Saint Force in the radius of five kilometers seemed to experience an extremely powerful suction, surging quickly towards Jian Chen. It all coalesced to form a huge, ten-meter-long sword, radiating with dazzling light, while within it hid the ripples of terrifying energy. Before it, even Heaven Tier Battle Skills cast by Heaven Saint Masters paled in comparison.

“Judge… Judgement’s Sword, it’s actually the Judgement’s Sword, one of the three great artes. Only Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters can cast it. He’s… he’s… he’s actually Class 7.”

‘He’s Yang Yutian. I heard that Yang Yutian, with his strength as a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, can use the three great artes which can only supposedly be learnt by Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters. There’s also rumors that Jian Chen cast the forbidden arte, God’s Descent, on the Inky Stratus on Fragrance River, and killed several dozen Heaven Saint Masters.

With the appearance of Judgement’s Sword, the Radiant Saint Masters who observed from a distance all paled in shock.

Caw! The crow king cried out weirdly and it stared at the ten-meter-long sword above Jian Chen with its scarlet eyes in dread. It could feel the power of destruction within the sword, which even made it feel a sliver of fear. Shortly afterwards, the crow king immediately flew backwards, flapping its wings to consecutively shoot huge blades of wind towards Jian Chen, in attempt to keep Jian Chen busy and make time to escape.

Looking the dozen or so wind blades, a vicious gleam of light flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes. The Judgement’s Sword shot out with a huge bang, destroying the dozen or so wind blades that were approaching Jian Chen and afterwards, the sword turned into a silvery-white streak of light, chasing after the crow king with an unbelievable speed.

The sword passed through the crow king’s body, completely ending the crow king’s life before disappearing into the horizon, shooting off to somewhere unknown.


Before death, the crow king cried out sadly and unwillingly. The cry reverberated across the entire sky, spreading far and wide. Afterwards, its huge body collided heavily with the ground, raising dust and dirt.


Suddenly, an earth-shaking cry reverberated in the distance. Filled with sorrow and anger, it pierced through numerous mountains and rivers, echoing about in the area. With the sound, an extremely great presence appeared in the distance.

Several kilometers away, the Radiant Saint Masters paled immediately. The sound was like a huge hammer smashing against their chest, causing them to spit out a mouthful of blood as they became sheet-white.

Jian Chen became solemn. His calm gaze became a glare at that very moment, staring fixedly into the distance. He muttered with a deep voice, “Class 7!”

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