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Chapter 774: A Strike from a Saint King

Kara Liwei directly charged into the battle with the Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters from her clan, all with Radiant Saint Armors and one-and-a-half-meter wide Radiant Saint Shields on their left arms.

Jian Chen furrowed his eyebrows and suddenly raised his head to eye Kara Liwei. A cold light flickered in his eyes, but shortly afterwards, his pupils constricted. A weird smile appeared on his face and under his full strength attacks, another three people were taken away by the power of the saint artifact.

“Kara Liwei, hurry up and attack Yang Yutian with all you’ve got! Waste his energy!” Zaar Tilos bellowed. He could already vaguely feel that they couldn’t last any longer. If more of his own people were killed by Yang Yutian, he would definitely be able to escape.”

Kara Liwei remained silent for the entire journey. She flew directly at Zaar Tilos and cried out, “Kill!”

The six members behind Kara Liwei and herself all condensed Radiant Saint Swords and shot them out with lightning speed. However, the swords did not fly towards Jian Chen, but instead targeted Zaar family and the eight clans, with Zaar Tilos himself receiving Kara Liwei’s personal attacks.

The sudden change in the situation caused all the people from the Zaar family to vary in expression. They never thought that the people of the Kara clan would move against them, yet it was already too late for them to do anything in defense. Being caught off-guard, they were struck by the swords from the experts from the Kara clan.

With seven loud booms, seven experts of the Zaar family were heavily injured, with Zaar Tilos included. Their Radiant Saint Armors shattered, which caused them to fly backwards as they vomited blood.

“Kara Liwei, what’re you doing?” Yun Tian, currently battling Quan Youcai, was greatly shocked and turned sheet white. He gave out a worried cry. Kara Liwei was something extremely important. Her existence would determine exactly which direction victory would sway. If she helped Yang Yutian, their plans this time would be an utter failure.

“Kara Liwei, what’re you trying to do?” Zaar Tilos stood up with a sheet-white face. A trail of blood ran from his corner of mouth, while his face was so white that it was terrifying. Kara Liwei’s strength was greater than him, so the unexpected attack directly heavily injured him.

Kara Liwei ignored Zaar Tilos. She looked towards Jian Chen and called out, “Yang Yutian, I, Kara Liwei, represent the Kara clan in lending a helping hand.”

“Kara Liwei, you broke your word. You clearly agreed to help me handle Yang Yutian.” From far away, Yun Tian roared from the edge of insanity. His voice was filled with unwillingness and rage.

Kara Liwei was not angered and instead he laughed gently, “Yun Tian, you really are confused. I’ve only agreed for you to lead us to find Yang Yutian, not to assist you in dealing with him.”

“Kara Liwei, you- you- you…” Yun Tian was absolutely exasperated and burned with the fury of rage, but he failed to find the words. In the end, he only roared out in anger, “Kara Liwei, I hope you don’t regret it!” Yun Tian’s eyes were bloodshot and extremely unwilling to accept the situation. They were just about to succeed, but he never thought that Kara Liwei would suddenly side with Jian Chen, causing the victory that was originally his to become Jian Chen’s.

Kara Liwei’s group immediately sucked away a majority of Jian Chen’s pressure. He clasped his hands towards Kara Liwei, “Miss Kara Liwei, I will remember your kindness today, and I will definitely return the favor.”

Kara Liwei smiled happily, Yang Yutian, I’m taking great risks to come help you out. I hope that you won’t forget what I’ve done for you today.”

Jian Chen did not continue. He quickly retreated, before extending a finger at the sky, and with a powerful voice, “Judgement’s Sword!”

This was the second time Jian Chen was casting the Judgment’s Sword. The surrounding Radiant Saint Force began to gather quickly, soon forming the shape of a huge sword above Jian Chen.

“Hurry up and stop him. You can’t let him successfully cast it.” Zaar Tilos endured his heavy injuries and cried out, before condensing a Radiant Saint Sword at Jian Chen with some difficulty.

“Zaar Tilos, do you think I’m invisible?” With a high-pitched voice and the shake of a hand, Kara Liwei shot out a Radiant Saint Sword to block Zaar Tilos’ attack.

Afterwards, the six Radiant Saint Masters of the Kara clan all used their full strength to cover Jian Chen, earning him some precious time.

There was no longer anybody who could get in the way of condensing the Judgement’s Sword this time. It allowed Jian Chen to cast it successfully. Immediately, a powerful pressure pervaded the surroundings. The terrifying ripples of energy within the sword seemed to possess the power of destroying the world, causing all those present to be absolutely astounded.

“Crap, retreat!” The people surrounding Jian Chen all moved backwards in shock. The people of the Zaar family were no exception either.

Zaar Tilos’ complexion became ugly. He stared at the huge sword above Jian Chen with a dark complexion, with deep envy burning in his eyes. Shortly afterwards, he no longer bothered to deal with Kara Liwei, retreating quickly.

Jian Chen narrowed his eyes, immediately locking onto the group of people from the Zaar family. Controlling the sword with his mind, it chopped towards the people with the strength of lightning.

As the sword cut through the air, it left behind a trail of magnificent white light, while its speed also reached the utmost limit. In the moment the sword lashed out, the targeted Radiant Saint Masters felt like they were trapped by an invisible force, unable to move at all. They could only watch helplessly as the sword chopped down.

The people were frightened to the point where all their blood had drawn from their faces. Facing the huge sword, not only did they failed to dodge, they did not even have a single thought of resisting. The vast size and power of the sword had completely obliterated the final line of defense in their minds. They felt extremely close to death.

In the crucial moment of life or death, several huge pillars of light appeared, taking them away. As for the sword, it continued onwards with no decrease in power, and struck the ground heavily.


With the powerful sound, the entire ground began to shake violently. The sword chopped out a crack several meters wide and over ten meters deep, extending up to a kilometer in length.

“Goddammit, why is Yang Yutian’s Judgement’s Sword so powerful!?” Witnessing it, blood also drained from Yun Tian’s face, who was caught in a fight with Quan Youcai. He soon gave up on fight all together, fleeing.

“The plan to handle Yang Yutian is an absolute failure. If this continues, there’s only death. If I don’t go now, there won’t be any more chances to flee.” Yun Tian thought.

The surging energy hung mightily in the sky. Under Jian Chen’s control, the huge sword turned into a streak of white light, shooting towards Zaar Tilos’ group.

Even though Zaar Tilos’ complexion was dark, he did not become alarmed and bewildered. He only took out a thumb-sized piece of jade from his bosom and sneered at Jian Chen, “Yang Yutian, you definitely won’t succeed today. This piece of jade was gifted to me from an ancestor of my Zaar family, and it contains a blow from him. Even if you have that treasure protecting you, you won’t be able to resist against the attack of a Saint King.” With that, Zaar Tilos allowed a drop of his blood to fall on the stone without any hesitation. Immediately, a terrifyingly powerful pressure originated from the stone. The world seemed to shake before this pressure, while the surrounding Radiant Saint Masters all felt like a boulder pressed against their chests. They could not help but spurt out a mouthful of blood, shooting backwards in retreat.

The piece of jade was the final trump card from the Zaar family to prevent Jian Chen from reaching Class 7. It would not be used if it were not for a critical moment, but currently, Jian Chen was nothing less than the threat from the current president for the Zaar family. Once Jian Chen successfully reached Class 7, he would become an extremely great obstacle to the Zaar family’s plans of taking over the union.

Jian Chen’s pupils constricted abruptly. His expression became stern for the first time, and he bellowed, “This is the power of a Saint King!” Chaotic Force began to surge turbulently from his chaotic neidan, filling up every corner of Jian Chen’s body and pushing his Chaotic Body to the limit. At the same time, the huge Judgement’s Sword gave up on attacking others and instead rushed directly at Zaar Tilos under Jian Chen’s control, hoping to prevent Zaar Tilos from releasing the Saint King’s power.

“Haha, Yang Yutian, it’s all too late. Before the ancestor’s power, even the saint artifact won’t be able to protect you.” Zaar Tilos laughed aloud. The surging energy from the piece of jade condensed into a huge, three-meter-long finger, before making a pointing gesture at Jian Chen.

With the finger’s gesture, time seemed to stop and space seemed to freeze. In that very moment, the finger seemed like the only thing in the world, and anything colors before the finger became dull.

The Judgement’s Sword turned into nothingness as it met the finger’s gesture, disappearing into the air without even ripples of energy. An invisible strand of World Force passed through where the Judgement’s Sword was and blasted through the defense of the Primordial Godsilk, striking Jian Chen’s chest heavily.

Jian Chen could not resist at all before the finger. The finger was a strike from a Saint King, containing all the abilities of a Saint King. It locked up his presence, chained up his body, and restricted him of any room to escape.

Spurt! Jian Chen sprayed out a mouthful of blood at the sky. His clothes had already disintegrated, revealing the golden silkmail made from the Primordial Godsilk. Currently the armor had already become dull and without light, as if it had consumed all of its energy.

Jian Chen shot backwards like a cannonball, colliding heavily with the rock face behind him. With a great boom, the entire mountain range trembled gently. Jian Chen was already deeply imbedded in the depths of the mountain, creating a hundred-meter-long hole in the tough rock.

Stuck within the mountain, Jian Chen constantly vomited blood. The strength of the Zaar family ancestor was much greater than the king from the Gilligan clan. With just a finger, not only did it destroy the defence of the Primordial Godsilk, but it even broke his Chaotic Body, turning his inner organs and ribs into smithereens.

If it were not for the Primordial Godsilk nullifying a part of the force, it was extremely likely for him to be even more heavily injured.

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